Draupadi and Her Pancala: Re-Asserting their Place in History

By: Neera Misra & Rajesh Lal (Eds)

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This book is a collection of 23 papers presented or sent by renowned scholars on the occasion of our Trust’s 10th Anniversary, celebrated through the Pancala Mahotsava 2013. It is divided into two section, Part I on Darupadi and Part II on Her Pancala. Darupadi articles cover various aspects of this iconic personality of the Dwapar period and Pancala princess, Darupadi. Penned by eminent authors, papers present a wide perspective and admiration for a liberated woman’s determination and valor. Peeping through its pages, one finds interesting facets of an enigmatic personality and the eternally relevant traits of women of courage. Part II ‘Her Pancala’ has illuminating articles on the culturally rich land of Pancala, covering archeology, geo-archaeology, history, and Pancala Kingdom’s significant contribution in our nation’s rich culture, philosophy and spirituality. The book reveals how this reverend land, connected to the Satyuga, Dwapar Yuga, Treta Yuga, is silently suffering the pangs of neglect, but still nurturing the ages of its enviable history. Enriching highlights emerge of the tangible and intangible heritage wealth of Pancala Kingdom on the banks of holy river Ganga, the land of Kamilvasini, philosopher Kings, Upanishads, Vedic knowledge, Sage Kapil Muni, Ckarak Samhita the land visited by Hiuen Tsang and Alexander Cunningham. Readers go through a journey to one of the most powerful Mahajanapadas of ancient times that has retained its rich legacy since Vedic times. Eminent scholars trace this nurturing ground of many of our significant literary works, showing how Pancala Desha as a distinct kingdom is known from Brahmans and Veda, with both Pancala and Kampilya figuring in Yajur-Veda Yajur-Veda Samhitas and the Brahmans, revealing how Pancala region was the cradle of the cultural heritage of India. Printed Pages: 184.

Title: Draupadi and Her Pancala: Re-Asserting their Place in History

Author Name: Neera Misra & Rajesh Lal (Eds)

Categories: India, History,

Publisher: New Delhi, B.R. Publishing Corporation: 2018

ISBN: 9789387587335

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