Ichneumonologia Indica (Part-1)

By: J.K. Jonathan

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Contents: Introduction. Historical resume. Morphological characters of taxonomic importance. Systematic account. Family Ichneumonidae. Subfamily Mesosteninae. I. Tribe agrothereutini: i. Genus Ammauromorpha Ashmead. ii. Genus Agrothereutes Foerster. iii. Genus Idiolispa foerster. iv. Genus trychosis foerster. II. Tribe ischnini: 1. Genus Neodontocryptus Uchida. 2. Genus Etha cameron. 3. Genus Caenocryptoides Uchida. 4. Genus Ischnus Gravenhorst. 5. Genus Glabridorsum townes. 6. Genus Caenocryptus Thomson. 7. Genus Nippocryptus Uchida. 8. Genus Myrmeleonostenus Uchida. 9. Genus Buathra Cameron. 10. Genus Itamoplex foerster. 11. Genus Hedycryptus cameron. 12. Genus Dihelus Townes. 13. Genus Enclisis Townes. 14. Genus Gyropyga Townes. III. Tribe Baryceratini: 1. Genus Buysmania Cheesman. 2. Genus Jonathania Gupta. 3. Genus Chlorocryptus cameron. IV. Tribe mesostenini: 1. Genus Gotra Cameron. 2. Genus Anupama Jonathan. 3. Genus Mesostenus Gravenhorst. V. Tribe Goryphini: 1. Genus Necolio Cheesman. 2. Genus Allophatnus Cameron. 3. Genus Neobuodias Rao and Nikam. 4. Genus Takastenus Uchida. 5. Genus Menaforia Seyrig. 6. Genus Friona Cameron. 7. Genus Listrognathus Tschek. 8. Genus Goryphus Holmgren. 9. Genus Skeatia Cameron. 10. Genus Perjiva Jonathan and Gupta. 11. Genus Fotsiforia Seyrig. 12. Genus Gambroides Betrem. 13. Genus Isotima Foerster. 14. Genus Formostenus Uchida. 15. Genus Melcha Cameron. 16. Genus Euchalinus Townes. 17. Genus Baltazaria Townes. 18. Genus Colaulus Townes. 19. Genus Pseudotricapus Jonathan. VI. Tribe Coesulini: 1. Genus Coesula Cameron. VII. Tribe Vagenathini:1. Genus Stetholophus Townes. VIII. Tribe Ceratocryptini: 1. Genus Cremnocryptus cushman. 2. Genus Nematocryptus Roman. 3. Genus Lipoprion Townes. 4. Genus Fitatsia Seyrig. 5. Genus Silsila Cameron. 6. Genus Acromia townes. 7. Genus Ceratocryptus camerron. 8. Genus Thelodon Townes. IX. Tribe osprynchotini: 1. Genus Acroricnus Ratzeburg. 2. Genus Nematopodius Gravenhorst. X. Tribe Gabuniini: 1. Genus Apocryptus Uchida. 2. Genus Dinocryptus Cameron. 3. Genus Pterocryptus Szepligeti. 4. Genus Tanepomidos Gupta and Jonathan. 5. Genus Xoridesopus Cameron. 6. Genus Hadrocryptus cameron. 7. Genus Microstenus Szepligeti. 8. Genus Eurycryptus cameron. 9. Genus Schreineria Schreiner. 10. Genus Arhytis Townes. 11. Genus Dagathia Cameron. 12. Genus Torbda Cameron. XI. Tribe sphecophagini: 1. Genus Arthula Cameron. Bibliography. Host index. General index. "This manual is the part I of the Ichneumonologia Indica Series, which deals with sub family Mesosteninae of family Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera : Parasitica). It is aimed to provide a taxonomic guide to identify genera and species of this subfamily in India and adjacent countries. The member of this subfamily are parasitic on the larvae and pupae of other insects and some are parasitic on spiders or their eggs. By their parasitic habits they destroy a large number of insects injurious to agriculture and forestry. It is in this context, the taxornomic knowledge of these parasites and their hosts becomes all the more essential. The present manual deals with 308 species and 18 subspecies under 68 genera. Of these, 2 subgenera and 23 species are described as new to science. Therefore, this manual will help in identifications of these parasitic species, their distribution, hosts relationship and also their utilization in Biological Control Programme." (jacket). Printed Pages:.

Title: Ichneumonologia Indica (Part-1)

Author Name: J.K. Jonathan

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Kolkata, India, Zoological Survey of India: 2006

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