Treatment and Phonology in Dayananda

By: Dr Yajan Veer Dahiya

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The Book 'Treatment of Phonology in Dayananda' is divided mainly in three parts i.e., Intro duction, Atha Varnoccaranasiksa (including eight chapters) and Dayananda's Vicissitudes of missi-on. Dayananda compiled sixteen books on Sanskrit grammar. Out of them Varnoccaransiksa, is the first book, a treatise on the same is in hand. Phonology is one of the rarest form of human behaviour. The child first of all uses the phonology to convey something to parents, the same is ultimately converted into the language and then child learns to speak and write. Everyone in life is concerned with phonology and uses it frequently without paying any atten-tion to it. Dayananda gave more stress on it. He considered sixty three letters (thirty three consonants, twenty two vowels and eight ayogavaharups) in his description of phonology. The main aim of this treatise is to provide An Introduction to general and specific principles of phonology. Through this presentation students should become acquainted with the various techniques used in treatment of phonology. The deep-rooted things about phonology, which mean most to all of us, are usually ignored in all but very advanced studies, this treatise tries to tell about them in simple terms and to show their becoming on human affairs. Dayananda considers 63 sounds in all (Athavarnoccarana siksa), whereas Macdoncll considers 52 sounds (A vcdic grammar for students, Oxford, 1916). From the standpoint of Dayananda, there are 22 vowels, 33 consonants and 8 Ayogavaharupas. And from the point of view of Macdonell, three arc 13 vowels and 39 consonants. There is difference of 9 vowels and 2 consonants. Macdonell does not consider the nine protracted forms of the vowels and two consonants i.e., sign of Anunasika ( ) and sound of. It is worth meantioning here that Dayananda's approach is quite reasonable as these are available in Sanskrit language and Macdoncll did not notice the variations of these sounds available in different branches of the Vedic texts.Printed pages: 188.

Title: Treatment and Phonology in Dayananda

Author Name: Dr Yajan Veer Dahiya

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Publisher: Delhi, India, Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan: 2000

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