The Collision of Culture

By: Bhaskar

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There has hardly been a year in the twentieth century when war was not being waged somewhere on the globe. Mankind seems to have evolved in shunning imperialism and colonialism. Yet the conflicts go on perennially and the grounds for collisions have also evolved. The ethic and cultural identity often deriving its Roots from the archetypal symbols incorporated in the Religion has superceded the national boundaries. Bhaskar Vyas and Rajni Vyas in this psycho-philosophical treatise explore how people world over endeavor to beautify life by evolving finer expression of their culture. They succinctly paraphrase the identity of self with cultural symbols through archetypal images. They examine the instinct of aggression particularly under the population pressures as well as childhood deprivation. Deriving support for their hypothesis from the empirical data from historical perspective of the conflicts of the century, they identify a teleological evolution of man. parallel with but far more accelerated than, the Darwinian. In the concluding chapter, they evaluate various software systems that our civilization has evolved for the conflict resolution. Thought all religions arc full of such a repertoire, they arc more often the cause of the collisions than resolution. Politics has come to be the first and last resort of a scoundrel; though there is A Hope from the statesmen of distinction: Activists organizations and Fourth Estate have only limited roles. Resting on the holistic view, they envisage an omega point where the participatory anthropic principle seems to be Driving the intelligence over the entire universe. A definite programme to keep the individual intelligence-pragyana and the collective consciousness clear is elucidated.

Title: The Collision of Culture

Author Name: Bhaskar

Categories: India, Cultural Studies,

Publisher: Delhi, India, Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan: 2000

Binding: Softcover

Book Condition: New

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