Astrology in Vedas

By: J.N. Bhasin

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Introduction 1. PLANETARY CONCORDANCE Traits of Sun, traits of Moon, traits of Mars, traits of Mercury, traits of Jupiter, traits of Venus, traits of Saturn, traits of Rahu, traits of Ketu. 2. THE ASTROLOGICAL POETRY OF GOD God the poet, planets as the pen of God, poetry of God applies to all times, all places and all persons, planets "s symbols of the 9 "RASAS" of the poetry of God. 3. VEDAS AND THE ZODIAC Vedas and the ecliptic, Vedas and the mathematical role of Rahu. 4. VEDIC NAMES OF PLANETS Aditya, Soma, Angaraka, Bud ha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketu, the spiritual meaning of the term "SOMA" 5. RELATION OF "SYMBOLOGY" TO Astrology Symbology the key to wisdom, the epithet "AGNI MOORDHA" for Mars, the "running" of Moon. 6. A PRAYER WITH CLEAR ASTROLOGICAL IMPORT A scientific classification of the heavenly bodies into stars, planets, nodes, meteors etc, the meaning of prayer o a mere shadow. 7. SUN: ITS ASTROLOGICAL IMPORT As pivot, as wielder of powers, as head of the family, as soul of the alphabet, gravitation of the Sun, as "HEART" in the Vedas, as symbol of prowess, as heat and light. 8. SPIRITUAL SELF AND ASTROLOGY Supremacy of man over the Animals and the angels. 9. ROLE OF The Sun VIS A VIS Science AND ASTROLOGY Sun as vowels-an illustration. 10. VEDIC TRAITS OF MOON Moon as the realiser of God, evidence from "MANDOOKYA" Upnishad, Moon and the financial status, Moon and friendship, Moon is Brahmin... how ? horoscope of a liberated person, Vairagya (dispassion) and Moon, Moon's relation to water, Moon and feelings, meaning of the fast motion of the Moon, Moon has the light of Sun. 11. VEDIC MOON AND DISEASE OF "CONSUMPTION" Astrological evidence, Vedic evidence. 12. VEDIC MOON AS THE SIGNIFICATOR OF "LONGEVITY" Rig Veda ascribes "NEWNESS" to Moon, evidence from astrology, prayer to Moon for long life, as longevity factor in astrology, Moon and *'GANDA MOOL". 13. MOON'S RELATION TO THE "NAKSHATRAS" Moon gets its light from the Sun, Moon as the basis for "VIMSHOTTAR1" dasa system, Moon as emotion?, Moon as physical strength. 14. VEDIC FUNCTIONS OF MARS "FIRE"-the chief trait of Mars, Vedic Mars is red, Mars is ambitious, the "killing" role of Mars illustrated. 15. VEDIC MERCURY: THE VISHNU Arousing the consciousness, Mercury as the spiritual life and tire, Mercury and the acts of public utility, Mercury in Mahatma Gandhi's chart. 16. VEDIC MANTRA FOR JUPITER Jupiter the great protector. Jupiter the philanthropist, Jupiter the great, Jupiter the gentle, Jupiter and morality, Jupiter the truthful, Jupiter the administrator of Law, Jupiter the giver of wealth, Jupiter's role in the birth chart of a multi millionaire illustrated. 17. VENUS AND THE PRINCIPLE OF CORRESPONDENCE Venus as the essence of food, Venus as refinement, Venus as pleasure, Venus as strength, Venus and gentleness, Venus and truth, Venus vis-a-vis impofency illustrated. 18. VEDIC MANTRA FOR PROPITIATION OF SATURN Comments on the word (snit) (AApo), Saturn as sorrow and disease, justification for the prayer, disease causing traits of Saturn illustrated. 19. A VEDIC PRAYER TO RAHU Rahu the wonderful, Rahu a shadow-why treated as a planet, Rahu a foreigner, "FOREIGN" trait of Rahu illustrated. Printed Pages: 136.

Title: Astrology in Vedas

Author Name: J.N. Bhasin

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