Catalogue of Marine Molluscs (Polyplacophora and Gastropoda)

By: A. Dey

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Contents: Introduction. Review of Indian works. Abbreviation used. 1. Class polyplacophora. 2. Class gastropoda. 3. Subclass prosobranchia. 4. Order Archaeogastropoda. 5. Order mesogastropoda. 6. Order neogastropoda. 7. Subclass heterobranchia. 8. Superorder allogastropoda. 9. Subclass opisthobranchia. 10. Order cephalospidea. 11. Order saccoglossa. 12. Order aplysiomorpha. 13. Order notaspidea. 14. Order thecosomata. 15. Order nudibranchia. 16. Subclass gymnomorpha. 17. Order systellommatophora. 18. Subclass pulmonata. 19. Order archaeopulmonata. 20. Order basommatophora. Bibliography. Index. Figures. Molluscs (Polyplacophora and Gastropoda) represents two classes. This book is an updated attempt to provide a clear picture of these two classes of Indian molluscan diversity, essential for authentic taxonomic database on marine biodiversity and also useful for conservation of marine coastal habitat. This document includes catalogue of 1694 species (21 species of Polyplacophora and 1673 of Gastropoda, illustrated with 1536 photographs. This work is mainly based on the earlier literature records on these two important groups of Indian marine molluscs, examining materials present in the National Collection of Zoological Survey of India. The arrangement of genera begins with the type genus first, followed by the others alphabetically. The species arrangement is made alphabetical and synonyms begin with 1st reference, followed by all Indian references year-wise along with their distribution and remarks. A descriptive account included for the class Polyplacophora and Gastropoda and all the available Indian works were reviewed in brief to provide an idea of these two groups in the present work, helpful for students, teachers and researchers. A selected bibliography is given containing 263 references on Indian marine molluscs and also revisionary works of indo-Pacific molluscs which would be of immense value to the future researchers and at the same time reflect the past and current level of interests in marine molluscs in India. It is hoped that this document will arouse the interests of marine malacological researchers, taxonomists, zoologists as well as naturalists from India and abroad. The beginners will venture studying these two groups, viz. Polyplacophora and Gastropoda, especially in the mudflats, mangroves and other estuarine and marine habitats from well over 1500 colourful illustrations attracting the attention of interested researchers. (jacket). Printed Pages: 445.

Title: Catalogue of Marine Molluscs (Polyplacophora and Gastropoda)

Author Name: A. Dey

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Kolkata, India, Zoological Survey of India: 2016

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Keywords: Catalogue of Marine Molluscs (Polyplacophora and Gastropoda)