Basics of Computer Aided Geometric Design: An Algorithmic Approach

By: M. Ganesh

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Reflecting the advances that have taken place in the study and applications of CAGD, this book treats not only the theory aspects but also deals with a broad variety of topics relating to the applications. CAGD is becoming a fast growing area, used in all kinds of manufacturing processes involving designing of geometric shapes (such as car chassis, telephones, satellites, missiles, trains, etc) and in computer graphics. CAGD cannot be learnt without a sound knowledge of differential geometry. So, the book starts with the study of differential geometry. Concepts introduced are always illustrated with worked out examples. A list of problems is also given at the end of each chapter so that the students can apply their knowledge in solving them and thereby learn more. Salient Features: o Two new chapters 9 and 10 (Case Studies and Steps to Develop a Profile, Curve and Surface) have been added. Chapter 9 deals with applications of the methods developed in this book to a ';toy model'. Chapter 10 provides important tips for tackling problems, arising out of real-life situations. o Chapters 3 to 5 have been thoroughly revised for enhancing clarity of presentation and understanding. o In chapters 3 to 6, the following additions have been incorporated: o Plenty of new examples. o More explanations and computational details. o Algorithm(s) for each important computation. o Pseudocode for each algorithm has been developed in order to facilitate the students in developing the codes in the language of their choice. o All pseudocodes of a chapter have been collected and presented at the end of that chapter as an appendix in order to not interfere with the flow of presentation. Contents: PART - I- Differential Geometry 1. Theory of Curves 2. Theory of Surfaces PART - II - Computer Aided Geometric Design: The Basics 3. Bezier Curves 4. Bezier Surfaces 5. B-spline Curves 6. B-spline Surfaces PART - III - Advanced Topics in CAGD 7. Rational B-spline Curves and Surfaces 8. Certain Assorted Methods PART - IV - Applications 9. Case Studies 10. Epilogue Additional References Journals Publishing Research Papers on CAGD Index. Printed Pages: 314

Title: Basics of Computer Aided Geometric Design: An Algorithmic Approach

Author Name: M. Ganesh

Categories: Engineering, India,

Edition: Third Edition

Publisher: New Delhi, I. K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.: 2018

ISBN: 9789384588410

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