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15501 Joshua Eisenman, Eric Heginbotham & Derek Mitchell
China and the Developing World: Beijing's Strategy for the Twenty-First Century
KW Publishers; New Delhi, India; 2010; 9789380502151; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
China's relationship with the developing world is a fundamental part of the country's larger foreign policy strategy. Sweeping changes both within and outside China's borders and the transformation of geopolitics since the end of the cold war have spurred Beijing to reevaluate its strategies and objectives in the developing world. This is the first full-length treatment in nearly two decades of China's relationship with the developing world. The introductory materials and first chapter of the book provide a general overview and framework of analysis for this important aspect of Chinese policy. The second part of the book presents systematic examinations of China's relationships, with coverage of Africa, Central Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The volume concludes with a look into the future of Chinese foreign policy.Printed Pages: 254. 104411

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15502 Joshua Glasgow
A Theory of Race
Routledge; New Delhi, India; 2010; 0415990734; First Edition; Paperback; New; 
Printed pages: 172. 034610

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15503 Joshua Greene
Hanuman: The Heroic Monkey God
Jaico Publishing House; Delhi, India; 8184955146; Softcover; New; 
The timeless story of Hanuman, the monkeygod, is that of a valiant superhero best known for battling the demon Ravana in the classic tale Ramayana. But there is much more to know about Hinduism’s bravest, most endearing figure. As a youth, Hanuman’s pranks often led him into trouble with the village elders. Eventually they cast a spell, causing him to forget his immense powers. In a cursed state of ignorance, young Hanuman believed himself to be just an ordinary monkey. He realized his potential as a warrior only later, while rescuing Sita, the kidnapped wife of Rama, from the clutches of Ravana.Although Hanuman developed mesmerizing mystic abilities as he matured, it is his sensitivity and devotion to King Rama that make him such a memorable character.Printed Pages: 96. 105356

Price: 2.62 USD
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15504 Joshua Key & Lawrence Hill (Authors)
The Deserter's Tale
Lotus/Roli Books; New Delhi, India; 8174365095; Hardcover; New; New; 
When Joshua Key enlisted in the US army, he believed in his country and the integrity of his government, and never imagined he would lose that belief. A family man from a conservative background in Guthrie, Oklahoma, Key enlisted in 2002 to learn a trade and provide financial security for his family. He believed he would not be deployed unless World War III broke out. A year later, President George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq. In spring 2003, Key was sent to Ramadi as part of the 43rd Combat Engineer Company of the Second Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. The war he found himself participating in was not the campaign against terrorists and evildoers he had expected. Key saw Iraqi civilians beaten, shot, and killed or maimed for little or no provocation. Nearly every other night, he participated in raids on homes he was told were harboring terrorists - never finding evidence of terrorist activity. After seven months in Iraq, Key was home on leave and knew he could not return. He took his family and went underground in the United States, finally seeking asylum in Canada after fourteen months in hiding. The Deserter's Tale details life as part of the occupying force - it is not an expose of terrible atrocity, but an account of an experience where human rights abuses were the norm, the distinction between civilian and combatant was all but non-existent, and no one was held responsible. It is the story of a family man and patriot, who went into the war believing unquestioningly in his government's commitment to integrity and justice, and how what he saw in Iraq transformed him into someone who could no longer serve his country. Printed Pages: 237. 108564

Price: 7.42 USD
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15505 Joshua Kurlantzick
Charm Offensive: How China's SOft Power is Transforming the World
Oxford University Press; New Delhi, India; 2007; 0195695119; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
At the beginning of the twenty-first century, China is poised to become a major global power. Though much has been written of its rise, a key aspect of this transformation has gone largely unnoticed: the way China is using soft power and diplomacy to appeal to its neighbours and distant countries alike. This fascinating book examines the significance of China’s recent reliance on soft power—diplomacy, trade incentives, cultural and educational exchange opportunities, and other techniques—to project a benign national image, position itself as a model of social and economic success, and develop stronger international alliances. Drawing on years of on-the-ground experience tracking China’s policies in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa, Kurlantzick shows how China has wooed the world with a ‘charm offensive’ that has largely escaped the attention of the world. Kurlantzick discusses Beijing’s new diplomacy and how it has altered the international political landscape, changing the dynamics of China’s relationships with other countries. He analyses how these initiatives have played out, finding both diplomatic successes and failures. In a provocative conclusion, he considers a future in which China may be the first nation since the Soviet Union to rival the United States in international influence. 020923

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15506 Joshua N. Aston
Trafficking of Women and Children: Article 7 of the Rome Statute
Oxford University Press; New Delhi, India; 0199468176; Hardcover; New; New; 
In addition to being one of the fastest growing organized crimes in the world, human trafficking is a ruthless and thriving business. This industry, with billions of dollars in net worth, pushes millions of adults and children into commercial sexual servitude, forced labour, and bonded labour.In this book, Joshua Nathan Aston studies the severity of human trafficking, its transnational networks, and the impact of international criminal and humanitarian laws in dealing with the crime. Analysing global statistics in detail, he provides a perspective on the effectiveness of the UN protocols and examines the role of the International Criminal Court, with a focus on Article 7 of the Rome Statute. Aston proposes various measures for effectively countering human trafficking, with the most significant recommendation of setting up a Convention on Prevention of Crimes against Humanity to combat this form of modern-day slavery. Printed Pages: 304. 111584

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15507 Josiane F. Hamers and Michel H.A. Blanc
Bilinguality and Bilingualism
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 1989; 0521337976; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 336. 004597

Price: 15.00 USD
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15508 Josie Hadley & Carol Staudacher
Hypnosis for Change
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2001; 8178220296; Softcover; New; 
The techniques of hypnosis are neither mysterious nor difficult. In this book, the "how to" is made completely accessible to everyone. All of the material presented here is designed to meet the needs of interested lay people, as well as professionals who use or would like to use hypnosis in their Practice.It is a wonderful book in education the general public on what hypnosis really is. It covers every aspect, from self-hypnosis to special techniques for the hypnotherapist. This bhook is a significant contribution to the art and science of hypnotherapy. It is full of information and procedures which make it useful as a continuing reference.It gives an idea about the hypnosis and exploring all the facets examines the various aspects of hypnotic comminication. It helps in overcoming the stress, anxiety and panic and treats specific phobias and improving your overall performance. The book discusses topics most relevant to people, identifying major problem pin points other trouble areas exacerbating that problem. It stresses that hypnosis can be amazingly effective and often is directly responsible for major changes in an individual's life pattern but it is not a guaranted method of chasing away private demons.Printed Pages: 294. 102677

Price: 12.00 USD
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15509 Josse De Kock and Walter Bossaert
The Morpheme: An Experiment in Quantitative and Computational Linguistics
Van Gorcum; Assen, The Netherlands; 1978; 8471332698; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 207. Slightly scratched cover. 009661

Price: 25.00 USD
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15510 Jothida Vachaspathy Nanganallur S. Natarajan
Matching for Marriage "By Kootas and Birthcharts"
Sagar Publications; New Delhi, India; 1998; First Edition; Paperback; New; 14 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 120. 026641

Price: 8.95 USD
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15511 Jouko Aaltonen
Käsikirjoittajan Työkalut
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2007; 9517463839; New; 
Käsikirjoittajan ensioppaassa edetään kirjoittamisprosessin logiikkaa noudattaen ennakkotutkimuksesta ja ideasta lopulliseen käsikirjoitukseen. Kirjasta löytyy työkaluja tekstin tuottamiseen olipa kyseessä sitten tilausohjelma, dokumenttielokuva, sarjafilmi, uusmediateos, mainospala tai näytelmäelokuva. Teos sopii media-alan oppilaitoksiin, kerhoihin, harrastuspiireihin tai yksityisille alan ihmisille. Printed Pages: 209. 114969

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15512 Jouko Kokkonen
Kansakunta Kilpasilla: Urheilu nationalismin kanavana ja lähteenä Suomessa 1900-1952
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2008; 9522220361; New; 
Keskeisimmän tarkastelun kohteena teoksessa on urheilua kansallisten tarkoitusperien ajamiseen käyttänyt osa suomenkielisestä sivistyneistöstä. Myös maaseudun rahvas, työväestö ja suomenruotsalaiset loivat urheilun avulla oman tulkintansa suomalaisuudesta. Tutkimus käsittelee laajasti urheilun ja erityisesti olympiakisojen avulla tuotettujen suomalaisuuteen liitettyjen myyttien syntyä ja kehitystä. Printed Pages: 357. 115670

Price: 108.00 USD
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15513 Jouko Nurmiainen
Edistys ja yhteinen hyvä vapaudenajan ruotsalaisessa poliittisessa kielessä
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2009; 9522220787; New; 
Teoksessa analysoidaan ruotsalaisia lakitekstejä, valtiollisia juhlapuheita, historiankirjoitusta, taloudellista ajattelua ja valtiopäiväkeskusteluja. Kirjan esimerkit kattavat keskusteluja niin säätyjen erioikeuksista, kuningashuoneen asemasta, puolueriidoista, painovapaudesta kuin Suomen asemastakin. Tutkimus tarkastelee ennen kaikkea tutkitun aikakauden omia käsityksiä siitä, miksi valtakunta ja sen hallinto olivat olemassa, keiden etuja ne ajoivat ja keiden edistykseen ne tähtäsivät. Printed Pages: 236. 115628

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15514 Jouni Korkiasaari
To the Land of the Gilded Streets
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2015; 952588998X; New; 
During the “Great Emigration” in 1820–1930 circa 42 million Europeans emigrated to North America. About 380,000 of them were Finnish. In this publication we take a closer look at the emigrants' journey from their home town via Great Britain to North America. The text is richly illustrated with photographs, maps, and contemporary travel descriptions. Although the focus of the publication is on the journey of the emigrant, it will also cover the emigrant’s life in the new homeland, the history and reasons behind Finnish emigration to America and the present day Finnish Americans. Printed Pages: 50. 114707

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15515 Jouni Korkiasaari
To the Land of the Gilded Streets
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2015; 952588998X; New; 
During the “Great Emigration” in 1820–1930 circa 42 million Europeans emigrated to North America. About 380,000 of them were Finnish. In this publication we take a closer look at the emigrants' journey from their home town via Great Britain to North America. The text is richly illustrated with photographs, maps, and contemporary travel descriptions. Although the focus of the publication is on the journey of the emigrant, it will also cover the emigrant’s life in the new homeland, the history and reasons behind Finnish emigration to America and the present day Finnish Americans. Printed Pages: 50. 114726

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15516 Jouni Korkiasaari
Suomalaiset Ruotsissa
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2000; 9519266712; New; 
Julkaisu on ensimmäinen laaja suomen kielellä julkaistu kokonaisesitys Suomen ja Ruotsin välisestä siirtolaisuudesta ja ruotsinsuomalaisten historiasta. Kirjassa tarkastellaan mm. ruotsinsuomalaisten työelämää, yhdistyksiä, kulttuuriharrastuksia, kieli-, koulu- ja vähemmistökysymyksiä, julkaisu- ja tiedotustoimintaa, urheilua, uskonnollista ja poliittista elämää sekä elinoloja. Myös Ruotsiin muuton syyt ja paluumuutto otetaan kirjassa esille. Tekstiä elävöittävät lisäksi lukuisat aikalaiskertomukset ja yksittäisten ihmisten henkilöhistoriat. Lukijalle muodostuu niiden kautta kiinnostava ja monipuolinen kuva ruotsinsuomalaisten elämästä ja muuttoliikkeen eri vaiheista. Tarkastelu on jaettu ajallisesti kahteen päälukuun, joiden rajakohtana on toinen maailmansota. Pääpaino on uudemman ajan historiassa. Printed Pages: 546. 115405

Price: 75.00 USD
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15517 Jouni Rostila
SKY Journal of Linguistics 15
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2002; New; 
Contents: Marija M. Brala, The Semantics and Grammar of 'Motion '. Evidence from Croatian Prefixes vs. Prepositions; Magdalena Charzy ska-Wójcik, The Syntax of Old English Experiencer Verbs; Kimmo Granqvist, Finnish Romani Phonology and Dialect Geography; Ekaterina Gruzdeva, The Linguistic Consequences of Nivkh Language Attrition; Jarmo Jantunen, Comparable Corpora in Translation Studies: Strengths and Limitations; Juhani Järvikivi & Jussi Niemi, Allomorphs as Paradigm Indices: On-line Experiments with Finnish Free and Bound Stems; William McGregor, Structural Changes in Language Obsolescence: A Kimberley (Australia) Perspective; Helka Riionheimo, How to Borrow a Bound Morpheme? Evaluating the Status of Structural Interference in a Contact between Closely-related Languages; Pauli Salo, Lexical Atomism and the Principle of (Psycho)semantic Compositionality; Nikolai Vakhtin, Language Death Prognosis: A Critique of Judgement; Doris Wagner, Papier Bier. Adjektive zur Beschreibung des Bieres in der deutschen Bierplakat-Werbung. Printed Pages: 286. 116390

Price: 64.00 USD
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15518 Jouni Yrjänä
Alexander Järnefelt
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2009; 9522221147; New; 
Teoksessa seurataan Alexander Järnefeltin elämää lapsuudesta, Haminan kadettikoulusta ja Pietarin sotilasakatemioista alkaen. Hänen sotilasuransa jatkui Pulkovan tähtitieteellisessä observatoriossa, Suomen astronomisgeodeettisten mittausten ja sotilastopografisten kartoitustöiden johtajana Viipurissa ja Helsingissä sekä vastaavissa tehtävissä Turkin sodan aikaisessa Bulgariassa. Monipuoliseen lähdemateriaaliin perustuva tutkimus syventyy Järnefeltin työhön Kuopion ja Vaasan läänien kuvernöörinä. Kirja tuo elävästi esille myös kulttuuria laaja-alaisesti suosineen Järnefeltin perhe-elämää ja sen ristiriitoja, jotka kärjistyivät – eivätkä sattumalta – perheenpään yhteiskunnallisen uran huipentuessa. Printed Pages: 492. 115630

Price: 135.00 USD
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15519 Joy C. Raphael
Mutawas: Saudi Arabias Dreaded Religious Police
Zen Publications/D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 8188071536; Softcover; New; 
The mutawas, the dreaded religious police of Saudi Arabia, consider themselves the supreme guardians of public morality. They are keepers of their faith… the way they see it. They have the backing of the Kingdom and they are watching you - everywhere, all the time.And, they are ruthless with anybody who does not conform to their concept of what is right and wrong.They will come for you if you drink. If you grow your hair long. If you are seen with a female who is not a blood relative. If you are a female and don’t wear the abaya or expose your hair or face or legs. If you are a female and drive a car. If you worship your own God in the privacy of your home or carry any symbol at all of your faith. Or if you are a Muslim and miss even one of your ritual prayers.They will target you if you are a Shia, Ahmadiya or a Sufi or even a liberal Sunni or, for that matter, a Muslim from any other Islamic sect different from theirs - for they believe they are the ultimate upholders of pristine Islam.They are the bane of all expatriates in Saudi Arabia but you need to be doubly careful if you are a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christian. In which case, they will use every opportunity to coerce, cajole and bribe you to convert to their faith. Printed Pages: 160. 111643

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15520 Joy C. Raphael
Slaves of Saudis
Zen Publications/D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 9789382788133; Softcover; New; 
When you applied for work in Saudi Arabia, didn’t you think you would work for a few years, make a pile, marry off your daughter or sister, build a home, retire to the good life? When you paid the huge commission to the recruitment agent and a large fee for your visa, did anybody tell you the bad news?Ihat your contract may be ‘renegotiated’ once you land in Saudi Arabia. You may not be paid your salary for months. You may have to sleep in chains. You may be falsely charged, perfunctorily tried and jailed. You may be threatened with sacking or your salary may be withheld if you spurn your employer’s ‘suggestion’ to convert to Islam.If you are a maid, you might be raped. If you are a male you may be thrashed by your boss for even a minor bungle. The dangers foreign workers face in Saudi Arabia are manifold. Yet the foreign embassies behave like ostriches, leaving the vulnerable employees to Saudi mercy. Meanwhile, thousands continue to queue up with job agents in New Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi, Dhaka, Colombo, Manila and other cities... lured by the petrodollars that they believe will fulfil their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families. Printed Pages: 158. 111654

Price: 4.20 USD
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15521 Joy Chen
Don’t Marry Before You Are 30: A Book of Finding Success, Happiness and Love
Wisdom Tree; New Delhi, India; 8183283942; Softcover; New; 
Don’t Marry Just to Marry! Open your eyes to the vast possibilities of your life. Whether you’re single, married or divorced, this book is for you. It shows you how to think; how to dream and most importantly, how to chase your dreams—how to capture everything in life that you know you deserve. And that too, with joie de vivre and devastating style! Read this book. Then gift one to your mother. And, if you’re married, gift one to your mother-in-law!Printed Pages: 240. 106748

Price: 4.30 USD
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15522 Joy Deshmukh-Ranadive (ed.)
Space for Power: Women's Work and Family Strategies in South and South-East Asia
Rainbow Publishers in Collaboration with Centre for Women's Development Studies; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8186962565; First Edition; Paperback; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 198. 036537

Price: 5.95 USD
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15523 Joy Deshmukh-Ranadive (ed.)
Democracy in the Family: Insights from India
Sage Publications; New Delhi, India; 2008; 0761936319; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Democracy in the Family: Insights from India is unique in the way it employs diverse research methods to address the issue of justice in the family under the common theme of examining whether the ethos of democracy is relevant to it. The interface between principles of democracy inside and outside the home is explored through the sub-themes of `Experiencing the Family`, `Expressing the Family`, `Seeking Justice` and `Including the Excluded`. The topics covered range from examinations of the institution of the family, the site of the household, practices of householding and relationships between members, the impact of non-democratic norms and attempts to seek justice in the face of domestic strife and violence, to the advocacy of inclusive strategies that involve men and entire communities in democratising the family. Printed Pages: 256. 028634

Price: 14.75 USD
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15524 Joy L.K. Pachuau
Being Mizo: Identity and Belonging in Northeast India
Oxford University Press; New Delhi, India; 2014; 019945115X; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 290. 110223

Price: 17.30 USD
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15525 Joy Sen & A. Mohanty (Authors)
A System's Evaluation of Global History of Indian Architecture
Kaveri Book Service; New Delhi, India; 2016; 8192473325; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 424. 111132

Price: 62.30 USD
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15526 Joy Vazhayil
Facets of Freedom: A Moral and Political Analysis
Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1997; 8170226759; Hardcover; New; New; 
Freedom is a simple idea in experience, but complex in analysis. The traditional free-will problem has been a subject of great philosophical debate. The ideas of moral freedom and moral responsibility have been greater puzzles in the history of thought. During the early period of the rise of modern science, a deterministic universe under the region of Universal Law of Causation was postulated leaving no scope for human freedom. However, with the advent of Modern Physics and Quantum causality, it was found that in a world not too rigorously determined by classical causality, there is scope for freedom to actualize new possibilities. This analysis illuminates the ideas of moral freedom, creative freedom and moral responsibility by the fame of quantum causality. Thereafter, the most important aspect of freedom of individual in society, namely, political freedom is considered in detail. It is an idea which is conceptually simple and operationally complex. The problem of power in civil societies and the harmonization of freedom and justice is analyzed. Conceptualization of justice in different forms of social organization has been carried out. The criterion for the comparison of civil societies is the maximization of liberty and justice with the minimal exercise of power. Various political systems have been compared and contrasted using this criterion. It is found that the existence of a democratic mechanism is an essential element of any Political Utopia. However, modern democracies all over the world have not been able to achieve a political optimization of the liberty-justice-power triad. An analysis of the factors relating to this, points to the direction of evolution of civil societies for a third democratic transformation. The analysis of the various facets of moral and political freedom requires an inter-disciplinary approach. Such an approach can greatly illuminate the inter linkages of these traditional problems. The book clarifies many of the issues involved. The thinking mind can explore the ideas with great conceptual clarity within an analytical framework. The book will provide the students of Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and Politics with a deeper insight into some of the basic problems of their respective specializations. At the same time, the general reader will find it enriching by gaining an insight into some fundamental issues of the essence of human existence. Printed Pages: 169. 112074

Price: 6.25 USD
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15527 Joya Chatterji
The Spoils of Partition: Bengal and India, 1947-1967
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 2008; 97805211515276; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 155 x 235 Mm 
The partition of India in 1947 was a seminal event of the twentieth century. Much has been written about the Punjab and the creation of West Pakistan; by contrast, little is known about the partition of Bengal. This remarkable book by an acknowledged expert on the subject assesses the social, economic and political consequences of partition. Using new and previously unexplored sources, the book shows how and why the borders were redrawn, how the creation of new nation states led to unprecedented upheavals, massive shifts in population and wholly unexpected transformations of the political landscape in both Bengal and India. The book also reveals how the spoils of partition, which the Congress in Bengal had expected from the new boundaries, were squandered over the twenty years which followed. This is an original and challenging work whose findings change our understanding and its consequences for the history of the subcontinent. Contents Introduction Part I. Hopes and Fears: 1. The devil in the detail: new borders for a new state 2. Swings and roundabouts: West Bengal and the new India Part II. The Bengal Diaspora: 3. Partition and migration: refugees in West Bengal, 1947–67 4. Staying on: West Bengal's Muslim minorities Part III. The Politics of a Partitioned State: 5. Political reconstruction and change: congress government and politics, 1947–67 6. The revenge of the periphery: the rise of the opposition in West Bengal Conclusion Appendix Bibliography. Printed Pages: 360 with 1 line figure, 19 maps, and 26 tables. 023574

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15528 Joyce Aschenbrenner and Lloyd R. Collins (eds.)
The Processes of Urbanism: A Multidisciplinary Approach (World Anthropology Series)
Mouton Publishers; The Hague, The Netherlands; 1978; 9027976201; First Edition; Hard Cover; As New; As New; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 437. 003587

Price: 35.00 USD
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15529 Joyce Aschenbrenner and Lloyd R. Collins (eds.)
The Processes of Urbanism: A Multidisciplinary Approach (World Anthropology Series)
Mouton Publishers; The Hague, The Netherlands; 1978; 90-279-7620-1; First Edition; Hard Cover; Very Good; Very Good; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 437. 038504

Price: 10.00 USD
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15530 Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
In Amma's Healing Room: Gender and Vernacular Islam in South India
Orient Longman; New Delhi, India; 2008; 8125033653; First Edition; Paperback; New; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 303 with numerous b/w illustrations. 032990

Price: 16.25 USD
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15531 Joygopal Poddar
Mumbai Dreams
V & S Publishers; New Delhi, India; 9789381588314; Softcover; New; 
MUMBAI DREAMS is the story of six unique destinies in India?s maximum city ? two ambitious young men from the foothills of the Himalayas and ordinary police constable an aspiring actress an ageing diva and a superstar. As some journey to glorious futures and others into decline, their lives get intertwined with each other and with the great city they have and their home. Those who get ahead are those who dare to dream. But high ambition can also lead to great danger ? and, sometimes, untimely death. Printed Pages: 128. 108707

Price: 4.37 USD
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15532 Joygopal Poddar
V & S Publishers; New Delhi, India; 9789350570180; Softcover; New; 
Goddess is a powerful story of two young women who struggle for success and glory in the Indian film industry. The beautiful Rita comes to Mumbai from a small town in the Himalayan foothills and reaches dizzying heights of superstardom through determination talent charisma ? and a dose of manipulation. What is the price she has to pay? Sanya?s past overshadows her future but ruthless ambition and a talent for choosing the right godfather at the right time helps her reach the heights she desires. The loves lives and careers of these beautiful young women eventually overlap and clash ? and the resulting storm has the potential to shatter completely the equilibrium of the film industry. Printed Pages: 173. 108735

Price: 4.88 USD
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15533 Joygopal Podder
3 Mixed up Men
Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2014; 9789384028015; Softcover; New; 
3 MIXED UP MEN is a lighthearted look at how men bond and how men think, their take on love, and how they behave and misbehave.Raghu, Govind and Dinesh are close friends. The three have been thick buddies from their college days. Raghu and Govind have been best friends since school, their friendship going back twenty years.Now in their early thirties, Raghu and Govind together own and operate an internet advertising agency. Dinesh is a rapidly rising star in an international accounting firm and the only one of the trio who is married and a father.When his best friend Govind announces he's getting married, Raghu is genuinely shocked. How can Govind have fallen for the manipulative Anamika - someone whose favorite book is surely 'cheque'? Raghu is convinced Anamika is marrying his closest friend only for his money, and that love had nothing to do with her attraction for him. The trouble is, nobody else, not even Dinesh, agrees. Raghu takes it upon himself to break up the engagement. But he has only six weeks in which to expose Anamika, and runs a great risk of losing Govind's friendship in the process. In the meantime, the happily married Dinesh attends an office conference in Thailand - and even more happily succumbs to the many sexual temptations on offer in Bangkok and elsewhere, after business hours. The backlash threatens his marriage, his family life, his career and his peace of mind. Will his friends Raghu and Govind be able to extricate him from his self-created mess of titanic proportions? Back home in Gurgaon, Raghu's subtle - and not so subtle - attempts to derail Govind's wedding plans will have hilarious and unintended consequences. But amidst the comedy of errors, confusion and carnage which ensues in the run-up to the big day, the 'single-till-I-die' Casanova Raghu himself meets a girl called Nisha, who will change his notions of love - in fact his entire life - in ways he could never have expected. 107035

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15534 Joygopal Podder
The Landlord's Secret and other stories: Adventures of the Boy Detective Ramesh
Peacock Books/Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2011; 8124802483; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 122. 107075

Price: 3.12 USD
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15535 Joygopal Podder
High Alert
Peacock Books/Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2011; 8124802513; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 168. 107076

Price: 3.12 USD
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15536 Joygopal Podder
Truth is Stranger than Fiction: 146 Strange and Extraordinary Facts and True Yet Unbelievable Stories from the Word Around Us
Peacock Books/Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2011; 8124802548; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 166. 107078

Price: 3.75 USD
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15537 Joygopal Podder
The Inneritance Story of a takeover battle and a terrifying Conspiracy
Peacock Books/Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2010; 8124802440; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 166. 107079

Price: 3.12 USD
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15538 Joygopal Podder
A Million Seconds Too Late
Times Group Books; New Delhi, India; 2012; 9789380828749; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Atycoon's daughter is murdered in her sleep. Was she the intended victim, or was the actual target her twin sister? What do the mysterious activities of the murdered girl's former employers have to do with her death? These and other vexing questions lead the investigating police officers into a labyrinth of plots and sub-plots which appear to converge into a sinister and earth shaking conspiracy located within the tycoon's own industrial empire... 104516

Price: 3.00 USD
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15539 Joygopal Podder
Beware of the Night
Times Group Books; New Delhi, India; 2012; 9789380828732; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Dead bodies of women, all strangled, begin appearing on the hills lining the serpentine Gurgaon-Faridabad Road. The faces have been mutilated beyond recognition. A Bollywood film director has an adulterous affair with his scriptwriter's wife and receives blackmail threats. A night time rendezvous with the blackmailer leads to murder. Prostitutes have been disappearing for years from Mumbai's world famous Kamathipura red light area. Is there a monstrous shadow looming over all these events? As the police investigators from Gurgaon travel to Goa following tenuous leads, mysterious events on a film location shooting and murder and mayhem on a casino ship lead to a nerve-wracking and totally unexpected climax.Printed Pages: 212. 104551

Price: 2.88 USD
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15540 Joygopal Podder
Times Group Books; New Delhi, India; 2013; 9789380828114; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Rita Kapoor, the reigning queen of the Indian film industry, wakes up to find the second half of the vast double bed empty. Her husband is nowhere to be found. As police detectives attempt to uncover the mystery of this sudden disappearance, other people connected with him also vanish. Is there a common thread? Who was the mysterious woman who had been meeting the industrialist in the days and weeks prior to his disappearance?As the action shifts from Gurgaon and Delhi to Dehradun, Bangalore and to Mumbai, it soon becomes clear that the mystery is complex and there are important national secrets at stake. People are not who they appear to be on the surface. Dangerous deceptions are being plotted. There is a game of high stakes behind all the mysteries – and all weapons are being used, including blackmail, adultry and murder... Printed Pages: 176. 104948

Price: 5.00 USD
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15541 Joygopal Podder
Merchants of Dreams
Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2012; 9789380828886; Softcover; New; 
Vikram Mehra gets his first break as a director but has to fight his way up the slippery ladder of Bollywood success. Sudesh Malhotra, producer and owner of the SM Movietone Studios, has to finally face the demons from his past. Superstar Leena Chopra hates losing Vikram to Neelam, the aspiring actress. Greed for power and wealth drives some into the arms of mafia dons. The novel is the story of several movers and shakers of the Indian film industry. The real life stories and behind the scenes drama of the film industry are often more riveting than the plots of films. The stakes are sometimes so high that murder becomes a means of survival. Printed Pages: 236. 107248

Price: 6.12 USD
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15542 Jozef Deleu
Viyahapannatti (Bhagavai)
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 8120813499; First Edition; New; 

Price: 6.25 USD
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15543 Jozsef Budenz; Introduction By Gyula Decsy
A Comparative Dictionary of the Finno-Ugric Elements in the Hungarian Vocabulary
Indiana University Press; Bloomington, USA; 1966; Reprint; Paperback; Good; 14 x 20 Cm 
Printed Pages: 1004. Torn spine. Text in mint condition. 028022

Price: 350.00 USD
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15544 Jozsef Tompa
Ungarische Grammatik
Mouton & Co.; The Hague, The Netherlands; 1968; First Edition; Paperback; Good; 19 Cms x 27 Cms 
Printed Pages: 426. 004497

Price: 40.00 USD
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15545 Jr. With Marilyn Norris & William R. Bigler
Strategy Execution
Jaico Publishing House; Delhi, India; 8179929248; Softcover; New; 
Strategy execution has far more potential for value creation than does strategy formulation. This book offers a complete tool kit to help firms achieve world-class strategy execution status. It focuses on initiative management, aligning executive, operating, and support processes with market rhythms, the seven stages of business growth, and time-phasing initiatives with the competitive realities of the firm’s environment. It also demonstrates how to track the ripple effects of change throughout the organization.Numerous exhibits portray tools that can be used by firms to develop world-class strategy execution prowess. A glossary of new terms and new definitions of familiar terms is included, along with a diagnostic survey that a firm can use to assess its current status regarding its world-class strategy execution abilities. The authors also provide a 10-S model of management imperatives that updates the McKinsey 7-S model from the 1980s. If a firm has been bogged down for too long in strategy formulation, now is the time to begin the execution phase using this book as a starting point will give any organization the advantages it needs to launch this initiative successfully.Printed Pages: 216. 105586

Price: 4.78 USD
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15546 Ju. M. Lotman, B.A. Uspenskij, V.V. Ivanov, V.N. Toporov, and A.M. Pjatigorskij
Theses on the Semiotic Study of Culture (as Spplied to Slavic Texts)
The Peter De Ridder Press; Lisse, The Netherlands; 1975; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 29. 033078

Price: 30.00 USD
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15547 Juan Abellán Pérez
ciudad de Jerez de la Frontera y el Reino de Granada
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2006; 9514110072; New; 
El propósito del autor es el de dar a conocer la rica historia de Jerez de la Frontera, a través de una serie de estampas diversas pero conexas, donde las relaciones entre cristianos y musulmanas iban más allá de las meras confrontaciones bélicas, ya que los enfrentamiento militares fueron escasos, circuncribiéndose a robos de ganados, cautiverio.., que eran subsanados sin la mayor dificultad mediante reuniones de representantes de ambas partes que hacían cumplir las treguas acordadas a nivel local. Printed Pages: 215. 115717

Price: 67.00 USD
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15548 Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra
Atalaya XXI: When Nature Hits Back
Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2014; 9789382711100; Softcover; New; 
4th May 2012....The collapse of a coastal city and a convention centre. Nine ecology experts entrapped in the debris… & a perfect crime! A murder in the midst of chaos that the media monitors, believing, it is the rescue efforts that reality TV is showcasing. But the debris becomes the final resting place of a passionate drama in a bourgeois Peruvian family as events unfold, bringing forth the complexity of human nature. A gripping tale of heroism and survival, against the backdrop of our worst nightmares of an environmental apocalypse, vividly brought to life. A captivating narrative by a professor-politician in a portrayal that is innovative and stylishly contemporary, heralding an exciting genre of environmental and multicultural literature in Latin America. Printed Pages: 192. 107231

Price: 6.25 USD
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15549 Juan Antonio Chavarría Vargas
De La Ragua a Sacratif: Miscelánea de topónimos andalusíes al sur de Granada
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2009; 9514110242; New; 
En iDe La Ragua a Sacratif. Miscelánea de topónimos andalusíes al sur de Granada/i se presenta un análisis pormenorizado de seis topónimos andalusíes situados al sur de la ciudad de Granada. Algunos de ellos, con sus correspondientes grafías árabes, son objeto de estudio por primera vez en el ámbito de la investigación toponímica. Se trata de tres entidades municipales hoy vigentes (Cónchar, Lentejí y Restábal) y de tres denominaciones específicas de accidentes geográficos (el pico Moscaril, el puerto y río de la Ragua y el cabo Sacratif). Se añaden finalmente, a modo de apéndice, sendas reinterpretaciones sobre dos nombres de lugar, cuya etymología ha merecido desde antiguo la atención de la erudición (Almuñécar y Alpujarra/s). Printed Pages: 151. 115223

Price: 100.00 USD
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15550 Jude Holliday
Stories in Glass: The Stained Glass Heritage of Bombay
Eminence Designs Pvt. Ltd; Mumbai, India; 81-903821-8-7; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; Noshir Gobhai 
Printed Pages: 199 with numerous b/w illustrations. 038099

Price: 75.00 USD
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15551 Judee Gee
Intuition: Awakening Your Inner Guide
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2005; First Edition; New; 
Printed Pages: 285. 030002

Price: 9.95 USD
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15552 Judee Gee
Intuition: Awakening Your Inner Guide
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2005; 8178222140; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Intutuion is guidance from your inner being. It is a manifestation of divine consciousness. Innate to each of us intution is an often ignored gift because we are taught to have more respect for thoughts presented to us from the outside world than for the voice within ourselves. Judee Gee helps you to awaken, chennel and express your intuitive self. Through guided meditations simple rituals awareness exercises and the principles of inner alchemy you can rediscover and realign with your inner voice.Printed Pages: 279. 102194

Price: 5.58 USD
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15553 Judie Oron
Cry of the Giraffe: Based on a True Story
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380069487; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
One girl's harrowing trek from exile and slavery to hope in a new land -- all based on a true story. In the early 1980s, thousands of Ethiopian Jews fled the civil unrest, famine and religious persecution of their native land in the hopes of being reunited in Yerusalem, their spiritual homeland, with its promises of a better life. Wuditu and her family risk their lives to make this journey, which leads them to a refugee camp in Sudan, where they are separated. Terrified, 15-year-old Wuditu makes her way back to Ethiopia alone. "Don't give up, Wuditu! Be strong!" The words of her little sister come to Wuditu in a dream and give her the courage to keep going. Wuditu must find someone to give her food and shelter or she will surely die. Finally Wuditu is offered a solution: working as a servant. However, she quickly realizes that she has become a slave. With nowhere else to go, she stays -- until the villagers discover that she is a falasha, a hated Jew. Only her dream of one day being reunited with her family gives her strength -- until the arrival of a stranger heralds hope and a new life in Israel. With her graceful long neck, Wuditu is affectionately called "the giraffe." And like the giraffe who has no voice, she must suffer in silence. Based on real events, Wuditu's story mirrors the experiences of thousands of Ethiopian Jews.Printed Pages: 232. 105140

Price: 5.00 USD
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15554 Judith A. Nagata (ed.); K. Ishwaran (Gen.ed.)
Contributions to Asian Studies: Volume 7: Pluralism in Malaysia: Myth and Reality. A Symposium on Singapore and Malaysia
E.J. Brill; Leiden, The Netherlands; 1975; 9004042458; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 17 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 138. 005095

Price: 40.00 USD
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15555 Judith Bara and Mark Pennington (eds)
Comparative Politics
Sage Publications; New Delhi, India; 2009; 8132102924; First Edition; Paperback; New; 
This book provides a distinctive new introduction to the study of comparative politics at undergraduate level. Rich in case study material and global in coverage, Comparative Politics sets out the basic theoretical and methodological foundations for studying different political systems as well as the key structures and actors of which they are comprised. Part I explores the nature of comparative methodology and introduces students to the major theoretical paradigms that seek to explain the operation of institutions in democratic states and facilitate comparison across different political systems. Part 2 examines the institutional structures of the modern state, outlining the key features such as the electoral systems and territorial and functional divisions of government across a range of modern states. Part 3 analyses the role of key actors, such as voters and parties, interest groups and social movements, the bureaucracy and the judiciary. This book will be an essential primer for students of comparative government and politics as well as introductory courses in political science concepts and methods. Printed Pages: 344. 028320

Price: 14.95 USD
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15556 Judith Blackstone
Living Intimately: A Guide to Realizing Spiritual Unity in Relationships
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8178221438; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Living Intimately is both a guide for couples wishing to enhance their intimacy with each other, and a profound exploration of the fundamental unity that underlies all life. It describes how we can deepen our connection with ourselves and with other people by attuning to the spiritual essence of our being. The book suggests practical application of Advaita in relationships and claims that spiritual attunement develops our capacity for love, understanding and sexual pleasure as well as it dissolves the projections and psychological defences that obstruct communication.Printed Pages: 160. 102249

Price: 3.92 USD
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15557 Judith Blackstone and Zoran Josipovic
Zen for Beginners
Orient BlackSwan; New Delhi, India; 2001; 8125020489; Reprint; Paperback; New; Naomi Rao 
The documentary comic books of the For Beginners series deal with complex and serious subjects. They attempt to untimidate and uncomplicate the great ideas and work of great thinkers. The movements and concepts dealt with are placed in their historical, political and intellectual contexts. The books are painstakingly researched, humourouly written and enlivened with classic comic-strip illustrations, photographs, paintings, etc. The range of subjects covered is truly vast and varied—Malcom X and the New Age guru Castenanda, Shakespeare and Foucault, Jewish Holocaust and Arab and Israel, Structuralism and Biology. Printed Pages: 167. 031632

Price: 4.50 USD
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15558 Judith Brown & Anthony Parel (Eds)
The Cambridge Companion to Gandhi
Cambridge University Press; New Delhi, India; 1107602203; Softcover; New; 
Even today six decades after his assassination in January 1948 Mahatma Gandhi is still revered as the father of the Indian nation. His intellectual and moral legacy and the example of his life and politics serve as an inspiration to human rights and peace movements political activists and students. This book comprised of essays by renowned experts in the fields of Indian history and philosophy traces Gandhi's extraordinary story. The first part of the book explores his transformation from a small-town lawyer during his early life in South Africa into a skilled political activist and leader of civil resistance in India. The second part is devoted to Gandhi's key writings and his thinking on a broad range of topics including religion conflict politics and social relations. The final part reflects on Gandhi's image and on his legacy in India the West and beyond.Printed Pages: 294. 101434

Price: 10.20 USD
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15559 Judith Butcher, Caroline Drake, and Maureen Leach
Butcher's Copy-editing: The Cambridge Handbook for Editors, Copy-editors, and Proofreaders (Fourth Edition, Fully Revised and updated)
Cambridge University Press; New Delhi, India; 2008; 0521719143; Fourth Edition, fully revised and Update; Paperback; New; 155 x 230 Mm 
Since its first publication in 1975, Judith Butcher's Copy-editing has become firmly established as a classic reference guide. This fourth edition has been comprehensively revised to provide an up-to-date and clearly presented source of information for all those involved in preparing typescripts and illustrations for publication. From the basics of how to prepare text and illustrations for the designer and typesetter, through the ground rules of house style, to how to read and correct proofs, Copy-editing covers all aspects of the editorial process. New and revised features: • up-to-date advice on indexes, inclusive language, reference systems and preliminary pages • a chapter devoted to on-screen copy-editing • guidance on digital coding and publishing in other media such as e-books • updated to take account of modern typesetting and printing technology • an expanded section on law books • an essential tool for new and experienced copy-editors, working freelance or in-house • Completely revised to reflect developments in electronic publishing • A classic reference guide for all those involved in preparing text and illustrations for publication • Clear explanations, examples and checklists provide an essential tool for new and experienced copy-editors Contents Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Preliminary copy-editing, design and specimen pages; 3. Preparing the typescript for the typesetter; 4. Illustrations; 5. Proofs; 6. House style; 7. Preliminary pages; 8. Indexes; 9. Other parts of a book; 10. Bibliographical references; 11. Literary material; 12. Multi-author and multi-volume works; 13. Science and mathematics books; 14. Other special subjects; 15. Reprints and new editions; 16. On-screen editing Anne Waddingham; Appendixes: 1. Checklist of copy-editing; 2. Book sizes; 3. Abbreviations for states in the USA; 4. Phonetic symbols; 5. The Russian alphabet; 6. Old English and Middle English letters; 7. French and German bibliographical terms and abbreviations; 8. Mathematical symbols; 9. Hebrew; 10. Arabic; 11. Islamic and other calendars; 12. Countries of the former USSR, Baltic States and former Yugoslavia; 13. Proof correction symbols; 14. How to check that an ISBN is correct. Printed Pages: 558 with 5 line-diagrams, 23 half-tones, and 28 figures. 033831

Price: 29.95 USD
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15560 Judith Butler
Gender Trouble
Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2016; 1138236365; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 236. 111385

Price: 12.90 USD
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15561 Judith Clark
The Illustrated History of Art
Mallard Press; New York, USA; 1992; 0792455215; First Edition; Hard Cover; Fine; Fine; 27 Cms x 37 Cms 
Printed Pages: 224 with numerous colour illustrations. 007281

Price: 10.00 USD
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15562 Judith Conaway
Soft Jewelry: How to Sew Jewelry
Simon and Schuster; New York, USA; 1978; 0671241222; Eighteenth Edition; Hard Cover; Good; Good; 17 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 190 with numerous colour and b/w illustrations. Torn dust-jacket. 011036

Price: 5.00 USD
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15563 Judith Greene
Memory, Thinking and Language: Topics in Cognitive Psychology
Metheun; London, UK; 1987; 0416338003; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Printed Pages: 178. 007940

Price: 6.00 USD
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15564 Judith Halberstam
Female Masculinity
Zubaan/Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2012; 9789381017791; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 344. 109498

Price: 13.30 USD
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15565 Judith Junger
Predicate Formation in the Verbal System of Modern Hebrew
Foris Publications; Dordrecht, The Netherlands; 1987; 9067653683; First Edition; Paperback; As New; Good; 17 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 181. Functional Grammar Series: Volume 7. 006543

Price: 20.00 USD
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15566 Judith Kegan Gardiner
Craftsmanship in Context: The Development of Ben Jonson's Poetry
Mouton & Co.; The Hague, The Netherlands; 1975; 9027931917; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 15 Cms x 22 Cms 
Printed Pages: 208. 006311

Price: 30.00 USD
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15567 Judith L. Lief (Ed.)
Milarepa: Lessons from the Life and Songs of Tibet's Great Yogi
Shambhala Publication/TBI; New Delhi, India; 1569571600; Softcover; New; 16 x 23 Cm 

Price: 30.00 USD
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15568 Judith M. Brown
Global South Asians: Introducing the Modern Diaspora
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 8175963840; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
By the end of the twentieth century some nine million people of South Asian descent had left India, Bangladesh or Pakistan and settled in different parts of the world, forming a diverse and significant modern diaspora. In the early nineteenth century, many left reluctantly to seek economic opportunities which were lacking at home. This is the story of their often painful experiences in the diaspora, how they constructed new social communities overseas and how they maintained connections with the countries and the families they had left behind. It is a story compellingly told by one of the premier historians of modern South Asia, Judith Brown, whose particular knowledge of the diaspora in Britain and South Africa gives her insight as a commentator. This is a book which will have a broad appeal to general readers as well as to students of South Asian and colonial history, migration studies and sociology. Contents Introduction 1. Traditions of stability and movement 2. Making a modern diaspora 3. Creating new homes and communities 4. Relating to the new homeland 5. Relating to the old homeland Conclusion Bibliography. Printed Pages: 231 with 10 halftones and 6 maps. 027042

Price: 12.50 USD
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15569 Judith M. Brown
Global South Asians: Introducing the Modern Diaspora
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 8175963832; First Edition; Paperback; New; 
By the end of the twentieth century some nine million people of South Asian descent had left India, Bangladesh or Pakistan and settled in different parts of the world, forming a diverse and significant modern diaspora. In the early nineteenth century, many left reluctantly to seek economic opportunities which were lacking at home. This is the story of their often painful experiences in the diaspora, how they constructed new social communities overseas and how they maintained connections with the countries and the families they had left behind. It is a story compellingly told by one of the premier historians of modern South Asia, Judith Brown, whose particular knowledge of the diaspora in Britain and South Africa gives her insight as a commentator. This is a book which will have a broad appeal to general readers as well as to students of South Asian and colonial history, migration studies and sociology. Contents Introduction 1. Traditions of stability and movement 2. Making a modern diaspora 3. Creating new homes and communities 4. Relating to the new homeland 5. Relating to the old homeland Conclusion Bibliography. Printed Pages: 231 with 10 halftones and 6 maps. 027041

Price: 7.50 USD
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15570 Judith R. Blau
The Shape of Culture: A Study of Contemporary Cultural Patterns in the United States
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 1989; 0521370981; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; No Jacket; 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
This book systematically examines prevailing cultural patterns in contemporary American society. Using information on several thousands of cultural organisations, including elite ones (such as opera and chamber music companies) and popular cultural ones (such as cinemas and live rock concerts), Professor Blau examines the geography of culture, the changing demands for culture, the interdependencies among cultural organisations of different kinds, the nature of labour markets for artists, and the effects of arts subsidies on nonprofit cultural establishments over a ten year period. One of the major conclusions of the book is that the social conditions that support elite and popular culture are increasingly similar over time. Contents 1. Culture as structure and meaning; 2. The American cultural landscape; 3. Reproduction and decline; 4. Co-ocurrence, tipping in, and bridging; 5. Organizational assembly and disassembly; 6. Increasing returns on diminishing artists; 7. A little more on the hobby horse; 8. Masses and classes; 9. The transformation of American culture. Printed Pages: 219 with 5 line diagrams and 23 tables. 003364

Price: 34.00 USD
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15571 Judith Williamson & Napoleon Hill
Timeless Thoughts for Today
Jaico Publishing House; Delhi, India; 817992890X; Softcover; New; 
As a student of Dr. Hill for many years, I know that his philosophy works best when it is observable and measurable. This means that in order to achieve desired results, a simple two step process must be followed : Step 1 : Thought Step 2 : Action = Success It is not always easy to take action, but without action there is no success. Reflect on this for a moment. Great intentions never measure up to the smallest action. However, the tiniest action begins to build a momentum that culminates in your desired success if you build on the previous action daily. Napoleon Hills Timeless Thoughts for Today pairs Dr. Hills philosophy with actions that will move you toward success. I suggest that you try a few, keep a log, and watch your success rate grow. Without the action step, you are missing the master key to your dreams. First chart your course, next plan your method of travel, and third, step into the journey and begin! As you progress, you can then evaluate what actions work best for you.Printed Pages: 184. 105236

Price: 3.38 USD
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15572 Judith Williamson & Napoleon Hill
Good as Gold: The Power of a Positive Mental Attitude
Jaico Publishing House; Delhi, India; 8184951868; Softcover; New; 
The material in this book is pure, unadulterated gold, and hence the title: Napoleon Hill: Good as Gold. Whether you are a student, a businessman, an entrepreneur, or a teacher, you will glean much information from the shared material in this volume. By using the shared secrets uncovered during his lifetime of research and practice, Dr. Hill guides you step by step in becoming the person you were meant to be.There are 52 chapters – that equates to one per week. Read a little, reflect a lot, and then when you uncover the secret, put it into immediate action. As Dr. Hill states:When a plan comes through to your conscious mind while you are open to the guidance of Infinite Intelligence, accept it with appreciation and gratitude and act on it at once. Do not hesitate, do not argue, challenge, worry, fret about it, or wonder if it’s right. Act on it!.Enjoy your journey. Enjoy the book.Printed Pages: 244. 105242

Price: 6.25 USD
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15573 Judith Worell
Encyclopedia of Women and Gender: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender, 2 Vols.
Academic Press; 2001; 0122272455; First Edition; Hardcover; New; 
Set of 2 vols. 028280

Price: 525.00 USD
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15574 Judy Balan
Sophie Says: Memoirs of a Breakup Coach
Westland Limited; New Delhi, India; 9789382618843; Softcover; New; 
In 30 years, Sophie Tilgum (her preferred version of Thilagam, the last name she was born with) hasn’t been able to sustain a romantic relationship for more than a year. You might call it commitment phobia but Sophie would tell you there is no such thing. Or perhaps there is such a thing, but it’s so rare, it’s almost an urban legend. Instead she sincerely believes (and propagates) the idea that some people are just wired to be single – an idea her exes did not appreciate when she decided to have The Talk.So after years of being made to feel like the bad guy, Sophie has found a way to embrace her seeming emotional shortcomings via her super popular blog – Sophie Says – in which she finds her calling as The Breakup Coach.Enter Ryan. He is everything Sophie is not and thinks her theories are a load of crap. And if things get complicated with Sophie trying to reconcile her burgeoning feelings for Ryan with her radically different views, they spiral out of control and turn her life into a mini soap when Yatan – her If-Someday Guy – enters the scene. It’s a classic case of Physician-heal-thyself and one wonders if Sophie will emerge out of this drama with her worldview intact. 109589

Price: 4.35 USD
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15575 Judy Dunn
Distress and Comfort
Open Books; London, UK; 1977; 0729100081; First Edition; Hard Cover; Very Good; Fair; 14.5 Cms x 22.5 Cms 
Printed Pages: 126. Slightly rubbed and scratched dust-jacket. Price clipped. Water stain on dust-jacket and cover. Text is in very good condition. 010276

Price: 15.00 USD
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15576 Jug Suraiya
Just Jugglery: Juggling Act-II
Times Group Books; New Delhi, India; 2011; 9789380942575; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
For years, million of Indian readers have woken up on Friday morning and eagerly turned to the column, Jugular Vein, to savour Jug Suraiya’s latest offering. Hilarious, poignant, satirical, witty, occasionally philosophical and always enormously entertaining, Suraiya’s columns have acquired a devout fan following. A compilation of 102 of his favourite pieces, personally chosen by Suraiya, Just Jugglery showcases the best of Jugular Vein. Join him as he blissfully bumbles through Gurgaon and diverse parts of the world, taking well-deserved potshots and self- deprecatory digs. It’s a journey guaranteed to put you in good humour. Go ahead, make your day. 104702

Price: 4.25 USD
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15577 Jug Suraiya
Second Opinion
Times Group Books; New Delhi, India; 2009; 8189906488; First Edition; Softcover; New; 

Price: 1.75 USD
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15578 Juggi Bhasin
Blood Song
Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.; Delhi, India; 2014; 0143419749; Softcover; New; 
Simran Kaur Banga—a quiet, introverted girl living in South Hall, London is a poet at heart. But a brutal rape and then rejection by her family land her in Amritsar, India, where, accompanied by Captain Suvir, she begins her battle to quell the storm that is brewing in the by-lanes of the small villages of Punjab.Printed Pages: 450. 103418

Price: 6.00 USD
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15579 Juha Bäckman
Mannerheimin Adjutanttina
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2011; 9522222968; New; 
Talvisodassa eturintamalla komppanianpäällikkönä toimiessaan Osvald Rafael Bäckman haavoittui pahoin ja luuli jo kuolevansa. Jatkosodassa Mannerheim löysi hänestä oivan adjutantin. Eversti Bäckman seurasi läheltä Mannerheimin elämää kohtalokkaina vuosina 1942–1946, ja Mannerheim piti yhteyttä häneen adjutanttikauden jälkeenkin. Mannerheimin kuoleman jälkeen Bäckman toimi Mannerheim-museon ensimmäisenä intendenttinä. Bäckmanin muistelmien lisäksi kirjaan on koottu tietopaketti marsalkan elämästä, sukutaustasta ja saavutuksista. Printed Pages: 167. 115551

Price: 135.00 USD
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15580 Juha Ilvas
Bilder från Finland-land och Folk
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2009; 9522220876; New; 
Bilder från Finland – land och folk presenterar genom konstverk av guldårens främsta finländska konstnärer Finlands natur och människorna i Finland från 1850-talet och fram till början av 1900-talet. Boken innehåller 83 högklassika foton och presentationer av verk av de totalt 35 konstnärer som förekommer i boken. Konstverken i boken är ett urval ur samlingar tillhörande medlemmar i Föreningen Finländska konststiftelser. Printed Pages: 175. 114284

Price: 125.00 USD
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15581 Juha Janhunen
Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Aikakauskirja 85
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 1994; 9519403736; New; 
Aikakauskirja sisältää yhdeksän tieteellistä artikkelia, jotka käsittelevät selkupin murteita (ruotsiksi), Pohjois-Eurasian vanhinta metallurgiaa, Sinkiangin 19. ja 20. vuosisadan historiaa ja jakuutin futuurisuffiksia - ya(x) (saksaksi), uralilaistokaarilaisia kontakteja, selkupin murteiden leksikologisia turkkilaislainoja ja tunguusilaisen negidaalin kielen äänneopillisia suhteita sen sukukieliin (venäjäksi) sekä siperialaiseen ym. esinekulttuuriin, mytologiaan ja folkloreen liittyviä aiheita ja Pohjois-Kiinan keskiaikaisten siniiyyisten kirjoitusjärjestelmien muotoutumista (engl.). Lisäksi niteessä on tutkimus- ja matkaraporteja, keskustelua ja toimintaselostuksia. Printed Pages: 280. 116349

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15582 Juha Janhunen
Material on Manchurian Khamnigan Evenki
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 1991; 9519403434; New; 
Kirja sisältää Kiinan Sisä-Mongolian pohjoisosassa asuvan hamnigan-nimisen kaksikielisen vähemmistökansan toisen kielen, hamnigan-evenkin, kieliopin pääpiirteet. Johdannossa esitellään ao. ryhmän historiallista taustaa. Aineisto perustuu tekijän haminiganien keskuudessa keräämiin tietoihin. Kirja muodostaa parin aikaisemmin ilmestyneelle esitykselle "Material on Mancurian Khamnigan Mongol" (Castrenianumin toimitteita 37). Printed Pages: 120. 116394

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15583 Juha Janhunen
Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Aikakauskirja 83
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 1992; 9519403477; New; 
Sis. seuraavat artikkelit: Pentti Aalto, Old Turkic epigraphic materials, gathered by J. G. Granö; Harry Halén, Tuvan (Soyot) folk-religious implements in the National Museum of Finland, collected by A. O. Heikel; Juha Janhunen, Ethnic death and survival in the Soviet North; Eino Koponen, Itämerensuomen marjannimistön kehityksen päälinjoja ja kantasuomen historiallista dialektologiaa; Mikko Korhonen, Remarks on the structure and history of the Uralic case system; Ulla-Maija Kulonen, Über die ergativischen Konstruktionen im Ostostjakischen; Junko Miyawaki, A Volga-Kalmyk family tree in the Ramstedt collection. Printed Pages: 280. 116429

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15584 Juha Meriläinen
Suomi ja Euroopan kirkollinen jälleenrakentaminen 1945-1948
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2009; 9516533698; New; 
Suomi joutui valvontakomission painostuksesta kieltäytymään Yhdysvaltain tarjoamasta Marshall-avusta. Samaan aikaan maahan virtasi kirkollisten avustusjärjestöjen välityksellä miljoonien dollarien arvosta tavaraa ja rahaa. Suomen evankelis-luterilainen kirkko onnistui moninkertaistamaan lahjavarat niin kutsutuilla hyväntekeväisyyskaupoilla. Mistä oli kyse tässä järjestelmässä, joka liikkui “harmaalla alueella”, mutta jolla oli viranomaisten hyväksyntä? Printed Pages: 312. 114574

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15585 Juha Pentikäinen
Oral Repertoire and World View: An Anthropological Study of Marina Takalo’s Life History (Folklore Fellows Communications 219)
Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia (Academia Scientiarum Fennica)/Bookstore Tiedekirja; Helsinki, Finland; New; 
Printed Pages: 366. 113938

Price: 70.00 USD
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15586 Juha Pentikäinen
The Nordic Dead-Child Tradition, Nordic Dead-Child Beings: A Study in Comparative Religion (Folklore Fellows Communications 202)
Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia (Academia Scientiarum Fennica)/Bookstore Tiedekirja; Helsinki, Finland; 1968; New; 
Printed Pages: 388.. 113955

Price: 93.00 USD
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15587 Juha Pentikäinen
Marina Takalo: Runolaulaja ja näkijä
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2010; 9522220434; New; 
Marina Takalo (1890–1970) oli vienalainen runolaulaja, tietäjä, näkijä ja elämänsä kertoja, jolta on tallennettu folkloren sadan tunnin äänitekokoelma. Takalon muisti on kaiken sen summa, mitä luku- ja kirjoitustaidoton, vanhauskoinen kansannainen liki 80-vuotisen elämänsä aikana eri paikkakunnilla kuuli, näki ja painoi mieleensä. Hänen muistitietonsa käsittää kaikki Vienan perinteisen folkloren lajit, mutta on samalla pakolaisen rankka elämäkerta. Teos on kokonaan uusittu laitos kirjasta Marina Takalon uskonto. Printed Pages: 490. 115052

Price: 142.00 USD
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15588 Juha Pentikäinen
Suomalaisen lähtö
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 1990; 9517176252; New; 
Uskontojen ja kulttuureiden tutkijan kannanotto ajankohtaiseen kuolemakeskusteluun. Kirja sisältää kokoelman sekä uusia että vuosien mittaan eri kielillä julkaistuja, nyt suomen kielelle käännettyjä artikkeleita, jotka ottavat kantaa kuolemaan kulttuurissamme ja yhteiskunnassamme, sekä historiallisena että nykyhetken ilmiönä, eri näkökulmista ja sekä myös eri tieteenalojen kannalta. Printed Pages: 272. 115101

Price: 100.00 USD
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15589 Juha Rajala
Kurittajia ja Puukkosankareita
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2004; 9517466536; New; 
Tutkimus kartoittaa väkivallan kasvun ajalliset, paikalliset ja määrälliset ulottuvuudet Karjalan kannaksella. Tutkimus kuvaa väkivallan muodot ja osanottajat sekä pureutuu sille annettuihin merkityksiin. Väkivalta muotoutui mielikuvista, joita sen tekijät ja kontrolloijat olivat siitä luoneet. Nämä mielikuvat kiristivät rajaseudun poliittisesti herkkää ilmapiiriä, joka ennakoi jo kansalaissotaa. Printed Pages: 408. 115955

Price: 32.00 USD
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15590 Juha Seppo
Kansainvälinen Vapaa-Ajattelijaliitto 1880-1905
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 1991; 9519021833; New; 
Juha Sepon tutkimus kansainvälisestä vapaa-ajattelijaliitosta on ensimmäinen esitys liiton varhaishistoriasta. Ulkomaiseen arkisto- ja kirjastomateriaaliin perustuva tutkimus valaisee liiton uskonto- ja kirkkokritiikkiä, aatteellista ja poliittista linjaa sekä yhteyksiä esimerkiksi vapaamuurariuteen ja feminismiin. Printed Pages: 227. 114633

Price: 60.00 USD
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15591 Juha Seppo
Vapaa-ajattelijaliikkeen organisoituminen ja sen herättämä kiista Suomessa 1936-1946
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 1992; 9519021868; New; 
Juha Sepon tutkimus vapaa-ajattelijaliikkeen organisoitumisesta on kuvaus erään katsomuksellisen ääriryhmän tiestä ja taisteluista 1930- ja 1940-luvun suomalaisessa yhteiskunnassa. Teoksessa selvitetään vapaa-ajattelijaliikkeen kansainvälinen tausta, aatteelliset lähtökohdat ja käytännön tavoitteet sekä poliittiset yhteydet ja liikkeen herättämä kiistely ja kärhämöinti. Juha Sepon tutkimus vapaa-ajattelijaliikkeen organisoitumisesta on kuvaus erään katsomuksellisen ääriryhmän tiestä ja taisteluista 1930- ja 1940-luvun suomalaisessa yhteiskunnassa. Teoksessa selvitetään vapaa-ajattelijaliikkeen kansainvälinen tausta, aatteelliset lähtökohdat ja käytännön tavoitteet sekä poliittiset yhteydet ja liikkeen herättämä kiistely ja kärhämöinti. Printed Pages: 190. 114650

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15592 Juha Seppo
Uskovien yhteisö vai Valtionkirkko
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 1983; 9519021507; New; 

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15593 Juha Seppo
Kansainvälinen vapaa-ajattelijaliitto 1880-1905
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 1991; 9519021833; New; 
Juha Sepon tutkimus kansainvälisestä vapaa-ajattelijaliitosta on ensimmäinen esitys liiton varhaishistoriasta. Ulkomaiseen arkisto- ja kirjastomateriaaliin perustuva tutkimus valaisee liiton uskonto- ja kirkkokritiikkiä, aatteellista ja poliittista linjaa sekä yhteyksiä esimerkiksi vapaamuurariuteen ja feminismiin. Printed Pages: 227. 115842

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15594 Juha-Heikki Tihinen
Halun Häilyvät Rajat
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2008; 9525533093; New; 
Tutkimuksessa tarkastellaan Magnus Enckellin (1870–1925) teoksien erilaisia merkityksiä. Pohdinnan keskiössä on kysymys sukupuolien ja seksuaalisuuksien erilaisista merkityksistä. Teoksessa kysytään, miten ajatus seksuaalisen tai sukupuolisen identiteetin yhtenäisyydestä ja yksiselitteisyydestä on ymmärrettävä. Enckellin teoksia on mahdollista ajatella identiteeteillä leikkimisen paikkoina. Paikoilla tarkoitetaan taiteilijan teosten avoimuutta, joka tarjoaa katsojalle mahdollisuuden pohtia erilaisten seksuaalisten ja sukupuolisten identiteettien merkityksiä. Printed Pages: 149. 114298

Price: 12.00 USD
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15595 Juha-Heikki Tihinen
Keskellä Marginaalia-Mitt I Marginalen
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2006; 9525533050; New; 
iKeskellä marginaalia/i on omistettu taidehistorian professori Riitta Konttiselle. Julkaisu esittelee ajankohtaisia puheenvuoroja, joissa kirjan nimen mukaisesti taidehistorian keskusta ja reuna-alueet kohtaavat tai sekoittuvat. Teos on luonnehdinta Riitta Konttisen tutkimuksien vaikutuksesta. Se on jaoteltu kolmeen osaan: taiteentekijät ja sukupuoli, kansallinen ja moderni sekä marginaali. Tutkielmien kirjo on laaja, koska aiheet liikkuvat niin monumentaalitaiteen, grafiikan opetuksen ja yhteistyöhuonekäytännnön, historiografian kuin kapellimestarikäsityksen synnyn tiimoilla. Printed Pages: 245. 114315

Price: 40.00 USD
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15596 Juhana Aunesluoma
Vapaakaupan Tiellä
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2011; 9522222321; New; 
Teos seuraa Suomen tasapainoilua vapaakaupan ja protektionismin välillä vaiherikkaalla 1900-luvulla. Osansa saavat Suomen kytkeytyminen Euroopan taloudelliseen integraatioon, Suomen paikka Pohjolassa, suhteet Neuvostoliittoon sekä Suomen osallistuminen maailmanlaajuiseen kaupan vapauttamiseen. Vapaakaupan tieltä löytyy yllättäviä käänteitä ja monia vaikeita ratkaisuja, jotka puhuttivat aikalaisia ja kiinnostavat edelleen. Teos kattaa ajanjakson 1917–1995 ja on ensimmäinen laaja, taloudellista ja poliittista näkökulmaa yhdistävä yleisesitys aiheesta. Printed Pages: 536. 114910

Price: 170.00 USD
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15597 Juhana Aunesluoma
Paperi-patruunat: Metsäteollisuus sodassa ja jälleenrakentamisessa 1939-1950
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2007; 9517469225; New; 
Sotavuodet olivat Suomen metsäteollisuudelle vaikeaa aikaa, jota värittivät ulkomaankaupan romahdus ja alituinen pula raaka-aineista ja työvoimasta. Sotatalouden vaatimukset pakottivat yhtiöitä uudistamaan tuotantoaan ja tiivistämään yhteistoimintaansa. Rauhan tultua muodostui metsäteollisuuden nopeasti kasvaneista vientituloista vahva veturi, jolla koko kansantalous vedettiin kuivalle maalle. Sotakorvaukset saatiin maksettua ja jälleenrakentaminen alkuun. Printed Pages: 285. 114918

Price: 158.00 USD
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15598 Juhana Aunesluoma
From War to Cold War: Anglo-Finnish Relations in the 20th Century
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2006; 9517467028; New; 
From War to Cold War explores selected themes of Anglo-Finnish interaction ranging from foreign policy, the war years and post-war military strategy to issues of economic, cultural and party political interaction. Established historical interpretations are contrasted with the findings of new research and novel perspectives, facilitated by the opening of archives and primary sources in the 1990s. Printed Pages: 201. 115757

Price: 61.00 USD
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15599 Juhana Lahti
Arkkitehti Aarne Ervin Moderni: kaupunkisuunnittelu Pääkaupunkiseudulla
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2006; 9525533069; New; 
Aarne Ervi menestyi toisen maailmansodan jälkeen useissa keskeisissä arkkitehtikilpailuissa, toimi Espooseen rakennetun Tapiolan pääsuunnittelijana, suunnitteli silloiseen Helsingin maalaiskuntaan Vantaanpuiston lähiön sekä työskenteli uransa päätteeksi Helsingin kaupunkisuunnitteluviraston ensimmäisenä virastopäällikkönä. Sodanjälkeinen kaavoituslainsäädännön sekä kunnallisten- ja valtiollisten kaavoitusorganisaatioiden kehitys muodostaa tutkimuksessa Ervin toiminnan kannalta keskeisen kontekstin. Tutkimus on suunnitteluhistoriaa, jossa taidehistoriallinen arkkitehtuurin tutkimus yhdistyy yhteiskuntahistoriaan. Printed Pages: 242. 114222

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15600 Juhani Aho
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2010; 9522222429; New; 
Teoksen ensimmäinen painos ilmestyi vuonna 1911. Juha on kolmiodraama, joka näytellään itäisessä Suomessa, kahden maailman rajalla, metsien, vaarojen ja pitkien vesireittien maisemissa. Se kertoo vanhenevan karun korvenraivaajan, hänen nuoren vaimonsa ja rajan takaa tulevan naistenmiehen tarinan, joka päättyy tuhoon. Tarina on klassinen, mutta Aho on siiitä rakentanut oman mestariteoksensa. 114932

Price: 30.00 USD
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