The Jains (Special Indian Edition)

By: Paul Dundas

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Jainism is one of the World's oldest religious traditions. Is it still a living and dynamic faith? The Sanskrit word Jaina derives from jina, ëconqueror,í an epithet given to a line of human teachers who, having overcome the passions and obtained enlightenment, teach the true doctrine of non-violence and subsequently attain the freedom from rebirth which constitutes spiritual deliverance. The Jains are at the most basic level those who credit these spiritual conquerors with total authority and act according to their teaching of the Three Jewels, namely, right knowledge, right faith and right conduct. It is not clear when the term 'Jain' was first employed to designate an adherent of a specific religious path, although it was probably in use by the early centuries of the common era. The designation found in the ancient scriptures, niggantha, 'free from bonds,' was employed to describe only members of the ascetic community and the teaching associated with them and it was no doubt the gradual emergence of a self-aware laity supporting the bondless ascetics which led to 'Jain' eventually becoming current for both the teachings of the religion and those who followed them. Demographically the Jains form a tiny minority within India. The Census of India figures for 1991 showed that, out of a total population of just over 838 million, Jains constituted about 3.35 million (0.41 per cent), with the largest numbers being concentrated in the states of Gujarat (491,331), Karnataka (326,114), Madhya Pradesh (490,324), Maharashtra (965,840) and Rajasthan (562,806). The Indian religion of Jainism, whose central tener involves non-violence to all creatures, is one of the world's oldest and at the same time least-understood faiths. Paul Dundas looks at Jainism in its social and doctrinal context, discusses its history, sects, scriptures and ritual, and describes how the Jains have, over two and a half thousand years, defined themselves as a unique religious community. This revised and expanded edition takes account of new research into Jainism as carried out over the last ten years. Printed Pages: 368.

Title: The Jains (Special Indian Edition)

Author Name: Paul Dundas

Categories: India, Religion,

Edition: Second Edition

Publisher: New Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt Ltd: 2017

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