Animals of India—Mammals

By: J.R.B. Alfred, A.K. Das and A.K. Sanyal

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Contents Introduction 1. Mammals. 2. Indian mammals. 3. List of Indian mammals. 4. List of endemic Indian mammals. Order Insectivora Family 1. Erinaceidae Hedgehogs. 2. Soricidae Shrews. 3. Talpidae Moles. Order Scandentia 1. Family Tupaiidae tree shrews. Order Chiroptera Family 1. Pteropodidae fruit bats flying foxes. 2. Rhinopomatidae mouse tailed bats. 3. Emballonuridae Tomb bats. 4. Megadermatidae false vampires. 5. Rhinolophidae Horse shoe bats. 6. Hipposideridae leaf nosed bat. 7. Vespertilionidae evening bats. 8. Molossidae free tailed bats. Order Primates Family 1. Loridae loris. 2. Cercopithecidae monkey. 3. Hylobatidae ape. Order Carnivora Family 1. Canidae wild dogs jackal fox wolf. 2. Hyaenidae hyaena. 3. Felidae cats. 4. Viverridae civets and binturong. 5. Herpestidae mongooses. 6. Mustelidae otters badgers martens wealsels. 7. Ursidae bears and panda. Order Cetacea 1. Family Balaenopteridae rorquals. 2. Balaenidae right whales. 3. Platanistidae river dolphins. 4. Delphinidae dolphins and whales. 5. Phocoenidae Porpoises. 6. Physeteridae sperm whales. 7. Ziphiidae beaked whales. Order Sirenia sea cow or dugong. Order Proboscidea elephants. Order Perissodactyla Family 1. Equidae asses. 2. Rhinocerotidae rhinoceros. Order Artiodactyla 1. Bovidae cattle sheep goat antelope. 2. Cervidae deer. 3. Moschidae musk deer. 4. Tragulidae mouse deer. 5. Suidae pigs. Order Pholidota pangolins. Order Rodentia Family 1. Sciuridae squirrels and marmots. 2. Muridae rats mice voles hamsters dormice gerbils bamboo rats. 3. Dipodidae Birch mice. 4. Histricidae porcupines. Order Lagomorpha Family 1. Ochotonidae Pikas. 2. Leoporidae hares and rabbits. Selected references. Index 1. Scientific names. 2. Common names. Indian mammals comprise of 401 species under 180 genera 45 families and 13 orders constituting about 8.6 per cent of the global mammalian species. This country is also the abode of 45 endemic mammals. The present book which is the first part of the series Animals of India to be published by the ENVIS Centre ZSI attempts to deal with all these species of Indian mammals. The book incorporates a comprehensive checklist of Indian mammals their diagnostic features distribution endemicity habit and habitats and current conservation status. A large number of photographs of Indian mammals are presented in the book for the convenience of their identification. It is hoped that the book will serve as a valuable source of information for all concerned and will be an useful guide to both the amateur nature lovers and wildlife professionals. Printed Pages: 240. (Printed on Imported Art Paper with colour photographs of more than 300 species)

Title: Animals of India—Mammals

Author Name: J.R.B. Alfred, A.K. Das and A.K. Sanyal

Categories: Zoology, India,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Kolkata, India, Zoological Survey of India: 2006

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ISBN 13: 9788181710949

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