Mauryan Art

By: C.B. Pandey

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Chap. I : CULTURAL BACKGROUND : India's Contact with Western World; Cultural Contact with Persia; Greco-Indian Contact in Pre-Mauryan, Period; Evolution of Concept of Chakravarti; Evolution of the Concept of Dhar-maraja and Dharmavijaya; Difference between Brahmanical and Buddhist Concepts of Dharmavijaya Chap. II : ARTISTIC BACKGROUND : Indus Valley Art and Western World; Sculpture; Bronze sculpture; Art Activities in the Vedic Period; Art of Mahajanapada period; Art in the Sutra Literature; Achaemenid Art in India Chap. III : CITY PLANNING AND PALACE Architecture : Cities and Palaces in the Pre-Mauryan Period; City Planning in ArthaSdstra; Description of Assembly Hall in Mahabhdrata; Identification of Sabha of Sabhaparvan; Persian influence on the Mauryan Palace; Authorship of the Mauryan Palace Chap. IV : CAVE ARCHITECTURE : Introductory; Barabara Group of Caves; Kama Chaupar; Lomasa Rsi Cave; Nagarjuni Groups of Caves; Gopika Cave; Vahiyaka Cave; Sitamarhi Cave Chap. V : STUPAS : Ancient Tradition of Stupas; Development of Stupa Architecture; Asoka a Great Builder of Stupas; Stupas of Bharahut; The Stupa of Sanchi Chap. VI : PILLARS : Introductory; Asoka's Pillar as Seen by Fa-hien; ASoka's Pillar as seen by Yuan Chwang; other Asokan Pillars; Possibility of Availability of other Asokan Pillars; Problem of pre-Asokan Pillars; Component Part of Mauryan pillars; Worksmanship; Chronology of Mauryan Pillars; Problem of Foreign influence Chap. VII : CAPITALS : Description of the Capitals; Chronology of the Capitals; Symbolism of the Capitals; Analysis of the Views of the Scholars; Symbolism of the Sarnath Lion Capital; Origin and foreign influence on Mauryan capitals; comparison between Persian base and Mauryan Capital Hellenistic influence on the Mauryan Capitals Chap. VIII : Sculptures : Introductory; Lions; Quadrupartite Lions; Bulls; Elephants; folk art Chap. IX : CONCLUDING REMARKS : Origin of the Mauryan Art; Influence of the Mauryan art in the Subsequent Period

Title: Mauryan Art

Author Name: C.B. Pandey

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Delhi, India, Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan: 1983

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