Guide to Reef Fishes of A & N Islands

By: D.V. Rao

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Contents: Foreword. Preface. Introduction. Scope and object of the guide. How to use the field guide. External features of fishes. A word to the underwater explorers. Collection and photography of fish. Glossary. Illustrated key to families. Description of species by family: Family: 1. Hemiscylliidae. 2. Carcharhinidae. 3. Sphyrnidae. 4. Narkidae. 5. Rhinobatidae. 6. Myliobatidae. 7. Dasyatidae. 8. Congridae. 9. Muraenidae. 10. Ophichthidae. 11. Clupeidae. 12. Chanidae. 13. Plotosidae. 14. Synodontidae. 15. Ophidiidae. 16. Carapidae. 17. Bythitidae. 18. Antennariidae. 19. Atherinidae. 20. Belonidae. 21. Hemiramphidae. 22. Exocoetidae. 23. Monocentridae. 24. Holocentridae. 25. Pegasidae. 26. Fistulariidae. 27. Syngnathidae. 28. Solenostomidae. 29. Centriscidae. 30. Scorpaenidae. 31. Tetrarogidae. 32. Synanceiidae. 33. Caracanthidae. 34. Platycephalidae. 35. Dactylopteridae. 36. Kuhliidae. 37. Serranidae. 38. Pseudochromidae. 39. Plesiopidae. 40. Teraponidae. 41. Priacanthidae. 42. Apogonidae. 43. Haemulidae. 44. Lutjanidae. 45. Caesionidae. 46. Lethrinidae. 47. Nemipteridae. 48. Kyphosidae. 49. Drepanidae. 50. Ephippidae. 51. Monodactylidae. 52. Gerreidae. 53. Mullidae. 54. Malacanthidae. 55. Menidae. 56. Pomacanthidae. 57. Chaetodontidae. 58. Carangidae. 59. Coryphaenidae. 60. Rachycentridae. 61. Echeneidae. 62. Cirrhitidae. 63. Pempheridae. 64. Pomacentridae. 65. Labridae. 66. Scaridae. 67. Mugilidae. 68. Sphyraenidae. 69. Trichonotidae. 70. Pinguipedidae. 71. Blenniidae. 72. Tripterygiidae. 73. Callionymidae. 74. Gobiidae. 75. Microdesmidae. 76. Acanthuridae. 77. Zanclidae. 78. Siganidae. 79. Scombridae. 80. Istiophoridae. 81. Psettodidae. 82. Bothidae. 83. Cynoglossidae. 84. Soleidae. 85. Balistidae. 86. Monacanthidae. 87. Triacanthidae. 88. Ostraciidae. 89. Tetraodontidae. 90. Diodontidae. Ecology of reef fishes. Selected bibliography. Index to scientific names. Index to common names. From the preface: The marine ecosystem of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers a varied and complex animal life of which the colourful coral reefs constitute the most fragile and interesting faunal element as elsewhere in the Indo Pacific reefs. The fascinating underwater coral gardens of these Islands comprise more than 200 species of corals and several hundreds of associated faunal components. Majority of these coral reefs are of fringing type occurring close to the shore. These are most productive natural ecosystems supporting rich fish resources in addition to other fascinating multicoloured fauna. In recent years scores of stunning and exciting colourful fishes are being discovered in the Indo Pacific Reefs. Many excellent publications are available on the reef fishes of Indo Pacific and Caribbean Reefs. Unfortunately no such publication is available on the reef fishes of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Prompted by this lacuna a study on the reef fishes of these islands was undertaken. Intensive surveys all along the length and breadth of the archipelago facilited in the preparation of this guide on the reefs fishes of these islands. The main aim is to present a comprehensive account of the great diversity of reef fishes of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This illustrated volume it is hoped with line drawings as well as colour photographs and brief notes on ecology shall serve as a valuable field guide to ichthyologists reef watchers conservationists etc. From the conservation point of view fish particularly of the reef ecosystem command no less attention than the members of other faunal groups. The indiscriminate destruction of the coral reefs results in loss of habitat for a variety of animals including the fishes. Only recently corals and a few inhabitants of the reefs are included in the Schedules of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972; only some sharks found a place in them. The present book brings out the rich diversity of fishes in the reef ecosystem stressing the need for protection of the reefs. Printed Pages: 555.

Title: Guide to Reef Fishes of A & N Islands

Author Name: D.V. Rao

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Kolkata, India, Zoological Survey of India: 2004

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