50 years of the Journal: Some Significant Land Marks (Golden Jubilee Volume) (Memoir 65)

By: B.P. Radhakrishna and S. Viswanathan

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Contents Introduction 50 years of the journal some significant landmarks/B.P. Radhakrishna and S. Viswanathan. List of selected papers 1. Geological Society of India/L. Rama Rao. 2. Importance of Geological studies in the future development of India/K.D. Malaviya. Precambrian geology 3. Reconsideration of some problems in the Archaean Complex of Mysore/B.P. Radhakrishna. 4. Peninsular Gneissic Complex of the Dharwar Craton a suggested model for its evolution/B.P. Radhakrishna. 5. A proterozoic intracratonic Basin Dyke Swarms and Thermal Evolution in South India/S.A. Drury. 6. The oldest supracrustals of the Dharwar Craton India/S.M. Naqvi. 7. Banded iron formation of India/B.P. Radhakrishna T.C. Devaraju and B. Mahabaleswar. 8. Archaean proterozoic Boundary in India/B.P. Radhakrishna and M. Ramakrishnan. 9. Suspect tectono stratigraphic terrane elements in the Indian subcontinent/B.P. Radhakrishna. Petrology 10. The Champion Gneiss in the Archaean Complex of Mysore Southern India a review/B. Rama Rao. 11. Transformation of peninsular gneiss into Charnockite in Mysore State India/C.S. Pichamuthu. 12. Aspects of Basalt Petrology/Arie Poldervaart. 13. Precambrian carbonatites of Tamil Nadu South India/L.S. Borodin V. Gopal V.M. Moralev V. Subramanian and V. Ponikarov. 14. The origin of the Meta anorthositic gabbros and garnetiferous granulites of the Sittampundi Complex Madras India/A.S. Janardhanan and B.E. Leake. 15. Carbonatite Kimberlite Complexes of India/R.N. Sukheswala. 16. The Prakasam Alkaline Province in Andhra Pradesh India/C. Leelanandam. 17. Indian Kimberlites and lamprophyres mineralogical and chemical aspects/D.K. Paul. 18. The incipient charnockites of Transition Zone Granulite Zone and Khondalite Zone of South India contrasting mechanisms and controlling factors/G.R. Ravindra Kumar and Venkatesh Raghavan. 19. From the roots to the roof of granite the Closepet Granite of South India/Jean Francois Moyen Mudlappa Jayananda Anne Nedelec Herve Martin B. Mahabaleswar and Bernard Auvray. Geochemistry 20. Contemporary trends in geochemical studies of early Precambrian greenstone granite complexes/S. Viswanathan. 21. Geochemical studies of the precambrian of India suggestions for future research work/S. Viswanathan and B.P. Radhakrishna. Geochronology 22. Reconnaissance Rb Sr dating of the precambrian rocks of Southern Peninsular India/A.R. Crawford. 23. Geochronology of the Dharwar Craton a review/V.S. Venkatasubramanian. 24. Shrimp U Pb ages of Detrital Zircon in Sargur Supracrustal rocks in Western Karnataka Southern India/A.P. Nutman B. Chadwick M. Ramakrishnan and M.N. Viswanatha. Structural geology 25. The tectonic framework of Assam/P. Evans. 26. Tectonics of the Cuddapah basin/S. Narayanaswami. 27. Deep main faults in South India/John C. Grady. 28. Tectonic slices of high grade rocks in the Delhi Fold Belt of North Central Rajasthan/Fareeduddin A.K. Sharma and U. Bose. 29. Tectonothermal history of the Central Indian Tectonic Zone and Reactivation of Major Faults/Shear Zones/S.K. Acharyya and Abhinaba Roy. Geophysics 30. Some recent earthquakes in peninsular India/Indra Mohan M.V.D. Sitaram and Harsh K. Gupta. 31. A geophysical appraisal of the Purana Basins of India/T.S. Ramakrishna and A.Y.S.R. Chayanulu. 32. Thermal and crustal structure of SONATA A Zone of mid continental rifting in Indian Shield/Ravi Shanker. 33. A geophysical approach to the problem of seismicity in the Indian Shield/A.G.B. Reddy. 34. Variation of crustal velocity structure in India as determined from DSS studies and their implications on regional tectonics/K.L. Kaila and Kalachand Sain. Economic geology 35. Crustal evolution and metallogeny evidence from the Indian Shield a review/B.P. Radhakrishna. 36. Re Os dating of Molybdenites from Southern India implication for Pan African Metallogeny/M. Santosh Katsuhiko Suzuki and Akimasa Masuda. Memoir Series: 65. Printed Pages: 888.

Title: 50 years of the Journal: Some Significant Land Marks (Golden Jubilee Volume) (Memoir 65)

Author Name: B.P. Radhakrishna and S. Viswanathan

Categories: Geology, India,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Bangalore, India, Geological Society of India: 2008

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Keywords: 50 years of the Journal: Some Significant Land Marks (Golden Jubilee Volume) (Memoir 65)