By: Mahasweta Devi: Translated By Pinaki Bhattacharya

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'. . . one day, Sharan arrived. His virile body, his golden hair, the look that glowed in his pale eyes, intense, brooding-all of this threw her into a turmoil. Subhadra fell madly in love.' A beautiful young man condemned to death for a crime of passion; his lover, the beautiful courtesan whom he kills but continues to mourn and yearn for; and a lonely young widow burning with unrequited desire. This love triangle set in twelfth century Bengal, moving between the royal city of Gaur and the forests and rivers of rural Bengal, centres on the fate of the romtha, the branded criminal who awaits his own death. Ironically named Sharan-refuge-there is no refuge for the protagonist of this tale of passion, vengeance and the overwhelming hunger for life. MAHASWETA DEVI is one of India's foremost writers. Her powerful, satiric fiction has won her recognition in the form of the Sahitya Akademi (1979), Jnanpith (1996) and Ramon Magsaysay (1996) awards, amongst several other literary honours. She was also awarded the Padmasree in 1986, for her activist work amongst dispossessed tribal communities. PINAKI BHATTACHARYA is a consultant, teacher, writer and actor who lives and works in Calcutta. In the Name of the Mother : four stories Intro. and Tr. by Radha Chakravarty ISBN 81 7046 211 8 Fiction/Women's Studies Price : Rs 275 9.95 $ 14.95 His mother's gone, there's no one to cook hot rice when it's evening . . . No one to say, 'Son, sit near my lap and eat.' 'Ma, from Dusk to Dawn' is the story of a woman from a nomadic tribe, catapulted by her circumstances into the role of a spiritual mother whose so-called mystical powers depend upon her denial of maternal affection towards her own son during daylight hours. 'Sindhubala' describes the anguish of a childless woman forced to play the role of a semi-divine healer called upon to save other people's offspring. 'Jamunabati's Mother' offers a stringent critique of a consumerist society indifferent to those on the margins and 'Giribala' presents the plight of a village woman whose daughters are trafficked by their own father, to pay for the house he dreams of building. The stories in this volume are linked by a common thread: the idea of the mother. They represent a range of responses to the concept of the maternal, exposing how the traditional deification of motherhood in India often conceals a collective exploitation and attempt to restrict women to their socially prescribed roles while denying them the right to articulate their individual needs and desires. At the same time, they also show the strategies evolved by women to survive and circumvent the repression inflicted on them by social norms. The maternal thus emerges as an ambivalent concept, with both restrictive and emancipatory potential Twist in the Folktale Jokumaraswami/CHANDRASEKHAR KAMBAR Pebet/H. KANHAILAL Charandas Chor/HABIB TANVIR With an Introduction by Ananda Lal ISBN : 81 7046 229 0 Playscript Price : Rs 200 14.95 $ 20.95 'What could possibly ally a southern fertility drama from Karnataka, an eastern tale from Manipur about a bird family fighting a cat, and a northern story rendered into Chhattisgarhi about a truthful thief?' -Ananda Lal Each of the playwrights in this collection takes a folktale and turns it into a contemporary experimental play, intervening in the traditional material and reshaping conventions from an urban perspective. Although the folk and rural elements remain embedded in the body of the narratives, it is interesting to note the shifts and intersections which occur in the process of rendering folklore as a present-day performative text. Jokumaraswami by leading Kannada playwright and poet CHANDRASEKHAR KAMBAR is a vibrant, earthy play which creatively reworks the folk myth of a phallic god of fertility into a powerfully contemporary anti-feudal message. Pebet is a folktale about a mother bird fighting to protect her children from a predatory cat politicized by H. KANHAILAL, who transforms this familiar story into a struggle against the political and cultural colonization of Manipur. Charandas Chor by veteran playwright/director HABIB TANVIR, performed by Naya Theatre's Chattisgarhi folk artists, is a contemporary Indian classic depicting the irrepressible folk hero and 'honest thief', Charandas, a Robin Hood figure who charms his way into everyone's hearts. The Third Race Ashok Ahuja ISBN : 81 7046 247 9 Price : Rs. 400 12.95 $ 19.95 The Third Race is a fable. At its heart is a little tortoise but this is not his story. It is a story of the river that flows as it must, in order to be itself. No, this is not a book of wisdom; only a chronicle of a journey. It is a tale of awe and of wonder, with a range of emotions, taking us across the thin line that often separates confusion and despair, from faith and hope. The central character of this fable is a little tortoise making his first long journey alone. His destination is the 'Source of all Stories' - his grandmother, the 'original' storyteller. He sets his sights on the sun and the stars, following their crossings while the sky and earth watch over him, lending their expanse to his eventful journey. His encounters along the way, with a bird, a fish, a snail, a flower, a rock help us understand our place in the world. Through the dialogue between the past and the present, Time unfolds itself, laying bare for our consideration, many of the most fundamental issues of our time, and of all time. Ashok Ahuja trained as a Film Director, and has written, produced, and directed award-winning feature films in India. He has been a Senior Fellow in Residence at the Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions. The Third Race is his first book. Printed Pages: 94.

Title: Romtha

Author Name: Mahasweta Devi: Translated By Pinaki Bhattacharya

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