Advanced Process Biotechnology

By: S N Mukhopadhyay

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Description: Process Biotechnology practice has advanced substantially in more recent years. The advancements have taken place not only with microbes or microbial systems but also with mammalian, animal and plant cell culture process biotechnology systems. For protecting these advancements by contributors various concerns of patenting has been presented in brief for this field. Unique major features of the book include • Patenting concerns of life forms for process biotechnology • Cell redesigning methods and associated concerns • Impressive progress coverage of advanced topics • Thermophilic bioprocessing • Containment requirements in process biotechnology using GMO • Apoptotic phenomena in bioreactor for bioprocessing • Highlights of technical challenges for recovery/separation of products • In vivo- Ex vivo membrane phenomena in cellular process biotechnology • Application of ANN in bioprocess control • Extractive bioconversion • Advances in Biosensors • Importances of cross linking agents in stabilizing biochemicals • Miscellaneous industrial bioproducts etc Contents: Advanced Cell Biology Concerns in Advancing • Process Biotechnology • Patenting of Life Forms – Tarun K. Ghose • Concepts of Technologically Redesigning Fermenting Cell System – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Cell Redesign Engineering and Tools – Saroj Mishra • Techniques and Strategies of Cell Redesigning – J.K. Deb and S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Concerns and Topics of Advanced Upstream Process Biotechnology • Fermentation Media Design Principles – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Mixing in Fermentation : Needs and Progress – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • State and Control Variables of Fermentation Process Biotechnology – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Reaction Engineering Considerations in Free Cell Cultivation : Part I and II – D.P. Rao •Immobilization of Cells and Methods – S.N. Mukhopadhyay and S. Chand • Rheological Variables and their Measurement in Biotechnology – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Offline and Online Measurement and Control of Fermentation Variables – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Areation in Thermophilic B. stearothermophilus CU21 Cell Cultivation – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Metabolic Engineering Foundation and Frontline – S. Mehra, I. Roy, A. Bhaskar and S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Fermentation Bioreactor Containments – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Operation Modes of Fermentation Bioreactors – S.N. Mukhopadhyay and V. Sahai • Fermentation Process Types : Conventional, Immobilized and Transfectional – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Solid State Fermentation : Recent Advances – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Catabolic Repression : At Molecular Level – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Modelling and Simulation of Fermentation Process – James Gomes • Commercial Fermentation : Impact in Indian Industries – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Fermentation Process Biotechnology in Production of Vaccine – Asok Mukhopadhyay • Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Bioprocess Control – James Gomes • Fundamentals to Biochemical Engineering Application of Virus – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Apoptosis : Why and How in Fermentation Process Biotechnology – S.N.Mukhopadhyay Modern Techniques of Assay in Fermentation Process Effluents – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Economic Considerations and Evaluation of Fermentation Process Biotechnology • Solid Phase Bioreactors for Bioprocessing of Mammalian Cells – Asok Mukhopadhyay • Chemicals from Plant Cell Fermentation – V.S. Bisaria • Characteristics and Analysis of Bioreactors for Plant Cell Cultivation – V.S. Bisaria • Extractive Bioconversion : An Upcoming Strategy in Lactic Acid Production – Pradip K. Roy Choudhury • Advances in Biosensors – Sujoy K. Guha • Treatment of Waste Water by Biological Oxidation – S.N. Mukhopadhyay and N. Saha • Section III : Advanced Downstream Processing in Process Biotechnology • Advances of in vivo and ex vivo Membranes and Membrane Phenomena in Process Biotechnology – S.N. Mukhopadhyay • Crosslinking Aid in Stabilizing Biochemicals – Renu Tyagi and M.N. Gupta • Concepts and Applications of Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography – G.P. Agarwal • Technical Challenges in Separation of Proteins by Membranes – G.P. Agarwal • Modern Hardwares and Methods of Fermentation Product Recovery and Purification – G.P. Agarwal • Section IV : Miscellaneous Industrial Process Biotechnology :Topics and Concerns • Progress in Bioprocessing of Biofertilizer – K.B. Ramachandran • Lipases : Production and Application – P. K. Ghosh • Industrial Bioprocessing of Chemicals : The Aspect of Cost-affective Components of the Fermentation – Abhay Deshpande About the Author: S.N. Mukhopadhyay is currently a senior Professor in the Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DBEB) at IIT Delhi. He is one of the founder members of Biochemical Engineering Research Centre (BERC) and DBEB, at this institute and its small scale demonstration facility. He was Head of BERC during 1985-1990. He was awarded Fellowship/ Associateship/ Professorship at Mexico and Switzerland. He was awarded JSPS Fellowship of Japan and Fulbright Fellowship of USA. Also, he was consultant to the Faculty of Technology, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic. He was honored as a National Project Director (NPD) of an UNDP project in developing BERC. He chaired many national and international symposia on Biotechnology. He served as expert member in Biochemical Engineering various committees of DBT, NES/MNES, CSIR, AICTE, MHRD Govt. of India. He has published a large number of research papers, technical papers, book chapters and contributed significantly in the promotion of biochemical engineering, biotechnology and biomedical engineering science. His other research based authored books include "Oxygen Responses, Reactivities and Measurements in Biosystems" published by CRC Press, Florida, USA and Process Biotechnology Fundamentals by Viva Books Private Limited in two editions. He is a life Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering and Life Member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers and Indian Society of Technical Education. He is an Honorary Member of the ‘Research Board of Advisors’ of the ABI, Inc., North Carolina, USA since 2000. Target Audience: This book encompasses topics concerning patenting and scientific areas of process biochemistry, cell biology and newer areas of system/ structural biological engineering for graduate, advanced/ senior level and self study personnel and for bioprocess engineers and biotechnologies. Printed Pages: 382.

Title: Advanced Process Biotechnology

Author Name: S N Mukhopadhyay

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Viva Books Private Limited: 2008

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