Dynamics of the Ritual Gift System

By: Vijay Nath

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Contents: SECTION I : ANCIENT India : Presidential Address Growth of Rural Economy in Early Feudal India/Dr. R.N. Nandi 1. Indo-European Philology and Etymology of Mleccha/Dr. Aloka Parasher 2. Ethnhic Elements in the Political Life of Ancient Assam/Dr. Debasis Sen 3. Some Aspects of the Nature of Gift in the Post-Maurya Prakrit Inscription of India (c. 200 B.C.-A.D. 300)/Dr. H.C. Satyarthi 4. Glimpses of Town Planning in Pataliputra (c. 400 B.C.-A.D.600)/Dr. Om Prakash Prasad 5. Women Workers in the Jatakas/Dr. Anil Kumar Tyagi 6. Problem of Defining Peasantry : A Note on the Beginnings of Peasant Stratification in Early India (c. 2500-200 B.C.)/Dr. Vijay Kumar Thakur 7. Socio-Economic Tensions in Bhojakata Rajya of Vakataka Kingdom in the Time of Pravarasena II/Dr. Raghavendra Vajpeyi 8. Ancient Orissa : The Dynamics of Internal Transformation of the Tribal Society/Dr. Bhairabi Prasad Sahu 9. Non-brahmana Resistance to the Expansion of brahmadeyas : The Early Pandya Experience/Dr. Rajan Gurukul 10. Role of Land Grants in the Actual Origination of Feudatories in Early Medieval India/Dr. Om Prakash 11. An Aspect of the Revenue System of the Cholas/Prof. Y. Subbarayalu 12. "Tax Free" Grants during Rajaraja I/Dr. P. Shanmungam 13. Famines and Relief Measures under the Imperial Cholas (A.D. 850-1279)/Dr. A.Mohan Ram 14. Functions and Gradations of Devadasis/Dr. Awadh Kishore Prasad 15. Origin of Saiva Monasticism in the Tamil Country/Dr. C.K. Sivaprakasam 16. The Hindu Temple as a Symbol of Pancakratya/Dr. Raju Kalidos 17. Pavagadh-A Sakti Pitha of Gujarat/Dr.V.T. Padmaja 18. Ashvins, the Twin Celestial Physicians and their Medical Skill/Dr. Jyoti Mitra 19. Widow Marriage in Vedic India/Dr. Chira Kisore Bhaduri 20. The Corporative Nature of the Chola Army (Summary)/Dr. C. Salvaraj SECTION II : MEDIEVAL INDIA : Presidential Address/Dr. Radhey Shyam (a) Political and Administrative History 21. Pressure Groups and their Operation in the Delhi Sultanate (A.D. 1206-1351)/Dr. Rekha Pande 22. Ziyauddin Barani`s Theory of Price Centrol : A Critical Estmate/Dr. Padmesh Pathak 23. Wakil`s Report in Rajasthan State Archives : A Sample Study/Dr. Sumbu Halim Khan 24. The Battle of Dubri (A.D. 1612-1613)/Dr. B.C. Kalita 25. In Pursuit Mughal Highways : A Study of road Alignments Based on the Kos pillars/Dr. Zahoor Ali Khan 26. Feudal Organisation in Pre-Sultanate Gujarat/Dr. Pushpa Prasad 27. The Zamindars in the Sultanate of Gujarat - 1407-1572/Dr. Ajaz Bano 28. Royal Ladies in Politics during the Sultanate (Summary)/Dr. C.M. Agrawal b. Social, Economic and Cultural History : 29. The Import of Persian Horses in India, 13-17th centuries/Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan 30. Revenue Documents of a pargana in Gujarat under the Mughals/Dr. Hasan Mahmud 31. Indo-Portuguese Trade and the Gujarat Nobility in the 16th century: A Case Study of Malik Gopi/Dr. K.S. Mathew 32. Economy and Society of Rural Gujarat in the second half of the 18th century: A Study based on the Haribhakti Papers/Dr. G.D. Sharma 33. Pattern of Bengal`s Overseas Trade under the Mughals. Printed Pages: 266

Title: Dynamics of the Ritual Gift System

Author Name: Vijay Nath

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