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6701 Dipesh Chakrabarty
The Calling of History: Sir Jadunath Sarkar and His Empire of Truth
Orient BlackSwan; New Delhi, India; 2015; 8178244691; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 22 Cm 
A leading scholar in early-twentieth-century India, Sir Jadunath Sarkar (1870–1958) was knighted in 1929 and became the first Indian historian to gain honorary membership in the American Historical Association. By the end of his lifetime, however, he had been marginalized by the Indian history establishment, as postcolonial historians embraced alternative approaches in the name of democracy and anti-colonialism. The Calling of History examines Sarkar’s career—and poignant obsolescence—as a way into larger questions about the discipline of history and its public life. Through close readings of more than twelve hundred letters to and from Sarkar, along with other archival documents, Chakrabarty demonstrates that historians in colonial India formulated the basic concepts and practices of the field via vigorous—and at times bitter and hurtful—debates in the public sphere. He shows that because of its non-technical nature the discipline as a whole remains susceptible to pressure from both the public and the academy even today. Methodological debates and the changing reputations of scholars like Sarkar, he argues, must therefore be understood within the specific contexts in which particular histories are written.Printed Pages: 304. 102280

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6702 Diptakirti Chaudhuri
Bollybook: The Big Book of Hindi Movie Trivia
Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.; Delhi, India; 2014; 0143422170; Softcover; New; 
In how many Hindi films has the hero been afflicted with the Big C (cancer, that is)? Who played a double role in Sholay? Which Dev Anand movie had the song ‘Usne phenka leg break to maine mara chhakka’? And who was it that said ‘Hum jahan khade hote hain, line wahin se shuru hoti hai’ in Kaalia? Amitabh, you say? Think again! From Geet Gaata Chal (songs that became movies), The Big Bong Theory (11 depictions of Bengalis) and Dawaa Ya Dua (8 kinds of diseases) to Nishabd (10 silent scenes of Amitabh Bachchan) and Picture Abhi Baaki Hai (16 unusual ‘The End’s), Bollybook is chock-full of interesting asides, fascinating insights and utterly useless trivia from the world of Hindi cinema. Every page in this bumper book—the print equivalent of a 270-minute Bollywood epic—is going to engross and entertain you. A copy of Bollybook belongs on your table, right next to your DVD remote.Printed Pages: 432. 103400

Price: 10.03 USD
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6703 Diptendra Raychaudhuri
A Naxal Story
Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2013; 8189766317; Softcover; New; 
A Naxal renegade elopes with the wife of the protagonist Mahendra Chamar who is supposedly dead for him after a police encounter. Other Naxals kill both. Years later the unmindful killing helps Mahendra to see through the stones, the reality which is opaque. The book goes deep inside the mythical lands where magic is a part of life. Where a nun leaves the church to raise the son of Maoist. Where revenge of a landlord leads to unthinkable scale of killings of innocents., and where a former armed guerilla transcends all barriers to become a 'god'.Meanwhile, within the Red army there is debate on links with the LTTE and the need for sophisticated arms. There is struggle for control over organisation in which guns play a vital rote. Printed Pages: 359. 107235

Price: 7.50 USD
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6704 Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty
3@ a Time
Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2015; 9789384028367; First Edition; Softcover; New; 

Price: 3.50 USD
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6705 Dipti Agrawal
The Plays of Mahesh Dattani: A Study in Thematic Diversity and Dramatic Technique)
Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2013; 9789350563113; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 372. 107008

Price: 20.40 USD
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6706 Dipti S. Tripathi (Ed.)
Tattvabodha: Essays from the Lecture Series of the National Mission for Manuscripts, Volume 4
D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2013; 9789380829098; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
The National Mission for Manuscripts was established in February 2003 by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India with the purpose of locating, documenting, preserving and disseminating the knowledge content of India's handwritten manuscripts, said to be the largest collection of handwritten knowledge documents in the world. While looking ahead to reconnect with the knowledge of the past, the Mission is in the process of trying to re-contextualize the knowledge contained in manuscripts for the present and the future generations. The Mission launched a lecture series titled "Tattvabodha" in January 2005. Since then, a monthly lecture series is organized in Delhi and other academic centres all over the country. Tattvabodha has established itself as a forum for intellectual discourse, debate and discussion. Eminent scholars representing different aspects of India's knowledge systems have addressed and interacted with highly receptive audiences over the course of the past few years. The present volume, fourth in this series, comprises 12 lectures delivered under Tattvabodha lectures series. A glance at the list of contributors will reveal that the Mission has had the privilege of hosting the finest exponents of Indian culture and the compilation of their lectures makes for invaluable literature. These well-researched papers talk about ancient texts like the lost texts of the Vishishtadvaita philosophy, the Kalpagamasamgraha written by Aryadasa which is a commentary on Vedic text, and the manuscripts on the Natyashastra and its text. The lucidly presented studies include an interesting textual criticism and critical reading of the text Abhijnanashakuntala by Kalidasa. They examine concepts such as that of Vak with special reference to Bhartrihari that involves a detailed scrutiny of the concept as understood in the Vedas and till Bhartrihari's time, and the Advaita concept as available in Vedic hymns. They deal with the problems involved in editing texts on astrology and manuscripts on music. They include a survey of the manuscripts available in the Himalayan region. A study on original Persian sources to throw light on the India of the past comes in as an attempt to highlight significance of using original sources to understand Indian history. The volume, covering wide-ranging subjects penned by experts in various fields, will surely interest scholars and students of Indology.Printed Pages: 262. 100387

Price: 8.48 USD
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6707 Dipti Tripathi
Structure and Meaning
Nag Publishers; Delhi, India; 1982; 8170815401; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 166. 103931

Price: 1.50 USD
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6708 Dipti Tripathi
Facets of Indian Heritage
New Bharatiya Book Corporation; New Delhi, India; 2008; 8187418680; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Facet of Indian Heritage" as the name of the volume, is and effort to present the tradition of the Indian WISDOM in a concise form, as for as possible. The whole presentation in this volume has been classified into Seven sections : 1. History, Purana & Epigraphy 2. Sanskrit Grammar 3. Literature & Poetics 4. Philosophy 5. Veda & Upanisad 6. Sanskrit & Science 7. Indian Culture. This volume is dedicated of Prof. Puspendra Kumar's contribution to Sanskrit learning. Therefore, it is only appropriate that the last section Contain writings about his contribution. This volume is an attempt at presenting a research based, factually correct picture of the varied Facets of Indian Heritage. If the general readers develop an interest in Sanskrit literature after reading this volume it is would be extremely gratifying for me.Printed Pages: 555. 104041

Price: 54.00 USD
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6709 Directorate Of Archaeology, Archives and Museums, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal
Annual Report of the Archaeological Department, Gwalior State: Samvat 1987 (Year 1930-31) to Samvat 1992 (Year 1935-36), 3 Vols
Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal; Bhopal, India; 2012; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Set of 3 vols. 037798

Price: 123.95 USD
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6710 Directorate Of Archaeology, Archives and Museums, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal
Vintage Madhya Pradesh: A Collection of Old Photographs
Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal; Bhopal, India; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 148 with numerous colour illustrations. 037802

Price: 24.25 USD
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6711 Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal
Socio-Economic Survey of Bhilai Region: Part Two: Second and Third Rounds, 1957-1959
Popular Prakashan; Bombay, India; 1967; First Edition; Hard Cover; Good; No Jacket; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed pages: 294 Bumped corners. Rubbed boards. 021211

Price: 15.00 USD
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6712 Dirk Christiaan Hesseling; Edited and Translated By T.L. Markey and T. Roberge
On the Origin and Formation of Creoles: A Miscellany of Articles
Karoma Publishers, Inc.; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; 1979; 0897200055; First Edition; Paperback; Good; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 112. 038339

Price: 15.00 USD
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6713 Dirk Christiaan Hesseling; Edited and Translated By T.L. Markey and T. Roberge
On the Origin and Formation of Creoles: A Miscellany of Articles
Karoma Publishers, Inc.; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; 1979; 0897200055; First Edition; Hardcover; Good; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 112. 038291

Price: 30.00 USD
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6714 Dirk Collier
The Emperor's Writings: Memories of Akbar the Great
Amaryllis; New Delhi, India; 2011; 8191067366; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 626. 036659

Price: 14.95 USD
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6715 Dirk H.A. Kolff
Naukar, Rajput and Sepoy: The Ethnohistory of the Military Labour Market in Hindustan, 1450-1850
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 0521053986; Reissue; Paperback; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
This is a study of an aspect of the ethnohistory of North Indian peasant society: the importance of its military labour market for state and sect formation, for social change as well as for the energetic survival strategies of the villages of Hindustan. It traces the history of the British Indian sepoy to at least as far back as the fifteenth century, firmly rooting him in India’s medieval past. It also shows that, from the anthropological point of view, not the hierarchically arranged castes, but the multiple alliances and fluid identities of the peasantry were the central phenomena of North Indian politics and decision making. Contents Preface List of abbreviations Glossary 1. Beyond the control of the state 2. A Warlord’s fresh attempt at empire 3. The Rajput of pre-Mughal North India 4. Politics and entrepreneurship of a ‘spurious’ Rajput clan 5. Bhojpuri soldiering and the vicissitudes of Empire Epilogue Bibliography Index. Printed Pages: 233. 032335

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6716 Dirk Pette (ed.)
Plasticity of Muscle: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the University of Konstanz, Germany, September 23-28, 1979
Walter De Gruyter; Berlin, Germany; 1980; 3110079615; First Edition; Hard Cover; As New; 18 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 651. New book. 004374

Price: 95.00 USD
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6717 Dittmar Dahlmann
Die Provinz Wahlt: Russlands Konstitutionell-Demokratische Partei Und Die Dumawahlen 1906-12
Bohlau Verlag; Koln, Germany; 1996; 3412121959; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 518. 008374

Price: 175.00 USD
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6718 Divakar Ojha and Ashok Kumar
Panchakarma-Therapy in Ayurveda
Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy; Varanasi, India; 1993; Second Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 235. 035579

Price: 5.95 USD
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6719 Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi
Home is Heaven
Rama Sakti Mission; Mangalore, India; 1966; First Edition; Paperback; Good; 12 x 18 Cm 
Printed Pages: 230 021882

Price: 5.00 USD
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6720 Divya Chansoria
Lokayukt in India: A Study of Ombudsman in India
Pratibha Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 1999; 8185268916; First Edition; Hard Cover; As New; As New; 14 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 184. 019897

Price: 9.95 USD
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6721 Divya Chansoria
Lokayukta in India
Pratibha Prakashan; Delhi, India; 8185268916; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 198. 101394

Price: 15.00 USD
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6722 Divya Jain
Enchanting Fairy Tales
Unicorn Books; New Delhi, India; 8178060965; Softcover; New; 
The present book on fairy tales is a delightful and engrossing collection of stories. The author has dipped into the treasure trove of Indian folktales and legends to offer a fine selection of "fairy tales". As the child reads this book, he or she will be transported into a world of fantasy a world of greedy ogres and brave princes, of nasty witches and benevolent fairies, of dangerous demons and damsels-in-distress, of sorcery and miracles. Children have always fantasised about fairies. They will be thrilled to read about charming fairies using their magical powers to fight evil and help the needy. The book is suitable for children of all age groups. Printed Pages: 48. 108174

Price: 1.63 USD
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6723 Divya Jain
Tales of Hindu Gods and Goddesses
Unicorn Books; New Delhi, India; 8178061953; Softcover; New; 
Hinduism is one of the world`s oldest living faiths. There are thousands of different Hindu gods and goddesses. Children are often very curious to know about them. The present book comprises information and stories related to ten popular gods and goddesses–Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Parvati, Ganesha, Hanuman, Indra and Surya. The stories in this collection will satiate their curiosity and also provide pleasure to the young readers. Why are the magic pots losing their magic? Why do two brothers fight over a lotus, and what is the outcome? Why did a popular goddess turn into a river? Why does a brahman give away a pole full of gold coins? How does Nandi, the bull become Lord Shiva's vehicle? To find out the answers to all these and more, delve into the book, and read on…. Printed Pages: 70. 108185

Price: 2.13 USD
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6724 Divya Jain
Incarnations of Lord Vishnu
Unicorn Books; New Delhi, India; 8178061465; Softcover; New; 
According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu, the God of Preservation is supposed to be responsible for the sustenance, protection and maintenance of the Universe. To establish righteousness and destroy injustice in the world, he has incarnated in different life forms in various ages. Each incarnation has an interesting story associated with it which describes the feats of Vishnu. Such personifications are popularly believed to be ten in all though there is no upper limit to them. Children are inquisitive by nature and have often wondered why God incarnated himself time and again. In this book, each incarnation of Lord Vishnu has been presented in a manner that will be enlightening, educational and fun for children as well as grown-ups. Printed Pages: 39. 108215

Price: 2.40 USD
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6725 Divya Kumar Garg
Life @ The Race 2 IIT
Omji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 272; 9789384028275; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 272. 107053

Price: 4.22 USD
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6726 Divya Mansingh Kaul
Hindustani and Persio-Arabian Music: An Indepth, Comparative Study
Kanishka Publishers; New Delhi, India; 2007; 8173919232; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 279 with numerous b/w illustrations. 031319

Price: 17.00 USD
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6727 Divya Shrivastava
The Development of Scheduled Tribes in Madhya Pradesh
Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2000; 8121206987; Hardcover; New; New; 
Away from the mainstream of progress the tribals were relegated to the areas lacking in basic amenities for minimum standard of living. From the time of Britishers an effort, though half-hearted and rather callous was made to bring then into the mainstream of society. However, it was after Independence, in line with the directions given by the Constitution, both State and Central Governments adopted certain measures to identify the problems and take measures to uplift their condition. Hence, in MP, with the largest population of Scheduled Tribe in India, it became one of the most important governmental endeavour. All the measures adopted by the government were directed towards achieving mainly two objectives:(a) Introducing developmental schemes which help in bridging the gap between the general population and the tribals.(b) Prepare them for adjusting with the changes taking place.The present work is a chronological account of the various governmental measures undertaken for achieving the above mentioned objectives. As government spends a substantial amount for the developmental work, financial data have also been incorporated. An analysis of the impact of the developmental works on the tribals has also been attempted. The findings will be quite useful to the planners, development administration related workers in general and those related to the tribals in particular.Printed Pages: 258. 105970

Price: 3.48 USD
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6728 Divya Tripathi
Sangeet, Adhyatam Avem Manav Nadi Tantra (in Hindi)
Raj Publications; New Delhi, India; 2011; 818620881X; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 309. 106230

Price: 13.35 USD
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6729 Divyabandhu
Mera Ishwar Laabh (in Hindi)
Indian Mind/Indica Books; New Delhi, India; 2016; 8186117245; First Edition; Softcover; New; 14 x 21 Cm 
Printed Pages: 331. 107515

Price: 29.50 USD
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6730 Divyabhanu Sinh
The Story of Asia's Lions
Marg Publications; Mumbai, India; 2008; 8185026874; Second Revised and Enlarged Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 23 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 265 with 160 colour and b/w photographs. 011748

Price: 49.00 USD
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6731 Diwakar Prasad Singh with a Foreword By R.S. Sharma
American Attitude Towards Indian Nationalist Movement
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1974; 8121503094; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
This book objectively traces the growth of American official attitude towards the Indian nationalist movement from 1905 to 1929. It provides the foundation for understanding the subsequent developments of Indo-American relations. The volume encompasses manifold facets of Indian nationalism including Swadeshi and Boycott, terrorism in Indian politics, efforts by Indian nationalist émigrés in America to promote the cause of Indian freedom particularly on Lala Lajpat Rai's five years exile in the United States and his endeavour to win the support of American people and the government to the cause of India, impact of First World War, advent of Mahatma Gandhi and his launching of non-cooperation programme. The author thus brings us to 1929, when in his opinion there was definite crystallization of American attitude and policy as regards the early realization of India's national destiny within the British Empire as a fully self-governing dominion. This is the first attempt of its kind undertaken by an Indian historian based on archival materials available in the National Archives and the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Printed Pages: 376. 002335

Price: 9.25 USD
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6732 Diwakar Sharma
Life After Death and Reincarnation
Deep & Deep Publications Pvt Ltd; New Delhi, India; 2005; 8176297186; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 226. 012051

Price: 10.50 USD
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6733 Diwan Singh Bajeli
The Theatre of Bhanu Bharti: A New Perspective
Niyogi Books; New Delhi, India; 2013; 9789381523889; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 156. 037640

Price: 10.95 USD
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6734 DK Taknet
Jaipur: Gem of India
International Institute of Management Entrepreneurship; 8185878013; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
This book is much more than 'just another book on Jaipur'! Jaipur, the glorious Pink City of India, sets many a hearts aflutter with visions of grandeur, valour, romance and profound beauty. In this lone metropolis of the state of Rajasthan, town planning has been a tradition that goes as far back as three centuries. This book offers a glimpse into real lives of people, who made a difference to this city through their contributions. Be it the architects, painters, craftspersons, jewellers, artists, traders, ayurvedic vaids, unani hakims, doctors, sportsmen, ghoomar dancers, camel or elephant mahouts or temple pujaris, each and every one of these inhabitants of Jaipur have aided in making this wonderful city what it is today. This heritage city's inherent historic charm has always been its major source of attraction. Travellers, poets and philosophers have lavished praise on it, and perhaps no other place is imbued with the richness of ritual and ceremony across the planet, as Jaipur is. Among its numerous architectural wonders, the city's Jantar Mantar (observatory) and Amber have been included in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's list of world heritage sites. This book elaborates on the less known aspects that have contributed to this coveted status of this world-class, heritage city, which has become an integral site on the itinerary of most global travelers and a worthy venue for a 'destination wedding' in one of its numerous forts or palaces . Vividly described here are the factors responsible for Jaipur's ever-evolving image as a new economic hub and a well-equipped modern metropolis. In this well researched and carefully documented book, the author presents a comprehensive picture of Jaipur city, bringing to light many hitherto unexplored facts that will interest those with a penchant for urban histories, their origin and their evolution, down memory lane. The manuscript has been abundantly illustrated with more than 500 rare, coloured photographs and paintings, and 154 unseen black and white photographs and illustrations, to capture the imagination of the discerning reader, who can literally see and experience the spellbinding and mesmerizing impact of the city of Jaipur from a completely fresh perspective. Printed Pages: 450. 037744

Price: 185.00 USD
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6735 DK Tourangbam
Manage Everyday Stress
Vij Books India Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2011; 9789380177786; Softcover; New; 
Printed Pages: 320. 103346

Price: 12.05 USD
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6736 Dka'-Bzi Pa Ses-Rab-Senge of Snar-ThanJam-Dbyans Grags-Rgyal-Mtshan
Commentaries on Visakhadeva's Vinayakarika Malakara
Trayang and Jamyang Samten; Den Haag, The Netherlands; 1977; Reproduction of the Original Manuscript; Hard Cover; Very Good; Very Good; 36.5 Cms x 27 Cms 
Reproduced fom a collection of rare manuscripts from Nepal at the order of Mkhan-po Rin-chen. 016375

Price: 100.00 USD
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6737 DMR Sekhar
Temples of Sand
Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd; New Delhi, India; 2012; 8178359146; Hardcover; New; New; 
Printed Pages: 134. 106258

Price: 13.50 USD
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6738 Doanlad Macintyre
Hindu- Koh
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 1993; 8120608518; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 464 alongwith 34 illustrations. 034446

Price: 23.50 USD
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6739 Doanld D.Palmer
Keirkegaard For Beginners
Orient Longman; Hyderabad, India; 2007; 8125031693; First Edition; Soft Cover; New; 16 Cms x 24 Cms Donald D.Palmer 
Printed pages: 150. 016976

Price: 5.00 USD
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6740 Doeda Nauta, Jr.
The Meaning of Information
Mouton & Co.; The Hague, The Netherlands; 1972; First Edition; Hard Cover; Good; Fair; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 314. 004055

Price: 15.00 USD
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6741 Dolat M. Desai; Foreword By Dr Olive I. Reddick
Recent Concept of Social Studies
Vora & Co., Publishers Pvt. Ltd; Shillong, India; 1962; First Edition; Hardcover; Good; No Jacket; 14 x 21.5 Cm 
Printed Pages: 158. Bumped corners. 026376

Price: 5.00 USD
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6742 Dolf Hartsuiker
Sadhus: Holy Men of India
Thames & Hudson; London, UK; 1993; 0500277354; First Edition; Paperback; New; New; 21.5 x 24 Inches 
Printed Pages: 128 with 125 illustrations, 115 in colour. 002901

Price: 22.00 USD
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6743 Dolly Mukherjee
Coins of Republic of India (Numismatic Notes and Monographs: No. 20)
The Numismatic Society of India; Varanasi, India; 1985; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 18.5 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 17 with 6 b/w plates. 018444

Price: 6.00 USD
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6744 Dom Anselm Hughes and Gerald Abraham (eds.)
Ars Nova and the Renaissance, 1300-1540 (The New Oxford History of Music: Volume III)
Oxford University Press; Oxford, UK; 1986; 0193163039; Reprint; Hard Cover; Fine; Fine; 16 Cms x 26 Cms 
Printed Pages: 582. Slightly rubbed and scratched dust-jacket. 010200

Price: 40.00 USD
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6745 Dom Moraes
Answered By Flutes: Reflections from Madhya Pradesh
Asia Publishing House; Bombay, India; 1983; 0210406437; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 23 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 223 with numerous coloured illustrations. 020886

Price: 19.95 USD
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6746 Dom Moraes (Author) & Mario Miranda (Illus.)
The Open Eyes: A Journey Through Karnataka
Lotus/Roli Books; New Delhi, India; 8174364048; Hardcover; New; New; 
He begins in the dense woods roamed by wild tigers and panthers. He begins with a little native boy whose large eyes open and see his changing country with mild curiosity and, at times, shocking fear. Dom Moraes borrows this pair of eyes to see his world the way he sees it, and then tell you a story. In this entertaining and witty mix of history, diary and the ramifications of the modern age, the story of the land of Karnataka is told through the eyes of many people. Following the paths gazed by these eyes, Moraes's personal experiences bring out the feel and smell of the place, but more, the hope. Karnataka has layers of culture, civilization and history, and it is this, the enthralling and enigmatic features of this ancient-modern state, that the author sets out to trace and move more through time than space. He tells the story with the ease of a preoccupied traveller who shifts between past and present because he believes they cannot be separate. Watching the roads and rivers that loop and whirl through the land, he travels through the rivers that flow constantly through the minds of its people. And more importantly, through his own. Until his eyes become a sum of theirs and of that little native boy's when the beginning began. Printed Pages: 127. 108557

Price: 13.42 USD
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6747 Dom Reid
The Story of Fort St. George (with illustrations)
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 1999; 812060556X; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 84 alongwith illustrations and map. 035160

Price: 5.75 USD
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6748 Domenico Faccenna
Butkara I (Swat, Pakistan) 1956-1962: Part 5.1: Plates
Istituto Italiano Per Il Medio Ed Estremo Oriente; Rome, Italy; 1981; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 24 Cms x 35 Cms 
Printed Pages: 50 with numerous plates. New copy. Shelf-worn. 007494

Price: 150.00 USD
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6749 Domingo Cavallo, Joaquin Cottani, Sergio De La Cuadra, Dominique Hachette, Edgardo Favaro and Pablo T. Spiller; Demetris Papageorgiou, Michael Michaely, and Armeane M. Choksi (ed.)
Liberalizing Foreign Trade, Volume 1: The Experience of Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay
Basil Blackwell; Oxford, UK; 1991; 0-631-166666-1; First Edition; Hard Cover; Very Good; No Jacket; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 259. 003927

Price: 60.00 USD
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6750 Dominic Emmanuel
The Other Side Redefining Bharat
Times Group Books; New Delhi, India; 2012; 9789380828671; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
The Other India: Reinventing Bharat is a volume in honour of His Grace Archbishop Vincent Michael Concessao on the completion of 50 golden years of his service to God and to humanity as a priest. His fifty years of priesthood also coincide with his 75th birthday. The book highlights topics that are not only dear to Archbishop Vincent's heart and espoused by the Catholic Church, they are issues which the Archbishop has rallied for in the public sphere, and for which he has provided outstanding leadership. The essays, written by eminent authors, focus on stark realities of the India which is not as shining as India Inc. and the rich and powerful would make believe. The essays draw roadmaps that India could follow for a brighter tomorrow.Printed Pages: 224. 104892

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6751 Dominic Goodall
Hindu Scriptures
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2001; 8120817702; Softcover; New; 
Hindu Scriptures is a unique collection of Hindu texts spanning more than twenty centuries. Two anthologies entitled Hindu Scriptures have previously appeared in the Everyman series alone, that of Nicol MacNicol in 1938 and that of Professor R.C. Zaehner in 1966. This present title is the enlarged edition of R.C. Zaehner`s anthology, with the addition of three fresh translations, its broad range ncludes arcane hymns of the ancient Aryans, a manual of prescriptions governing every aspect of the daily life of the orthodox, and rich poetry that describes with heady sensuality the dalliance of Krsna and the cowherd women of Vraja in the nights of the autumn moon. The texts are arranged in chronological order and the Introduction explains the reasons for their inclusion, sets them in context, and briefly characterizes their contents.Printed Pages: 462. 102069

Price: 10.00 USD
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6752 Dominic Goodall (edited with a New translation)
Hindu Scripture
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 8120817702; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 

Price: 9.75 USD
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6753 Dominic Goodall and Harunaga Issacson, critically Edited with introduction and Notes
The Raghupancika of Vallabhadeva being the Earliest Commentary on the Raghuvamsa of Kalidasa, Volume I
Egbert Forsten; Groningen, The Netherlands; 2003; 9069801388; First Edition; Cloth; New; New; 20 Cms x 28 Cms 
Printed Pages: 500. 001368

Price: 180.00 USD
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6754 Dominic Goodall, Alexis Sanderson, Harunaga Isaacson (Eds), Nirajan Kafle & Diwakar Acharya (Contributors)
The Nisvasatattvasamhita: The Earliest Surviving Saiva Tantra (Volume 1: A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of the Mulasutra, Uttarasutra and Nayasutra), (Collection Indologie 128, Early Tantra Series 1)
Institut Francais De Pondichery; Pondicherry, India; 2015; 8184702051; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 662. 038806

Price: 69.95 USD
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6755 Dominic Goodall, Nibedita Rout, R. Sathyanarayanan, S.A.S. Sharma, T. Ganesan, and S. Sambandhasivacarya (annotated critical Edition)
The Pancavaranastava of Aghorasiva: A Twelfth-century South Indian Prescription for the Visualisation of Sadasiva and His Retinue (Collection Indologie: 102)
Institut Francais De Pondichery; Pondicherry, India; 2005; 285539662X; First Edition; Paperback; New; 17 x 24.5 Cm 
Printed Pages: 237 with 45 colour and b/w figures. 021586

Price: 12.50 USD
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6756 Dominik Wujastyk
Metarules of Paninian Grammar: Vyadi's Paribhasavrtti, Critically Edited with English Translation and commentary, 2 Vols.
Egbert Forsten; Groningen, The Netherlands; 1993; First Edition; Paperback; New; 
Printed Pages: 456. Set of 2 vols. 038563

Price: 75.00 USD
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6757 Dominique Lapierre
A Rainbow in the Night
Full Circle; New Delhi, India; 8176212016; Softcover; New; 

Price: 4.85 USD
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6758 Dominique Lapierre
A Thousand Suns
Hind Pocket Books; New Delhi, India; 8176210455; Softcover; New; 
Among the premier journalists of our time, Dominique Lapierre has traveled to the four corners of the globe, witnessed word-shaking events, and met extraordinary people from all walks of life. Now this remarkable man shares this adventure and encounters in a book that aptly reflects a favorite proverb from India: that beyond the clouds, there are always.Starting with his fledgling days as a reporter for Paris Match, Lapierre candidly traces his growth from detached journalist to concerned participant in the great human dramas he was privileged to behold. Vividly and insightfully, he recaptures his personal involvements with many different kinds of heroes, such as:· Raphael Matta chief warden of the ivory Coast’s Bouna Game Reserve, who gave his life in his valiant fight to save the elephants of Africa from extinction.·El Cordoba’s, the legendary Andalusian bullfighter whose passion and daring catapulted him from penniless obscurity to fame and fortune — and who embodied the hopes of Spain to escape from the chains of tyranny and join a modern Europe And the anonymous inhabitants of a Calcutta slum, whose struggles in the face of overwhelming poverty will reaffirm your faith in the courage, compassion, and dignity of the human spirit.Form Japanese terrorists in the Holy Land freedom fighters in fascist Portugal; from spread of Nazism to the liberation of Paris; from Mahatma Gandhi to Mother Teresa; Lapierre delves eloquently into the very heart of the history of our time. Most of all] this international bestseller bears moving testimony to the ability of mankind to endure, to dream, to triumph. 109913

Price: 5.30 USD
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6759 Dominique Lapierre
India My Love
Full Circle; New Delhi, India; 8176212482; Softcover; New; 

Price: 6.40 USD
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6760 Dominique Lapierre & Larry Collins
Mountbatten and the Partition of India
Times Group Books; New Delhi, India; 2015; 9789325986015; First Edition; Softcover; New; 
Partition of India and the transfer of power in 1947 constitute the most momentous period of modern Indian history. Equally fascinating to the historian and the common man, the Partition left many unanswered questions - Why did it become imminent? Who did it benefit? Could it have been prevented?Mountbatten and the Partition of India offers a series of candid interviews with Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of British India and the first Governor - General of independent India, conducted by world-renowned authors, Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre of the Freedom at Midnight and City of Joy fame. Herein, Mountbatten reveals his frank and often astounding, assessment of the events, personalities and issues of the time.The second part of the book contains a selection of revelatory documents, primarily Viceroy's Personal Reports to the Secretary of State for India and also other interesting documents such as Jawaharlal Nehru's letter to Mountbatten detailing his emotional reaction to the draft plan for transfer of power.Printed Pages: 292. 105011

Price: 9.00 USD
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6761 Dominique Varma
Shifting Sands
Penguin; New Delhi, India; 2004; 0143032208; First Edition; Paperback; New; 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
While working in Paris on Vedic myths of the legendary river Sarasvati which disappeared in the Indian desert, a young Indologist comes across the letters of her cousin Eliya, a dancer who died in Rajasthan. Intrigued by the hallucinatory nature of the memoirs and their surreal, dreamlike ramblings, she reconstructs the last days of Eliya's life—her loneliness within the walls of a sleepy palace surrounded by the desert, her thwarted passion in a dead-end relationship with a prince and her gradual descent into insanity. Offering a fascinating counterpoint to Eliya's narrative is the story of her father who spent his childhood in the Nazi concentration camp of Terezin, Prague. As the narrator seeks answers to her own existential questions, she unravels her cousin's deep secrets while providing an exposé of Nazi atrocities during the Second World War. Moving across the grim world of a concentration camp in Prague, the vibrant landscape of Rajasthan, and the rain-splashed streets of Paris, Dominique Varma's evocative prose is an ode to the indestructible spirit of the human race. Printed Pages: 192. 008070

Price: 5.95 USD
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6762 Don D. Roberts
The Existential Graphs of Charles S. Pierce
Mouton & Co.; The Hague, The Netherlands; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 16.5 Cms x 25 Cms 

Price: 40.00 USD
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6763 Don Farber
Tibetan Buddhist Life
Dorling Kindersley in Association with the Tibet Fund; New York, USA; 2003; 0789496119; First American Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 23.5 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 192 with numerous colour illustrations. 013609

Price: 26.95 USD
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6764 Don Farber; Foreword By Sogyal Rinpoche with Words from the Masters and Text By Rebecca McClen Novick
Portraits of Tibetan Buddhist Masters
University of California Press; Berkeley, California, USA; 2005; 0520239733; First Indian Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 191 with numerous colour illustrations. 014997

Price: 29.95 USD
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6765 Don Lee Fred Nilsen
Toward a Semantic Specification of Deep Case
Mouton & Co.; The Hague, The Netherlands; 1972; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 52. Janua Linguarum Series Minor: 152. 017633

Price: 35.00 USD
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6766 Don Martino Wickremasinghe De'Zilva
Epigraphia Zeylanica: Being lithic and Other Inscriptions of Ceylon, 4 Vols
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 1994; 812060914X; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; New; 23 x 29 Cm 
This exhaustive 4 volume work compiled under the orders of the Govt. of Ceylon between the Years 1912 and 1934, gives a detailed list and translation of Sinhalese inscriptions found at various locations, and ancient towns in Sri Lanka. There are many illustrations in this book that show rubbings, ground plans, photographs relating to the inscriptions. There are maps and genealogical tables contained in this work too. 102899

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6767 Don Martino Wickremasinghe De'Zilva
Tamil Self Taught (Romanised)
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 2001; 8120614038; Reprint; Hardcover; New; New; 
With English Phonetic Pronunciation.Printed Pages: 100. 102999

Price: 15.00 USD
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6768 Don McDowell
Strategic Intelligence: A Handbook for Practitioners, Managers, and Users
Foundation Books; New Delhi, India; 2010; 8175967447; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 281. 033650

Price: 16.25 USD
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6769 Don Michael Randel (ed.)
The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music
The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press; Cambridge, Massachussets, USA; 1996; 0674372999; First Edition; Hard Cover; As New; Very Good; 19 x 26 Cm 
Printed Pages: 1023 with numerous b/w illustrations. Slightly torn dust jacket. 013033

Price: 30.00 USD
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6770 Don W. Emery and John M. Kierzek
English Fundamentals
The Macmillan Company; New York, USA; 1959; Fourth Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 267. Scratched cover. 007847

Price: 5.00 USD
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6771 Don W. Emery and John M. Kierzek
English Fundamentals: Form B
The Macmillan Company; New York, USA; 1959; Fourth Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 267. Scratched cover. 007857

Price: 5.00 USD
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6772 Don W. Emery and John M. Kierzek
English Fundamentals: Form C
The Macmillan Company; New York, USA; 1959; Fourth Printing; Paperback; Very Good; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 267. Scratched cover. 007858

Price: 5.00 USD
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6773 Don Yoder (ed.)
American Folklife
University of Texas Press; Austin, Texas, USA; 1976; 0292703082; First Edition; Hard Cover; Very Good; Good; 16.5 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 312 with numerous b/w illustrations. Slightly bumped corners. Rubbed dust jacket. 024863

Price: 5.00 USD
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6774 Don Yoder (ed.)
American Folklife
University of Texas Press; Austin, Texas, USA; 1977; 0292703082; First Edition; Hard Cover; Good; Fair; 19 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 312 with numerous b/w illustrations. 008476

Price: 20.00 USD
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6775 Donal O'Sullivan
Furcht Und Faszination: Deutsche Und Britische Rußlandbilder 1921-1933
Bohlau Verlag; Koln, Germany; 1996; 3412079960; First Edition; Paperback; New; 14 Cms x 21 Cms 
Printed Pages: 356. 008380

Price: 35.00 USD
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6776 Donald A. Braue
Maya in Radhakrishnan's Thought
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 8120822978; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 198. 030029

Price: 3.95 USD
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6777 Donald A. Mackenzie
Indian Fairy Stories
Pilgrims Books Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2004; 817769121X; Reprint; Paperback; New; New; 5.5 x 8.5 Inches 
An anthology of some of the best stories ever produced on the subcontinent, this collection is presented in a style that all ages can appreciate and understand. These stories will enlighten and entertain readers who wish to go back and remember things as they were. These are stores of speaking animals, fairies and beasts, of princes and princesses, of love, happiness and sometimes extreme sorrow. They teach us to have a moral code acceptable not only to man but also to nature. They also reveal to us the Indian way of life, and give us glimpses of the true Indian Character. Printed Pages: 110. 002357

Price: 15.99 USD
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6778 Donald A. Mackenzie and Charles Squire
Encyclopaedia of Myth and Legend in Art, Religion, Culture and Literature, 7 Vols.
Sundeep Prakashan; New Delhi, India; 1992; 8185066531; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Set of 7 vols. 032668

Price: 250.00 USD
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6779 Donald A. Sanborn
The Language Process: Toward a Holistic Schema with Implications for an English Curriculum Theory
Mouton & Co.; The Hague, The Netherlands; 1971; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 168. Janua Linguarum Series Minor: 103. 006154

Price: 12.00 USD
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6780 Donald B. Rosenthal (ed.)
The City in Indian Politics
Thomson Press (I) Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 1976; First Edition; Hardcover; Very Good; Very Good; 16.5 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 256. Slightly rubbed cover. 020315

Price: 25.00 USD
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6781 Donald Clay Johnson
Index to Southeast Asian Journals, 1960-1974: A Guide to Articles, Book Reviews, and Composite Works
G.K. Hall & Co.; Boston, USA; 1977; 0-8161-7891-7; First Edition; Hardcover; Very Good; 22.5 x 28.5 Cm 
Printed Pages: 834. 038847

Price: 80.00 USD
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6782 Donald Cosentino
Defiant Maids and Stubborn Farmers: Tradition and Invention in Mende Story Performance (Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Culture)
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 1982; 0521241979; First Edition; Hard Cover; As New; Fine; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 238. 008754

Price: 30.00 USD
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6783 Donald D. Palmer
Kierkegaard for Beginners
Orient BlackSwan; New Delhi, India; 2007; 8125031693; Reprint; Paperback; New; 
Carl Gustav Jung merged Eastern mysticism with Western psychology, brought scientific respectability to religion, laid the foundation for 'the New Age', and is second only to Freud in influence and importance. So it is easy to see why some people consider him a genius. But others... Put it this way: Some people are so good that all we can do is look up to them. He was a great man who made great mistakes. The two most (in) famous events in Jung's life were his break with Freud and his sojourn with the Nazis. Most books on Jung minimize his Nazi period. Author and psychologist Jon Plantania, finds nazism too hideous to minimize, so he tells this part of the story without pulling any punches Platania then takes us on a tour to the work that made Jung one fo the Pillars of modern psychology. And what a body of work it is! Jung's open-mindedness was astonishing Wherever he went - Calcutta, Egypt, Palestine, Kenya - Jung learned something that expanded his views. His open-ended psychology incorporated yoga, meditation, prayer, alchemy, mythology, astrology, numerology, the I ching - even flying saucers! he taught us that psychology and religion can not only coexist peacefully together, but that thet can enhance us, inspire us, and help us complete ourselves. Printed Pages: 156. 031618

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6784 Donald Dinwiddle, Contributing authors: Heather Stoddard, Donald Dinwiddie, Ramon Prats, Peter Alan Roberts, Cyrus Stearns and Tenzin Dechen Rochard
Portraits of the Masters: Bronze Sculptures of the Tibetan Buddhist Lineages
Serindia Publications; Chicago, USA; 2003; 1932476008; First Edition; Hardbound; New; New; 10.75" x 12.5" 
Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism is rapidly becoming a part of our cultural landscape, an element of human civilisation with its own universal appeal. Nevertheless public awareness remains limited concerning the great teachers and visionaries who over fourteen centuries formulated and expounded the system of thought which in the 21st century seems the most contemporary of the world religions. And yet there is a rich written tradition dating back at least 800 years documenting their lives and teachings, and an even more ancient tradition of portraiture in sculpture and painting which strove to capture both the physical and spiritual presence of these lamas. Portraits of the Masters unfolds for the first time a pictorial history of a dynamic and living religious tradition. A catalogue of 108 portrait bronzes of great masters of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, it presents an innovative history of these teaching lineages based on and illustrated by the collection. Ranging in date from the 12th to 18th century, the sculptures in Portraits of the Masters span the most productive period in the history of Tibetan Buddhist art, providing unparalleled illustration of Tibetan portraiture’s long and varied history. Prefaced with a groundbreaking and comprehensive history of Tibetan portraiture, the collection is presented in five sections devoted to the Arhats, drawn from the Buddha’s original Indian disciples, and to the native Tibetan schools of the Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, and the Kadam and Geluk. Each section opens with a history of the tradition, written by leading scholars of Tibetan Buddhism. These histories not only illumine the lives of the great masters, but also eloquently articulate the basic precepts of their teachings. The sculptures are then examined within this context – the history and images breathing life into each other. Printed Pages: 396 with 300 color illustrations. 000513

Price: 145.00 USD
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6785 Donald E. Nuechterlein
Thailand and the Struggle for Southeast Asia
Cornell University Press; New York, USA; 1967; First Edition; Hard Cover; Fine; No Jacket; 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 295. Bumped corners. 019260

Price: 20.00 USD
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6786 Donald E. Russell and Zhai Ren-jie
The Paleogene of Asia: Mammals and Stratigraphy
Editions Du Museum; Paris, France; 1987; 2856531407; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 22.5 Cms x 28 Cms 
Printed Pages: 487 with numerous b/w illustrations. Rubbed covers. 010128

Price: 60.00 USD
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6787 Donald Ferguson
The Earliest Dutch Visits to Ceylon
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 1998; 8120613287; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 185. 035865

Price: 9.00 USD
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6788 Donald Ferguson
The Earliest Dutch Visits To Ceylon
Asian Educational Services; New Delhi, India; 1998; 8120613287; Reprint; Hard Cover; New; 
Printed pages: 185. 034543

Price: 9.00 USD
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6789 Donald Granberg and Soren Holmberg
The Political System Matters: Social Psychology and Voting Behaviour in Sweden and the United States
Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK; 1988; 0521360315; First Edition; Hard Cover; As New; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 261. 006788

Price: 25.00 USD
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6790 Donald H. Bishop (ed.)
Chinese Thought: An Introduction
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 8120811399; First Edition; New; 

Price: 8.25 USD
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6791 Donald J. Abraham
Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery (6th Edition), 6 Vols.
Wiley; 2003; 0471370320; Sixth Edition; Hardcover; New; 
Set of 6 vols. 028169

Price: 1195.00 USD
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6792 Donald J. Trump (Ed.)
Trump University Wealth Building 101: Your First 90 Days on The Path to Prosperity
Times Group Books; New Delhi, India; 2011; 8126528982; First Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 
Based on the Trump University audio package and workbook, The Wealth Builder's Blueprint, Trump University Wealth Building 101 outlines a 90-day program for readers to lay the foundation for wealth creation in their lives. Covering topics such as success-ready mindsets, money management, career strategies, business ownership and passive income, it synthesizes the wisdom of not only Trump, but a team of leading experts.Printed Pages: 264. 104937

Price: 12.00 USD
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6793 Donald Johnston
Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications, 4 Vols.
Academic Press; 2003; 0123876702; First Edition; Hardcover; New; 
Set of 4 vols. 028251

Price: 1275.00 USD
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6794 Donald K. Swearer
Secrets of the Lotus: Studies in Buddhist Meditation
Sri Satguru Publications; New Delhi, India; 8170305284; New; New; 

Price: 5.50 USD
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6795 Donald K. Swearer
Becoming the Buddha: The Ritual of Image Consecration in Thailand
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, India; 2007; 8120831098; First Indian Edition; Hardcover; New; New; 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 350. 031502

Price: 11.70 USD
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6796 Donald K. Swearer
Becoming the Buddha: The Ritual of Image Consecration in Thailand
Princeton University Press; New Jersey, USA; 2004; 0691114358; First Edition; Hard Cover; New; New; 16.5 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 348. 002657

Price: 35.00 USD
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6797 Donald K. Swearer
Buddhism and Society in Southeast Asia
Anima Books; Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA; 1981; 0890120234; First Edition; Paperback; Very Good; 14 x 21.5 Cm 
Printed Pages: 88. 018854

Price: 4.95 USD
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6798 Donald K. Swearer (edited and introduction)
Me and Mine: Selected Essays of Bhikkhu Buddhadasa
Sri Satguru Publications; New Delhi, India; 81-7030-265-0; New; New; 

Price: 7.25 USD
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6799 Donald L. Brady
Essentials of International Marketing
Jaico Publishing House; Delhi, India; 8184952309; Softcover; New; 
This unique textbook covers all the key topics for the International Marketing course in a concise and brief manner, thereby fitting nicely into most semester-long academic programmes. The author, from his long teaching experience has organized each chapter to fit into the stipulated teaching period, taking special care about its pedagogy and language at the same time.The book has been extensively class-tested and is well-crafted to serve as a learning tool and ready reference for students. Each chapter includes an opening case vignette, learning objectives, plentiful exhibits and tables, chapter summaries, key terms and questions for discussion. The book concludes with a detailed glossary.Printed Pages: 416. 105575

Price: 5.88 USD
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6800 Donald L.M. Blackmer
Unity in Diversity: Italian Communism and the Communist World
The MIT Press; Cambridge, Massachussets, USA; 1968; First Edition; Hard Cover; Very Good; Very Good; 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 447. Rubbed and slightly torn dust-jacket. Price clipped. 009060

Price: 10.00 USD
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