Five Decades of Geophysics in India (Golden Jubilee Volume) (Memoir 68)

By: V.P. Dimri and Bijendra Singh

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Contents Preface. Introduction. Acknowledgements. I. Computational geophysics 1. Development of computational geophysics in India/V.P. Dimri and Ashutosh Chamoli. II. Geodynamics and earth's interior 2. Two significant developments in seismology in India Study of Artificial Water Reservoir Triggered Earthquakes and Tsunami hazard mitigation/Harsh Gupta. 3. Large and great earthquakes in the stable continental region of India A review/J.R. Kayal. 4. GPS in geosciences in India/V.K. Gahalaut. 5. Periodicity of geological events and past climate changes/R.K. Tiwari. 6. Heat flow studies in India during the past five decades/Sukanta Roy. 7. An overview of deep seismic sounding studies in India and their geotectonic implications/Kalachand Sain. 8. Geodynamics of Indian Plate and Tibet Buoyant Lithosphere Rapid Drift and Channel Flow from Gravity studies/D.C. Mishra and M. Ravikumar. 9. Isostatic compensation of continental and oceanic topographies of Indian Lithosphere/V.M. Tiwari and D.C. Mishra. 10. Review of marine geophysics Indian's contributions/D. Gopala Rao. III. Resource exploration 11. Geophysics in petroleum exploration in India Past present and future/D.N. Avasthi Kharak Singh and B.N. Pandey. 12. Geophysical exploration for petroleum in the Subtrappean mesozoic sedimentary formations of India/Bijendra Singh and K. Arora. 13. Selected petroliferous basins of India A gravity perspective/D. Sar. 14. Identification and quantification of gas hydrates A viable source of energy in the twenty first century/Kalachand Sain and Maheswar Ojha. 15. Airborne geophysics in India A review/H.V. Rambabu and Ch. Rama Rao. 16. Airborne geophysical surveys for Uranium Exploration in India past present and future/A.K. Chaturvedi S.N. Kak K.L. Tiku P.B. Aithani and Anjan Chaki. 17. Applications of magnetotelluric studies in India/T. Harinarayana. 18. Ground water resources From exploration to management/S.N. Rai and Y. Ratnakumari. From the Introduction Geophysics the study of the earth through the application of physical principles first made its appearance in the mid nineteenth century and progressively influenced our knowledge and understanding of the planet we live on. In turn this opened new horizons of comprehension of the complex natures of the continents and oceans as well as the natural resources available to us on which the growth and development of our society is based. This all embracing science is a fundamental pillar on which global socio economic prosperity is based and it is indeed difficult to imagine today's world without its benefits. The earliest use of geophysics in India can be traced to Colonel William Lambton who suggested a survey in 1799 which ultimately resulted in a geodetic network to study the earth's ellipticity. Geophysics helps us to unravel the mysteries of the unreachable insides of the earth. It has made unparalleled contribution towards knowledge of the crustal and lithosphere structure of the Earth and the Plate Tectonic processes which over millions of years build the surface features and amass mineral wealth for our consumption. Understanding of these as well as other processes acting deep inside the earth enable us to anticipate regions prone to earthquake hazards as well as other vagaries of nature. Again knowledge of the earth system and man made influences on it have helped to open our eyes to activities which generate pollution and create imbalances endangering the very existence of our species so that we may implement rectifying measures. Memoir Series: 68. Printed Pages: 380.

Title: Five Decades of Geophysics in India (Golden Jubilee Volume) (Memoir 68)

Author Name: V.P. Dimri and Bijendra Singh

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Bangalore, India, Geological Society of India: 2008

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Keywords: Five Decades of Geophysics in India (Golden Jubilee Volume) (Memoir 68)