Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases

By: Mridula Trivedi & T.P. Trivedi

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Planetary constellation at birth determines the best and the worst, the good and bad that continue to happen in human life. Whether it is prime of Health of fatal diseases its all due to natal planets, their movements, positioning, aspecting, ascendancy and unique combination. Natal charts depicting the situation and placement of planets are indeed powerful tools to decipher the highs and lows, the ebb and flow of life’s rich diversity. The placement of the planets in the horoscope of several persons have been studied to establish the humane nature of the discipline of astrology. Shri T.P. Trivedi recounts a tell-tale anecdote. The parents of a boy who had weak eye sight due to an accident in the early childhood, asked him about his career and educational prospects. The boy had got good Medical treatment and as such the parents thought he was fully cured. Shri Trivedi’s study of the boy’s horoscope hinted at something else, based on this he made a query whether the boy was suffering from loss of vision in the left eye. The parents laughed at him. He called the boy and closed his right eye by his palm and asked him to read the spellings of A Few words of a calendar. The parents were astonished when their son failed to read. Thus confirmation of the reading of the boy’s horoscope led to the discovery of the real situation. The parents then consulted the ophthalmologist who suggested certain preventive measures which cured the boy to a considerable extent. The astrologer-duo take us into the thickets of certain mental tendencies that end up with drug addiction, mental diseases, hearing troubles and extends to cover yet more fatal diseases like angina pectoris, heart attack, trachocardia, myocardial infarition and various kinds of cancer. The Book deals with its theme in and through 15 chapters. Apart from delving deep in various dimensions of medical Astrology (through such chapters like Medical Science and Cardiac Problems, Cardiac Troubles and Planets, Planet and Paralysis), the book also deals with such modern day manmade ailments like drug abuse by way of case studies. A novel aspect of the book is well thought out and well-meant study of “Length of Life” under three chapters titled-Length of life (13), Easy Method for Judgement of Life Span (14) and Longevity at a glance: Guidelines (15). The book does not just stop short of elaborating the causal link of the natal planets with fatal diseases (both physical and mental) but suggests ways and means to overcome and surmount them by various specific mantras, poojas and other spiritual practices to placate them to assuage their otherwise unbearable effect.Printed Pages: 300.

Title: Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases

Author Name: Mridula Trivedi & T.P. Trivedi

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Chaukhamba Publications: 2009

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