Records of the Zoological Survey of India: A Journal of Indian Zoology: Vol. 113, Part 2: 2013

By: Zoological Survey of India

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Contents: 1. Status of coral reefs in Palk Bay/K. Venkataraman and Rajkumar Rajan. 2. A taxonomic review of Chrysocharis forester hymenoptera: eulophidae of Indian suncontinent/T.C. Narendran Nakeer Razak and P.M. Sureshan.3. A new species of podagrion spinola Hymenoptera: torymidae from India with a checklist of species of India and adjacent countries/T.C. Narendran and S. Sheela. 4. Vertebrate fauna of sagar island of Sunderban, West Bengal/Varadaraju. 5. On the genus anisops heteroptera: nepomorpha: notonectidae from Andaman and Nicobar islands, with a new record to India/E. Eyarin Jehamalar and Kailash Chandra. 6. On a collection of aquatic beetles Order: coleoptera: gyrinidae, dytiscidae and hydrophilidae of Renuka wildlife sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh, India/Sujit Kr. Ghosh and V.D. Hegde. 7. The Fusilier fishes family: caesionidae of Andaman and Nicobar islands/P.T. Rajan and C.R. Sreeraj. 8. First record of Banded Krait Bungarus fasciatus Schneider 1801, Reptilia: elapidae from Guru Ghasidas National Park, Koriya district, Chhattisgarh, India/Kailash Chandra, Angushuman Raha, Amitava Majumder, Abinash Parida and Anil Sarsavan. 9. On the occurrence of crimson Snapper, lutjanus erythropterus perciformes: lutjanidae from West Bengal, India/R.P. Barman, A. Das and S.S. Mishra. 10. Impact of climate change on the diversity and distribution of moss-inhabiting invertebrate fauna in schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica/A.K. Sanyal, K. Venkataraman, J.K. De and Bulgan in Mitra. 11. Endemic annelids earthworms of Darjeeling Distt. W. Bengal, India/R. Paliwal. 12. A taxonomic study on the genus rhynchium spinola Hymenoptera: vespidae: eumeninae from the Indian suncontinent/P. Girish Kumar and Gaurav Sharma. 13. Contribution to the knowledge of Indian marine molluscs with a note on the National Zoological Collections from other countries: family turritelidae/ Basudev Tripathy, Amit Mukhopadhyay, M.D. Hafiz and Abhijna Ghosh. 14. Three new records of Bivalvia Nucula consentanea Melvil and Standen 1907, Congetia chesneyi Oliver and Chesneyi 1994 and periglypta albocancellata Huber 2010 from the West coast of India/Basudev Tripathy, Abhijna Ghosh, Poulami Paul and Amit Kumar Mukhopadhyay. 15. Notes on some protozoa and zooplankton of sewage systems in Kolkata/L. Bindu, J. Chithra and A.K. Sanyal. 16. Notes on some snakehead fishes of India with an aid to their identification/S.S. Mishra, A. Das and R.P. Barman. 17. Hemiclepsis chharwardamensis sp. Nov. Hirudinea: glossiphonidae a new species of leech from Jharkhand, India/C.K. Mandal. 18. Orb weaving siders of Bangladesh-I: Genus Araneus clerck Araneae: araneidae with two new species/V. Biswas and D. Raychaudhuri. 19. Description of a new species of the genus uloborus latreille from Bangladesh araneae: araneidae/V. Biswas and D. Raychaudhuri. 20. Orb-weaving spiders of Bangladesh: genus neoscona Simon araneae: Araneidae/V. Biswas and D. Raychaudhuri. 21. Additional collection record of Sinhgarh rat Millardia kondana Mishra and Dhanda from Sinhgarh, Pune, India/S.S. Talmale, Tilak Rina and M.S. Pradhan. 22. New records of acridoidea Insecta : orthoptera from Uttarakhand/Sharma Narender. 23. A note on Himalayan goral Nemorhaedus goral Hardwicke 1825 at Darjeeling district, West Bengal, India/Phakir Chandra Saren and Basu Dipankar. 24. Gynautocera papilionaria Guerin meneville Lepidoptera: zygaenidae : a new distributional record from Jharkhand/S. Sambath. 25. Record of aborolabis pervicina Burr, 1913 from Terai ecosystem of Uttar Pradesh, India/V.D. Hegd and B. Lal. Printed Pages: 202.

Title: Records of the Zoological Survey of India: A Journal of Indian Zoology: Vol. 113, Part 2: 2013

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