India and Malaysia: Intertwined Strands

By: Veena Sikri

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New. 1st Edition. Contents: Preface. I. Trade, religion and culture : the pre-colonial centuries: 1. The ancient beginnings. 2. Trading with the east. 3. Indianized Kingdoms in the Malay Peninsula. 4. The Malacca Sultanate and the coming of Islam to Malaya. 5. Indian Ocean trading networks. II. Asia is divided: the colonial period: 6. The colonialists arrive. 7. India's trade with the Malay archipelago in the age of colonialism (sixteenth and seventeenth centuries). 8. The eclipse of direct trade between India and the Malay Peninsula in the eighteenth century. 9. The Nineteenth century: division of the Malay World and consolidation of British colonial rule. 10. Interaction between British India and British Malaya: the indentured labour issue. 11. Jawaharlal Nehru visits Malaya. 12. Rabindranath Tagore visits Malaya. 13. India and Malaya during the Japanese occupation: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. III. The post-war and post-colonial years: 14. India and Malaya in the post-war period. 15. The Asian relations Conference. 16. Malaya attains Independence: key issues of cooperation. 17. India and Malaysia in the post-colonial era. 18. Conclusion: Malaysia and India in the twenty-first century. Bibliography. Index. This book offers a panoramic yet in depth historical analysis of the inter-linkages between India and Malaysia, which are a microcosm of the much larger relationship between South Asia and Southeast Asia, as these have evolved for more than two millennia. Both regions shared rich traditions, first of their Hindu and Buddhist, and later of their Islamic heritage. Till the arrival of European colonialists about five hundred years ago, the people of South and Southeast Asia interacted freely and peaceably. Trade, religion and culture were the leitmotifs of this interaction, and technological prowess in shipbuilding its mainstay. By the end of the eighteenth century, colonial machinations, including the forced demise of India's shipbuilding industry, had impoverished large swathes of people across South and Southeast Asia, and severely restricted their interaction. Indentured labour and convicts, overseers and foremen, railway workers and members of the police force: these were the categories that served the interests of the colonial power. Printed Pages: 508

Title: India and Malaysia: Intertwined Strands

Author Name: Veena Sikri

Categories: History, India,

Publisher: New Delhi, Manohar Publishers & Distributors: 2013

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