Three Texts on Madhyamaka

By: Shakya Chokden (Author) & Komarovski Laroslav (Tr.)

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Madhyamaka Philosophy of Shakya Chokden (gSer-mdog pan-chen sha-kya mchog-ldan) 1428-1507, translated by Komarovski Iaroslav includes three major treatises on Madhyamaka philosophy. i. The Wish-fulfilling Meru: A Discourse Explaining the Origination of Madhyamaka (dBu-ma'i byung-tshul rnam-par bshad-pa'i gtam yid-bzhin Ihun-po), ii. Drop of Nectar of Definitive Meaning: Entering the Gate to the Essential points of the Two Truth (bDen-pa gnyis-kyi gnas-la 'jug-pa nges-don bdud-rtsi thigs-pa), and iii. Great Ship of Discrimination that sails into the Ocean of definitive meaning: A Treatise Differentiating the Tenets of Prasangika and Svatantrika Madhyamaka (dBu-ma thal-rang gi grub-mtha'i rnam-par dbye-ba'i bstan-bcos nges-don gyi rgya-mtshor 'jug-pa'i rnam-dpyod kyi gru-chen). The Wish-fulfilling Meru attempts in presenting in a lucid and concise way the Madhyamaka view including the Tantrik-madhyamaka, and its spread in India and Tibet. Drop of Definitive Meaning, through its brief yet succinct explanation guides us in entering the spheres of definitive meaning by means of understanding the two truth- the conventional truth and the ultimate truth. Great Ship of Discrimination that sails into the Ocean of definitive meaning extensively explains the divergence of Madhyamaka into Svatantrika and Prasangika Madhyamaka, their philosophical views, and their interpretation of various concepts. In all, this Anthology gives a general presentation of Madhyamaka schools and their views according to the great Sakyapa master.Printed Pages: 113.

Title: Three Texts on Madhyamaka

Author Name: Shakya Chokden (Author) & Komarovski Laroslav (Tr.)

Categories: India, Buddhism and Buddhist Studies,

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Paljor Publications/Library of Tibetan Works & Archives: 2000

ISBN: 8186470263

ISBN 13: 9788186470268

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