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22501 Olive Thorne Miller
Little People of Asia
Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2012; 817268214X; Hardcover; New; New; 
Little People of Asia is an outcome of the author's curiocity to know about the little communities. This book with full of sketches, describes about the little people from the various communities of various regions covering most of the parts of Asia. This illustrated publication details about their day-do-day life, Cultural and Religious activeities. Their costume and habitats. Printed Pages: 406. 112388

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22502 Oliver D. Crisp
Divinity and Humanity (Current Issues in Theology: 5)
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 2007; 0521873525; First Edition; Hardcover; Brand New; Brand New; 228 x 152 Mm 
The doctrine of the Incarnation lies at the heart of Christianity. But the idea that 'God was in Christ' has become a much-debated topic in modern theology. Oliver Crisp addresses six key issues in the Incarnation defending a robust version of the doctrine, in keeping with classical Christology. He explores perichoresis, or interpenetration, with reference to both the Incarnation and Trinity. Over two chapters Crisp deals with the human nature of Christ and then provides an argument against the view, common amongst some contemporary theologians, that Christ had a fallen human nature. He considers the notion of divine kenosis or self-emptying, and discusses non-Incarnational Christology, focusing on the work of John Hick. This view denies Christ is God Incarnate, regarding him as primarily a moral exemplar to be imitated. Crisp rejects this alternative account of the nature of Christology. • Deals with six core issues in the doctrine of the Incarnation • Includes topics such as perichoresis and Christ's human nature not often discussed in contemporary texts on this theme • Offers a philosophically sophisticated account that is sensitive to the Christian tradition Contents Introduction; 1. Problems with perichoresis; 2. The human nature of Christ; 3. The anhypostasia-enhypostasia distinction; 4. Did Christ have a fallen human nature?; 5. Divine kenosis; 5. Non-Incarnational Christology. Printed Pages: 202. 018630

Price: 80.00 USD
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22503 Oliver Gray
Energise You: The Ultimate Stress-Busting Health and Energy Plan
Jaico Publishing House; Delhi, India; 8184955073; Softcover; New; 
The Ultimate Stress - Busting Health & Energy Plan.Dubbed the ultimate energy plan by those who have used it, Energise You offers a simple yet powerful system to achieve great health, energy & happiness.The book covers Mind management-how to stay positive, happy and energised.Nutrition-how to lose weight easily and achieve great energy.Sleep-the secret to great sleep so you awake feeling energised.Exercise-how to get fit and energised with or without a gym.Computer use-healthy computer practices that keep you energised.Re-energise-how to re-energise mind and body.Work-life balance-how to achieve balance in all the areas of your life.Quick fix chapter - 50 extra actions that will boost your energy now. 105231

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22504 Oliver Ho
Amazing Math Magic
Goodwill Publishing House; New Delhi, India; 8172452896; Softcover; New; 
When you perform the tricks in this book, you'll have people believing you can read minds, calculate huge sums quicker than lightning, and make predictions that work every time! More importantly, you'll be able to entertain yourself, your friends, and your family with cool tricks anywhere, at any time. Many of the tricks can be done with just a pen and paper, or a calculator. Some involve a deck of cards, some coins, or some dice. Other tricks use props that you can easily make by yourself, and others use items that you'll find at the dinner table. All of the magic tricks in the book involve some principle of mathematics, either in their secret or in their presentation. They're all easy to learn and can be mastered with only a little bit of practice. Printed Pages: 96. 108113

Price: 1.50 USD
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22505 Oliver Mendelsohn
Law and Social Transformation in India
Oxford University Press; New Delhi, India; 2014; 0198098472; Hardcover; New; New; 
This work uncovers the historical roots and also the contemporary character of law and society in India. Steeped in years of fieldwork in both rural and urban India, the work places the new legal forces and processes introduced into India by the British alongside those that predated the colonial incursion and still have vitality today. Indian law is now undergoing a period of comparatively rapid change. Globalisation has brought dynamism to some of the law firms of India, particularly in Mumbai, and this impact is considered here. There is growing impatience with the slowness and inefficiencies of the courts?though, contrary to much opinion, litigation is seen here to be declining rather than growing. Meanwhile, there has been cumulatively dramatic change to authority in the countryside. The great flagship of Indian law continues to be the uniquely activist Supreme Court and its Public Interest Litigation, but equally intriguing are the group-based and sometimes law-like activities of washerfolk in rural Rajasthan, diamond traders in downtown Mumbai, and the myriad communities in the great `slums` of urban India. These are the themes taken up in this volume. Printed Pages: 336. 108886

Price: 18.35 USD
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22506 Oliver Mendelsohn and Marika Vicziany
The Untouchables: Subordination, Poverty and the State in Modern India (The New Cambridge History of India)
Cambridge University Press; New Delhi, India; 1998; 8175960744; Paperback; New; 
In a sensitive and compelling account of the lives of those at the very bottom of Indian society, Oliver Mendelsohn and Marika Vicziany explore the construction of the Untouchables as a social and political category, the historical background which led to such a definition, and their position in India today. The authors argue that, despite efforts to ameliorate their condition on the part of the state, a considerable edifice of discrimination persists on the basis of a tradition of ritual subordination. Even now, therefore, it still makes sense to categorise these people as ‘Untouchables’. The book promises to make a major contribution to the social and economic debates on poverty, while its wide-ranging perspectives will ensure an interdisciplinary readership from historians of South Asia, to students of politics, economics, religion and sociology. Contents Glossary; 1. Who are the Untouchables?; 2. The question of the ‘Harijan atrocity’; 3. Religion, politics and the Untouchables from the nineteenth century to 1956; 4. Public policy I: adverse discrimination and compensatory discrimination; 5. Public policy II: the anti-poverty programs; 6. The new Untouchable proletariat: a case study of the Faridabad stone quarries; 7. Untouchable politics and Untouchable politicians since 1956; 8. The question of reservation: lives and careers of some scheduled castes MPs and MLAs; 9. Subordination, poverty and the state in modern India; Bibliography; Index. Printed Pages: 307 with 2 tables. 024599

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22507 Oliver R. Gurney
Ur Excavations Texts: VII: Middle Babylonian Legal Documents and Other Texts
The Trustees of the British Museum By British Museum Publications Limited; London, UK; 1974; 714110825; First Edition; Hardcover; Fine; 23 x 33 Cm 
Printed Pages: 24 with 79 b/w plates. Slightly rubbed boards. Bumped corners. 030575

Price: 395.00 USD
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22508 Oliver W. Larkin
Art and Life in America (Revised and Enlarged Edition)
Holt, Rinehart and Winston; New York, USA; 1960; First Edition; Hard Cover; Very Good; Good; 21.5 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 576 with numerous colour and b/w plates. 003308

Price: 25.00 USD
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22509 Olivier Besancenot & Michael Lowy (Authors)
Che Guevara: His Revolutionary Legacy
Aakar Books; Delhi, India; 2009; 9789350020166; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 144. 109297

Price: 3.40 USD
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22510 Olivier Follmi
India: The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070339; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 352. 105116

Price: 26.00 USD
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22511 Olivier Follmi, Danielle Follmi and Matthieu Ricard with a Contribution By His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Buddhist Himalayas: People, Faith and Nature
Thames & Hudson; London, UK; 2002; 0500511012; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 30 Cms x 38 Cms 
This spectacular book invites the reader on a journey to an exotic land – and into one’s heart and soul. The authors’ profound intimacy with their subject is immediately apparent in these awe-inspiring images, which present a harmonious mosaic of the unmatched richness of the civilization on the Roof of the World. The beauty of the majestic Himalayan landscape, of the Tibetan people – spiritual masters and humble shepherds alike – and of their sacred places all inspire a desire to look within, in search of an understanding of the essence of Buddhism and the Himalayan spirit. The pictures are accompanied throughout by contributions from nineteen eminent specialists on the region, who discuss the culture, customs, politics and faith of the Himalayan world; past and present. Reflecting not only the cycle of human existence but also the history of the Himalayas, this lavish volume offers an unparalleled insight into Himalayan Buddhism in the 21st century. Olivier and Danielle Föllmi, winners of the World Press Photo Prize, have published fourteen books and have dedicated more than twenty-five years to this project. Matthieu Ricard has been living in the Himalayas as a Buddhist monk for the past thirty years, and has been the French interpreter for the Dalai Lama since 1989. Printed Pages: 423 with colour illustrations throughout. Large Size. 020611

Price: 83.00 USD
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22512 Olivier Föllmi; Preface By His Holiness the Dalai Lama in collaboration with Benoit Nacci; Translated from the French By Simon Jones
Homage to the Himalayas
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.; New York, USA; 2005; 0810959135; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 30 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 214 with numerous colour illustrations. 031063

Price: 32.00 USD
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22513 Olivier Lafont
Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.; Delhi, India; 2014; 0143423630; Softcover; New; 
In Mumbai, driven to its knees by a merciless blizzard, Saam the watchmender is cornered into an intolerable position. As Shiva’s only earthly demigod child, it falls upon him to stop his indomitable father. Bred to war, the son of destruction, Saam rides with six extraordinary companions into the horror of a crumbling world to face Shiva. He is forced to join hands with Ara, his half-brother he can never fully trust, and take with him his own mortal beloved, Maya, on this desperate attempt to stop the End of Days. But his path is littered with death, danger and betrayal. Interweaving mythology, epic adventure and vintage heroism, this enthralling novel will change the way you see gods, heroes and demons.Printed Pages: 304. 103389

Price: 20.00 USD
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22514 Olivinho J.F. Gomes
National Book Trust/Sangam Book Depot; New Delhi, India; 2014; 8123741391; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 364. 108349

Price: 294.00 USD
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22515 Olle Quarnstrom (trs)
The Yogasastra of Hemacandra: A Twelfth Century Handbook on Svetambara Jainism
Harvard University Press; Cambridge, Massachussets, USA; 2002; 0-674-00934-7; First Edition; Hardcover; New; 16.5 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 230. 037482

Price: 29.95 USD
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22516 Olle Tornquist
What's Wrong with Marxism?: Volume II: On Peasants and Workers in India and Indonesia
Manohar; New Delhi, India; 1991; 81-85426-55-8; First Edition; Hardcover; Good; Good; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 279. Yellowing of pages. Rubbed dust jacket. 019309

Price: 7.25 USD
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22517 Olli Alho
The Religion of the Slaves: A Study of the Religious Tradition and Behaviour of Plantation Slaves in the United States (Folklore Fellows Communications 217)
Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia (Academia Scientiarum Fennica)/Bookstore Tiedekirja; Helsinki, Finland; New; 
Printed Pages: 334. 113940

Price: 96.00 USD
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22518 Olli Bäckström
Polttolunnaat: Eurooppa sodassa 1618-1630
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2013; 9522223948; New; 
Olli Bäckström tarkastelee kolmikymmenvuotisen sodan alkupuoliskoa modernin sotatieteen näkökulmasta. Senaikainen sodankäynti vertautuu nykypäivän sotiin Sierra Leonessa, Somaliassa ja Afganistanissa. 1600-luvun alussa sotaa kävivät palkkasoturit, sotilasurakoitsijat, sotaherrat ja merirosvot. Myös nykyään sotia käyvät useimmiten ei-valtiolliset toimijat: turvallisuusalan yrittäjät, puolisotilaalliset yksityisarmeijat, sissijärjestöt, terroristit ja rikolliset. Uusi näkökulma syventää ymmärrystä kolmikymmenvuotisen sodan luonteesta ja liittää nykyajan sotkuiset konfliktit osaksi pitkää historiallista jatkumoa. Printed Pages: 558. 115510

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22519 Olli Lagerspetz & Kirsti Suolinna (Authors)
Edward Westermarck: Intellectual Networks, Philosophy and Social Anthropology
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2014; 9516534015; New; 
At the close of the 19th century, social anthropology was a new subject looking for its identity. Edward Westermarck (1862?1939) was one of its pioneers. This book is an account of how Westermarck created his intellectual and academic networks at three universities ? at the University of Helsinki, the London School of Economics and Åbo Akademi University. The authors make use of Westermarck's extensive unpublished correspondence, relating it to the cultural and social ambience of the time. In the first decades of the 20th century, philosophy was going through a crisis and new disciplines emerged from it including psychology, sociology and social anthropology. Many of the questions at issue had wide political and cultural ramifications.Printed Pages: 132. 114073

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22520 Olli Lehto
Tieteen Aatelia: Lorenz Lindelöf ja Ernst Lindelöf
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2008; 9511222910; New; 
Lorenz Lindelöf (1827–1908) on huikea esimerkki säätykierron nopeudesta 1800-luvun Suomessa. Rahvaan parista nousseen kappalaisen pojasta tuli tunnettu matemaatikko, yliopiston rehtori, valtiopäivämies ja aatelinen. Kohoaminen yhteiskunnan huipulle perustui luontaiseen lahjakkuuteen ja tietoon, jota hän kartutti ulkomaanmatkoilla ja läpi elämän jatkuneella opiskelulla. Lorenz Lindelöfin poika Ernst Lindelöf (1870–1946) muistetaan ainutlaatuisen uhrautuvasta työstään opettajana. Hän loi funktioteoreettisen koulukunnan, jonka hänen oppilaansa nostivat maailmanmaineeseen. Printed Pages: 398. 115683

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22521 Olli Manner
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2013; 9525329437; New; 
Miten kaukoputki toimii? Miten löydän Andromedan galaksin? Näkyvätkö Jupiterin kuut? Millainen on Newton-peilikaukoputki? Kuinka ilmakehä vaikuttaa kaukoputken kuvaan? Millainen kaukoputki kannattaa hankkia? Oppaasta löydät vastauksen näihin ja moniin muihin kysymyksiin. Kirjassa kerrotaan miten harrastajien kaukoputket toimivat ja kuinka niitä käytetään tähtitaivaan kohteiden havainnointiin. Printed Pages: 191. 114346

Price: 56.00 USD
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22522 Olli Manner
Tähtitaivas paljain silmin
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2007; 9525329607; New; 
iTähtitaivas paljain silmin/i perustuu tekijöiden vetämiin tähtitaivaskursseihin ja vuosikymmeniä kestäneeseen tähtiharrastukseen. Nyt he ovat koonneet kokemuksensa ja vinkkinsä oppaaksi aloittelevalle ja kokeneemmallekin tähtitaivaan katselijalle. Kirja sisältää lukuisia etsintäkarttoja, tietoa sopivista katselukohteista ja selkeät ohjeet niiden löytämiseksi. Printed Pages: 186. 114367

Price: 90.00 USD
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22523 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 1/39
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2014; New; 
Articles: Robert L. Devaney, Sierpinski curve Julia sets for quadratic rational maps; Ana Bernardis, Estefanía Dalmasso & Gladis Pradolini, Generalized maximal functions and related operators on weighted Musielak-Orlicz spaces; Antoine Lemenant, Emmanouil Milakis & Laura V. Spinolo, On the extension property of Reifenberg-flat domains; Viktoriia Bilet & Oleksiy A. Dovgoshey, Boundedness of pretangent spaces to general metric spaces; Yoshihiko Shinomiya, On holomorphic sections of Veech holomorphic families of Riemann surfaces; Pedro Fernández-Martínez & Teresa M. Signes, An application of interpolation theory to renorming of Lorentz-Karamata type spaces; Janne Gröhn, José Ángel Peláez & Jouni Rättyä, Jointly maximal products in weighted growth spaces; Paolo Baroni & Jens Haberman, Elliptic interpolation estimates for non-standard growth operators; Antti Rasila & Jarno Talponen, On quasihyperbolic geodesics in Banach spaces; Hannes Luiro & Juho Nuutinen, On the continuity of discrete maximal operators in Sobolev spaces; Murat Akman, On the dimension of a certain measure in the plane; Vyron Vellis & Jang-Mei Wu, Sets of constant distance from a Jordan curve; Petros Galanapoulos & al., Generalized Hilbert operators; Giovanni Molica Bisci & Dušan Repovš, Multiple solutions for elliptic equations involving a general operator in divergence form; Andrea Schioppa, On the relationship between derivations and measurable differentiable structures; Subhojoy Gupta, Meromorphic quadratic differentials with half-plane structures; Erina Kinjo, On the length spectrum metric in infinite dimensional Teichmüller spaces; Fengquan Li, The fast diffusion equation with integrable data with respect to the distance to the boundary; Yoshihiro Mizuta & Takao Ohno, Sobolev's theorem and duality for Herz-Morrey spaces of variable exponent; Winfried Sickel, Dachun Yang & Wen Yuan, The radial dilemma of Strauss in the context of Morrey spaces; Victor D. Didenko & Bernd Silbermann, Some results on the invertibility of Toeplitz plus Hankel operators; Joseph Fera, Exceptional points for cocompact Fuchsian groups. Printed Pages: 483. 116442

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22524 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 2/39
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2014; New; 
Articles: iJoonas Ilmavirta/i, Boundary reconstruction for the broken ray transform; iNorbert Steinmetz/i, Complex Riccati differential equations revisited; iJun Hu Francisco G. Jimenez-Lopez/i, Modified length spectrum metric on the Teichmüller space of a Riemann surface with boundary; iPaola Cavaliere Andrea Cianchi/i, Classical and approximate Taylor expansion of weakly differentiable functions; iKaj Nyström Andreas Rosén/i, Cauchy integrals for the ip/i-Laplace equation in planar Lipschitz domains; iFlavia Giannetti Antonia Passarelli di Napoli/i, Hölder continuity of degenerate ip/i-harmonic functions; iGiovanni Molica Bisci Vicentiu D. Radulescu/i, Mountain pass solutions for nonlocal equations; iPiotr Hajlasz Armin Schikorra/i, Lipschitz homotopy and density of Lipschitz mappings in Sobolev spaces; iThomas Bieske Erin Martin/i, The parabolic ip/i-Laplace equation in Carnot groups; iBing Li Ville Suomala/i, A note on the hitting probabilities of random covering sets; iRubén A. Hidalgo Milagros Izquierdo/i, On the connectivity of the branch locus of the Schottky space; iBartlomiej Dyda Antti Vähäkangas/i, A framework for fractional Hardy inequalities; iHasi Wulan Fangqin Ye/i, Universal Teichmüller space and iQk/i spaces; iPer-Anders Ivert, Niko Marola Mathias Masson/i, Energy estimates for variational minimizers of a parabolic doubly nonlinear equation on metric measure spaces; iSaminathan Ponnysamy Karl-Joachim Wirths/i, On the problem of Gromova and Vasilev on integral means, and Yamashitas conjecture for spirallike functions; iM. Isabel Garrido Ana S. Merono/i, New types of completeness in metric spaces; iQiuli Guo, Hao Li Qin Wang/i, Quasi-Lipschitz equivalence of subsets of Ahlfors?David regular sets; iThomas Jordan Natalia Jurga/i, Self-affine sets with non-compactly supported random perturbations; iNhat le Thanh Hoang Michel Zinsmeister/i, On Minkowski dimension of Jordan curves; iDariusz Partyka Ken-Ichi Sakan/i, Quasiconformal and Lipschitz harmonic mappings of the unit disk onto bounded convex domains; iThomas Zürcher/i, Space-filling vs. Luzins condition (N); iAlexandre Eremenko/i, On the Second Main Theorem of Cartan. Printed Pages: 496. 116443

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22525 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 1/40
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2015; New; 
Including articles: iVille Tengvall/i, Absolute continuity of mappings with finite geometry distortion; iQiaoyu Chen, Xuecheng Pang Pai Yang/i, A new Picard type theorem concerning elliptic functions; iKwok-Pun Ho/i, Atomic decomposition of Hardy-Morrey spaces with variable exponents; iAndrew Ferguson, Thomas Jordan Michal Rams/i, Dimension of self-affine sets with holes; iDaniel Hansevi/i, The obstacle and Dirichlet problems associated with ip/i-harmonic functions in unbounded sets in Rn and metric spaces; iOndrej Kurka/i, On the variation of the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function; iSimon Blatt Philipp Reiter/i, Towards a regularity theory for integral Menger curvature; iChang-Yu Guo/i, Uniform continuity of quasiconformal mappings onto generalized John domains; iMichael G. Cowling Alessandro Ottazzi/i, Conformal maps of Carnot groups; iAnna Bosch-Camós, Joan Mateu Joan Orobitg/i, The maximal Beurling transform associated with squares; iDavid Bowman, Ross Flek Greg Markowsky/i, Rotation numbers and symbolic dynamics; iAlessio Fiscella, Raffaella Servadei Enrico Valdinoci/i, Density properties for fractional Sobolev Spaces; iAthanasios Batakis Anna Zdunik/i, Hausdorff and harmonic measures on non-homogeneous Cantor sets; iColleen Ackermann/i, An approach to studying quasiconformal mappings on generalized Grushin planes; iPauliina Uusitalo/i, The bound states of 3D Y-junction waveguides; iCezhong Tong Chen Yuan/i, An integral operator preserving is/i-Carleson measure on the unit ball; iAnne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen/i, Mean square estimate for relatively short exponential sums involving Fourier coefficients of cusp forms; iErik Lundberg Koushik Ramachandran/i, Electrostatic skeletons; iStanislav Hencl Petr Honzík/i, Dimension distortion of images of sets under Sobolev mappings; iKrzysztof Stempak/i, Modified Hardy-Littlewood maximal operators on nondoubling metric measure spaces; iAbhijit Banerjee/i, A new class of strong uniqueness polynomials satisfying Fujimotos condition; iAlexandre Eremenko/i, Correction to the paper On the second main theorem of Cartan. Printed Pages: 506. 116445

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22526 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 2/40
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2015; New; 
Printed Pages: 1003. 116446

Price: 228.00 USD
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22527 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 1/41
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2016; New; 
Including articles: Ala-Mattila, Vesa, Conformal measures and locally conformally flat metric tensors; Alberge, Vincent, Convergence of some horocyclic deformations to the Gardiner-Masur boundary Bailleul, Maxime & Ole Fredrik Brevig, Composition operators on Bohr-Bergman spaces of Dirichlet series; Bao, Guanlong & Jordi Pau, Boundary multipliers of a family of Möbius invariant function spaces; Berrios, Sonia & Geraldo Botelho, Ideal topologies and corresponding approximation properties ; Bharali, Gautam, Complex geodesics, their boundary regularity, and a Hardy-Littlewood-type lemma; Byun, Sun-Sig, Dian K. Palagachev & Lubomira G. Softova, Global gradient estimates in weighted Lebesgue spaces for parabolic operators; Cheng, Tao & Shanshuang Yang, Dilatations and exponents of quasisymmetric homeomorphisms; Fenton, P.C. & John Rossi, A non-power series approach to Wiman-Valiron type theorems; Fortier Bourque, Maxime, The converse of the Schwarz Lemma is false; Gao, Yong-Xin & Ze-Hua Zhou, Spectra of some invertible weighted composition operators on Hardy and weighted Bergman spaces in the unit ball; He, Cheng-Jun & Chang-Lin Xiang, Uniqueness of positive radial solutions to singular critical growth quasilinear elliptic equations; Hu, Jun & Francisco G. Jimenez-Lopez, Comparison between Teichmüller metric and length spectrum metric under partial twists; Huang, Xiaojun, Hongjun Liu & Jinsong Liu, Local properties of quasihyperbolic mappings in metric spaces; Huusko, Juha-Matti, Taneli Korhonen & Atte Reijonen, Linear differential equations with solutions in the growth space H?8; Käenmäki, Antti & Eino Rossi, Weak separation condition, Assouad dimension, and Furstenberg homogeneity; Kalaj, David, Heinz-Schwarz inequalities for harmonic mappings in the unit ball; Kauranen, Aapo, Generalized dimension estimates for images of porous sets in metric spaces; Kirsilä, Ville, Integration by parts on generalized manifolds and applications on quasiregular maps; Kupka, Ivan, Topological generalization of Cauchy's mean value theorem; Lin, Bingwen, Congwen Liu & Jun Wang, A sharp version of the Forelli-Rudin type estimates on the unit real ball; Miculescu, Radu & Alexandru Mihail, A sufficient condition for a finite family of continuous functions to be transformed into ?-contractions; Milman, Mario, Marcinkiewicz spaces, Garsia-Rodemich spaces and the scale of John-Nirenberg self improving inequalities; Radnell, David, Eric Schippers & Wolfgang Staubach, Dirichlet problem and Sokhotski-Plemelj jump formula on Weil-Petersson class quasidisks; Šaric, Dragomir, Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates for asymptotically conformal deformations; Sevost'yanov, Evgeny, On open and discrete mappings with a modulus condition; Soto, Tomás, Pointwise and grand maximal function characterizations of Besov-type and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces; Stempak, Krzysztof, Examples of metric measure spaces related to modified Hardy-Littlewood maximal operators; Wang, Lin Feng, On Ricci-harmonic metrics; Wen, Zhi-Tao & Zhuan Ye, Wiman-Valiron theorem for q-differences; Yang, Dachun & Ciqiang Zhuo, Molecular characterizations and dualities of variable exponent Hardy spaces associated with operators. Printed Pages: 501. 116447

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22528 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 2/41
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2016; New; 
Articles: Lauri Hitruhin, On multifractal spectrum of quasiconformal mappings; Risto Korhonen, Nan Li & Kazuya Tohge, Difference analogue of Cartan’s second main theorem for slowly moving period targets; Anders Björn, Jana Björn & Visa Latvala, Sobolev spaces, fine gradients and quasicontinuity on quasiopen sets; John W. Osborne & David J. Sixsmith, On the set where the iterates of an entire function are neither escaping nor bounded; Alex Iosevich & Bochen Liu, Falconer distance problem, additive energy and Cartesian products; Jinhua Fan & Jun Hu, Holomorphic contractability and other properties of the Weil-Petersson and VMOA Teichmüller spaces; Hidetaka Hamada, Mihai Iancu & Gabriela Kohr, Convergence results for families of univalent mappings on the unit ball in Cn; Ewa Ciechanowicz & Galina Filipuk, Meromorphic solutions of P4,34 and their value distribution; Huiping Pan, The Hilbert Metric on Teichmüller space and earthquake; Tushar Das, David Simmons & Mariusz Urbanski, Tukia’s isomorphism theorem in CAT(– 1) spaces; Ka-Sing Lau & Hai-Hua Wu, On tangential slit solution of the Loewner equation; Shiliang Zhao, A note on admissible measures in one dimension; Juan A. Aledo & Rafael M. Rubio, A Bernstein problem in warped products; Konstantin M. Dyakonov, Functions in Bloch-type spaces and their moduli; Alex Iosevich & Steven Senger Sharpness of (d+1)/2 estimate; Fumi-Yuki Maeda, Yoshihiro Sawano & Tetsu Shimomura, Some norm inequalities in Musielak-Orlicz spaces; Vincenzo Ambrosio, Ground states for superlinear fractional Schrödinger equations in RN; Carme Cascante, Joan Fàbrega & Joaquim M. Ortega, Fractional derivatives of pointwise multipliers between holomorphic spaces; Pei-Chu Hu & Ai-Di Wu, Zero distribution of Dirichlet L-functions; Jan-Steffen Müller, A density result for Sobolev functions and functions of higher order bounded variation with additional integrability constraints; Juan Deng, Zhiying Wen & Lifeng Xi, C1-Embeddings between graph-directed sets; Arthur A. Danielyan, Rubel’s problem on bounded analytic functions; Teresa Isernia, Chiara Leone & Anna Verde, Partial regularity results for asymptotic quasiconvex functionals with general growth; Lars Olsen, Asymptotic behavior of moments and local dimensions of measures; Athanase Papadopoulos & Weixu Su, Thurston's metric on Teichmüller space and the translation distances of mapping classes; Pekka Alestalo & Dmitry Alexandrovich Trotsenko, On the extension of quasisymmetric maps; Kwok-Pun Ho, Fourier integrals and Sobolev embedding on rearrangement invariant quasi-Banach function spaces; Ilpo Laine, Kai Liu & Kazuya Tohge, Tropical variants of some complex analysis results; Blanche Buet & Gian Paolo Leonardi, Recovering measures from approximate values on balls; Chun- Hua Wang & Chang-Lin Xiang, Infinitely many solutions for quasilinear elliptic equations involving double critical terms and boundary geometry. 116448

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22529 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 1/42
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2017; New; 
Includes the following articles, among others: Tobias Kaiser & Sabrina Lehner, Asymptotic behaviour of the Riemann mapping function at analytic cusps; Norbert Steinmetz, A unified approach to the Painlevé transcendents; Chang-Yu Guo & Pekka Koskela, Sharpness of uniform continuity of quasiconformal mappings onto s-John domains; Zoltán M. Balogh, Jeremy T. Tyson & Kevin Wildrick, Quasiconformal mappings that highly distort dimensions of many parallel lines; Michal Strzelecki, The Lp-norms of the Beurling–Ahlfors transform on radial functions; Chao Zhang & Shulin Zhou, Bounded very weak solutions for some non-uniformly elliptic equation with L1 datum; Xiaogao Feng, Shengjin Huo & Shuan Tang, Universal Teichmüller spaces and F(p,q,s) space; Emma D'Aniello & Laurent Moonens, Averaging on n-dimensional rectangles; Przemyslaw Górka & Humberto Rafeiro, Light side of compactness in Lebesgue spaces: Sudakov theorem; Eric Schippers & Wolfgang Staubach, Well-posedness of a Riemann–Hilbert problem on d-regular quasidisks; Jonathan M. Fraser & Douglas C. Howroyd, Assouad type dimensions for self-affine sponges; Kam Hang Cheng & Yik-Man Chiang, Nevanlinna theory of the Wilson divided-difference operator; Gabriel Acosta, María E. Cejas, Ricardo G. Durán, Improved Poincaré inequalities and solutions of the divergence in weighted norms; Ian D. Morris, On Falconer's formula for the generalised Rényi dimension of a self-affine measure; Mattia Fogagnolo, Roberto Monti & Davide Vittone: Variation formulas for H-rectifiable sets. Printed Pages: 524. 116449

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22530 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 2/42
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2017; New; 
Includes the following articles, among others: Richard M. Aron, Jesús Angel Jaramillo and Enrico Le Donne, Smooth surjections and surjective restrictions; Katsuhiko Matsuzaki, The Teichmüller space of group invariant symmetric structures on the circle; Eleftherios N. Nikolidakis ,Dyadic-BMO functions, the dyadic Gurov-Reshetnyak condition on [0, 1]n and equimeasurable rearrangements of functions; Yûsuke Okuyama, Value distribution of the sequences of the derivatives of iterated polynomials; Hiroki Fujino, Quasisymmetric embedding of the integer set and its quasiconformal extension; Xiu Chen, Jiang Kan and Li Wenxia, Lipschitz equivalence of a class of self-similar sets; Michal Rzeczkowski, Composition operators on Hardy-Orlicz spaces on planar domains; Pertti Mattila, Exceptional set estimates for the Hausdorff dimension of intersections; Antti perälä and Jouni Rättyä, Duality of weighted Bergman spaces with small exponents. 116451

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22531 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 2/35
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2010; New; 
Including articles: iVadim A. Kaimanovich/i, Hopf decomposition and horospheric limit sets; iGuillaume Havard, Mariusz Urbanski Michel Zinsmeister/i, Variations of Hausdorff dimension in the exponential family; iMiloš Arsenovic, Vesna Manojlovic Miodrag Mateljevic/i, Lipschitz-type spaces and harmonic mappings in the space; iChristopher J. Bishop/i, Tree-like decompositions and conformal maps; iRicardo G. Durán Fernando López García/i, Solutions of the divergence and Korn inequalities on domains with an external cusp; iMark Elin al./i, Linearization models for parabolic dynamical systems via Abel’s functional equation; iBruce Hughes, Álvaro Martínez-Pérez Manuel A. Morón/i, Bounded distortion homeomorphisms on ultrametric spaces; iRiku Klén/i, Close-to-convexity of quasihyperbolic and ij/i-metric balls; iFerry Kwakkel Vladimir Markovic/i, Topological entropy and diffeomorphisms of surfaces with wandering domains; iZhi-Ying Wen Li-Feng Xi/i, On the dimensions of sections for the graph-directed sets; iAlexandre Eremenko/i, Brody curves omitting hyperplanes; iP. C. Fenton John Rossi/i, Two-variable Wiman-Valiron theory and PDEs; iYuliang Shen/i, Fredholm eigenvalue for a quasi-circle and Grunsky functionals; iRisto Hovila/i, The dimension spectrum of projected measures on Riemann manifolds; iYaxiang Li Xiantao Wang/i, Unions of John domains and uniform domains in real normed vector spaces; iVerena Bögelein Jens Habermann/i, Gradient estimates via non standard potentials and continuity; iHumberto Rafeiro Stefan Samko/i, Corrigendum to “Hardy type inequality in variable Lebesgue spaces”. Printed Pages: 345. 116452

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22532 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 1/36
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2011; New; 
Articles: iPäivi Lammi/i, Compactness of a conformal boundary of the Euclidean unit ball; iIgnacio Garcia/i, A family of smooth Cantor sets; iJürgen Grahl Shahar Nevo/i, Differential polynomials and shared values; iLasse Rempe/i, Connected escaping sets of exponential maps; iDavid M. Freeman/i, Unbounded bilipschitz homogenous Jordan curves; iSirkka-Liisa Eriksson Heikki Orelma/i, A mean-value theorem for some eigenfunctions of the Laplace-Beltrami operator on the upper-half space; iDorothee D. Haroske Leszek Skrzypczak/i, Entropy and approximation numbers of embeddings of function spaces with Muckenhoupt weights, II. General weights; iYuxia Dai al./i, Quasisymmetrically minimal Moran sets and Hausdorff dimension; iHana Bendová Jan Malý/i, An elementary way to introduce a Perron-like integral; iWalter Bergweiler Alexandre Eremenko/i, Dynamics of a higher dimensional analog of the trigonometric functions; iDavid Kalaj/i, On the quasiconformal self-mappings of the unit ball satisfying the Poisson differential equation; iMatt Feiszli/i, Extremal distance, hyperbolic distance, and convex hulls over domains with smooth boundary; iEdson de Faria/i, David homeomorphisms via Carleson boxes; iVladimir Ryazanov Evgenii Sevost’yanov/i, Equicontinuity of mappings quasiconformal in the mean; iSéverine Rigot/i, Isodiametric inequality in Carnot groups; iNiklas L. P. Lundström Kaj Nyström/i, The boundary Harnack inequality for solutions to equations of Aronsson type in the plane; iDominic Breit/i, Splitting-type variational problems with ix/i-dependent exponents; iYong Chan Kim Toshiyuki Sugawa/i, Hardy spaces and unbounded quasidisks; iAnders Björn Jana Björn/i, Power-type quasiminimizers; iLeonid V. Kovalev Jani Onninen/i, An iN/i-dimensional version of the Beurling-Ahlfors extension; iRodrigo Hernández/i, Prescribing the preSchwarzian in several complex variables; iJanne Heittokangas Kazuya Tohge/i, A unit disc analogue of the Bank-Laine conjecture does not hold. Printed Pages: 351. 116454

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22533 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 2/36
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2011; New; 
Articles: iFahreddin Abdullayev, Oleksiy Dovgoshey Mehmet Küçükaslan/i, Metric spaces with unique pretangent spaces. Conditions of the uniqueness; iCamillo De Lellis, Matteo Focardi Emanuele Nunzio Spadaro/i, Lower semicontinuous functionals for Almgrens multiple valued functions; iEsa Järvenpää al./i, Continuously parametrized Besicovitch sets in bR/bin/i; iRoger W. Barnard, Eric M. Murphy G. Brock Williams/i, Circle packing complex earthquakes; iMartin Chuaqui, Peter Duren Brad Osgood/i, Schwarzian derivatives of convex mappings; iGongbao Li Chunhua Wang/i, The existence of a nontrivial solution to a nonlinear elliptic problem of linking type without the Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz condition; iManuel González, Antonio Martinez-Abejón Margot Salas-Brown/i, Perturbation classes for semi-Fredholm operators on subprojective and superprojective spaces; iRobert Algervik Viktor I. Kolyada/i, On Fournier-Gagliardo mixed norm spaces; iXiaojuan Jiang, Dachun Yang Wen Yuan/i, Real interpolation for grand Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces on RD-spaces; iDaniel Campbell Stanislav Hencl/i, A note on mappings of finite distortion: examples for the sharp modulus of continuity; iRadoslaw Szwedek/i, Interpolation of a measure of weak non-compactness; iTapio Rajala, Aleksandra Zapadinskaya Thomas Zürcher/i, Generalized dimension distortion under mappings of sub-exponentially intergrable distortion; iShaolin Chen, Saminathan Ponnusamy Xiantao Wang/i, On planar harmonic Lipschitz and planar harmonic Hardy classes; iJoanna Pres/i, Positive harmonic functions on comb-like domains; iPatrizia Di Gironimo al./i, Anisotropic Sobolev homeomorphisms; iLiudmyla Kaluzhynova Ivan Marchenko/i, On deviations, defects and asymptotic functions of meromorphic functions; iDaniele Alessandrini al./i, On Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates on Teichmüller spaces of surfaces of infinitive type; iDirk Pauly, Sergey Repin Tuomo Rossi/i, Estimates for deviations from exact solutions of the Cauchy problem for Maxwells equations; iTuomas Orponen Tuomas Sahlsten/i, Radial projections of rectifiable sets; iEnrico Le Donne/i, Metric spaces with unique tangents. Printed Pages: 341. 116455

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22534 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 1/37
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2012; New; 
Articles: Håkan Hedenmalm, The Beurling operator for the hyperbolic plane; Jianming Chang, A new proof of a unicity theorem of meromorphic functions and their derivatives; Juha Lehrbäck, Neighbourhood capacities; Michael Beck & al., Extending holomorphic motions and monodromy; Shaolin Chen, Saminathan Ponnysamy & Xiantao Wang, Integral means and coefficient estimates on planar harmonic mappings; Michael J. Puls, Some results concerning the p-Royden and p-harmonic boundaries of a graph of bounded degree; Reynir Axelsson & Georg Schumacher, Variation of geodesic lenght functions in families of Kähler-Einstein manifolds and applications to Teichmüller space; Miloš Arsenovc, Vesna Manojlovic & Raimo Näkki, Boundary modulus of continuity and quasiconformal mappings; Thomas Bieske, A sub-Riemannian maximum principle and its application to the p-Laplacian in Carnot Groups; Daoud Bshouty, Abdallah Lyzzaik & Allen Weitsman, On the boundary behavior of univalent harmonic mappings; Ferry Kwakkel, Focal rigidity of hyperbolic surfaces; Bartosz Lanucha, Maria Nowak & Miroslav Pavlovic, Hilbert matrix operator on spaces of analytic functions; Chao Zhang & Shulin Zhou, Renormalized solutions for a non-uniformly parabolic equation; Sebastian Schlessinger, The multiple-slit version of Loewner 's differential equation and poitwise Hölder continuity of driving functions; Themis Mitsis & Michael Papadimitrakis, The essential norm of a composition operator on the minimal Möbius invariant space; Antti Rasila & Jarno Talponen, Convexity properties of quasihyperbolic balls on Banach spaces; Qiuli Guo & al., Lipschitz equivalence of a class of self-similar sets with complete overlaps; Antti Perälä, On the optimal constant for the Bergman projection onto the Bloch space; Rodrigo Bañuelos & Adam Osekowski, Martingales and sharp bounds for Fourier multipliers; Greg Markowsky, A rigidity theorem for special families of rational functions; Zoë Laing & David Singerman, Transitivity on Weierstrass points; Walter Bergweiler & Alexandre Eremenko, A Property of the derivate of an entire function; Zair Ibragimov, Möbius maps between ultrametric spaces are local similarities. Printed Pages: 317. 116456

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22535 Olli Martio
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 2/37
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2012; New; 
Articles: José Bonet & al., Operator-weighted composition operators between weighted spaces of vector-valued analytic functions; Tsubasa Itoh, Modulus of continuity of p-dirichlet solutions in a metric measure space; Andrea Pinamonti & Enrico Valdinoci; A geometric inequality for stable solutions of semilinear elliptic problems in the Engel group; Kwok-Pun Ho, Vector-valued singular integral operators on Morrey type spaces and variable Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey spaces; Konstantin M. Dyakonov, Factoring derivatives of functions in the Nevanlinna and Smirnov classes; Christoph Scheven, Potential estimates in parabolic obstacle problems; Domingo García, Manuel Maestre & Ignacio Zalduendo; Algebras of functions with prescribed radii of boundedness and the spectra of ?(u); Qingying Bu, The weakly compact approximation of the projective tensor product of Banach spaces; Andreas Hartmann & William T. Ross, Bad boundary behavior in star invariant subspaces II; Songmin Wang, The growth and singular direction of algebroid functions; Peter Sjögren & Maria Vallarino, Heat maximal function on a lie group of exponential growth; Mats Bodin & Katarzyna Pietruska-Paluba, Harmonic functions representation of Besov-Lipschitz functions on nested fractals; Álvaro Martínez-Pérez, Real-valued functions and metric spaces quasi-isometric to trees; Dariusz Partyka & Ken-ichi Sakan, A simple deformation of quasiconformal harmonic mappings in the unit disk; Alex Iosevich, Mihalis Mourgoglou & Krystal Taylor, On the Mattila-Sjölin theorem for distance sets; Leandro Arosio, Basins of attraction in Loewner equations; Olli Toivanen, Harnack 's inequality for general solutions with nonstandard growth; Julián Fernández Bounder, Nicolas Saintier & Analía Silva, Existence of solution to a critical equation with variable exponent; Erhan Çaliskan & Pilar Rueda, On distinguished polynomials and their projections; Fengquan Li, Existence and regularity results for some parabolic equations with degenerate coercivity; Petros Galanopoulos & Jordi Pau, Hankel operators on large weighted Bergman spaces; Hari Bercovici & Dan Timotin, Factorizations of analytic self-maps of the upper half-plane. Printed Pages: 341. 116457

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22536 Olli Matikainen
Morality, Crime and Social Control in Europe 1500-1900
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2014; 952222572X; New; 
This book explores key themes in European history through case studies scrutinizing the much-debated concept of "social control" from its exercise within the family and local communities to interventions at the highest state level. A wide range of regulated practices and institutions can be treated as manifestations or forces of social control. Their common feature is the way in which they develop a set of practices and rituals, some of which are enduring and seemingly unchanging, some in a state of transition or subjected to challenges, and others "new" in the process of formation. Printed Pages: 362. 115472

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22537 Olli Salomies
The Greek East in the Roman Context. Proceedings of a Colloquium Organised by The Finnish Institute at Athens, May 21 and 22, 1999
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2001; 9519880607; New; 
Including articles: Christopher Jones, Memories of the Roman Republic in the Greek East; Jean-Louis Ferrary, Rome et la géographie de l'hellénisme: réflexions sur "hellènes" et "panhellènes" dans les inscriptions d'époque romaine; Kostas Buraselis, Two Notes on Theophanes' Descendants; Mika Kajava, Vesta and Athens; Simone Follet & Dina Peppas Delmousou, Les dedicaces chorégiques d'époque flavienne et antonine à Athènes; Petros Themelis, Roman Messene. The Gymnasium; Olli Salomies, Honorific Inscriptions for Roman Senators in the Greek East during the Empire. Some Aspects (with Special Reference to Cursus Inscriptions); Heikki Solin, Latin Cognomina in Greek East. Printed Pages: 217. 114688

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22538 Olli Salomies
The Greek East in the Roman Context
Bookstore Tiedekirja; Finland; 2001; 9519880607; New; 
Including articles: Christopher Jones, Memories of the Roman Republic in the Greek East; Jean-Louis Ferrary, Rome et la géographie de l'hellénisme: réflexions sur "hellènes" et "panhellènes" dans les inscriptions d'époque romaine; Kostas Buraselis, Two Notes on Theophanes' Descendants; Mika Kajava, Vesta and Athens; Simone Follet & Dina Peppas Delmousou, Les dedicaces chorégiques d'époque flavienne et antonine à Athènes; Petros Themelis, Roman Messene. The Gymnasium; Olli Salomies, Honorific Inscriptions for Roman Senators in the Greek East during the Empire. Some Aspects (with Special Reference to Cursus Inscriptions); Heikki Solin, Latin Cognomina in Greek East. Printed Pages: 217. 114700

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22539 Olof G. Lidin
The Life of Ogyu Sorai: A Tokugawa Confucian Philosopher (Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies Monograph Series: No. 19)
Studentlitteratur; Copenhagen, Denmark; 1973; 9144101813; First Edition; Paperback; Good; 15 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 209. Slightly rubbed cover. 020664

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22540 Olov Bertil Anderson
An Investigation Into the Present State of Standard Chinese Pronunciation: Part 1a: A Companion Volume to R.H. Mathews' Chinese-English Dictionary
Studentlitteratur; Lund, Sweden; 1978; 9144152213; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 16 Cms x 22 Cms 
Printed Pages: 335. Scratched cover. 007891

Price: 15.00 USD
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22541 Olov Bertil Anderson
An Investigation Into the Present State of Standard Chinese Pronunciation: Part 2: A Comparison of Kuo-Yu and Putong-Hua
Studentlitteratur; Lund, Sweden; 1974; 91-44-11271-8; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 16 Cms x 22 Cms 
Printed Pages: 220. Scratched cover. 038340

Price: 15.00 USD
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22542 Olov Bertil Anderson
A Concordance to Five Systems of Transcription for Standard Chinese
Studentlitteratur; Lund, Sweden; 1975; 9144059817; Second Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 16 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 229. Slightly rubbed covers. 008343

Price: 60.00 USD
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22543 Om Books International
Fascinating India: Land of Awe-inspiring Monuments and Natural Wonders
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108487; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Explore the mystic land of India through the pages of this book, reflecting the varied hues of the country’s diverse culture and tradition. Topics like Arts and Crafts, Land of Spirituality, and Festivals and Fairs show how India has preserved its ancient traditions and heritage while absorbing new influences. The book captures the best sights of this magnificent country, extending from the snow-capped Himalayas in the north to the tropical greenery of Kerala in the south, while showcasing the multicultural extravaganza of its people.Printed Pages: 96. 105091

Price: 14.90 USD
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22544 Om Books International
The Essential Gita
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108649; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
India's most popular wisdom book, the Bhagavad Gita, proves to be surprisingly relevant and inspirational in today's world. Carefully selected quotes from this timeless classic shed light on such topics as Desire, Determination, Yoga, Fear, Grief and Devotion. A small book packed with revelations, this is sure to catch the eye of bookstore browsers, and makes a terrific pocket-sized gift for all occasions.Printed Pages: 96. 105124

Price: 9.00 USD
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22545 Om Books International
Ganesh-Removing the Obstacles
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108614; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
This brief, beautifully illustrated book pays homage to one of Hinduism's most beloved and helpful deities. Author James Bae describes the captivating stories of how Ganesh came to acquire an elephant's head, why he is wearing a serpentine belt, and how he handled the friendly sibling contest between him and his brother Skanda. Bae persuasively discusses Ganesh as "remover of obstacles" and loving force for helping contemporary seekers confront challenges within themselves. Exquisite artwork appears throughout this diminutive, charming book.Printed Pages: 96. 105125

Price: 10.00 USD
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22546 Om Books International
Shiva-Lord of Dance
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108673; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Shiva: Lord of the Dance recalls captivating ancient tales of kingly sacrifices, sinister plots, ghastly armies, spontaneous incinerations and plummeting rivers that threaten the planet. These are stories of otherworldly passions and celestial dancing, worthy of retelling again and again. Coupled with over 30 full-color illustrations, this attractive mini book eclipses traditional symbolism, exploring the very nature of this complex god and how he relates to us. For many of us, the mention of Shiva's name conjures up images of an ash-smeared ascetic meditating high in the Himalayas, a protector of Parvati and Ganesh, or a dancing, destructive god. In traditional art, he is seen sitting on a tiger skin rug, his long matted hair tied in a topknot, adorned by the crescent moon. But who is this mysterious figure, and what does he have to teach us?Printed Pages: 96. 105126

Price: 9.00 USD
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22547 Om Books International
Kali-Slayer of Illusion
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108657; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
This attractive bestselling mini book series explores Hinduism's most enigmatic figure in all of her glory. A wide range of vivid illustrations, both traditional and contemporary, showcases the paradoxical and often shocking imagery of Kali, whose outrageous appearance and behaviour shatter all social conventions. These intense tales recount Kali's origins as the shadow self of Durga goddess who appears in the world in order to save the terrified gods from the demons Sumbha and Nisumbha. Brandishing weapons of destruction and cackling madly, she annihilates an ever-increasing number of miscreants who try her patience. She comes not only to restore balance within the universe, but also to help humanity cut through the bonds of illusion and attachment.Printed Pages: 96. 105127

Price: 9.00 USD
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22548 Om Books International
Krishna-Lord of Love
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108665; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
These enchanting stories follow the youthful Krishna through his many pastimes. From dancing on the head of the serpent-demon Kaliya to sheltering the cowherd villagers from Indra's wrathful rain, Krishna: Lord of Love speaks about life, love and devotion in a most intriguing way.Printed Pages: 96. 105128

Price: 9.00 USD
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22549 Om Books International
Discover the Extreme World: Excite, Explore, Experience
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 1848105258; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Feed Your Imagination with this unique insight into the world of extremes. Dedicated to exploring only The explosive, extraordinary, and incredible, these adrenaline-packed pages reveal everything from speed machines and storm chasers to ferocious and super volcanoes.Printed Pages: 224. 105159

Price: 17.00 USD
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22550 Om Books International
Atlas of Anatomy Organs Systems Structures
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070964; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Anatomical and clinical knowledge can be described in a way everybody understands. Let this book guide you through the fascinating realm of the human body. Compiled by the editorial team of the world-famous Sobotta Atlas, this volume provides you with a thorough overview of human anatomy and its different structures. Detailed high-quality drawings present organs in a lucid way. The 16 color-coded chapters show them individually, as well as in their physical contexts. Illustrations and rich textual material, arranged in a modern, appealing order, render the complexities of the muscular, sensory, and nervous systems accessible.Printed Pages: 448. 105160

Price: 36.00 USD
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22551 Om Books International
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789381607312; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 42. 105170

Price: 2.00 USD
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22552 Om Books International
India Handbook (Eighteenth Edition)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070247; Eighteenth Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
The enigmatic sub-continent cannot fail to bewilder, bemuse, frustrate and captivate even the most seasoned traveller. With up-to-minute recommendations, the 18th edition of Footprint's revered and authoritative guide offers comprehensive advice on how to get the most from your trip. Wherther you want to escape it all at a rural retreat, learn yoga in Goa, hike the Himalayas or be dazzled by Bollywood, this guide tells you everything you need to know.Printed Pages: 1496. 105177

Price: 16.00 USD
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22553 Om Books International
Indian Himalaya Handbook
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070391; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Revered the world over, the Indian Himalaya provide a unique experience and stunning backdrop for any explorer and have been capturing the imagination of travelers for centuries. The 3rd edition Indian Himalaya Handbook will help travelers get the most from this diverse and sometimes demanding region. Footprint's completely updated travel guide to the Indian Himalaya is indispensible to visitors who want to be wowed by rugged beauty and inspired by the unique culture of the people that live here.Printed Pages: 456. 105178

Price: 14.00 USD
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22554 Om Books International
Tintin Congo Mein
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108908; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105180

Price: 6.00 USD
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22555 Om Books International
Tintin in America (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108894; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105181

Price: 6.00 USD
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22556 Om Books International
Misr Samrathh ke Ssigaar (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108738; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105182

Price: 6.00 USD
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22557 Om Books International
Neel Kamal (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 8187108886; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105183

Price: 6.00 USD
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22558 Om Books International
Tuta hua Kaan
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380069456; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105184

Price: 4.37 USD
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22559 Om Books International
Kala Dweep
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380069449; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105185

Price: 6.00 USD
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22560 Om Books International
Samrat Autocar ka Rajdand
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380069432; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105186

Price: 5.00 USD
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22561 Om Books International
Sunheire Panjo Wala Kekda
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380069463; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105187

Price: 4.37 USD
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22562 Om Books International
Tut-ta Tara
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070414; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105188

Price: 6.00 USD
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22563 Om Books International
Unicorn Jahaz ka Rehasye
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070421; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105189

Price: 4.37 USD
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22564 Om Books International
Red Rockhome Ka khajana
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070568; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105190

Price: 4.37 USD
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22565 Om Books International
Kaanch ke Saath Gole
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070575; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105191

Price: 4.37 USD
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22566 Om Books International
Suryadev ka Mandir
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070599; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105192

Price: 6.00 USD
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22567 Om Books International
Kale Sone Ka Desh
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070698; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105193

Price: 6.00 USD
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22568 Om Books International
Gantavye Chandrama (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070605; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105194

Price: 6.00 USD
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22569 Om Books International
Chandrama ke Sailani (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070612; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105195

Price: 5.00 USD
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22570 Om Books International
Professor ka Apaharan (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070629; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105196

Price: 6.00 USD
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22571 Om Books International
Tintin Tibet Mein (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070643; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105197

Price: 5.00 USD
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22572 Om Books International
Castophour Ka Panna (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070650; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105198

Price: 6.00 USD
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22573 Om Books International
Udaan 714 Sydney ki Aur (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070667; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105199

Price: 6.00 USD
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22574 Om Books International
Tintin Aur Pikaros (in Hindi)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070674; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 64. 105200

Price: 5.00 USD
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22575 Om Books International
Goldilocks (Mini Bus Series)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789385252112; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 10. 105201

Price: 2.50 USD
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22576 Om Books International
Pinocchio (Mini Bus)
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789385252105; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
The old wood-carver Geppetto decides to make a wonderful puppet which can dance and turn somersaults, but by chance he chooses an unusual piece of wood - and the finished puppet can talk and misbehave like the liveliest child. But Pinocchio is brave and inquisitive as well as naughty, and after some hair-raising adventures, he earns his heart's desire.Printed Pages: 10. 105202

Price: 5.00 USD
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22577 Om D. Upadhya
The Art of Ajanta and Sopocani (A Comprehensive Study)
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1994; 8120809904; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 316. 030228

Price: 19.95 USD
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22578 Om Prakash
Conceptualisation and History: In Early Indian Socio-Economic Studies
Excellence Publishers; Allahabad, India; 1992; First Edition; Hardcover; Very Good; Fair; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 240. Slightly torn dust jacket. 025016

Price: 20.00 USD
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22579 Om Prakash
The Dutch Factories in India 1617-1623: A Collection of Dutch East India Company Documents Pertaining to India
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1984; 8121501164; First Edition; Hardcover; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
The records of the Dutch East India Company are recognized to be a major source material on Indian history for the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries. The company established in 1602, was the biggest trading entity of its time. It carried extensive trading operations in India for nearly two hundred years. The letters, reports and other documents available in the company's archives contain an enormous amount of detail on a variety of subjects. While commercial and economic matters arising out of the company's own trade in the sub-continent as well as that of its rivals, including the Indian merchants figure prominently in its documentation, these are not the only concerns of these records, political, social, religious, and other matters are often found to have been discussed extensively in these documents. A particular strength of these records is the solid quantitative data they contain on a large number of variables. The use of these documents for the writing of Indian history thus far has been somewhat restricted because of the barrier of both language and paleography. The present collection makes these documents available in the English language with detailed annotations. Printed Pages: 356 with 1 b/w illustration and 1 map. 031461

Price: 9.25 USD
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22580 Om Prakash
Religion and Society in Ancient India
Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan; Delhi, India; Softcover; New; 

Price: 12.00 USD
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22581 Om Prakash
Downfall of Mughal Empire
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8126110775; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 424. 107714

Price: 17.85 USD
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22582 Om Prakash
Emergence of East India Company
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8126110783; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 386. 107715

Price: 16.85 USD
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22583 Om Prakash
French in India
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8126110791; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 364. 107716

Price: 15.85 USD
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22584 Om Prakash
Dutch in India
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8126110813; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 298. 107717

Price: 12.85 USD
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22585 Om Prakash
Lord Clive and His Administration in India
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8126110821; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 434. 107718

Price: 18.85 USD
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22586 Om Prakash
Marathas and Ahmad Shah Abdali
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 812611083X; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 358. 107719

Price: 14.85 USD
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22587 Om Prakash
Warren Hastings: The First Governor-General of India
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8126110848; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 336. 107720

Price: 14.85 USD
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22588 Om Prakash
Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8126110856; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 324. 107721

Price: 13.85 USD
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22589 Om Prakash
Lord Cornwallis: Administrative Reforms and British Policy
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2002; 8126110864; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 400. 107722

Price: 16.85 USD
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22590 Om Prakash
Lord Wellesley and Policy of Expansion
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8126115092; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 322. 107723

Price: 16.85 USD
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22591 Om Prakash
Marathas and Their Administration
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8126115106; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 386. 107724

Price: 16.85 USD
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22592 Om Prakash
Emergence of Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8126115114; Hardcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 336. 107725

Price: 16.85 USD
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22593 Om Prakash
British Policy of Intervention and Expansion
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8126115122; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 334. 107726

Price: 16.85 USD
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22594 Om Prakash
Lord Hastings and His Administrative Measures
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8126115130; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 388. 107727

Price: 18.85 USD
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22595 Om Prakash
Lord William Bentinck and Metcalfe Era of Reforms
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8126115149; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 314. 107728

Price: 16.85 USD
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22596 Om Prakash
Ranjit Sing: Administration and British Policy
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8126115165; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 228. 107729

Price: 12.85 USD
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22597 Om Prakash
History of Anglo-Sikh Wars
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8126115173; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 334. 107730

Price: 16.85 USD
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22598 Om Prakash
Mutiny and its Aftermath
Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8126115181; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 410. 107731

Price: 18.85 USD
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22599 Om Prakash (ed.)
The Trading World of the Indian Ocean, 1500-1800 (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization: Vol. III, Part 7)
Pearson Education; New Delhi, India; 2012; 8131732231; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 710 037228

Price: 66.95 USD
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22600 Om Prakash (translated, Annotated, edited)
The Dutch Factories in India: Vol. II: 1624-1627. A Collection of Dutch East India Company Documents
Manohar; New Delhi, India; 2007; 8173047391; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 416. 036111

Price: 23.95 USD
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