Mahanirvana Tantra : Sanskrit Text with Romanize, Commentary, English Translation 2 Vols.

By: Pushpendra Kumar. & Translation by Arthur Avalon (Eds)

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Contents: Vol. I: Preface. Introduction. 1. The liberation of beings. 2. The worship of Brahman. 3. The worship of Brahman (Contd.). 4. The worship of Sakti. 5. The Mantras and purification. 6. The Mantras and rites. 7. Hymn and amulet. 8. Caste and Asramas. Vol. II: 9. The ten sacraments. 10. Rites and initiation. 11. Expiatory acts. 12. The eternal Dharma. 13. Installation of the Devata. 14. Consecration and Avadhutas. Index. “The Tantra is a system of knowledge that will be of much assistance in realizing the ideal of life. It stands for a code of Sadhana for attaining the knowledge of the self, the twenty-four Tattvas, ten senses of perception and action, five Pranas, mind, Buddhi, cit and Ahankara. Besides the Tantras discuss among other Sadhanas, the methods of initiation, sitting postures, paths of Yoga, worship of deity, mediator and Siddhis. Tantras discuss the centre of energy known as Chakras in the body of human beings. They are concerned with the Para Vidya, a knowledge of the ultimate reality, responsible for the creation, maintenance and destruction of the world. The Tantric religion is as old as any other form of religion. It must have undergone a tremendous change while passing through the stages. In fact the ritual side of the Vedas and the practical Kriyas of the Mahayanists for the attainment of spiritual upliftment constitute the present Tantras. The Tantras are considered by their adherents as Sastra supreme for the current age of Kali, when mankind is living under a heavy load of Adharma, untruth and unrighteousness. Its not practicable in this age to practice all the rituals and austerities enjoined in the Vedic system. Neither the individual capacity of man nor the condition of the collective environment of modern societies is favourable to their practice. For the people of this age the Tantra Shastra provides the most practicable and sure guide for the achievement of the goal of life. These preach not only for liberation from the hold of ignorance. Mukti, the basic usages for self-existence, self-affirmation and the delight of fulfillment of worldly enjoyment-Bhakti. The Tantras have certain special features which give it a wider appeal than the systems of the Veda. Firstly Tantrism is catholic and open to all irrespective of their class or sex. No one is excluded from the shelter of Tantras because of his birth. Even a Chandala has a right to be initiated. Printed Pages:

Title: Mahanirvana Tantra : Sanskrit Text with Romanize, Commentary, English Translation 2 Vols.

Author Name: Pushpendra Kumar. & Translation by Arthur Avalon (Eds)

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Keywords: Mahanirvana Tantra : Sanskrit Text with Romanize, Commentary, English Translation 2 Vols.Pushpendra Kumar. & Translation by Arthur Avalon (Eds)