Feminism Modernity and Harmony In Islam: Asghar Ali Engineer and His Writings

By: Akhtarul Wasey (Ed.)

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Contents: Preface. Introduction. I. Writings on Asghar Ali Engineer: 1. Asghar Ali Engineer: My Teacher, My Friend: Irfan Engineer. 2. Asghar Ali Engineer: A True Embodiment of Secular Spirit: Fazlur Rahman. 3. A Scholar, A Teacher and A True Guide: Qutub Jahan Kidwai Writings by Asghar Ali Engineer. 4. Constructing the Civilizational Pillars of Islam. 5. Islam as Religion and Islam as History. 6. Islam and Doctrines of Peace and Non-Violence. 7. Koran and Other Religions. 8. On Sufi Approach to Islam. 9. Love in Sufi Poetry. 10. Religious Diversity and Tolerance in Islam. 11. Salafishm (Wahabism) and Sufism: Is There a Real Conflict? 12. Is Islam Compatible with Democracy and Modernity? 13. A Critical Look at Koranic Verses on War and Violence. 14. Islam, Democracy and Violence. 15. Hindu-Muslim Unity through Religion? 16. Democracy, Elections and Minorities in India. 17. Modernity, Its Discontent and Religion. 18. Islam and the West—What Muslims should Do? 19. Islam, Globalization and Challenges. 20. Maulana Azad and His Concept of Wahdat-E-Deen. 21. On Kufr, Jihad, Cow-Slaughter and Dar Al-Harb. 22. Islam, Women and Gender Justice. 23. Koran, Hadith and Women. 24. Issues in Islamic Feminism. 25. Violence Against Women and Religion. 26. Internal Struggle for Power—The Sunnis Versus Shi’as. 27. Identity in a Multi-Religious Society. 28. The Opening Chapter of Koran: An Ecological Interpretation. 29. And Now Hindu Terrorists? 30. Islam and HIV/AIDS. Index. This book is a short collection of selected writings on various issues espoused by Asghar Ali Engineer who was a genius scholar and intellectual activist. The book highlights the struggle of a person who made "Muslim social and religious reforms" his life mission and who really bore the brunt of committing himself to this endeavour. This book contains series of articles by Asghar Ali Engineer illuminating numerous shades of his thoughts and ideas on Islamic teachings. The book can be described as a crisp and bracing snapshot of the work and life of Asghar Ali Engineer. This collection is also a repository of Islamic philosophy and how it has to be applied in today's changing world. One of the great strength of the book is the multidimensional aspect of Islam dealt with in this eclectic collection. Printed Pages: 256

Title: Feminism Modernity and Harmony In Islam: Asghar Ali Engineer and His Writings

Author Name: Akhtarul Wasey (Ed.)

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Keywords: Feminism Modernity and Harmony In Islam: Asghar Ali Engineer and His Writings Akhtarul Wasey (Ed.)