Method and Metaphysical Meditations

By: S. Jain & Rene Descartes

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I have already touched upon these two questions of God and of the human soul, in the French discourse, upon the method of rightly conducting the reason and seeking truth in the sciences-not with the intention of treating them exhaustively, but merely in passing, in order to learn by the judgement that should be passed upon them, in what way I ought to treat them subsequently for they have always seemed to me to be of such importance, that I thought it proper to speak of them more than once. And the path which I take to explain them is so little trodden, and so far from the common road, that I did not believe it would be useful to indicate it in French, and in a treatise which could be read by everyone, for fear that feeble minds would believe that it was permissible for them also to attempt it.Now having begged, in this Method and Metaphysical Meditations, all those who should find in my writings anything worthy of censure, to do me the favour of informing me thereof, I have been offered no noticeable I objections except two things concerning what I said on these two heads, to which I wish to reply here in A Few words before undertaking their more exact explanation. Now after having sufficiently recognised the sentiments of men, I undertake over again the treatise of God, and of the human soul, and at the same time to lay the foundations of the first philosophy; but without expecting for it any praise from the vulgar, or hoping that my Book will be seen by many. On the contrary, I should never counsel any to read it, except those who wish, with me, to meditate seriously, and who shall be able to cut off their minds from communication with their senses, and deliver them entirely from all kinds of prejudices, - whom I know too well to be in very small number.Printed Pages: 192.

Title: Method and Metaphysical Meditations

Author Name: S. Jain & Rene Descartes

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Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New Delhi, India, New Bharatiya Book Corporation: 2004

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