The Reserve Bank of India: 3 Vols.

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The Reserve Bank of India Volume 1 (1935-1951), Volume 2 (1951-1967), Volume 3 (1967-1981): The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was set up in 1935, under private ownership. Its charter was to maintain the monetary stability of India. In 1949, it was nationalized. The RBI manages Indias monetary and exchange rate policies, and the borrowings of the central and state governments. Regulation of commercial banking is another key responsibility. The first volume was printed in 1970 and covers the first sixteen years of the Banks working, 1935-51. The sixteen years can be divided into three distinct sub-periods 1935-39 (the Formative Years), 1939-45 (the War Years) and 1945-51 (the Post-War Years). The second volume, printed in 1998, details the Banks role in mobilizing resources for central and state governments, regulating the banking system, and establishing an institutional infrastructure for agricultural and long-term industrial credit in India. It also covers developments in Indias external sector and concludes with an elaborate survey of evolving relations between the central bank and central and state governments in India. The third volume covers a period that saw major changes in Indias financial infrastructure. The nationalization of fourteen banks in July 1969 was the defining economic event of not just the 1960s but the next three decades. The period also saw the domination of fiscal over monetary policy, the breakdown of the Bretton Woods System and the emergence of a new international financial order characterized by floating instead of fixed exchange rates. Contents Volume 1 - Foreword -Preface -Acknowledgements The Prepatory Years 1. Genesis of Central Banking in India 2. Currency, Exchange and Banking Prior to 1935 3. The Reserve Bank of India Act The Formative Years: 1935-39 4. The Beginnings 5. Early Central Banking Policies and Operations 6. Emerging Role as a Bankers' Bank 7. First Steps in Agricultural Finance 8. Governors, Government, Board and Shareholders The War Years: 1939-45 9. Organisation, Management and Allied Matters 10. The Pattern and Consequences of War Financing 11. War-time Central Banking Operations 12. Exchange Control 13. Repatriation of Sterling Debt 14. Participation in Post-War Currency Plans 15. Commercial Banking Developments 16. Policies in the Sphere of Agricultural Credit The Post-War Years: 1945-51 17. Changes in the Bank's Organisation and Status 18. The Bank and the Partition 19. International Financial Institutions and Sterling Balances 20. Exchange Control and Management 21. Monetary Management and Allied Issues 22. A Commercial Bank Regulation Act at Last 23. Progress in the Sphere of Agricultural Credit 24. The Bank as an Employer 25. Epilogue - Appendices - Index Volume 2 - List of Tables - List of Illustrations 1. Introduction Monetary and Credit Policy 2. Deficit Financing and the Environment for Monetary Policy 3. Monetary Policy, 1951-1961 4. The Difficult Years, 1961-67 Financing Governments 5. Managing the Centre's Finances 6. Banking for State Governments Rural Credit 7. Charting New Vistas 8. The Bank and Cooperative Credit Towards a State Banking Sector 9. From Imperial Bank to State Bank 10. Subsidiaries of the State Bank Banking Developments 11. Regulating Banks and Deposit Institutions 12. Crisis, Consolidation and Growth, 1951-67 Financing Industry 13. Building an Institutional Infrastructure 14. Financing Small Industries and Exports The External Sector 15. The Problems of Plenty, 1947-56 16. Dealing with Scarcity, 1957-63 17. Crisis and Devaluation, 1963-67 18. The Bank and Governments - Appendices - Selected Documents - Index Volume 3 - Foreword - Preface - Acknowledgements - List of Tables - List of Documents - List of Appendices - List of Illustrations - Introduction 1. The Defining Event 2. Banking Expands 3. To Whom to Lend, How Much and How 4. Venturing Overseas 5. The Dictates 6. The Bank and Farmers 7. Promoting Institutions 8. Monetary Policy and Market Borrowings 9. Currency Management 10. Managing the Bank 11. Exchange Rate Conundrums 12. Debating International Liquidity 13. Adjustment in Uncertain Times 14. Anatomy of Exchange Control 15. The International Monetary System and the Developing Countries - Conclusion - Documents - Appendces - Selected References - Index.

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