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31101 Shanti Lal Nagar
Varaha: In Indian Art, Culture and Literature
Aryan Books International; New Delhi, India; 1993; 8173050309; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 18 x 25 Cm 
In the Indian context, the animal, though occasionally appears in the Vedic and post-vedic literature, but its reverence achieved a great boost after its association with the incarnation of Visnu, a strong and powerful Brahmanical god. In this form the boar, it is stated, rescued the earth-goddess submerged under the deep sea-waters. The reasons for the drowning of the earth have been quite convincingly given in the texts. The Mahabharata is quite vocal in this regard, wherein, it is stated that the earth was submerged in water because of its over population. "The salient features of the episode are (i) the Deluge, (ii) the Earth, (iii) the Demon Hiranyaksa, besides the boar. With the passage of time the theme of the rescue of the earth became symbolical with the rulers of the country, who after having conquered a territory or overthrowing the foreign domination, equated the event with the rescue of the earth by the boar incarnation of Visnu. Such events were celebrated by erecting an image or a temple of the god. "The present work aims at highlighting the various aspects of Varaha form of Visnu, in the background of the literary as well as the archaeological evidence, available in the country. Printed Pages: 172 with 54 halftone illustrations. 100247

Price: 32.00 USD
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31102 Shanti Lal Nagar
Siva Mahapuranam (An Exhaustive Introduction, Sanskrit Text, English Translation with Photographs of Archaeological Evidence), 3 Vols
Chaukhamba Publications; New Delhi, India; 2007; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 2064. 100595

Price: 80.00 USD
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31103 Shanti Lal Nagar
Kamba Ramayana (English Translation of Tamil Ramayana of Sage Kamban), 2 Vols
Parimal Publications; Delhi, India; 2008; 8171103162; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 19 x 25 Cm 
The story of Rama has been dominating the Indian religious scene from the time immemorial. The complete story of the Ramayana was hardly popular with the masses in complete form till it was composed by the sage Valmiki in a book form. The Ramayana which is known as the Adi-kavya or the first ornate poem according to the indigenous estimation is ascribed to the sage Valmiki, the Adikavi or the first author of the ornate poetry. The Ramayana deserves to be called as the Adikavya because of the characteristics of the ornate poetry, such as the description of nature and the presence of the figures of speech, both of words and the sense are quite auspicious. A number of Ramayanas were composed in different parts of the country. The regional Ramayanas were composed not only in the north but also in the south, in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. Of these regional works, the Kamba Ramayana which was composed by Maharshi Kamban, possibly was the earliest. The Kamba Ramayana comprises of six kandas instead of seven of the Valmiki Ramayana.Printed Pages: 1001. 100608

Price: 37.50 USD
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31104 Shanti Lal Nagar
Hanuman: In Art, Culture, Thought and Literature
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1995; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Ever since the dawn of civilization in the country, several deities emerged on the Indian religious scene, while some of them vanished into oblivion as suddenly as they had mushroomed, sone of them left and indelible impression in the minds of the people and are adored in one form or the other even during the modern times. Hanuman happens to be one such deity. Though scholars have tried to trace the presence of Hanuman in the Vedic literature in the form of Vrsakapi, the Braham Purana, how-ever, recognises Vrsakapi to be none else than Hanuman himself. Hanuman, as such however, was introducted by Valmiki for the first time in the Ramayana where initially he had an insignificant role as a minister of Sugriva. His personality indeed got a great boost soon after his coming in contact with Rama and Lakshmana, the Ayodhya princes. In fact most of the episodes in the Kiskindha, Sundara and Yuddha Kandas of the Ramayana hover round Hanuman. There, he is presented as an excellent warrior, a devoted servant, a diplomat par excellence, most intelligent person and the one, who possessing all the virtues, could render selfless service to one and all. He never had any aspirations of his own and his entire performance in the epic was dedicated for the service of others. He could perform such heroic deeds, which none else even Rama and Laksmana could do.Printed Pages: 604. 102065

Price: 80.00 USD
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31105 Shanti Lal Nagar
Indian Monoliths
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1992; Hardcover; New; New; 
One of the glorious aspects of the Ancient Indian art and Architecture had been the creation of Monoliths which were hewn out of solid rocks. Though the presence of these monoliths could be traced in the Vedic and later Vedic texts, but no specimens beyond the Mauryan period could be traced. The Indra Sabha of Chandragupta Maurya at Kumrahar near Patna was credited with having eighty-two monolithic pillars with the glazed polish. However, with Asoka's ascending to the throne of Magadha, the art of chiselling in India received a great boost. During his times a number of monolithic pillars with capitals including those at Sanchi and Sarnath were created. The pillars of the Mauryan period were circular in their design but during the subsequent period the stress on circular monoliths was almost abandoned. In their place, the square, hexagonal, or octagonal monolithic pillars were patronised. In centuries that followed the artist besides continuing the activity of monolithic pillars, also started the chiselling of the monolithic cave stupas, which served the cause of Buddhism, followed by the creation of monolithic temples, like those at Ellora, Mahabalipuram and Masrur (Kangra). These Monoliths have their own importance in the Indian Art and Architecture. The present work deals with the subject in detail, highlighting the salient features of the Indian monoliths.Printed Pages: 204. 102503

Price: 20.00 USD
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31106 Shanti Lal Nagar
The Twelve Jyotirlingas
Parimal Publications; Delhi, India; 2008; 8171103294; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 56 with 24 Pages of Plates. 103155

Price: 10.00 USD
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31107 Shanti Lal Nagar
Srivisnucaritam in Indian Art and Literature
Parimal Publications; Delhi, India; 1998; 817110133X; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 2000. 103176

Price: 150.00 USD
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31108 Shanti Lal Nagar
Mahiravanacaritam in Indian Paintings
Parimal Publications; Delhi, India; 1997; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 400. 103178

Price: 30.00 USD
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31109 Shanti Lal Nagar
Deities in Terracotta Art: From Earliest Times to Late Medieval Period (Indian Gods and Goddesses), Vol. V
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2008; 8176466379; Hardcover; New; New; 
Terracotta Art has attracted the mankind from the time immemorial. Be it the household or child`s play cart it dominated the human society impressively. A school of thought treated it to be the poor-man`s art but it was patronised in fact by the higher strata of society as well, While with the poor it was like the lifeline who used it for cooking and other domestic purposes besides making the toys for their children and more often than not as the deities for adoration, the most popular among them being the Mother Goddess. Such figurines have been found in abundance in the pre-historic sites of Harappa and Mohenjodaro and they continued during the historical period as well. Gradually the number of deities in Terracotta Art went on increasing and the sites like Bhumra, Ahichchhatra, Rajghat, Mathura etc. of the historical period produced a large number of deities. Interestingly the types of such deities in the earlier period was restricted to only a few deities like Siva. Mother Goddess, the sun or some composite forms but reaching the historical period their number was multiplied. Even those figures of the historical period which included the goddesses like MahisasuramardinI, Sarasvatl, Durga and others started attracting the provisions of the Silp-Sastras in making of the terracotta figurines. Though there had been a number of books on Terracotta Art in India but a work exclusively dealing with the Indian deities represented in Terracotta Art are not quite common. In the present book an effort has been made to project the deities so commonly found from the earliest times in the Indian Terracotta Art, and it is hoped that the readers will find it interesting. Printed Pages: 206 with 180 b/w plates. 110420

Price: 55.40 USD
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31110 Shanti Lal Nagar
Iconography of Jaina Deities, 2 Vols.
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 1999; 8176460559; Hardcover; New; New; 

Price: 89.40 USD
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31111 Shanti Lal Nagar
Indian Gods and Godesses (Vol. 4: Yogini Shrines and Saktipithas), 2 Parts
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2006; 8176464953; Hardcover; New; New; 

Price: 79.40 USD
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31112 Shanti Lal Nagar
Genesis and Evolution of the Rama Katha: in Indian Art, Thought, Literature and Culture; (From the Earliest Period to the Modern Times), 3 Vols
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 1999; 8176460826; Hardcover; New; New; 

Price: 149.40 USD
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31113 Shanti Lal Nagar
Buddha in Gandhara Art and other Buddhist Sites
Buddhist World Press/B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2010; 8190821210; Hardcover; New; New; 
The genesis of the Buddhist art in India, is traceable in the stone art of Bharhut dating back to the second century B.C. followed by the art of the Buddhist stupa at Sanchi, the art of Mathura and Amaravati dating back to a century or two later. Numerous stone artefacts relating to the life of the Buddha were discovered from these sites. The early tradition of the Buddhist art and Bharhut and Sanchi does not project Buddha in human form. He is projected at these sites in symbolic form of empty throne, a chariot with a rider, a Bodhi tree or a horse without a rider. This was ostensibly done by the followers of the Buddha, out of the great reverence and respect, they had for the master. The Buddha, however, started appearing in human form in Gandhara Art, which starts from the 2nd-3rd c. A.D. onwards. The projection of Buddha here at Gandhara in human form is so wider spread, as if it had been started with a vengeance. In early Buddhist sites of Bharhut, Sanchi, Mathura, Amravati and Nagarjunakonda, the Buddhist art was executed in the hard stone. But in Gandhara the religious art was not restricted to the stone sculptures alone but its excellence was projected in terracotta and stucco at Taxila, the Cave at Bamiyan, in Afghanistan and other sites, where two standing images of the Buddha were found, one of which is the tallest in the world with a height of 177 feet. The life scenes of Buddha right from the dream of the queen Maya to his parinirvana started appearing in the Buddhist art from Bharhut onwards, and Gandhara started doing so by about the 2nd - 3rd c.A.D. In the present work an attempt has been made to portray as many life scenes of Buddha as possible from Gandhara and while doing so the evidence of some other ancient Buddhist sites, like Bharhut, Sanchi, Amaravati, Nagarjunakonda, Mathura, etc. has also been included with the twin purpose of comparative study and to supply the missing link. Printed Pages: 404. 110345

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31114 Shanti Lal Nagar
Indian Gods and Goddesses (Vol. 3: Hindu, Jain and Buddhist Goddesses)
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2005; 817646497X; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 332 with 65 plates. 110353

Price: 39.40 USD
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31115 Shanti Lal Nagar (Tr.)
Brahmavaivarta-Purana, 2 Vols (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)
Parimal Publications; Delhi, India; 2003; 8171101704; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Vedavyasa has composed Mahapuranas by resorting to the use of historical episodes, legends, stories, fables etc. in order to lay down clearly the topics described in those special type of episodes addressed as Purana in Vedic era. Brahmavaivarta is the most popular treatise among the eighteen Mahapuranas. This Mahapurana finds its references everywhere in various Puranas and in the inventory of names to these Mahapuranas. Moreover, as per the yardstick ascertained, this Mahapurana contains eighteen thousand hymns in it too. As the preaching delivered by god Krishna to desperate Arjuna considering them as nectar of Shrimadbhagavad Gita, the special preaching delivered by the same god Krishna are stored in this Mahapurana too. As this Mahapurana discloses the mystery of Brahman, it is called Brahmavaivarta Mahapurana. This Mahapurana has adduced as an authority by a number of philosopher for their submissions. The commentators has from this angle, accpeted the specific significance of Brahmavaivarta Mahapurana in literature on Puranas. Indian culture based in Vedas and the tradition of Indian school of thoughts is seen enumerated to suffice length in this Mahapurana.Printed Pages: 1497. 100772

Price: 61.00 USD
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31116 Shanti Lal Nagar and Tripta Nagar
Giradhara Ramayana: Composed in Gujarati by Giridhara, the great son of the soil in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries AD translated into English (Ramayana in Regional Languages Series
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2003; 8121510309; First Edition; Cloth; New; New; 16.5 Cms x 25 Cms 
The Ramayana or the story of Rama, has been dominating the Indian religious scene from the time immemorial. Before composition of the work of poetic excellence to be the pioneer of the same, the story was available in fragments in different parts of the country. Though the sage Valmiki was inspired by the sage Narada for composing the Ramayana but Valmiki had to collect several fragments of the story from various regions of the country. Once the story was composed in poetic form, there was a great boost in the popularity of the theme and soon there arose the urge with the people to listen or to recite the Ramayanas in the languages they spoke. As a result of this, several Ramayana in the regional languages were brought out from time to time in the past particularly in the medieval period. The Giridhara Ramayana in Gujarati comes under such types of works, which was composed by Giridhara, a great son of soil, in Gujarati language. The most astonishing aspect of this work has been that it provides occasionally the study of the selected events as discussed in other works, which highlights its unique nature. The English version of the text now produced, will securely interest the readers in country and abroad. Printed Pages: 517. 000102

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31117 Shanti Swarup
5000 Years of Arts and Crafts in India and Pakistan: A Survey of Sculpture, Architecture, Painting, Dance, Music, Handicrafts, and Ritual Decorations from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
D.B. Taraporevala Sons & Co. Private Ltd.; Bombay, India; 1968; First Edition; Hard Cover; Very Good; No Jacket; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 282 with numerous colour and b/w plates. Bumped corners. 018211

Price: 65.00 USD
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31118 Shanti Swarup
Mughal Art: A Study in Handicrafts
Agam Kala Prakashan; Delhi, India; 1996; Hardcover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
For the first time a book on Mughal Handicrafts is brought out, and superbly so. After a general discussion on the social, political and economic conditions in Mughal India, the author goes on to expound the sources of Mughal decorative arts and the designs of decoration and finally describes the various forms of Mughal handicrafts illustrating them with works found on archaeological sites in India and select objects preserved in museums and private collection all over the world.Printed Pages: 220 with 100 colours illustrations. 101578

Price: 35.00 USD
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31119 Shanti Swarup Gupta
Integrated Development Plan for India: Goals Tools and Strategies
Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1992; 817022411X; Hardcover; New; New; 
It appears, lately the western world is reconciling to three ideas. First, life is one. In the name of specialisation, to take a sectarian view is not correct. So, now inter-disciplinary researchers are increasingly becoming popular. Secondly, progress cannot sort from zero. It must be linked to the past. Culture cannot be suddenly asked to go. Thirdly, materialism alone is not a satisfactory answer to happiness. Dr. S.S. Gupta has incorporated all the three aspects in the present work, which predominantly belongs to the discipline of economics. While defining Goal, he has talked of an all round, integrated and balanced growth of life. He has called it Anand, i.e. permanent happiness. While dealing with Tools, he has tried to bank upon the traditional tools of family, family function and national festivals, mass media, etc. And while discussing Strategies, he has discussed along with economic strategy and supporting social and political strategies. His ideas of District States for maximum decentralisation of power and Samrasta for social rejuvenation are thought provoking. His suggestion to take up selected areas, instead of the whole country, for a planned integrated development and saturate it with resources in a period of time, say five years, and take it to the take off stage within this period and then leave it to its fate, deserves serious attention. This is a readable book, full of challenging ideas. Printed Pages: 274. 112378

Price: 7.50 USD
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31120 Shantideva
A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life
Paljor Publications/Library of Tibetan Works & Archives; New Delhi, India; 2010; 8185102597; Softcover; New; 
Shantideva's Bodhisattvacharyavatara (A Guide to Bodhisattva's Way of Life) holds a unique place in Mahayana Buddhism akin to the of the Dhammapada in Hinayana Buddhism and the Bhagavadgita in Hinduism. In combing those rare qualities of scholastic precision, spritual depth and peotical beauty, its appeal extends to a wide audience of Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Composed in India during the 8th Century of the Christian era, It has been an inspiration to millions of people throughout the World.Printed Pages: 194. 103555

Price: 20.00 USD
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31121 Shantideva; Revised Translation and New Preface By the Padmakara Translation Group
The Way of the Bodhisattva
Shambhala; 1569571015; First Edition; Paperback; New; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 240. 037140

Price: 14.95 USD
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31122 Shantilal Nagar
Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Indian Rsis (based on Vedas, Upanisads, Epics and Puranas)
Deccan Heritage Foundation; London, UK; 2012; 8188643378; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 19 x 25 Cm 
Set of 2 vols 037065

Price: 74.25 USD
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31123 Shantilal Nagar
The Temples of Himachal Pradesh
Aditya Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 1990; 8186471073; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 325 with numerous plates. 035727

Price: 22.95 USD
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31124 Shantilal Nagar
Jinasena's Adipurana (Sanskrit Text with English Translation and Notes English Version), 2 Vols
Eastern Book Linkers; Delhi, India; 2011; 8178542021; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 1279. 103981

Price: 80.00 USD
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31125 Shantilal Nagar
The Temples of Himachal Pradesh
Aditya Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 1990; 8185179484; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Indian History sh has been known from the time immemorial as the 'Land of Gods', who have their abodes in the entire length and breadth of the state. The deities enshrined therein, belong to different cults and creeds, of the Hindu, the Buddhist and the Jaina pantheons. These shrines belong to the different periods of Indian history, portray different schools of art and Architecture and have been handed over by the past in the form of stone as well as wooden or even brick structures of sikhara, pagoda, pentroof and dome shaped temples and monasteries. An attempt has been made in this work to project a descriptive account of nearly three hundred such religious edifices belonging to different periods of Indian History in the twelve districts of the state, arranged in a chronological order, also classifying them in (i) Sakti temples, (ii) Siva temples, (iii) Vaishnava temples and (iv) temples of the other deities. While doing so, an effort has been made to correlate the copper plate grants concerning the different temples, which highlight the importance of each one of them. Another interesting feature of the work is, the account concerning the various temples dedicated to the Puranic sages like Vyasa, Markandeya, Parasurama and others, besides the local deities (not related to any of the renowned faiths) which include Deosiddha Balakanath, Shirgil, Devatas and Nagas. Printed Pages: 325 with 231 plates, 44 illustrations. 100029

Price: 29.10 USD
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31126 Shantilal Nagar
Rama An Incarnation of Visnu
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2016; 9789350502648; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 120. 110459

Price: 17.50 USD
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31127 Shantilal Nagar
Durga: The Great Goddess
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2012; 9789350500033; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 152. 110470

Price: 4.37 USD
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31128 Shantilal Nagar
Ganesa the Remover of Obstacles
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2012; 9789350500040; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 160. 110471

Price: 4.37 USD
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31129 Shantilal Nagar
Torvey Ramayana By Torvey Narahari (Kumara Valmiki) (A Work of 15th Century A.D.)
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8176464554; First Edition; Hardbound; New; New; 23 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 480. 002668

Price: 80.00 USD
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31130 Shantilal Nagar
Hanuman Through the Ages, 3 Vols.
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8176464619; First Edition; Hard Cover with a Slipcase; New; New; 23 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 801 with numerous colour and b/w plates. 002670

Price: 149.00 USD
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31131 Shantilal Nagar
Miniature Paintings and Sculptures on Krsna: With particular reference to Bhagavata Purana and Other Texts
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2003; 817646337X; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 304 with numerous colour and b/w illustrations. 023401

Price: 75.00 USD
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31132 Shantilal Nagar
Glory of Jaina Tirthankaras
Eastern Book Linkers; Delhi, India; 2006; 8178540991; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 19 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed pages: 389 and 72 plates. 016741

Price: 42.00 USD
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31133 Shantilal Nagar
Parasurama: An Incarnation of Visnu
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2006; 8176464821; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 128. 110494

Price: 3.75 USD
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31134 Shantilal Nagar
Rama: An Incarnation of Visnu
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2006; 8176464767; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 120. 110495

Price: 3.75 USD
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31135 Shantilal Nagar
Mahishasurmardini in Indian Art
Aditya Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 1988; 8185179093; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 264. 111271

Price: 37.50 USD
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31136 Shantilal Nagar
Garga Sanhita by Sage Garga: The Family Priest of Yadu Race, 2 Vols
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2003; 8176463930; Hardcover; New; New; 

Price: 59.40 USD
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31137 Shantilal Nagar (translated Into English)
Ananda Ramayana Attributed to the Great Sage Valmiki (Sanskrit Text with English translation), 2 Vols.
Parimal Publications; New Delhi, India; 2006; 8171102824; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 19 x 25 Cm 
Volume I: Sara-kanda, Yatra-kanda, Yaga-kanda, Vilasa-kanda, Janma-kanda, Vivaha-kanda; Volume II: Rajya-kanda, Manohara-kanda, Purna-kanda. 033644

Price: 34.00 USD
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31138 Shantipriya Devi
Verbal Forms in the Rgveda
Pratibha Prakashan; Delhi, India; 2002; 8177020641; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 330. 101386

Price: 13.00 USD
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31139 Shaphalya Amatya
Rana Rule in Nepal
Nirala Publications; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8185693676; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 382. 017157

Price: 16.50 USD
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31140 Sharad Chandra Jain
Indian Agriculture: Its Challenge and Achievement
Rao and Raghavan; Mysore, India; 1969; First Edition; Hardcover; Very Good; Fair; 14 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 187. Chipped dust-jacket. 021022

Price: 10.00 USD
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31141 Sharad Chari
Fraternal Capital: Peasant-Workers, Self-Made Men and Globalization in Provincial India
Permanent Black; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8178240890; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 15 Cms x 22 Cms 
Printed Pages: 404. 011468

Price: 16.25 USD
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31142 Sharad Deshpande (edited with an introduction)
The Philosophy of G.R. Malkani
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd. in Association with Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi; New Delhi, India; 1997; 818563632X; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 14.5 Cms x 22.5 Cms 
Printed pages: 465. 017723

Price: 9.50 USD
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31143 Sharad Dwivedi and Shalini Devi Holkar
Almond Eyes Lotus Feet: Indian Traditions in Beauty and Health
Collins; New York, USA; 2007; 0061246530; First Edition; Paper Back; New; 23.5 Cms x 15.5 Cms 
Printed pages: 269 alongwith numerous colour and b/w photographs. 036071

Price: 29.75 USD
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31144 Sharad Hebalkar
Ancient Indian Ports with Special Reference to Maharashtra
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2001; 8121508584; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 14 Cms x 22 Cms 
Printed Pages: 184 with 7 maps and 29 b/w illustrations. 000989

Price: 10.25 USD
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31145 Sharad K. Soni
Mongolia-China Relations: Modern and Contemporary Times
Pentagon Press; New Delhi, India; 2006; 8182741963; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 15 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 330. 020250

Price: 15.00 USD
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31146 Sharada Dwivedi and Prince Manvendra Singh of Barwani
The Automobiles of the Maharajas
Prestige; New Delhi, India; 2003; 8190060287; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 29 Cms x 29 Cms 
This book attempts to present the story of special cars and contoured bodies fabricated by the manufacturers or coach builders to the specification of royalty, often catering to their incredible eccentricities. For the Maharajas, luxury motor cars became the symbol of power and prestige. Between the two wars, Indian royalty acquired the most spelindid of cars-the likes of which will never be seen again. Printed Pages: 324. 031715

Price: 87.25 USD
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31147 Sharada Dwivedi and Shalini Devi Holkar; Foreword By Princess Esra Jah of Hyderabad
Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet: Indian Traditions in Beauty and Health
Eminence Designs Pvt. Ltd; Mumbai, India; 2005; 819021702X; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 263 with numerous colour illustrations. 023585

Price: 29.00 USD
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31148 Sharada Gandhi
Pancadasi: A Critical Study
Parimal Publications/Chaukhambha Publications; New Delhi, India; 1985; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 312. 100609

Price: 15.00 USD
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31149 Sharada Gopalam
Facets of Notation in South Indian Music
Sundeep Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 1991; 8185067627; Hardcover; New; New; 
The present treatise Facets of Notation in South Indian Music originally formed the contents of a Ph.D. thesis submitted by the author to the University of Mysore under the title Development of Notation in Karnatic Music. In this book the author examines and discusses some of the important facets of South Indian music notation. The notational scheme has been introduced in this treatise, Sangita Sampradaya Pradarsini (1904) (adopted in a modern work, Syama Sastri`s Compositions) being of overwhelming relevance to the present discussion and has been discussed in length and breadth. Printed Pages: 127. 112704

Price: 9.10 USD
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31150 Sharada Misra
Krishna Speaks to you Again
Sundeep Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 1979; 8175740604; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 298. 112728

Price: 8.10 USD
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31151 Sharada Sugirtharajah
Imagining Hinduism: A Postcolonial Perspective
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2017; 8120840917; Softcover; New; 
Imagining Hinduism introduces a new and significant way of looking at Western constructions of Hinduism. Employing current postcolonial categories, Sharada Sugirtharajah examines how Hinduism has been defined, interpreted and manufactured through Western categorizations, from the foreign interventions of the eighteenth and nineteenth century Orientalist and missionaries to the present day. Her contention is that ever since early Orientalists 'discovered' the ancient Sanskrit texts and the Hindu 'Golden Age', the West has nurtured a complex and ambivalent fascination with Hinduism, responding to it in ways ranging from romantic admiration to ridicule. At the same time, she focuses attention on how Hindu discourse has drawn upon Orientalist representations in order to redefine Hindu identity and construct a monolithic Hinduism, both in the Indian and diasporic contexts. As the first comprehensive work to bring postcolonial critique to the study of Hinduism, Imagining Hinduism is essential reading for an informed and critical understanding of how both Europeans and Hindus engage with Hinduism. Printed Pages: 182. 116735

Price: 60.00 USD
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31152 Sharadini Dahanukar & Urmila Thatte (Authors)
Ayurveda Unravelled
National Book Trust/Sangam Book Depot; New Delhi, India; 8123716761; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 138. 108442

Price: 13.92 USD
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31153 Sharat Kumar
The White Marble Burji and Other Stories
Aakar Books; New Delhi, India; 9789383723188; Softcover; New; 
“This collection of short stories is an assimilation of ideas, characters and language. It makes one embark on a journey that is thought-provoking, beautiful and real, all at the same time, and leaves one feeling both fulfilled yet hoping for more. The author is a man of many talents and wide experience. He started his career as a commissioned officer in the Indian Navy. After nine years of service, including a year spent on deputation to command a Company of the Border Roads in North Sikkim, he resigned his commission and joined a private sector industry in Kolkata. He went on to become its Managing Director, and then switched to be the President of a Joint Sector Company in Srinagar, Kashmir. Subsequently, he was the Director of a prestigious MBA school (IMT Ghaziabad), when he wrote his book Mind your Management which won the ‘Best Management Book of the Year Award’ from NTPC-DMA. Irrespective of the jobs he was doing, Sharat Kumar always upheld his love for literarture. Besides many short stories, his first novel Shikhar aur Seemayen based on his experiences in Sikkim won the literary award of the Delhi Hindi Committee. His other Hindi novel, Lal Kothi Alvida was made into a TV serial and eighty-two half hour episodes of it were telecast at prime time by Doordarshan. He also directed a full-length art film based on this novel which received Certificates of Special Merit at International Film Festivals at Strasbourg and Philadelphia, and a Mejor Actriz, Rashi B Award at Festival de Granada, and was screened at Festival du Cinema de Bruxelles.” -Dr. Sonal Parmar, Editorial Consultant, National School of Drama “What we find in these stories are documentations, and careful unfolding of the everyday events around us, and how the disturbed individual in the modern world continues to struggle against odds. Sharat Kumar’s collection of deep, insightful narratives do not just disturb the reader. But in doing so introduces them to a world where serenity does not come as a marching platoon of motivational ideas, but as a series of sonorous drops resulting from an individual struggle in life. Kumar’s collection of stories are about the common man’s life. There is no heroic feat by any of the characters, no other worldly inventions, if there are gods, demons and apsaras, then they are humanized. These stories are about the common that is thrown into the chaos of a fractured modernity.” -Arijeet Mondal, PhD (literature) scholar, University of Delhi “The White Marble Burzi and Other Stories by Sharat Kumar is a collection that will leave the readers with a calming sense of the indecipherable beauty of life, love and remembering. The writing sustains a languid grace throughout the stories. Several of Kumar’s stories espouse a travelogue style description of places and situations with minute attention paid to details. These stories are a charming ode to love, longing and many mysteries of life that cannot be solved but only enjoyed.” -Rituparna Sengupta, Freelance Journalist. 111684

Price: 15.80 USD
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31154 Sharatchandr Chattopadhyay
Shrikant, Vol. I (in Hindi)
Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2015; 819311552X; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 338. 111926

Price: 12.25 USD
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31155 Sharatchandr Chattopadhyay
Shrikant, Vol. II (in Hindi)
Lenin Media Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2015; 8193115538; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 338. 111927

Price: 12.20 USD
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31156 Sharath Babu and Rashmi Shetty
Social Justice and Labour Jurisprudence: Justice VR Krishna Iyer's Contributions
Sage Publications; New Delhi, India; 2007; 0761935231; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
This comprehensive book traces the growth of labour jurisprudence in India and provides a clear understanding of the content of these principal judgements. The Supreme Court of India has always had pro-socialist judges, the most prominent of them being Justice V R Krishna Iyer. His contributions to labour jurisprudence are legendary. This book analyses and critiques the most important judgements delivered by Justice Iyer from the perspective of social justice. The judgements are arranged contextually in accordance with the subject and within the framework of prevailing industrial laws. The authors elaborate on the key aspects of industrial relations in India and provide a clear understanding of the linkage between labour issues and the philosophy of the Constitution as perceived by Justice V R Krishna Iyer. Printed Pages: 608. 028603

Price: 49.95 USD
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31157 Sharath Komarraju
The Puppeteers of Palem
Westland Limited; New Delhi, India; 9789384030681; Softcover; New; 
The village of Rudraksha Palem awakens and tells her tale. Five friends return to the village of their childhood to find that nothing seems to have changed and at the same time everything has. Whose voice is it that called them back and whose hand is it that now hunts them down, one by one? Palems grand old man, a Brahmin landlord, their childhood storyteller, makes one last ditch attempt to save his village from ruin at her hands. Will he succeed or will his past catch up with him and demand fair price? Two boys, one blind and the other lame, skirt the village borders at the old Shivalayam, listening, staring. On their faces they wear smiles of contentment. They sleep well. They see happy dreams. A TV reporter arrives to study the village, only to sink deeper into the mystery with each passing day. And hovering above all of these is the shadow of Lachi, who is believed to haunt the old Shivalayam on full moon nights. Some say shes consumed by lust, others call it madness, but all catch the red glint in her eye and the icy calm in her voice as she croons a sad, lonely song. The one thing she hungers for, that will satisfy her soul, is the fire that will burn Palem down to ashes. 109695

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31158 Sharayu Thakoor
Ikebana in India
Popular Prakashan; Mumbai, India; 1972; First Edition; Hard Cover; Good; Good; 25.5 Cms x 19 Cms 
Printed Pages: 144 with numerous colour and b/w illustrations. Torn dust-jacket.. 010862

Price: 3.00 USD
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31159 Sharda Arya
Religion and Philosophy of the Padma Purana
Nag Publishers; Delhi, India; 1988; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
In her book entitled "Religion and Philosophy of the Padma-purana", Dr. Sharda Arya has discussed the name, title, place and two-fold-character of the Padma-puraoa-The various Brahmanical religious sects, the specific rituals connected with each one of them and the Religion of the masses such as Tirtha, Vrata, Dana and Stotra have been discussed in separate chapters. Some space has also been given to the Navagrahapuja-The philosophical principles underlying these sects-like the concepts of God, Atman, the world and its theories of creation along with the concept of Moksa and the spiritual paths (mainly Bhakti) leading to it and the doctrines of Karman and Punar-janman have also been dealt with at length. Therefore, the whole matter has been divided into two Books : I-Religion and II-Philosophy. The Book I is further divided into two Parts (A) Religious sects and (B) Religion in common practice. At the end she has given comprehensive lists of Vratas, Utsavas and Stotras in the Appendices. Such a vast and deep study would be extremely useful for the research orcintalists.Printed Pages: 534. 103964

Price: 6.00 USD
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31160 Sharda Narayanan
Vakyapadiya: Sphota, Jati and Dravya
D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2012; 978124606094; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 290. 037055

Price: 16.95 USD
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31161 Sharda Pargal
The Chicken Cookbook
Penguin; New Delhi, India; 2001; 0141004959; First Edition; Paperback; New; New; 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Printed Pages: 302. 005910

Price: 5.35 USD
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31162 Sharda Rani (Mrs Lokesh Chandra) (ed.)
Buddhist Tales of Kashmir in Tibetan Woodcuts (Narthang Series of the Woodcuts of Ksemendra's Avadana-kalpalata)
Aditya Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 2005; 8177420658; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 94 with 58 loose sheets measuring 23 x 36 cm. 035679

Price: 47.95 USD
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31163 Sharif Uddin Ahmed
Dacca: A Study in Urban History and Development
Curzon Press/The Riverdale Company; London, UK; 1986; 070070180X; First Edition; Hard Cover; Fine; Fine; 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 278 with numerous b/w plates. 015636

Price: 23.00 USD
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31164 Sharika Thiranagama
In My Mother's House: Civil War in Sri Lanka
Zubaan/Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2013; 9789381017999; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 320. 109510

Price: 18.00 USD
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31165 Sharit K. Bhowmik
Industry, Labour and Society
Orient BlackSwan; New Delhi, India; 2012; 812504762X; Softcover; New; 
Industry, Labour and Society studies the impact of industry on society and social institutions and vice-versa with reference to the changing economic, social and political landscapes of India. The chapters in this book discuss the following themes: Social organisation of industry that includes authority structures, bureaucracy, scientific management and human relations The role of conflict and cooperation between labour and management and related theoretical perspectives. The labour movement in India with a focus, among others, on labour legislations, viz., the Factory, Trade Union, and Industrial Disputes Acts. The unorganised/ informal sector, which employs an overwhelming majority of the working population. The author looks at how the lowering of trade barriers and the move towards liberalisation, privatisation and outsourcing, have affected the working class. He shows how providing labour rights can be a more effective way of ensuring productivity. In this context, he examines the notion of ‘Decent Work’ as promoted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) that deals with rights and social protection of/for children, women workers and those belonging to socially oppressed groups in developing countries.Printed Pages: 224. 102002

Price: 5.38 USD
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31166 Sharmila Chand
Cheers: 365 Cocktails and Mocktails
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380070292; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Cheers! 365 Cocktails and Mocktails gives you the opportunity to create your own magic to liven up an occasion. Guiding you on exactly what and how much to mix, this book also explains the kind of glasses that should be used when serving these ‘creations’. With inputs from the most talented bartenders across the country, who strongly believe that ‘drinking is an art and one that requires practice as well as the knowledge of how to drink, what to drink and when to drink’, this book lets you join their elusive club to mix the most visually stunning drinks. A complete page-turner, this collection promises to truly knock you off your feet! Printed Pages: 320. 105066

Price: 13.90 USD
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31167 Sharmila Rege
Writing Caste/Writing Gender: Narrating Dalit Women's Testimonios
Zubaan/Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 8189013017; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 548. 109492

Price: 20.52 USD
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31168 Sharmila Rege (ed.)
Sociology of Gender: The Challenge of Feminist Sociological Knowledge
Sage Publications; New Delhi, India; 2003; 0761997059; First Edition; Paperback; New; 
Printed Pages: 444. 028118

Price: 22.45 USD
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31169 Sharmila Rudrappa
Discounted Life: The Price of Global Surrogacy in India
Orient BlackSwan; New Delhi, India; 2015; 8125060472; Softcover; New; 15 x 24 Cm 
India is the top provider of surrogacy services in the world, with a multi-million dollar surrogacy industry that continues to grow exponentially, as increasing numbers of couples from developed nations look for wombs in which to grow their babies. Some scholars have exulted transnational surrogacy for the possibilities it opens for infertile couples, while others have offered bioethical cautionary tales, rebuked exploitative intended parents, or lamented the exploitation of surrogate mothers. However, very little is known about the experience of and transaction between surrogate mothers and intended parents outside the lens of the many agencies that control surrogacy in India.Drawing from rich interviews with surrogate mothers and egg donors in Bangalore, Discounted Life focuses on the processes of social and market exchange in transnational surrogacy. Sharmila Rudrappa interrogates the creation and maintenance of reproductive labor markets, the function of agencies and surrogacy brokers, and how women become surrogate mothers.The author argues that this reproductive industry is organized to control and disempower women workers and yet her interviews reveal that, by and large, the surrogate mothers in Bangalore found the experience life affirming. Rudrappa explores this tension, and the lived realities of many surrogate mothers whose deepening bodily commodification is paradoxically experienced as a revitalizing life development.A detailed and moving study, Discounted Life delineates how local labor markets intertwine with global reproduction industries, how Bangalore’s surrogate mothers make sense of their participation in reproductive assembly lines, and the remarkable ways in which they negotiate positions of power for themselves in progressively untenable socio-economic conditions.This book would be useful to students and scholars of Sociology and Women and Gender Studies. Printed Pages: 224. 107486

Price: 13.35 USD
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31170 Sharmila Shreekumar (ed.)
Scripting Lives: Narratives of 'Privileged Women' in Kerala
Orient BlackSwan; New Delhi, India; 2009; 8125036806; First Edition; Paperback; New; 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
How does one examine the lives women script in the intimacy of diaries, letters and other personal narratives and how can one relate these to the social worlds in which they are produced? Centring its investigation on contemporary Kerala, it examines a range of diverse and seemingly disconnected discourses around the Kerala model, tourism, AIDS and sexual violence and argues that present-day Kerala maps two opposing worlds. It imagines itself as a perfected utopia and, simultaneously, also as a dystopiaa society that is on the edge of collapse. The book attempts to explore these divergent self-descriptions of Kerala. Concurrently it also analyses a range of personal narratives to trace how “dominant women” configure their selves. It deploys the term “dominant women” to signal women of relative privilege, whose experience speaks simultaneously of devaluation and dominance. Their lives also signal the asymmetries, the instabilities and the inequalities within the category “woman”. These women are, in many ways, the subject of the development narratives of the state. The book reveals how discourses apparently removed from women’s everyday shape their personal experiences and, in turn, how women’s self-formations overwrite, extend and rework these “larger” discourses. Sreekumar’s writing is compelling and textured. Her research, based on a wide range of women’s narratives, makes this a riveting journey into the makings of modern-day Kerala. Printed Pages: 324. 031580

Price: 16.95 USD
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31171 Sharmila Tagore
The World on a Canvas: Paresh Maity: A Visual Voyage
Art Alive Gallery; New Delhi, India; 2010; 8190646311; First Edition; Hardcover with a Slipcase; New; New; 31.5 x 36.5 Cm Nemai Ghosh 
Printed Pages: 358 with numerous colour illustrations. 032184

Price: 165.00 USD
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31172 Sharmistha Gooptu
Bengali Cinema: An Other Nation
Roli Books; New Delhi, India; 2010; 8174368167; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 22.5 Cms x 15 Cms 
Printed pages: 296. 034603

Price: 9.75 USD
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31173 Sharmistha Lahiri (Ed.)
Inhabiting the Other: Essays on Literature and Exile
Aryan Books International; New Delhi, India; 2001; 8173052050; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 22 Cm 
Literary Inspiration that drew impetus from a state of exile and suffering has engaged the attention of scholars in view of its overwhelming occurence in contemporary literature. Texts built around the sign of displacement have allowed readings at multiple levels of space and time leading to shifts in trends in hermeneutics. The editor's goal in this volume is to give a critical overview of certain common denominators present in texts of a similar persuasion, functioning within identical parameters, albeit at different junctures of history. Physical exile and isolation led, in many instances, to a blossoming of the creative faculties which sought to ease the numbering feeling of an inner exile. The present collection of essays, representing texts from different countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, institute a discussion on certain issues that plagued the minds of some of the greatest writers of the world. Printed Pages: 216 100276

Price: 9.63 USD
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31174 Sharmistha Mohanty
New Life
Roli Books; New Delhi, India; 2005; 8186939210; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 8.5 x 5.5 Inches 
New Life is a tale of love, of a girl growing up to be a woman in Calcutta, and of her spiritual awakening across continents. It can be read as a story of complex human relationships, evocatively interspersed with metaphorical descriptions of landscapes. A passage in the novel aptly describes the author’s intention behind her writing: ‘She wrote from, not about. She attempted to create a space, a vast space where many things could dwell at the same time, and where each thing could become more than itself.’ This is not another Indian English novel written for export; a native sensibility works in English to rediscover our own ways of understanding the world. New Life is not just a tale, it is a poem. —U.R. Ananthamurthy The past comes through in New Life as so many melodic lines converging and then separating in strange yet vaguely familiar ways. These lines, I am afraid, will haunt you, because just when you will begin to think nostalgia is getting you, you will recognise in some surprise that it is not a lost world that Sharmistha Mohanty is invoking but a living world that survives in fragments, tentatively yet confidently, all around us. It is a world that has lost none of its vitality for being half-forgotten or cornered. The search is not for a lost history but for a self within which fragments of past selves will find a place. —Ashis Nandy Printed Pages: 296 illustrations. 013003

Price: 7.00 USD
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31175 Sharnbasvappa Appa; Translation and Commentary By M.V.Kamath
Maha Dasoha Sutras
Serials Publications; New Delhi, India; 2006; 8183870457; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 15.5 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed pages: 192. 016297

Price: 15.00 USD
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31176 Sharon E. Mckay
Thunder over kandhar
Om Books International; New Delhi, India; 9789380069470; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
A powerful novel of enduring friendship set amid the terror and chaos of present-day Afghanistan. Best friends Tamanna and Yasmine cannot believe their good fortune when a school is set up in their Afghan village; however, their dreams for the future are shattered when the Taliban burns down the school and threatens the teacher and students with death. As Tamanna faces an arranged marriage to an older man and the Taliban targets Yasmine's western-educated family, the girls realize they must flee. Traveling through the heart of Taliban territory, the two unaccompanied young women find themselves in mortal danger. After suffering grave injuries, Tamanna from a fall and Yasmine from a suicide bombing, the girls are left without the one thing that has helped them survive -- each other. Reunited years later in England, Tamanna and Yasmine discover that, despite the horrific events of the past, they are both driven to return home by memories of their families and a longing for their country. The book features stunning photographs by award-winning photojournalist Rafal Gerszak (The New York Times, BBC World News) that bring readers an immediate sense of the faces and landscape of Afghanistan. Filled with tension and drama, Thunder Over Kandahar paints a vivid portrait of the perils of contemporary Afghanistan.Printed Pages: 288. 105141

Price: 3.98 USD
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31177 Sharon Gewirtz and Alan Cribb
Understanding Education: A Sociological Perspective
Polity Press; Cambridge, UK; 2010; 0745633455; First Edition; Paperback; New; 150 x 230 Mm 
Printed Pages: 244. 031391

Price: 49.25 USD
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31178 Sharon Inkelas and Cheryl Zoll
Reduplication: Doubling in Morphology
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 2005; 0521806496; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 228 x 152 Mm 
This groundbreaking new study takes a novel approach to reduplication, a phenomenon whereby languages use repetition to create new words. Sharon Inkelas and Cheryl Zoll argue that the driving force in reduplication is identity at the morphosyntactic, not the phonological level, and present a new model of reduplication - Morphological Doubling Theory - that derives the full range of reduplication patterns. This approach shifts the focus away from the relatively small number of cases of phonological overapplication and underapplication, which have played a major role in earlier studies, to the larger class of cases where base and reduplicant diverge phonologically. The authors conclude by arguing for a theoretical shift in phonology, which entails more attention to word structure. As well as presenting the authors’ pioneering work, this book also provides a much-needed overview of reduplication, the study of which has become one of the most contentious in modern phonological theory. • Provides the broadest empirical coverage to date of reduplicative phenomena • Integrates phonology and morphology (previously morphology was largely ignored) • Provides a much-needed critique of current theories of reduplication Contents 1. Introduction; 2. Evidence for morphological doubling; 3. Morphologically conditioned phonology in reduplication: the daughters; 4. Morphologically conditioned phonology in reduplication: the mother node; 5. Morphologically-driven opacity in reduplication; 6. Case-studies; 7. Final issues. Printed Pages: 280. 012775

Price: 95.00 USD
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31179 Sharon Inkelas and Draga Zec (eds.)
The Phonology-Syntax Connection
The University of Chicago Press; Chicago, USA; 1990; 0-226-32100-5; First Edition; Hard Cover; As New; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 444. Mint condition. 005399

Price: 40.00 USD
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31180 Sharon Lowen
Kelucharan Mohapatra: The Dancing Phenomenon (Pocket Art Series)
Roli Books; New Delhi, India; 2001; 8174361790; First Edition; Paperback; New; 4.5 x 6.5 Inches Avinash Pasricha 

Price: 3.45 USD
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31181 Sharon Lowen (ed.)
The Performing Arts of India: Development & Spread Across the Globe
Shubhi Publications; Gurgaon, India; 2005; 8187226943; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 21 Cms x 27 Cms 
Printed Pages: 210. 011664

Price: 46.00 USD
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31182 Sharon Lowen; Series Editor: Alka Raghuvanshi
Odissi (Dances of India Series)
Wisdom Tree; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8186685162; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 16 Cms x 16 Cms Avinash Pasricha 
This overview of the classical dance of Orissa spans its historical development from the 2nd century B.C. It traverses through the feminine temple dance tradition, the medieval spreading of spiritual conciousness, through the bhakti inspired dance of young boys in the gotipua tradition. And most importantly, its revival in the 20th century as part of India's reclamation of national identity. The repertoire, training and technique of today's Odissi is explained with a clarity that students of dance and aficionados of Indian performing arts will find of great value in understanding this lyrical art form. Printed Pages: 101 with numerous colour illustrations. 023422

Price: 8.95 USD
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31183 Sharon Salzberg
A Heart as Wide as the World: Stories on the Path of Lovingkindness
Shambhala; Boston, USA; 1999; 1570624283; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 206. 021815

Price: 12.95 USD
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31184 Sharon Salzberg
Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness (Shambhala Classics)
Shambhala Publication/TBI; New Delhi, India; 2016; 1569570477; Softcover; New; 
Throughout our lives we long to love ourselves more deeply and find a greater sense of connection with others. Our fear of intimacy-both with others and with ourselves-creates feelings of pain and longing. But these feelings can also awaken in us the desire for freedom and the willingness to take up the spiritual path. In this inspiring book, Sharon Salzberg, one of America's leading spiritual teachers, shows us how the Buddhist path of lovingkindness can help us discover the radiant, joyful heart within each of us. This practice of lovingkindness is revolutionary because it has the power to radically change our lives, helping us cultivate true happiness in ourselves and genuine compassion for others. The Buddha described the nature of such a spiritual path as "the liberation of the heart, which is love." The author draws on simple Buddhist teachings, wisdom stories from various traditions, guided meditation practices, and her own experience from twenty-five years of practice and teaching to illustrate how each one of us can cultivate love, compassion, joy, and equanimity-the four "heavenly abodes" of traditional Buddhism. Printed Pages: 246. 111080

Price: 7.37 USD
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31185 Sharpa Tulhu & Richard Guard (Trs)
Self Initiation of Vajrabhairava
Paljor Publications/Library of Tibetan Works & Archives; New Delhi, India; 2003; 8185102783; Softcover; New; 
The texts presented here are an intermediate-length sadhana and a concise self-initiation ritual of the Solitary Hero Vajrabhairava. After receiving the Higest Yoga Tantra initiation of Vajrabhairava, and then completing the retreat of this deity, with the compensating ritual fire offering of peace, one is authorized to do the self-initiation. It is important to do the self-initiation in order to restore broken vows and Tantric commitments. A sadhana must be done, in conjunction with the self-initiation. The concise nature of the self-initiation will enable many practitioners to do this practice more frequently.Printed Pages: 71. 103575

Price: 30.00 USD
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31186 Sharpa Tulhu & Richard Guard (Trs)
Meditation on Vajrabhairava
Paljor Publications/Library of Tibetan Works & Archives; New Delhi, India; 2004; 8185102759; Softcover; New; 
In response to increasing interest in teh study and practise of Highest Yoga Tantra, many highly qualified Tibetans lamas have given teachings and initations into the mandalas of Highest Yogas Tantric deities throughout the world. They strongly emphasizes that the best way to make teachings meaningful is to put the best way to make teachings meaningful is to put them into practice through meditations. This retreat manual is presented here in order to enable people to do these meditations, as well as to dispel misconceptions about tantric practises.Printed Pages: 135. 103618

Price: 30.00 USD
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31187 Sharpa Tulku & Michael Perott (Trs)
A Manual of Ritual Fire Offerings
Paljor Publications/Library of Tibetan Works & Archives; New Delhi, India; 2006; 8186470514; Revised Edition; Softcover; New; 
The Ritual Fire Offering, which is derived from Indian tradition, plays an important part in Buddhist Tantric practice. The Ritual Fire Offering for Peace is commonly performed at the conclusion of the prescribed Meditation retreat associated with specific meditational deities, in order to compensate for any errors that may have occurred during the practice. It can also be done to pacify hindrances such as illness. The Ritual Fire Offering for Increase may be performed to increase merit, wealth, life span and so forth.This manual contains translations of texts required to perform the Ritual Fire Offering for Peace associated with six meditational deities : Thirteen Deity Vajrabhairava, Solitary Hero Vajrabhairava, Guhyasamaja, Heruka, Vajra Yogini, and Cittamani Tara, accroding to the Gelugpa traditon of Tibetan Buddhism. It further includes a description of The Changes required to convert the ritual for peace to the ritual for increase in association with Guhyasamaja.Printed Pages: 234. 103603

Price: 10.00 USD
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31188 Shashank Mani
India: A Journey through a Healing Civilization
HarperCollins Publishers; New Delhi, India; 2007; 8172236522; First Edition; Paperback; New; 13 x 20 Cm 
Printed Pages: 226. 019612

Price: 7.95 USD
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31189 Shashi Asthana
History and Archaeology of India's Contacts with Other Countries: From Earliest Times to 300 B.C.
B.R. Publishing Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2011; 8176467839; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 304 with 24 plates. 110399

Price: 49.40 USD
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31190 Shashi B Sahai
Politics of Corruption: The Goddess that Failed
Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1995; 8121204895; Hardcover; New; New; 
From electoral corruption to criminalisation of politics, from the gimmicks of 'Garibi Hatao' and Employment generation to Youth Alienation and breakdown of institutions, nothing escapes the author's brutally frank dissection of India's distorted Political dispensation. The author exposes the grotesque Face of political corruption comprehensively as no one has done before.Printed Pages: 238. 105802

Price: 6.16 USD
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31191 Shashi B Sahai
India: Twilight at Midday; (Untold Story of a Sick Society)
Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1997; 8121205328; Hardcover; New; New; 
This book provides a brilliant exposition of the flows of Indian Constitution to the Bankruptcy of our intellectuals, from the 'culture of lies' to the 'cult of violence' and a series of corruption scandals.All that is ugly about India is the theme of this study. Dictatorship via emergency to a series of corruption, every facets of our decaying Society has been brilliantly brought out in the book. It may irritate, annoy and at Times Anger the reader, but cannot fail to grip his mind, excite and stimulate to an unprecedented degree.Printed Pages: 288. 105837

Price: 8.76 USD
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31192 Shashi B Sahai
South Asia: From Freedom to Terrorism
Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1998; 8121205808; Hardcover; New; New; 
At the Beginning of the momentous 20th century," says the author, "the Indian sub-continent was the coveted paradise of the world's imperial regime. In a relatively short time span of about 50 years since the Empire folded up, it has turned into a land of unceasing turbulence, Terror and blood-spilling." How came what was once the 'Jewel in the crown' of Britain, the most peaceful Colonial territory in the World has turned into the sub-continent of violence, blood and tears par excellence? The book tells the tale of this sordid Transformation of South Asia steadily, inexorably, bit by bit, with gripping accounts of Events and happenings in course of the last half century. It also seeks to explore the reasons.Touching briefly upon the true story of the 'Quit India' Movement of August 1942, in which the author himself was a Young participant, the book goes on to narrate in a capsule the marathon negotiations among the Congress, Muslim League and the British, with illuminating characterization of the Principal dramatis personae, which brought about the independence of India and Pakistan on 15th August, 1947. In the process, it vividly captures the varying moods, aspirations, Dreams and nightmares of the people of the sub-continent during those tempestuous years in the run up to independence and immediately after its attainment. As such it becomes a compulsory reading for the post-independence generations of readers who were not around in those stirring times.The book ends with a new Vision and a stirring call to the people of South Asia. Says the author: "India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are Natural allies. They cannot wish away Geography even if they wanted to. They have already wasted 50 precious years beating about the bush, seeing Enemies in friends, fighting phantoms and ghosts... the incoming century beckons them to make a new start, to embark on a new course based on Peace not conflict, Dialogue not confrontation, and whole-hearted economic cooperation to bring up their people in the modern age.Printed Pages: 308. 105880

Price: 8.40 USD
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31193 Shashi Bhusan Dasgupta
Aspects of Indian Religious Thought
Firma KLM Private Ltd.; Calcutta, India; 1977; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 14 x 22 Cm 
Printed pages: 250. 021476

Price: 11.95 USD
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31194 Shashi Bhushan Singh
Sarnath ki Bouddh Murtikala
Agam Kala Prakashan; Delhi, India; 2009; 8190598414; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 304. 101547

Price: 14.80 USD
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31195 Shashi Bhushan Upadhyay
Historiography in the Modern World
Oxford/Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2016; 0199459703; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 794. 111355

Price: 28.40 USD
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31196 Shashi Deshpande
Moving On
Penguin; New Delhi, India; 2008; 0143064258; First Edition; Paperback; New; 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Printed Pages: 352. 029789

Price: 8.95 USD
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31197 Shashi Deshpande
Collected Stories, Volume I
Penguin; New Delhi, India; 2004; 0143029525; First Edition; Paperback; New; New; 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Not many readers of Shashi Deshpande may be aware that her first experiments in writing fiction started with the short story. Over the years, she has published about a hundred stories in literary journals, magazines and newspapers, in between writing her immensely popular novels which are now read all over the world, and taught in universities wherever Indian writing has an audience. In this collection we find Shashi Deshpande at her best, writing with subtlety and a rare sensitivity about men and women trapped in relationships and situations often not of their making. The wife of a successful politician who must look to a long-lost past in order to keep up the pretence of contentment; a little girl who cannot comprehend why the very fact of her being born is a curse; a young man whose fantasy of love drives him to murder; a newly-wed couple with dramatically differing views on what it means to get to know each other every one of the characters here is delineated with lucidity and compassion. Written over the past three decades, the stories in this volume provide an insight into often forgotten aspects of human feelings and relationships, weaving a magical web of emotions that is testimony to the unusual depth and range of Shashi Deshpande’s writing. ‘Shashi Deshpande takes us into realms of the female psyche which no writer of the previous generation had dared put into words as candidly’ Dieter Riemenschneider in The Story Must Be Told ‘Deshpande’s finely honed sensibility infuses the delicate interplay of human relationships with a realistic ambience which serves to crystallize our thoughts, and all at once we see in her a natural extension of our own cognitive parameters’ The Times of India Printed Pages: 240. 026505

Price: 5.50 USD
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31198 Shashi Deshpande
That Long Silence
Penguin; New Delhi, India; 2008; 0140127232; First Edition; Paperback; New; 13 x 20 Cm 
Printed pages: 204. 026807

Price: 4.95 USD
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31199 Shashi Deshpande
In the Country of Deceit
Penguin/Viking; New Delhi, India; 2008; 0670081981; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Devayani chooses to live alone in the small town of Rajnur after her parents’ death, ignoring the gently voiced disapproval of her family and friends. Teaching English, creating a garden and making friends with Rani, a former actress who settles in the town with her husband and three children, Devayani’s life is tranquil, imbued with a hardwon independence. Then she meets Ashok Chinappa, Rajnur’s new District Superintendent of Police, and they fall in love despite the fact that Ashok is much older, married, and—as both painfully acknowledge from the very beginning—it is a relationship without a future. Deshpande’s unflinching gaze tracks the suffering, evasions and lies that overtake those caught in the web of subterfuge. There are no hostages taken in the country of deceit; no victors; only scarred lives. This understated yet compassionate examination of the nature of love, loyalty and deception establishes yet again Deshpande’s position as one of India’s most formidable writers of fiction. Printed pages: 272. 024223

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31200 Shashi Dhawan (Ed.)
Recent Trends in Conservation of Art Heritage (Dr O.P. Agarwal Felicitation)
Agam Kala Prakashan; Delhi, India; 1996; Hardcover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
"Recent Trends in Conservation of Art Heritage" is a humble dedication of the contributors to Dr O.P. Agrawal. There is an increasing awareness in the world today of the need for conservation everywhere, and it is but natural that attention would focus on the conservation and preservation of art heritage that mankind has created and inherited over the ages. The book, the only one of its type, should prove to be of immense interest to art lovers conservation students and conservationists curators of museums all over the world.Printed Pages: 350. 101576

Price: 58.00 USD
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