Handbook of Organic Farming and Compost Technology

By: Joy Daniel, Vilas Patil & Alka Najan (Authors)

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Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction to organic farming food fertilizer and agriculture. 2. Organic farming: history and methods. 3. Organic agriculture and food crop production: motivations principles economics and trade. 4. Towards sustainable organic agriculture policies and best practices. 5. Organic farm act and food certification: focus on provisions in North America. 6. Certification and standard setting of organic farming agriculture and animal husbandry in Australia. 7. Indias national programme for organic production: an overview. 8. Compost composting process and compost technology: an overview. 9. Organic fertilizer and eco sanitation: elements and dimensions. 10. Biological pest control and bio pesticides: an overview. 11. Useful resource material on organic farming and compost technology. 12. Indias agriculture and national programme for organic production. Glossary of terms. Bibliography. Index. Organic foods are grown naturally meaning they are grown without the use of pesticides artificial fertilizers and other manufactured additives. Livestock are reared without growth hormones and they are fed organic grains. Benefits of organic produce are innumerable. Organic farms are less damaging to the environment. They do not release harmful chemicals into the environment they help sustain biodiversity rich ecosystems and they use less energy and produce less waste. Organic fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants and have higher nutrient levels than conventional produce. Producing quality compost is the most important job on the organic farm. Organic growers greatly enhance the last part of the process by composting crop and other organic wastes before the soil receives them. Well made compost is the ideal soil food. However opinions differ on the relative importance of organic agriculture to sustainable agriculture and on how much research education and extension efforts on sustainable agriculture should be directed to organic agriculture. This publication provides an introduction to organic farming food fertiliser and agriculture focusing on natural organic matter biodegradable and green waste recycling. An understanding about biotic material and biomass organic horticulture and lawn management organic gardening and forest gardening green agriculture biodynamic agriculture farming and gardening association is created. This handbook also discusses organic farming its history and methods and importance of crop rotation. The main motivations principles economics and trade related to organic agriculture and food crop productions are described in detail including the growing trade in imported organic foods and baby products. The handbook also provides readers with the required knowledge needed towards formulating sustainable organic agriculture policies and best practices ultimately useful for building sustainable organic sectors particularly in developing countries. The handbook also focuses on provisions in North America regarding organic farm regulation and food certification. The process of certification and standard setting of organic farming agriculture and animal husbandry in Australia is also covered. An overview of Indias national programme for organic production and its current status is also given. An overview of compost composting process and compost technology is provided. Composting bins and systems containers equipment and techniques are described in brief. Home composting composting toilet vermincomposting and decompiculture are discussed. Elements and dimensions of organic fertiliser and eco sanitation are described in detail. The handbook also makes a case towards adopting biological pest control and biopesticides. Printed Pages: 757.

Title: Handbook of Organic Farming and Compost Technology

Author Name: Joy Daniel, Vilas Patil & Alka Najan (Authors)

Categories: India, Agricullture & Farming,

Publisher: New Delhi, SBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.: 2010

ISBN: 9789380090085

Binding: Hardcover

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Keywords: Handbook of Organic Farming and Compost Technology Joy Daniel, Vilas Patil & Alka Najan (Authors)