Hemipteran Pests in India

By: L.K. Ghosh

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Contents Foreword. Author's preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. I. Insecta Homoptera Aphididae 1. Tribe Aphidini. 2. Subtribe Aphidina. 3. Subtribe Rhopalosiphina. 4. Tribe Macrosiphini. 5. Subfamily Drepanosiphinae. 6. Subfamily Greenideinae. 7. Subfamily Hormaphidinae. 8. Subfamily Lachninae. 9. Subfamily Pemphiginae. Genus 1 33. References. II. Insecta Homoptera Aleyrodidae Family Aleyrodidae. Genus 1 6. Reference. III. Insecta Hemiptera Homoptera Cercopoidea Family 1. Aphrophoridae. 2. Machaerotidae. References. Genus 1 7. IV. Insecta Homoptera Cicadellidae Subfamily 1. Cicadellinae. 2. Hecalinae. 3. Deltocephalinae. 4. Iassinae. 5. Idiocerinae. 6. Typhlocybinae. 7. Cicadellinae. 8. Hecalinae. 9. Deltocephalinae. 10. Idiocerinae. 11. Typhlocybinae. Genus 1 12. Reference. V. Insecta Homoptera Coccoidea Family 1. Monophlebidae. 2. Pseudococcidae. 3. Coccidae. 4. Diaspididae. 5. Subfamily Aspidiotinae. Genus 1 14. Reference. VI. Insecta Homoptera Fulgoroidea Family Fulgoridae. Sub family i. Delphacinae. ii. Lophopinae. iii. Flatinae. Genus 1 5. Reference. VII. Insecta Hemiptera Homoptera Membracidae Subfamily. 1. Oxyrhachinae. 2. Centrotinae. Tribe i. Oxyrhachini. ii. Tricentrini. iii. Leptocentrini. iv. Centrotini. Genus 1 5. Reference. VIII. Insecta Homoptera Psyllidae Subfamily 1. Pauropsyllinae. 2. Psyllinae. Genus 1 2. Reference. IX. Hemiptera Heteroptera Coreoidea Family 1. Alydidae. 2. Coreidae. Genus 1 4. References. X. Insecta Hemiptera Heteroptera Lygaeidae Family Lygaeidae. Subfamily 1. Lygaeinae. 2. Oxycareninae. 3. Orsillinae. 4. Blissinae. Reference. Genus 1 4. XI. Heteroptera Miridae (Capsidae) Family Miridae. Genus 1 4. Reference. XII. Insecta Hemiptera Heteroptera Pentatomoidea Family 1. Pentatomidae. 2. Plataspidae. 3. Scutelleridae. 4. Tessaratomidae. 5. Dinidoridae. 6. Urostylidae. Genus 1 24. Reference. XIII. Insecta Heteroptera Pyrrhocoridae 1. Family pyrrhocoridae. Genus 1 Dysdercus Amyot and Servielle. Reference. XIV. Heteroptera Tingidae Family Tingidae. Genus 1 6. References. Index. This Handbook on Hemipteran pests in India is the first attempt to furnish a comprehensive document on pest species of Hemiptera (Insecta) dealing with taxonomy as well as other applied aspects with a view to have all information under one cover. Apart from providing a full taxonomic treatment of all the pest species known from India together with keys for their identification it also includes in depth information known on various other aspects such as bionomics ecology damage symptoms natural enemies complex possible control measures etc. of the pest species in the country. General discussion has also been made pertaining to morphology economic importance host plant association distributional pattern family characters of each group affinity with related groups etc. This book deals with details of 161 species belonging to 113 genera under 24 families of the order Hemiptera. An exhaustive bibliography has been provided so as to make a detailed study of a particular chosen aspect of the group. The work has been suitably illustrated. Efforts have been made to provide an up to date information of the pests as far as possible. As this is the only book exclusively on pests of Hemiptera of the subcontinent it is believed that it would be an indispensable source of reference book for a large section of research workers and students in India and neighbouring countries. Printed Pages: 453 with 20 plates.

Title: Hemipteran Pests in India

Author Name: L.K. Ghosh

Categories: Zoology, India,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Kolkata, India, Zoological Survey of India: 2008

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