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18601 M. Siraj Anwar
Mughals and the Deccan: Political Relations with Ahmadnagar Kingdom
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2007; 817646614X; Hardcover; New; New; 
Most of the modern studies on the theme of relations of the Mughals with the Deccan kingdoms are centered around either on the Deccan policy of the Mughals or their political aims in the Deccan. But these studies do not fully explain the varied problems relating to the relations of the Mughal empire with the Deccan kingdoms. The present work is an attempt to study the relations of the Mughal empire with one of the Deccan states, namely Ahmadnagar, which from its very inception was involved in the complex pattern of relationship with its northern neighbours, viz. Khandesh, Gujarat and Malwa. Simultaneously, with its southern neighbours, it was involved in mutual conflicts on one or the other issue. Because of their role played in the Deccan politics, the Nizam Shahi rulers attracted the active attention of the Mughal emperors from a very early date. In this work, the Mughals` growing involvement in the context of their relations with Ahmadnagar down to its final extinction, has examined in the light of contemporary Persian text and records. While dealing with the Mughal-Ahmadnagar relations, the role played by the Safawid rulers of Iran has also been examined in a separate Chapter, Whether their official moves against Qandahar were really planned to divert the mughal military pressure on the Deccan kingdom, is analysed in the light of a diplomatic correspondence available in the contemporary Persian chronicles and insha collections. Printed Pages: 168. 110433

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18602 M. Sivaramkrishna and Sumito Roy (eds); Foreword By Swami Ranganathananda
Perspectives on Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Vedanta Tradition
Sterling Publishers (P) Ltd; New Delhi, India; 1997; 8120720415; Reprint; Paperback; Very Good; 14 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 278. 035664

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18603 M. Smirnova; Translated By G.L. Campbell
Languages of Asia and Africa, Volume 5: The Hausa Language: A Descriptive Grammar
Routledge and Kegal Paul; London, UK; 1982; 0710090765; First Edition; Paperback; Good; 14 Cms x 22 Cms 
Printed Pages: 118. 008344

Price: 15.00 USD
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18604 M. Soundarapandian (Ed.)
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, 2 vols
Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2014; 9789351250326; Hardcover; New; New; 
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an increasingly important activity to business, nationally and internationally. As globalization accelerates and large corporations serve as global providers, these corporations have progressively recognized the benefits of providing CSR programmes in their various locations. CSR activities are now being undertaken throughout the globe. A two days National Seminar on “CSR and Sustainable Development” had been conducted with the assistance of University Grants Commission, New Delhi in the Department of Rural Industries and Management, Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed University), Gandhigram. The selected papers presented in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on “CSR and Sustainable Development” are edited as a book in two volumes. The books have been categorized into two sections, namely, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. The first volume consist of 26 papers focusing on the CSR concepts and the implementation studies. The second volume with 28 papers analyzed about the role of CSR on the sustainable development. With the growing popularity of CSR in the last few years, especially in Europe and more recently in the US, the book will be very useful to the readers and the policy-makers for effective implementation of CSR activities. 112480

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18605 M. Sreenathan and Joseph Koyippally (eds); G.N. Devy (Chief Editor)
The Languages of Kerala and Lakshadweep (People's Linguistic Survey of India: Volume Fifteen)
Orient BlackSwan; Hyderabad, India; 2015; 8125056270; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 18 x 24 Cm 
This fifteenth volume of the People’s Linguistic Survey of India, The Languages of Kerala and Lakshadweep contextualises Kerala’s language wealth in its social ecology. This volume deals with Malayalam and provides a description of its linguistic features. The volume also looks into the other tribal languages of the state. Another sizeable section of the volume is devoted to the variant of Malayalam, Dweep Malayalam which is spoken in Lakshadweep, and which varies considerably from the language of the mainland. Printed Pages: 360. 038352

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18606 M. Sridhar
Reception of English: Cultural Responses in Telugu Documents
Foundation Books; New Delhi, India; 2008; 8175965924; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 145 x 225 Mm 
Printed Pages: 142. 021722

Price: 12.50 USD
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18607 M. Srimannarayan Murti
An Introduction to Sanskrit Linguistics: Comparative and Historical
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2016; 9789350502808; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 400. 110530

Price: 19.30 USD
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18608 M. Srimannarayana Murti
Methodology in Indological Research
Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan; Delhi, India; 1991; Hardcover; New; New; 

Price: 20.00 USD
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18609 M. Srinivasan
Dynamic Management: Research and Management
Somaiya Publications Pvt. Ltd.; Mumbai, India; 1972; First Edition; Hardcover; Very Good; Fair; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 337. Chipped dust jacket. Bumped corners. 020662

Price: 20.00 USD
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18610 M. Stephen
A Liberated Vision
ISPCK; New Delhi, India; 1999; 8172145071; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 14 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 104. 022852

Price: 1.00 USD
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18611 M. Stephen
Christian Ethics: Issues and Insights
Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2007; 8180693635; Hardcover; New; New; 
Contents: Preface. 1. Definition and development of ethics. 2. Theories in ethics. 3. Modes of ethical discourses: dentological or contextual. 4. Absolute relative and relational in ethics. 5. Ethics and the use of Bible. 6. A study of the ethics in the Gospels: selected issues. 7. Situation ethics: Fletcher's perspective. 8. Ethical teaching of religious traditions. 9. Bio ethical issues. 10. Poverty, the plight of the world. 11. Economics and eco-ethics. 12. An ethical response to war and peace. 13. Ethics and subaltern perspectives. 14. Modernism, post-modernism and ethics. 15. Ethics for a new world: towards an evaluative approach. Bibliography. Index. Printed Pages: 158. 112051

Price: 8.90 USD
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18612 M. Stephen
Contextual Issues: Theological, Ethical and Missiological Responses
Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2011; 818069769X; Hardcover; New; New; 

Price: 10.00 USD
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18613 M. Stephen
Introducing Post Modernism and Post Colonialism
Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2013; 8180699315; Hardcover; New; New; 
Introducing Post-Modernism and Post-Colonialism deals with the theological philosophical framework, the history and the development of post-modernism and post-colonialism. The key figures are also discussed in the light of the perspectives and insights. It also deals with the post-modern and post-colonial theology and ethics. This book provides a basic understanding of post-modernism and post-colonialism and the deconstructive process involved in them, to those who are not familiar to these trends. Printed Pages: 144. 112089

Price: 7.60 USD
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18614 M. Stephens
Post Colonialism Subalturns and Community
Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2015; 9789351251675; Hardcover; New; New; 
This book ‘Post-colonialism, Subalterns and Community’ deals with the Issues of the poor and marginalized. The issues of the struggling and suffering people like dalits, tribes, women, transgenders, migrants and the poor are discussed in this book. The empowerment of the Subaltern groups is essential for the progress of any country. It brings challenges against the oppressive structures that dehumanize the people. This book can also provide some insight into the issues of the transgenders in order that we can evolve a community based on justice and peace. Printed Pages: 144. 112109

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18615 M. Surya & S. Balakrishan (Authors)
Gender Perspectives in Computing: An Anthology
Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd; New Delhi, India; 2012; 8178359251; Hardcover; New; New; 
The book 'Gender Perspectives in Computing' is a collection of publications written by a team of experts in gender studies. The aim of the book is to portray the career development of women in IT. This book contains three different sections. The first section gives a vivid picture of the participation and employment of women in IT related occupations in North-American, European and Asia-Pacific regions. The second section describes the impact of globalization in the creation of new jobs in the Indian IT sector and how this opportunities have been captured by women IT graduates and others interested in IT related jobs. The third section maps the overwhelmining growth of publications on the topic 'women in information technology' by applying bibliometric techniques. This book is an eye-openor to the HR managers of the IT industries in the public and private sectors.S. Balakrishnan is currently working as an Assistant Librarian in the University Main Library at Annamalai University and he has specialised in the area of 'Women in Computing'.Printed Pages: 368. 106255

Price: 19.85 USD
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18616 M. Tarinayya (ed.)
English Language Teaching: Theory and Practice
T.R. Publications; Madras, India; 1992; 8185427097; First Edition; Hardcover; Very Good; Very Good; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 274. Slightly rubbed dust jacket. 025926

Price: 6.95 USD
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18617 M. Thamilarasan
Medical Sociology
Kaveri Book Service; New Delhi, India; 2016; 8131607550; Hardcover; New; New; 

Price: 25.00 USD
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18618 M. Upadhyay
Buddhism: History and Practice
Shree Publishers & Distributors; New Delhi, India; 2015; 9789380350578; Hardcover; New; New; 

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18619 M. Upadhyay
Rural Women
Shree Publishers & Distributors; New Delhi, India; 2015; 9789380350561; Hardcover; New; New; 

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18620 M. Upadhyay
Women's Empowerment: Myth or Reality
Shree Publishers & Distributors; New Delhi, India; 2015; 9789380350554; Hardcover; New; New; 

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18621 M. Upadhyay
Violence Against Children
Shree Publishers & Distributors; New Delhi, India; 2015; 9789380350547; Hardcover; New; New; 

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18622 M. Vanamala
Feminizing the Labour Relations: Transition in Production Role of Female Labour from Farm to Non-Farm in a Telangana Village
Aakar Books; New Delhi, India; 9789383723133; Hardcover; New; New; 

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18623 M. Veerrappa Moyilee
Shri Ramayan: Mahanveshnam, 2 Vols
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts/Rajkamal Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 2008; 8126726261; Hardcover; New; New; 

Price: 40.00 USD
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18624 M. Vijay Lakshmi (Author) & G.H. Tarlekar (frwd)
A Critical Study of Sangita Makaranda of Narada
Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1996; 8121205263; Hardcover; New; New; 
Sangita Makaranda ascribed to Narada is an Ancient Sanskrit work on deshi music, which seems to be inclined towards the Tantric stream of Religious rituals. This work serves as an important link between 'Brihaddeshi' and 'Bharata Bhashyam'. The unique and Novel angles provided to the common Essentials of Music such as-nada, Shruti, Grama and treatment of Ragas makes it a solitary work of exceptionally special features. Although it is a very important and interesting piece of work, it has not received the due attention of music scholars. Its main feature is the treatment of Ragas; categorising them as male. Female and neuter.The present book the critical Study of Sangita Makaranda of Narada presents an elaborate and interesting study of all the special features of the Original work. The period and date of the work Sangita Makaranda has been decided after taking into Account the Views of various authors and internal evidences. The book comprises a Comparative and critical study of all the basic terms appearing in the original work. This work is a rare collection of definitions, descriptions and comments on all the essentials of music by other ancient reputed authors-from Bharata to Sharangdeva.Printed Pages: 282. 105812

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18625 M. Vijayalaxami
An Analytical Study of Sangitasamayasara of Sri Parsvadeva
Raj Publications; New Delhi, India; 2010; 8186208755; Softcover; New; 
A Jain asamayasara is a treatise on desi (local or folk) music and dance prevalent in 13th century. This work is ascribed to Sri Parsvadeva, a Jain Acharya who was sidely acclaimed for his musical knowledge. This work is exclusively devoted to the topics, terms and technique of the prevalent desi music (vocal and instumental) and dance. The Author favours the artists of desi music and dance more than the artists of desi music and dance more than the artists with the knowledge of only margi music. We find a number of unusual names of thayas and their description in chapter 3. The names are meaningful and expressive. Numerous compositional forms known as prabandhas of local music, dance and instruments are included in the chapter dealing with the compositional form which is a unique feature of this work. The playing techniques of percussion instruments are described with the help of the hand postures of dance gestures of Bharata. The syllabic sound produced by the replacements of the hands are also given to help the students to learn the techniques easily. Similarly, there are various novel concepts related to generally known topics are presented with an original yet in an unusual way.Printed Pages: 274. 106228

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18626 M. Vijaylakshmi (ed.)
Indian Music: Its Origin, History and Characteristics
Sanjay Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8174531556; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 19 Cms x 25 Cms 

Price: 10.00 USD
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18627 M. Winslow
Comprehensive Tamil-English Dictionary
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 2011; 8120600002; Reprint; Hardcover; New; New; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 986. 102990

Price: 26.00 USD
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18628 M. Winternitz
Apastambiya Grhyasutra
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2016; 8193275616; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 136. 113560

Price: 53.00 USD
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18629 M. Yamunacharya
Ramanuja's Teachings in His Own Words
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan; Mumbai, India; 1988; Third Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 12 x 18 Cm 
Printed Pages: 180. 036100

Price: 6.95 USD
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18630 M. Yoga
Teaching Communication Methods
National Productivity Council; New Delhi, India; 1973; First Edition; Paperback; Good; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed pages: 163. Rubbed cover. 021209

Price: 5.00 USD
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18631 M. Yoga
Job Evaluation: An NPC Training Manual
National Productivity Council; New Delhi, India; 1971; First Edition; Paperback; Good; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed pages: 77. Chipped cover. 020980

Price: 5.00 USD
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18632 M. Yoshida and M. Santosh (eds)
India and Antarctica during the Precambrian (Memoir No. 34)
Geological Society of India; Bangalore, India; 1995; 818586716X; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 424 with numerous b/w illustrations and maps. 024332

Price: 10.50 USD
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18633 M. Zaheer and Jagdeo Gupta
The Organization of the Government of Uttar Pradesh: A Study of State Development
S. Chand & Company Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1970; First Edition; Hardcover; Good; Fair; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 795. Bumped corners. Rubbed boards. Chipped dust jacket. 020669

Price: 40.00 USD
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18634 M.A. Alvi and A. Rahman
Jahangir: The Naturalist
Indian National Science Academy; New Delhi, India; 1989; Hardcover; Very Good; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 147 with b/w plates. 038102

Price: 18.95 USD
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18635 M.A. Ansari; Edited By Jaweed Ashraf
Socio-Cultural Life of the Great Mughals (1526-1707 A.D.)
Sundeep Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 2008; 8175741791; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 312 with numerous colour illustrations. 024705

Price: 39.50 USD
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18636 M.A. Beek; Translated By Arnold J. Pomerans
A Short History of Israel from Abraham to Bar Cochba
Hodder & Stoughton; London, UK; 1963; First Edition; Hardcover; Very Good; Fair; 13.5 x 19.5 Cm 
Printed Pages: 224 with numerous b/w illustrations. Rubbed dust jacket. Price clipped. Bumped corners. A very good copy. 019274

Price: 4.00 USD
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18637 M.A. Castrén
Luentoja suomalaisesta mytologiasta
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2016; 9522227412; New; 
Matthias Alexander Castrénin (1813-1852) Luentoja suomalaisesta mytologiasta on avainteos suomalaisen mytologian tutkimuksen historiassa. Teos ilmestyy nyt ensimmäisen kerran suomeksi käännettynä. M. A. Castrén tunnetaan siperialaisten kansojen parissa työskennelleenä kielitieteilijänä ja tutkimusmatkailijana, mutta hän oli erityisen kiinnostunut suomalaisuudesta. Luentoja suomalaisesta mytologiasta pohjautuu vahvasti Castrénin omiin kenttätyökokemuksiin. Castrénin mytologialuennot ovat tärkeä osa suomalaisen uskontotieteen, kielitieteen ja etnologian historiaa. Yleistajuinen ja elävästi kirjoitettu teos avaa kiinnostavan näkökulman mytologiantutkimuksen pioneerivaiheisiin, ja se soveltuu sekä tutkijoiden että muiden aiheesta kiinnostuneiden käyttöön. Teoksen kääntäjä ja toimittaja FT Joonas Ahola on muinaisskandinaavisen kielen ja mytologian historian tuntija. Teos julkaistaan yhteistyössä Kalevalaseuran kanssa. Printed Pages: 334. 116135

Price: 144.00 USD
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18638 M.A. Chaudhary
History of International Trade and Monetary Economy
Global Vision Publishing House; New Delhi, India; 2008; 8182202493; Hardcover; New; New; 
This book is a historical examination of the theory of International Trade and Monetary Economy since the World War I. This study also focuses on the application of international trade theory, general value theory and monetary theory to a special case in which the micro-economic decision units are grouped into subunits of the macro-economy differentiated from one another in certain problems. Whoever needs to understand the complex situation of political economy and particularly international trade and monetary Economy will find this book to be an invaluable source of analytical information. Printed Pages: 270. 110101

Price: 12.40 USD
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18639 M.A. Dhaky
Studies in Nirgrantha Art and Architecture
J.B. Shah; Ahmedabad, India; 2012; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 367 with numerous b/w illustrations. 037231

Price: 64.95 USD
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18640 M.A. Dhaky
Studies in Nirgrantha Art and Architecture (Shresthi Kasturbhai Lalbhai Smarak Nidhi Series: Volume 5)
Sambodhi Sansthan; Ahmedabad, India; 2012; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 367 with numerous b/w illustrations. 037199

Price: 71.95 USD
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18641 M.A. Dhaky (ed.)
Arhat Parsva and Dharanendra Nexus
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1997; 8120814851; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 162. 030480

Price: 18.95 USD
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18642 M.A. Dhaky (Ed.)
Encyclopaedia of Indian Temple Architecture, Vol. I Part 3 (2 books) South India: Upper Dravidadesa Later Phase, A.D. 973-1326
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts/Manohar Publishers & Distributors; New Delhi, India; 1996; 8186526005; Hardcover; New; New; 
The aim of the Encyclopaedia, sponsored by the American Institute of Indian Studies, is to survey and organise by style, with technical descriptions, the vast body of monuments constructed between c. AD 400 and 18th centuries in India to serve India`s symbolic and religious needs. Each volume is divided into Parts delineating different regions, stylistic evolutions or periods. Each part has two different sections (books) devoted to text and illustrations. This part, covers the full range of the medieval Indian Temple Architecture in Upper Dravidadesa. It therefore, embodies the survey of the medieval temples and associated buildings, particularly those in the territories of the Calukyas of Kalyana, Hoysalas of Dorasamudra, and of the subordinate dynasties such as the Kadambas, Rattas, Guttas, Seunas, Santaras, and others in Karnataka empire as also those in the domains of the Kakatiyas of Varangal, the Calukyas of Vemulavada, the Telugu Codas, the Reddis, and the Malyalas, all in the Telingana territory of Andhra Pradesh. And it ends with a chapter on Alupas on Tulunadu, contributed by late H. Sarkar.Printed Pages: 627. 101637

Price: 250.00 USD
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18643 M.A. Dhaky (Ed.)
Encyclopaedia of Indian Temple Architecture, Vol. II Part 3 (2 books) North India: Beginnings of Medieval Idiom A.D.900-1000
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts/Manohar Publishers & Distributors; New Delhi, India; 1998; 8173042268; Hardcover; New; New; 
This part also in two binds surveys the tenth century temples (and associated structures) in different provinces of the north Indian megaterritory, built under the political aegis of the then ruling various provincial-principal and subordinate-dynasties. Among these, the more notable were the Cahamanas of Sakambhari and of Na??ula, and Sola?kis of A?ahillapa?aka in westem India; also, the Ka?acuris of Cedidesa olim ?ahaladesa, Candellas of Jejakabhukti, and Kacchapagha?as of Gopagiri in central India and the Somava?sis of Kali?gadesa in eastem India. The text, running in twenty-one chapters, has copiously illustrated with drawings (ground plan and base­elevations) and adequate number of photographs.Printed Pages:454 with 913 b/w plates. 101638

Price: 241.00 USD
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18644 M.A. Dhaky (Ed.) & D.P. Chattopadhyaya (Gen. Ed.)
Architecture in India (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Vol. VI, Part 2)
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2016; 8187586699; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
The volumes of the PROJECT ON THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY AND CULTURE IN INDIAN CIVILIZATION aim at discovering the main aspects of India’s heritage and present them in an interrelated way. In spite of their unitary look, these volumes recognize the difference between the areas of material civilization and those of ideational culture. The project is not being executed by a single group of thinkers and writers who are methodologically uniform or ideologically identical in their commitments. The Project is marked by what may be called ‘methodological pluralism”. Inspite of its primarily historical character, this project, both in its conceptualization and execution, has been shaped by scholars drawn from different disciplines. It is for the first time that an endeavour of such a unique and comprehensive character has been undertaken to study critically a major world civilization like India. In this volume an attempt is made to present a panoramic view of the development of art and architecture during the early and the medieval periods of Indian history in the whole country from Kashmir in the north to Kerala in the South, from Maharashtra in the west to Bengal in the east. Altogether there are sixteen research papers which have given authentic accounts about the material, technique, style and idiom of the prominent religious and secular architectural structures, sculptures and other historical monuments constructed at different times under the patronage of various rulers of great kingdoms. Printed Pages: 300. 039767

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18645 M.A. Dhaky and U.S. Moorti
The Temples in Kumbhariya
American Institute of Indian Studies; New Delhi, India; 2001; 8173044341; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 23 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 220 with 244 b/w plates. 008854

Price: 29.95 USD
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18646 M.A. Dhaky; Foreword By Frederick M. Asher
The Indian Temple Terracottas
D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2005; 8124602239; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 509 with 55 line drawings and 348 b/w plates. 027272

Price: 84.95 USD
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18647 M.A. Jeeves and G.B. Greer
Analysis of Structural Learning
Academic Press; London, UK; 1983; 0123820804; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 269. Brand new copy. 004260

Price: 75.00 USD
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18648 M.A. Konishi & Kodai Konishi
Jaisalmer: Life and Culture of the Indian Desert
D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2013; 8124606595; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm Oki Morihiro 
This volume juxtaposes the history, culture, occupation and the lifestyle of people in the desert district of Jaisalmer of western Rajasthan, bordering Pakistan. Popularly called the “Golden City in Desert”, the city has much more to say beyond its popular fort and palaces. Jaisalmer was an old city of commercial magnitude for centuries till the onset of British rule in India. It was en route connecting the East and West in trade. It has now been transformed to a tourist destination, enticing people from India and abroad. The book details its past glory, lost significance and the regained charm through centuries of developments. It also accounts for the brief history of Marwar, its rajas of valor, and their heroic struggle for existence and survival against foreign attacks. The picturesque portrayal of the fort, the people of Jaisalmer, their cultural, ethnic and religious mores, and the “must see” spots in the city are the quintessential focus of the book. Moving away from the city life, the book also focuses on the village life, exploring the mysteries and charm of the desert life. It unearths the hidden charms and the warmth of village life in this desert region, alongwith a brief account of occupation of people around. This connoisseur's collection would motivate also researchers of ancient monuments and history, and enthuse tourists who would like to visit the Golden City in Desert.Printed Pages: 160. 100510

Price: 21.28 USD
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18649 M.A. Lap
Vocabulaire Tamoul-Francais (Translated from Tamil to French), (Second Reprint & Revised Edition)
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 1984; 8120600134; Second Reprint & Revised Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 280. 102994

Price: 10.00 USD
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18650 M.A. Lap
Abrege De La Grammaire Francais Tamoule
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 1996; 8120612000; Reprint; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 257. 102995

Price: 12.00 USD
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18651 M.A. Mehendale (Ed.)
Mahabharata Cultural Index, Vol. I
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute; Pune, India; 1997; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 521. 103046

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18652 M.A. Nayeem, Aniruddha Ray & K.S. Mathhew
Studies in History of the Deccan: Medieval and Modern
Pragati Publications; New Delhi, India; 2003; 817307075X; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
This Book is a collection of 28 articles from eminent scholars spread in various parts of the world who have done some serious work on the History of the Deccan during the medieval and modern periods. Professor A.R. Kulkarni to whom this work is dedicated as a felicitation volume has done commendable service to the world of scholars interested in the study of medieval and modern Deccan. Various aspects of the history of the Deccan such as society, polity, economy, culture, education, art and monetary system are discussed in this work. The emphasis of this work has not been to present as chauvinistic history of a region, but to illuminate its history so as to give some coherence to this volume. This region has been chosen on the basis of the fact that Professor A.R. Kulkarni, in his long and distinguished career as Professor and founder head of the Department of History, Poona University, Chairman, Indian Council of Historical Research and Vice-Chancellor of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, has illuminated unexplored parts of this geographical segment helping us to understand our past. He inspired a number of scholars to take up the history of this region for their research and teaching. This justifies the title of the book and its contents.Printed Pages: 352. 101202

Price: 24.00 USD
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18653 M.A. Pitcher
Management Accounting for the Lending Banker
The Institute of Bankers; London, UK; 1983; 0852970471; First Edition; Paperback; Good; 15 Cms x 21 Cms 
Printed Pages: 173. Slightly rubbed cover. 012386

Price: 8.00 USD
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18654 M.A. Qureshi
Waqfs in India: A Study of Administrative and Statutory Control
Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1990; 8121202825; Hardcover; New; New; 
A comprehensive and detailed research work that traces the history and development of Waqfs-an important branch of Islamic jurisprudence, their laws, administration, various forms and property.Printed Pages: 691. 105738

Price: 11.60 USD
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18655 M.A. Rahman & Sukanta Sarkar (Authors)
Indian Education Progress and Challenges
Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2014; 9789351280903; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Education in it's general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching , training, or research. Systems of schooling involve institutionalised teaching and learning in relation to a curriculum, which itself is established according to a predetermined purpose of the schools in the system Schools systems are sometimes also based on religions, giving them different curricula. Universalisation of upper primary education in India is normally discussed in terms of enrolling and retaining all children belonging to the group 11 to 14. The present book highlights, considers and discusses various contemporary issues of Indian education. It is hoped that the present edition of this book will be beneficial to all concerned of the society, in general, students, lawyers, advocates, academicians, human rights institutions, researchers and NGOs working in education field, in particular. Contents of this book are Primary Education in India: Progress and Challenges; Progress of Upper Primary Education in India : A Comparative Study of Pre and Post Reform Period; Employee Stress Management in Private School: An Analysis; Development of Primary Education among Scheduled Tribes in Andhra Pradesh; A Study of Academic Attainment among Class I Students of Himachal Pradesh; Mid-day Meal Programme in India: An Overview; Relationship between Pre-school Education with Cognitive and Language Development of Pre-school Children : An Analysis; Social Exclusion of Scheduled Caste Children from Primary Education in Tripura, Secondary Education in India : An Overview; Secondary Education : Progress and Challenges; Attitude of teachers and peers of mentally retarded children towards mental retardation : A Study in Assam; Higher Education in India : An Overview; Quality Assurance of Higher Education in India; Information Communication Technology and Higher Education; Digital Library: A New Invention in Research and Study; Adult Education in India : An Overview; Distance Education in India : An Overview; Community Participation and Local Governance in Education; Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in India: Success and Constrains; Right to Education for Person with Disabilities ; Women Education in India: Challenges and Progress; Tribal Education in India: An Overview ; Environmental Education : Needs and Progress; Sex Education : Needs and Challenges and Knowledge Society and Information Management: A Study of Contemporary Socioeconomic Issues and Challenges.Printed Pages: 348. 106167

Price: 18.70 USD
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18656 M.A. Rao
Indian Railways
National Book Trust/Sangam Book Depot; New Delhi, India; 8123725892; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 348. 108356

Price: 5.50 USD
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18657 M.A. Sherring
The Tribes and Castes of Rajasthan: Together with Description of Sacred and Celebrated Places of Historical Value of Rajasthan
Books Treasure; Jodhpur, India; 2016; 9789384385170; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 91. 039779

Price: 17.95 USD
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18658 M.A. Sherring
Benares: The Sacred City of the Hindus
Low Price Publications/D.K. Publishers Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8175362855; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 424. 107340

Price: 4.37 USD
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18659 M.A. Shewan
Great Musicians of India
Shree Publishers & Distributors; New Delhi, India; 2014; 9789381284629; Hardcover; New; New; 

Price: 12.00 USD
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18660 M.A. Smirnova
The Hausa Language: A Descriptive Grammar (Languages of Asia and Africa: Volume 5)
Routledge and Kegal Paul; London, UK; 1982; 0-7100-9076-5; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 118. 038439

Price: 10.00 USD
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18661 M.A. Stein; Introduction By A.R. Khan
Ancient Geography of Kashmir
Gulshan Books; Srinagar, India; 2005; 81-8339-038-3; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 232. 012943

Price: 13.50 USD
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18662 M.A.Beg
Guide to Lucknow
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 2000; 8120615360; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 116. 034641

Price: 5.75 USD
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18663 M.A.K. Azad
India Wins Freedom
Orient BlackSwan; New Delhi, India; 2009; 8125005145; Reissue; Paperback; New; 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
One of the makers of modern India tells the story of the partition of India as never before, with intimate knowledge and feeling. India Wins Freedom has at last won its own freedom. The full text of this autobiographical narrative was confined, under seal, in the National Library, Calcutta, and in the National Archives, New Delhi, for thirty years. What we now have is the complete text, released in September 1988, by a court directive. Not only have all the words and phrases of the original been reproduced, the original tone and temper have been fully restored. The text now reveals that the controversy that has simmered for so long about the hitherto unpublished pages, was fully justified. Printed Pages: 283. 033442

Price: 7.25 USD
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18664 M.A.R. Habib
A History of Literary Criticism and Theory: From Plato the Present
Blackwell Publishing Ltd; London, UK; 2007; 8126533986; First Edition; Paperback; New; 170 x 245 Mm 
This comprehensive guide to the history of literary criticism from antiquity to the present day provides an authoritative overview of the major movements, figures, and texts of literary criticism, as well as surveying their cultural, historical, and philosophical contexts. * Supplies the cultural, historical and philosophical background to the literary criticism of each era * Enables students to see the development of literary criticism in context * Organised chronologically, from classical literary criticism through to deconstruction * Considers a wide range of thinkers and events from the French Revolution to Freud's views on civilization * Can be used alongside any anthology of literary criticism or as a coherent stand-alone introduction. Printed Pages: 848. 020690

Price: 49.95 USD
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18665 M.A.Sherring
Hindu Tribes and Castes as Reproduced in Benares
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 2008; 8120620364; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 406. 036030

Price: 39.75 USD
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18666 M.Aurel Stein
Sand-Buried Ruins of Khotan (A.D.1900-1901)
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 2000; 8120614437; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 504 alongwith numerous illustrations. 035974

Price: 31.00 USD
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18667 M.Aurel Stein
Sand-Buried Ruins of Khotan (A.D.1900-1901)
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 2000; 8120614437; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 504 alongwith numerous illustrations. 034495

Price: 31.00 USD
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18668 M.B. Chande
Indian Philosophy in Modern Times
Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2000; 8171568963; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 424. 107153

Price: 12.75 USD
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18669 M.B. Desai and S.K. Varma
Changing Farm Production and Organisation in Developing Agriculture: A Case Study of the Impact of the Developmental Effort in Agriculture in a District in Gujarat, 1967-72
Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Arts, M.S. University of Baroda; Baroda, India; 1978; First Edition; Hardcover; Very Good; Very Good; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 508. 026443

Price: 60.00 USD
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18670 M.B. Emaneau
Dravidian Studies: Selected Papers Introduction by BH. Krishnamurthi
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1994; 8120808584; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Of these 27 articles on Dravidian subjects, 23 deal with linguistic topics, several ranging through the Dravidian family as a whole; others concentrate on specific languages, such as Toda, Kota, Kodagu, Brahui, but all attempt to fit specific language data into the comparative study the languages of the family. The author has realized that the comparative study of a language family depends on the firm identificatioin of etymologies, and several of the papers concentrate on etymological study. Such general questions as India as a some-what unified linguistic area, or the structure of personal names, or the ethnological basis of some lexical items, appear in several papers. Four of the papers are on specific Toda subjects; in three of these the approach is in the first place linguistic. These results of some 50 years of study further knowledge of the Dravidian component of India`s people and culture.Printed Pages: 495. 102551

Price: 15.07 USD
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18671 M.B. Emeneau
Transactions of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge: New Series - Volume 64, Part 6, 1974: Ritual Structure and Language Structure of the Todas
The American Philosophical Society; Philadelphia, USA; 1974; 0-87169-646-0; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 21.5 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 103. 038473

Price: 10.00 USD
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18672 M.B. Piotrovsky and J.M. Rogers (eds.)
Heaven on Earth: Art from Islamic Lands. Works from the State Hermitage Museum and the Khalili Collection
Prestel; Munich, Germany; 2004; 3791330551; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 22 Cms x 28 Cms 
From the exhibition rooms of The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg and the Khalili Collection in London comes this dazzling display of art from the Islamic world. The exhibits, which are of great cultural, religious and aesthetic importance, include Qur'ans, textiles, jewelled objects and hardstones, metalwork, ceramics and paintings, and offer a superb introduction to the fine and decorative arts of the Islamic world. Ranging in date from the ninth to the nineteenth century and covering an area from Spain and the Arab world to Persia and the Indian subcontinent, they are a vivid demonstration of the well-known Muslim tradition: "Verily, God is beautiful and loves all beauty." Authoritative essays by distinguished Islamic scholars, maps, and more than 150 colour photographs make this exhibition catalogue an indispensable addition to the library of all who are interested in Islamic art and culture. Printed Pages: 192 with 150 colour illustrations. 004158

Price: 59.00 USD
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18673 M.B. Sharan
The Psychology of Super-Conscious Mind: An Inward Journey for Enlightened Living
Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2014; 9789351250272; Hardcover; New; New; 
This book is about the Super-Conscious Mind-the ‘Soul’s Mind’-connected to all other minds and the Universe. This is powered by the intelligence of consciousness, and therefore, it is beyond time and space. It has got the divine power of Soul, Angels, and God to guide us on the spiritual path. We simply need to learn how to develop this mind and get its guidance in self-discovery, inward journey, and enlightened living. With this purpose in mind, the book has been designed and structured in such a way that it can be a guidebook for anyone who wants to move on the spiritual path of love, peace, and harmony. This can also help a person in understanding the grand design of God of creating the Universe and making human beings realize that the ultimate purpose of human life is “spiritual consciousness”, and not “ego consciousness”. Printed Pages: 120. 112117

Price: 8.75 USD
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18674 M.B.Desai
Tenancy Abolition and the Emerging Pattern in Gujarat (Report of the Research Project Sponsored By the Research Programmes Committee, Planning Commission, Government of India)
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, M.S. University of Baroda; Baroda, India; 1971; First Edition; Hardcover; Very Good; Very Good; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 204. 026465

Price: 60.00 USD
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18675 M.B.Malabari
Gujarat and The Gujaratis
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 1997; 8120606515; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 310. 034449

Price: 12.25 USD
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18676 M.C.
Through the Gates of Gold and Light on the Path
Concord Grove Press; Oxford, UK; 1982; First Edition; Paperback; Good; 16 Cms x 26 Cms 
Printed Pages: 95. Slightly rubbed cover. 010504

Price: 4.50 USD
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18677 M.C. Behera & K.K. Misra
Amazing Arunachal Pradesh: Land, People, Culture
Aryan Books International; New Delhi, India; 2013; 8173054495; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 22 x 31 Cm 
The present volume is a comprehensive illustrated survey of land and people of tribal dominated Arunachal Pradesh which attained statehood in 1987. The relationship of the land and people of Arunachal Pradesh with the Indian civilization has a very long past. This is evident from various myths and legends, Buranjis-the Ahom Chronicle, and from archaeological sites. The records of Hiuen Tsang mention the hill people of this region he had encountered during his travel to India in the early part of the seventh century. Muhammad Kasim in the days of Aurangzeb has also mentioned the Daflas (the present Nyishis) of this region. The Monpa and Khampti communities have been professing Buddhism and thereby have contact with the Buddhist centres in the country. Neo-Vaishnavism of Assam, as propounded by Sankardev, had inroad to Nocte community before the British came to the region. The existence of the pilgrim centre Parashuram Kund dates back to the time of composition of Kalika Puran and Yogini Tantra, i.e., 8th century AD. Archaeological sites at Malinithan, Bismakanagar, Naksaparvat and other places trace the connection at least to the 13th-14th century. Needless to say, the tribal communities were not living in absolute isolation, but with some degree of interaction or contact with the Indian civilization. This volume makes an illustrative presentation of the land and people along with their traditions and the transition noticed in various communities of Arunachal Pradesh for the common readers. In the process of presentation, the commonalities and differences in the lifestyle of similar and different ethnic groups have been highlighted. Printed Pages: 192. 100131

Price: 62.00 USD
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18678 M.C. Behera (ed.)
Globalising Rural Development: Competing Paradigms and Emerging Realities
Sage Publications; New Delhi, India; 2006; 0761934782; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Ever since rural development emerged as an independent field of inquiry in the 1950s, it has been subjected to many changes in emphasis and ideology. These changing perspectives have resulted in shifts in policies and programmes and have influenced the international discourse on rural development. The recently initiated process of globalisation has brought in its wake yet more rethinking on the most appropriate approach to rural development. Conceived against this background, this volume examines the impact of the changing paradigm of rural development on poverty alleviation, equity, gender, food security, employment and sustainability. The volume’s major concern is: Can the goals of rural development be achieved in a globalised world? The central argument is that the new paradigm of rural development reflects the core-periphery dichotomy, in which the core imposes on the periphery—in a top down approach—in all major interventions. As a result, maintain the contributors, the new paradigm is ridden with limitations in addressing the highly differentiated needs and contexts of rural development both in developing and developed countries. Divided into four sections including the introduction, the volume -examines the inherently contradictory relationship between the new development paradigm and the goals of rural development; -studies the new role of the state and state-led interventions in the context of globalisation, and the role and potential of NGOs in rural development; - highlights the rural livelihood framework and the impact of endogenous efforts at rural development in various European and Asian countries; and, -presents participatory methods for addressing problems like food security, women’s empowerment, and poverty alleviation. Printed Pages: 468. 028853

Price: 21.95 USD
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18679 M.C. Choubey
Lakulisa in Indian Art & Culture
Sharada Publishing House; Delhi, India; 1997; 8185616442; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed pages: 194 with plates. 032288

Price: 22.95 USD
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18680 M.C. Choubey
Tripuri: History and Culture
Sharada Publishing House; Delhi, India; 2006; 8188934283; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 248 with 62 b/w photos. 032183

Price: 47.95 USD
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18681 M.C. Goswami and D.N. Majumdar
Social Institutions of the Garo of Meghalaya: An Analytical Study
Nababharat Publishers; Calcutta, India; 1972; First Edition; Hard Cover; Very Good; Good; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 152 with numerous b/w plates. Chipped dust jacket. 026333

Price: 50.00 USD
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18682 M.C. Joshi
Hand Book of Indian Medical Plants
Scientific Publishers; Jodhpur, India; 2006; 81-7223-450-8; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 140. 019425

Price: 20.00 USD
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18683 M.C. Joshi
Hindu Religion and Ethics
Aryan Books International; New Delhi, India; 1994; 8173050481; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 14 x 20 Cm 
The Book discusses in length the myths, beliefs, systems, traditions, rites, rituals, ceremonials, thought, scriptures and philosophies of Hinduism. The book would prove to be useful to all those who want to understand the basic nature of Hinduism. The Religion based on the Vedas, the Sanatoria Dharma, or Vaidika Dharma is the oldest oflivingreligions, and stands unrivalled in the depth and splendour of its philosophy, while it yields to none in the purity of its ethical teachings, and in the flexibility and varied adaptations of its rites and ceremonies. Of undesirable antiquity it has grown through the ages in its present forum. The present volume discusses in length the myths, beliefs, systems, traditions, rites, rituals, ceremonials, thought, scriptures and philosophies of Hinduism. Divided into three parts and eleven chapters, the book begins with a learned introduction defining Sanatana Dharma. In its various chapters, the authors have tried to explain the complex character and beliefs of Hinduism supported by extracts from Sanskrit scriptures and simple interpretations. The text discusses concepts like 'the One' (the Brahman), manifest and unmanifest, karma, rebirth, purity, rites, four-stages of life, caste-system and related issues in a lucid manner. The book would prove to be useful to all those who want to understand the basic nature of Hinduism. It is hoped that the book would be welcomed in India and outside, by scholars, students and common readers. Printed Pages: 420. 100259

Price: 11.25 USD
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18684 M.C. Joshi
Kalanjar Fort: History, Art and Architecture
Pratibha Prakashan; Delhi, India; 2015; 8177023454; Hardcover; New; New; 
In the present book an effort has been made to capture all the structures inside the kalanjar fort along with history and art. The material for the book has been collected directly through the field survey and from many sources i.e. standard books, district Gazetteer of Banda and many other refrence books. The introduction gives a general meaning of fort and their classification through time and space. The second and third chapters deal with the natural deal with the natural settings of Kalanjar fort and history of the region respectively. The key content of the book has been given in chapter four which include the statistical data of the architectural edifices, general distribution of the structures, their desription in systematic manner as well as salient features. Besides, some of the structures have been brought to light by way of dating them. In this chapter a brick structure has also been highlighted which needs to be investigated scientifically from the exacavation point of view. Thus, the earliest date from the Kalanjar fort may be obtained. Fifth chapter deals with sculptural art in brief. Presenting a summary the last chapter concludes the book. 110839

Price: 44.87 USD
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18685 M.C. Joshi and D.P. Sharma (eds)
Early Classical Art of South Asia, 2 Vols.
Bharatiya Kala Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 2009; 8180901882; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 444 with 5 maps, 29 halftones, and 129 colour illustrations. 029252

Price: 110.00 USD
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18686 M.C. Joshi, S.K. Gupta, and Shankar Goyal (eds)
The Delhi Iron Pillar: Its Art, Metallurgy and Inscriptions
Kusumanjali Book World; Jodhpur, India; 1996; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 279 with numerous b/w plates. 014462

Price: 9.95 USD
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18687 M.C. Nath
Science and Philosophy of Life
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1981; 8121502012; First Edition; Hardcover; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 216. 024006

Price: 5.95 USD
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18688 M.C. Paul
Consumer Redressal System And Consumer Protection in India
Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2015; 9789351280941; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
The book edited by Prof . Paul has insightful analysis of the present existing scenario of Consumer Disputes Redressal Fora and uncovering who e gamut of i s sues and challenges that has been crept in under various circumstances over the years while delivering the consumer justice in our country established under the benevolent Consumer Protect i on Act , 1986. I t al so provides us pragmatic and effective remedy , and other complimentary arm to tackle the ever rising market menace of market injustice as well as to strengthen the unique quasi-judicial Fora which are supposed to protect the interests of consumer by providing speedy, inexpensive and efficacious remedy by doing away with evils of ordinary court system, and thereby help protect and strengthen the consumer movement in India. The edited volume analysed in depth several vital issues and highlight pragmatic options and/ or solution considering the weaknesses of the present system , namely the Court - annexed mediation mechanism, not as an alternative but as complimentary to fulfill the objectives of the benevolent Act in right earnest (by amending the Act) to reduce to agonizing delay in justice delivery to the aggrieved consumers who approach the Fora. The economic liberalization and globalization have given us choices but this scenario also forced billions of consumers confront daily various kinds of disgruntled powerful opponents who bulldoze consumers and perpetuate market injustice for sheer profit. They need to be dealt with heavy hands by the Fora as envisaged in the Act to check the rising menace of market injustice and thereby help restore the consumer confidence in the Fora.Printed Pages: 352. 106164

Price: 18.70 USD
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18689 M.C.Rasanayagam
Ancient Jaffna
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 2003; 8120602102; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 474 alongwith 10 plates. 035963

Price: 21.00 USD
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18690 M.C.Rasanayagam
History of Jaffna (Language: Tamil)
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 2003; 8120602110; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 272. 035964

Price: 16.00 USD
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18691 M.D. Chaturvedi
Panther on the Prowl
National Book Trust/Sangam Book Depot; New Delhi, India; 8123719485; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 86. 108414

Price: 3.85 USD
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18692 M.D. Dhavalikar
Artibus Asiae: Institute of Fine Arts, New York University: Sri Yugadhara: A Master Artist of Ajanta: Vol. XXXI/4
Artibus-Asiae Publishers; Ascona, Switzerland; 1969; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 

Price: 50.00 USD
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18693 M.D. Muthukumaraswamy and Molly Kaushal (Eds)
Folklore, Public Sphere and Civil Society
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts/National Folklore Support Centre; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8190148141; Hardcover; New; New; 
The discipline of folklore has always addressed the travel of folklore by consistently paying attention to several versions of the same texts and by offering meticulous sociological accounts for their existence. The philosophical premise of acknowledging versions even when they are contradictory lends itself, by expansion, to a vision of a multitude of public spheres inside a civil society. The emerging vision of society is one of polyphonic concert punctuated by recognizable gestures. What we see is a "performing society" that generates public opinion not necessarily through rational verbal arguments and dialogues but also through gestures, genres, frames, versions, performances, stories, narratives and codes.It is precisely in this context that folklore studies reveal how communities break hierarchies, articulate aspirations that are political and otherwise, constitute new identities, establish inter-cultural contacts and undergo changes through cultural borrowings. As identities are constantly created and recreated, what we encounter through folklore is a complex cultural phenomenon not necessarily rational but in alignment with the logic of the cultures concerned. Such processes do create and influence public opinion.Printed Pages: 327. 101713

Price: 18.00 USD
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18694 M.D. Pandit (Author) & Prof. B.K. Dalai (Frwd)
A Comparative Study of All Sanskrit Grammars
Bharatiya Kala Prakashan; Delhi, India; 2001; 8180902226; Hardcover; New; New; 
The present work, the comparative study of all Sanskrit Grammars to scholars. Grammar composition is a very delicate and difficult task in the sense that it is both a science as well as an art. it is science in the sence that it should be objective, formal and at the same time comprehensive of all the linguistic data. Also it is an art in sense that the skill of framing grammatical rules depends upon the individual grammarian. We can see that the linguistic activity in India, which started from pre-Vedic times and was carried on by the post-Vedic grammarians and linguistics like Panini was further carried on even after Panini?s times in spite of the fact that Panini?s grammar was a master-piece in grammar composition and threw back all the pre Paninian grammars into total oblivion. Thus, the whole subject of the coparative study of all Sanskrit grammars with special reference to past passive participles is treated on modern linguistic and not only on pure traditional grammatical leve. This linguistic approach has given out certain interesting and important conclusions. In the present work, the study and comparison in mainly centered round the problem of finding out and comparing the grammatical principles of language-description and the techniques employed by the grammarians to arrive at the formations available in usages. Printed Pages: 290. 110774

Price: 9.00 USD
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18695 M.D. Sampath (executive editor); Edited By Pankaja, S.Saroja, and S. Kayarkanni
Ancient Sciences and Archaeology: Journal of the Ancient Sciences and Archaeological Society of India
Bharatiya Kala Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 2007; 8180901521; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 286 with 20 figures. 024516

Price: 48.95 USD
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18696 M.D. Sampath and S. Swaminathan (eds)
Studies in Indian Place Names Bharatiya Sthalnama Patrika): Journal of the Place Names Society of India: Volume Eight: 1986 (VIII)
Geetha Book House; Mysore, India; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 14 x 22 Cm 

Price: 10.00 USD
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18697 M.D. Sampath and S. Swaminathan (eds)
Studies in Indian Place Names Bharatiya Sthalnama Patrika): Journal of the Place Names Society of India: Volume Six: 1984 (VI)
Geetha Book House; Mysore, India; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 14 x 22 Cm 

Price: 10.00 USD
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18698 M.D. Sampath and S. Swaminathan (eds)
Studies in Indian Place Names Bharatiya Sthalnama Patrika): Journal of the Place Names Society of India: Volume Five (V)
Geetha Book House; Mysore, India; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 14 x 22 Cm 

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18699 M.D. Sampath and S. Swaminathan (eds)
Studies in Indian Place Names Bharatiya Sthalnama Patrika): Journal of the Place Names Society of India: Volume One (I)
Geetha Book House; Mysore, India; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 14 x 22 Cm 

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18700 M.D. Sampath and S. Swaminathan (eds)
Studies in Indian Place Names Bharatiya Sthalnama Patrika): Journal of the Place Names Society of India: Volume Nine: 1987 (IX)
Geetha Book House; Mysore, India; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 14 x 22 Cm 

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