Records of the Zoological Survey of India: A Journal of Indian Zoology: Vol. 113, Part 1: 2013

By: Zoological Survey of India

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Contents: 1. Feasibility study regarding re-introduction of Pygmy Hog (Porcula Salvania Hodson, 1847) at Gorumara National Park, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal/S.K. Sanyal, J.K. De, R.P. Das and K. Venkataraman. 2. Studies on the Caddis Fly Larvae (Insecta Trichoptera) of Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve, Nicobar Islands, India/Kailash Chandra and E. Eyarin Jehamalar. 3. A New Species of Gasetracanthus Westwood from Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh, India (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae)/P.M. Sureshan and B. Dhanya. 4. A New Subspecies of the Genus Galumna Heyden 1826 (Acarina: Oribatida: Galumnidae) from Maharashtra, India/Shampa Sarkar, S.K. Sanyal and S. Chakrabarti. 5. Current Status of Susu (Platanista Gangetica Gangetica Roxburgh, 1801) in river Gandak, a major tributary of the Holy river Ganga in Bihar, India/Gopal Sharma. 6. Taxonomic studies on Jungle Palm Squirrel Funambulus Tristriatus (Waterhouse) from Northern Western Ghats/S.S. Talmale. 7. Additional notes on the Genus Ancylotropus Cameron (Hymenoptera: Eucharitidae) from Indian subcontinent/P. Girish Kumar, T.C. Narendran, K. Rajmohana and P.M. Sureshan. 8. A Taxonomic revision of Oriental Dipara Walker (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae) with descriptions of six new species from India/P.M. Sureshan. 9. On a collection of Shallow-water Echinoderms of Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, Southern India/C. Venkatraman and P. Padmanaban. 10. A study on Vespid Wasps (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Vespidae) of Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh/G. Srinivasan and P. Girish Kumar. 11. New records of two reef fishes Gymnothorax Reticularis, Bloch, 1795 (Family: Muraenidae) and Scarus Ghobban, Forsskal, 1775 (Family : Scaridae) from West Bengal Coast, India/Prasanna Yennawar, Prasad Chandra Tudu, Dipanjan Ray and Anil Mohapatra. 12. New record of a genus and four species of family Arctiidae (Insecta: Lepidoptera) from India/Navneet Singh and Jagbir Singh. 13. Redescription of Bardesanes Signatus distant (Insecta Hemiptera : Reduviidae) first record from India/Kailash Chandra, Sandeep Kushwaha, B. Biswas, Paramita Mukherjee and Animesh Bal. 14. First report on the occurrence of four fishes of family : Nemipteridae from Digha on the East Coast of India/Anil Mohapatra, Prasad Chandra Tudu, Dipanjan Ray and Prasanna Yennawar. 15. Fruit-flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) from North-East India/Kaushik Kr. Bhattacharya, P. Parui and Dhriti Banerjee. 16. Additional records of Fruit-flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) from India/Kaushik Kr. Bhattacharya, P. Parui and Dhriti Banerjee. 17. On some Ants (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Nagaland, India/Neena Tak and Sarfrazul Islam Kazmi. 18. On a collection of Aquatic and Semi-aquatic Bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Chhattisgarh, India/E. Eyarin Jehamalar and Kailash Chandra. 19. New report of the Hermit Crabs Dardanus Lagopodes (Forskal, 1775), Paguristes Miyakei Forest and McLaughlin, 1998 and Oncopagurus Monstrosus (Alcock, 1894) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura) from the Indian Coast/R. Reshmi and A. Bijukumar. 20. Present status of three Monitor Lizards (Varanus Bengalensis, V. Flavescens and V. Salvator) in the Sunderbans/Varadaraju. 21. Placobdella Gauripurensis Sp. Nov. (Hirudinea: Glossiphonidae): A New Leech from West Bengal, India/C.K. Mandal. 22. DNA Fingerprinting study of some of the Indian non-human primate hairs/J.R.B. Alfred and P.S. Bhatnagar. 23. A new record of yellow tail Anemonefish, Amphiprion Clarkii (Bennett, 1830) from Tuticorin tropical waters, Southeast coast of India/Swagat Ghosh, K.V. Dhaneesh, T.T. Ajith Kumar, S. Kumaresan and T. Balasubramanian. 24. Fish fauna of Itanagar wild life sanctuary Arunachal Pradesh, India/Debashree Dam. 25. New locality record of the Leech Poecilobdella Manillensis from Darjeeling District, West Bengal, India/C.K. Mandal, S. Dhani and M. Chakraborty. 26. On the occurrence of a Giant Squilla, Harpiosquilla Raphidae (Crustacea: Malacostra. Printed Pages: 237.

Title: Records of the Zoological Survey of India: A Journal of Indian Zoology: Vol. 113, Part 1: 2013

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