Strobilanthes Blume (Acanthaceae) in Peninsular India

By: P. Venu and Edited by P. Daniel & M. Sanjappa

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Contents Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Details of figures maps and photo plates Review. The Area covered i. The western ghats. ii. The eastern ghats. Herbaria consulted. Plan of presentation. Key to species. Enumeration 1. Strobilanthes amabilis/C.B. Clarke. 2. Strobilanthes anamallaica/J.R.I. Wood. 3. Strobilanthes anceps/Nees. 4. Strobilanthes andersonii/Bedd. 5. Strobilanthes auriculatus/Nees. 6. Strobilanthes aurita/J.R.I. Wood. 7. Strobilanthes barbatus/Nees. 8. Strobilanthes bolampattianus/Bedd. 9. Strobilanthes callosus/Nees. 10. Strobilanthes campanulatus/Wight. 11. Strobilanthes canaricus/Bedd. 12. Strobilanthes ciliatus/Nees. 13. Strobilanthes consanguineus/(Nees) T. Anderson. 14. Strobilanthes cuspidatus (Benth.)/T. Anderson. 15. Strobilanthes decurrens/Nees. 16. Strobilanthes dupeni Bedd. ex./C.B. Clarke. 17. Strobilanthes foliosus (Wight)/T. Anderson. 18. Strobilanthes glandulosus/Kurz. 19. Strobilanthes gracilis/Bedd. 20. Strobilanthes hamiltoniana (steud.)/Bosser and Heine. 21. Strobilanthes heteromallus/T. Anderson ex C.B. Clarke. 22. Strobilanthes heyneanus/Nees. 23. Strobilanthes homotropus/Nees. 24. Strobilanthes humilis (Nees)/Gamble. 25. Strobilanthes integrifolius (Dalzell)/Kuntze. 26. Strobilanthes isophyllus (Nees)/T. Anderson. 27. Strobilanthes ixiocephalus/Benth. 28. Strobilanthes jeyporensis/Bedd. 29. Strobilanthes kunthianus (Nees)/T. Anderson. 30. Strobilanthes lanatus/Nees. 31. Strobilanthes lawsoni/Gamble. 32. Strobilanthes lupulinus/Nees. 33. Strobilanthes luridus/Wight. 34. Strobilanthes matthewiana/R.W. Scotland. 35. Strobilanthes meeboldii/Craib. 36. Strobilanthes membranaceus/Talbot. 37. Strobilanthes micranthes/Wight. 38. Strobilanthes microcarpus/T. Anderson. 39. Strobilanthes microstachya/Benth. ex Hohen. 40. Strobilanthes minor/Talbot. 41. Strobilanthes neilgherrensis/Bedd. 42. Strobilanthes neoasper/Venu and P. Daniel. 43. Strobilanthes newii/Bedd. ex C.B. Clarke. 44. Strobilanthes papillosus/T. Anderson. 45. Strobilanthes perrottetianus/Nees. 46. Strobilanthes pulneyensis/C.B. Clarke. 47. Strobilanthes reticulatus/Stapf. 48. Strobilanthes rubicundus/(Nees) T. Anderson. 49. Strobilanthes scrobiculatus/Dalzell ex C.B. Clarke. 50. Strobilanthes sessilis/Nees. 51. Strobilanthes sexennis/Nees. 52. Strobilanthes tristis (Wight)/T. Anderson. 53. Strobilanthes urceolaris/Gamble. 54. Strobilanthes violaceus/Bedd. 55. Strobilanthes virendrakumarana/Venu and P. Daniel. 56. Strobilanthes walkeri/Arn. ex Nees. 57. Strobilanthes warreensis/Dalzell. 58. Strobilanthes wightianus/Nees. 59. Strobilanthes zenkerianus/(Nees) T. Anderson. References. Index to scientific names. Printed Pages: 216 with 54 b/w and 50 colour photos and 15 maps.

Title: Strobilanthes Blume (Acanthaceae) in Peninsular India

Author Name: P. Venu and Edited by P. Daniel & M. Sanjappa

Categories: Botany, India,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Botanical Survey of India: 2006

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Keywords: Strobilanthes Blume (Acanthaceae) in Peninsular India