Dragonflies and Damselflies of Kerala

By: K.G. Emiliyama, C. Radhakrishnan and Md. Jafar Palot

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Contents Preface. Table 1. Diversity of odonata (insecta) in India/Kerala. Biology. Structure of an adult odonate (Imago). External Morphology. Breeding environs of odonates. Systematic account 1. Ceriagrion cerinorubellum (Brauer). 2. Ceriagrion coromandelianum (Fabricius). 3. Pseudagrion microcephalum (Rambur). 4. Pseudagrion rubriceps rubriceps (Selys). 5. Aciagrion occidentale Laidlaw. 6. Ischnura aurora aurora (Brauer). 7. Agriocnemis pygmaea (Rambur). 8. Copera marginipes (Rambur). 9. Copera vittata (Selys). 10. Neurobasis chinensis chinensis (Linnaeus). 11. Vestalis apicalis apicalis Selys. 12. Vestalis gracilis gracilis (Rambur). 13. Rhinocypha (Heliocypha) bisignata (Selys). 14. Libellago lineata indica (Fraser). 15. Euphaea fraseri (Laidlaw). 16. Ictinogomphus rapax (Rambur). 17. Gynacantha dravida Lieftinck. 18. Tetrathemis platyptera Selys. 19. Brachydiplax sobrina (Rambur). 20. Cratilla lineata (Brauer). 21. Lathrecista asiatica asiatica (Fabricius). 22. Orthetrum chrysis Selys. 23. Orthetrum luzonicum (Brauer). 24. Orthetrum pruinosum neglectum (Rambur). 25. Orthetrum sabina sabina (Drury). 26. Potamarcha congener (Rambur). 27. Acisoma panorpoides panorpoides Rambur. 28. Brachythemis contaminata (Fabricius). 29. Bradinopyga geminata (Rambur). 30. Crocothemis servilia servilia (Drury). 31. Diplacodes trivialis (Rambur). 32. Neurothemis fulvia (Drury). 33. Neurothemis intermedia intermedia (Rambur). 34. Neurothemis tullia tullia (Drury). 35. Rhodothemis rufa (Rambur). 36. Trithemis aurora (Burmeister). 37. Trithemis festiva (Rambur). 38. Trithemis pallidinervis Kirby. 39. Palpopleura sexmaculata sexmaculata (Fabricius). 40. Rhyothemis variegata variegata (Linnaeus). 41. Pantala flavescens (Fabricius). 42. Tramea limbata similata (Rambur). 43. Tholymis tillarga (Fabricius). 44. Zyxomma petiolatum Rambur. 45. Aethriamanta brevipennis (Rambur). 46. Urothemis signata signata (Rambur). Appendix. References and further reading. From the preface Dragonflies (Odonata insecta) are one among the most fascinating and elegant groups of insects usually found near water bodies. However many of them can be seen in our gardens even in urban areas a few even reaching our homes in the late evenings attracted to the light or following prey insects that get attracted to the light. Economically odonates are most significant because they are predators of mosquitoes and other insects including agricultural pests and vectors of diseases that cause serious agricultural loss and health problems to human beings. Besides the odonate nymphs are biological indicators of aquatic pollution. Clearing up of forested areas filling up of lowlands particularly of water bodies in the name of development and polluting the water bodies lead to the elimination of these beautiful insects. This book is aimed at interested amateurs primarily the younger people as well as those interested to learn more about the dragonflies of Kerala. With the help of the photographs provided it may not be difficult to identify all the 46 species dealt with in the book because in many cases broad characters such as the colour of the body and characters on the wings would be sufficient. However for a more serious study it is necessary to familiarise oneself with the general taxonomic characters of the group and their species specific variations. To facilitate these a series of illustrations revealing the various basic characters and their explanations are provided and further the taxonomic variations exhibited by each species provided as diagnosis under the respective species accounts. Printed Pages: 67.

Title: Dragonflies and Damselflies of Kerala

Author Name: K.G. Emiliyama, C. Radhakrishnan and Md. Jafar Palot

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Kolkata, India, Zoological Survey of India: 2006

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Keywords: Dragonflies and Damselflies of Kerala