Fundamentals of Business Communication

By: Kumkum Bhardwaj

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Fundamentals of Business Communication serves as a comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to modern business communication that integrates communication theory and practice for success in business. Unit 1 covers the fundamentals of the communication, including meaning and definitions, classification, components and process, objectives, medium, directions, channels, functions and types, and scope. Unit 2 covers the major aspects of verbal, both oral and written. Listening, business presentations, group communication skills, meetings, business etiquettes, conflict resolution have been discussed in this section. Unit 3 presents a thorough discussion of the various forms of business writing. Here the emphasis is on clear writing, the effect of words, and applications to messages. This section also concentrates on all business letters, reports, proposals, and modern technological aids for communication. Unit 4 discusses the written part of the job application, i.e., the application letter and accompanying resume, and elaborates how to create a favourable impression once you arrive for the group discussion and interview. Unit 5 focuses on the English grammar, comprising vocabulary development, parts of speech, syntax, concord, prepositions, articles, prefixes and suffixes mandatory for successful business writing. This division also explains the basic resources like, sentence end and internal punctuation, rules of order and spacing with punctuation marks, capitalization, etc. Review questions for practice at the end of every chapter make the text completely learner-centric. The book also has six appendices. The entire material included in the book is class-tested based on practical and empirical problems of the students. Unit 1: Understanding Business Communication 1. AN Introduction to Communication 2. Directions of Communication 3. Media of Communication 4. Organizational Communication 5. Barriers to Communication 6. Principles of Effective Communication Unit 2: Interpersonal and Group Communication Skills 7. Listening Skills 8. Oral Presentations 9. Team Presentations 10. Communication with People from Different Cultures Unit 3: Written Communication Skills 11. Business Meetings 12. The Process of Writing 13. Problem Solving Skills 14. Business Correspondence 15. Business Reports 16. Business Proposals 17. Modern Communication Devices Unit 4: Employment Communication 18. Resume and Job Application Letter 19. Interview Skills Unit 5: Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage 20. Language-Basic Tool for Business Communication 21. Language-Basic Tool for Business Communication 22. Grammar: Parts of Speech 23. Aids to Correct Writing: Tenses, Auxiliaries and Modals, Conditionals,Infinitives, Gerunds and Participles,Active and Passive Voice, Subject-Verb Agreement, Prefixes and Suffixes 24. Developing Effective Sentences 25. Developing Unified, Orderly Paragraphs 26. Punctuation and Mechanics of Business Writing APPENDICES 1. Guidelines for Typing Business Letters 2. Foreign Words and Phrases Used in Business Communication 3. Idiomatic Expressions with Prepositions 4. List of Confusables 5. List of Misspelled words 6. Distinction between Similar Expressions. Printed Pages: 520

Title: Fundamentals of Business Communication

Author Name: Kumkum Bhardwaj

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Publisher: New Delhi, I.K. International: 2018

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