Encyclopaedia of Astrology, 5 Vols

By: V. Chaudhuri & C. Subrahmanya Shastri (Eds)

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Astrology is the Science which classifies and correlates causes and effects. It is the science which demonstrates that the celestial bodies are the prime movers (causes) which exert forces on the Earth and upon things on the Earth, thus producing patent effects of an eventful character. Astrology is the science which explains the natures laws that connect stellar dynamic causations with mundane events, and which traces out the systems of chains of causes and effects. But Astrology is not only a science. It is also a philosophy. For it seeks to show that each and every human being has an appointed and pre-ordained DESTINY to fulfil. It is by means of the scientific principles on which the practice of Astrology is based, that a competent astrologer can proceed to show the individual the path of her personal destiny through the process of interpreting the native's horoscope. It is from the study of the elements of a birth chart that a modern astrologer can accurately determine the CHARACTER, OPPORTUNITIES, and DESTINY, of the owner of the horoscope. Monsieur G. L. Brahy (a well-known Belgian astrologer) says in his Book Confessions of an Astrologer. "It will be seen that astrological diagnosis ought to be understood in the same .sense as that of a lawyer, for example, or that of A Doctor of medicine. It consist essentially of putting the patient on guard against risks which he would not have suspected in time had he been left to his own resources, and of indicating the precautions which should be taken. It ought to have as object the facilitation of the undertaking of responsibilities, to show the individual the extent of his duties towards himself, towards his family, towards his superiors, and even towards his inferiors. If one reflects deeply, one can see that the field of utility which presents itself therein is truly immense!" The Encyclopaedia of Astrology is arranged thematically in five broad catagories : - An Introduction to Astrology - Scientific Astrology. A Complete Guide to the Art of Erecting a Horoscope - Casting Horoscopes. Practical Meth Odology - The Message of the Stars. Stars and Their Role in Astrology - Reading Horoscopes. Detailed Study of Famous Horoscopes The Encyclopaedia of Astrology is possibly the first such attempt to deal with the subject in a comprehensive yet simple manner.Printed Pages: 1542.

Title: Encyclopaedia of Astrology, 5 Vols

Author Name: V. Chaudhuri & C. Subrahmanya Shastri (Eds)

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Chaukhamba Publications: 2002

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