Kalhar: Studies in Art, Iconography, Architecture and Archaeology of India and Bangladesh: Prof. Enamul Haque Felicitation Volume

By: Gouriswar Bhattacharya (Ed.)

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This book is a collection of forty research papers in honour of Prof. Enamul Haque, founder and formerly Director General of the Bangladesh National Museum and Director of the International Centre for Study of Bengal Art at Dhaka, Bangladesh. These papers are contributed by eminent scholars from India and abroad who acknowledge him as an international scholar and admire him in the scholarly world. These articles, with notes, references and bibliography are well illustrated and are grouped into five sections, viz. Section-I: Archaeology; Section-II: Art and Iconography; Section-III: Architecture; Section-IV: Epigraphy and Numismatics; and Section-V: Religion. Contents: Section-I: Archaeology: (1) Kunor: the Village of Potters: An Archaeo-Ethnological Study/ Mandira Bhattacharya; (2) Subsistence Strategies of the Chalcolithic People of Bengal: A Case Study/ Asok Datta; (3) A Unique Burial System of the Ahoms/ S Jamal Hasan; (4) History of Cattagrama Port/ Shahnaj Husne Jahan; (5) Wari-Bateshwar and Archaeology of Bangladesh/ Abu Imam; (6) A Preliminary Study on Amulets and Pendants found at Wari-Bateshwar, Bangladesh/ S S Mostafizur Rahman/ (7) Buddhist Relics and Relic-caskets: An Archaeological Study/ Mallar Mitra; (8) Pre-Muslim Terracotta Ringwell: Excavated Remains from Mahasthangarh/ Nasir Uddin Mobin. Section-II: Art and Iconography: (9) Representation of the Twenty-eight Buddhas of Former Aeons at Bagan/ Eva Allinger; (10) The Hidden God: Some Remarks on Yama and the Protectors of the Sacred Space in Buddhist Art/ C Bautze-Picron; (11) A Unique Jaina Ayagapatta from Lower Bengal/ Sudipa Bandyopadhyay; (12) Vasudeva-Visnu Images from Bengal: Development and Innovation: Is Lotus an Essential Attribute?/ Gouriswar Bhattacharya; (13) Mughal Paintings in the Freer Art Gallery, Washington/ Zia Uddin Desai; (14) On the Semiotic Function of Tress in Early Indian Art/ Adalbert J Gail; (15) Transmigration on Legends between India the Hellenistic World: Two Cases/ Suchandra Ghosh; (16) Saree: Proud Heritage of the Women of South Asia/ Zulekha Haque; (17) Meru, Samavasarana and Simhasana: The Recurrence of Three-Tiered Structures in Jaina Cosmology, Mythology and Ritual/ Julia A B Hegewald; (18) Representations of Hariti in Bihar-Bengal/ Isabell Johne; (19) An Attempt at the Dating of Shah-ji-ki-Dheri Casket/ Sarita Khettry; (20) Images of Buddhist Goddesses accompanied by Astral Deities/ Gerd Mevissen; (21) On the importance of the Dharmakosa Samgraha: A Little Known Text on Buddhist Iconography/ Shyam Chand Mukherji; (22) A Pala Period Peacock Jataka Panel in the Norton Simon Museum/ Pratapaditya Pal; (23) Cultural Context in Indian Art: An Introspection/ R C Sharma; (24) Deccani Ceiling Panels showing Astadikpalas and Natesa: An Analysis/ Corinna Wessels-Mevissen; (25) The Indo-Portuguese Quilt and its Influence on the Nakshi Kantha/ Niaz Zaman. Section-III: Architecture: (26) Hammams of the Mughal Period in Bangladesh/ Nazimuddin Ahmed; (27) Madrasah Architecture in Sultanate Bengal/ Khoundar Alamgir; (28) Unpublished views of Dhaka (Dacca) by Sir Charles D'Oyly, 7th Baronet/ Joachim K Bautze; (29) The Shmashana Temples of Joydevpur in the Ghazipur District/ Nazly Chowdhury; (30) Some Important Aspects of Manarah/ Muhammad Abdul Qadir. Section-IV: Epigraphy & Numismatics: (31) Two Undeciphered Inscriptions of Varendra: An Appraisal/ A K M Yaqub Ali; (32) Re-editing the Junwani Copper Plate Inscription of Mahasivagupta Balarjuna, Regnal Year 57/ Susmita Basu Majumdar; (33) In Search of Silver South East Asian Source for the Coinage of Bengal/ Pranab K Chattopadhyay; (34) An Ornamented Brahmi Inscription/ B N Mukherjee; (35) Madhipur Hoard of Copper Punch-marked Coins in the Indian Museum, Calcutta/ Dolly Mukherjee; (36) Some Observations on the Ashrafpur Plates of Devakhadga/ Sayantani Pal; (37) Silver Coins of the Bengal Sultans: Designs and Artistic Motifs (13th-16th Century)/ Sutapa Sinha; (38) Nadiabhanga Copper Plate Charter of the Time of Prthivivigraha-bhattaraka: Year 253/ Snigdha Tripathy. Section-V: Religion: (39) A Note on the Term Smarta and the Smarta Tradition/ Gudrun Buhnemann.Printed Pages: 431.

Title: Kalhar: Studies in Art, Iconography, Architecture and Archaeology of India and Bangladesh: Prof. Enamul Haque Felicitation Volume

Author Name: Gouriswar Bhattacharya (Ed.)

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Keywords: Kalhar: Studies in Art, Iconography, Architecture and Archaeology of India and Bangladesh: Prof. Enamul Haque Felicitation Volume Gouriswar Bhattacharya (Ed.)