Global Jihad: Current Patterns and Future Trends

By: Rajeev Sharma

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This book focuses, for the first time, on an entirely different genre of terrorism which, although it derives its inspiration from the Al Qaida, has evolved its own dangerous mixture of state sponsorship, mafia support and religious fanaticism. In the process, the sub-continent has seen the emergence of the Lashkar-e-Toiba as a new international behemoth, coupled with an explosion of religious schools in Pakistan whose alumni fanned out in diaspora of bigotry not only over the sub-continent but across South East Asia. Thus, the LET, its parent the Jamaat-ud-Dawa and its auxiliaries can truly be counted as the next generation of home-grown terrorist groups with wide international ramifications. The danger from the LET and its fellow travellers is far greater than posed by the Al Qaida. The LET is the only terrorist organisation that enjoys the protection and guidance afforded by the ISI. Unlike the Al Qaida, which depended on scattered support, the LET and its cohorts have ready access to the world-wide support of the Dawood Ibrahim mafia by way of transport, arms, ammunition, safe houses and legends. Besides, the author has placed China and Saudi Arabia under a microscope for their sins of omission and commission. In many respects, therefore, this book is a trail-blazer, a must for all serious students of terrorism. Contents: Preface; (1) Concept of Jihad: Islam, Jihad and Terrorism/ Some of the Islamic Terms/ The Levels of Jihad/ Does Jihad mean Holy War?/ Who is authorized to call for Jihad as a war?/ What Does Islam Say about Terrorism?/ Some of the Prophet Muhammad's Teachings (Sunnah)/ Islam and Human Rights/ Jihad Explained/ Wahabism: Its Origin and Meaning. (2) Epicentre of Jihad: Osama's Fatwa/ Pakistani Rulers and the Islamic Card: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto; Zia Ul-Haq; Benazir Bhutto/ Pakistan's Proxy War Against India/ Op Sarp Vinash/ Recovery of a Missile/ Shift in Militants Strategy/ Criminalisation of Kashmir Militant Outfits/ Pakistan's Mullah-Military Nexus/ Terror Outfits in Pakistan Continue to Flourish/ Al Qaida's Next Attack can be Through the Sea/ Al Qaida's Threat to India/ Definition of Terrorism/ Split in Jamaat-ud-Daawa (Lashkar-e-Toiba)/ Reasons to Split/ Role of ISI/ Implications of Split on Jihadi Outfits. (3) Musharraf and Jihad: Musharraf and Kashmir/ Was Rocca On Mission Osama in Pakistan?/ PoK is Pakistan's Soft Under-Belly/ Musharraf, America and Kashmir/ Is Musharraf in Trouble?/ Trouble from Army, ISI?/ Problems of Musharraf/ Lashker-e-Toiba/ Kashmir Bus Diplomacy/ Pakistan Controlled Kashmir/ Northern Areas/ Water War Between Kashmir and Pakistan/ Disgraced Nuclear Scientists/ WANA Operations/ Strategic Encirclement Theory/ Pakistan's Proxy War Tactics in Afghanistan/ Flashpoint in Pak-Afghan Ties/ Balochistan on the Boil/ Musharraf at Camp David/ Why Pakistan Needs American Weapons. (4) Madrasas: Lifeline of Jihad: Seeds of Extremism/ Role of Zia/ Role of Benazir and Musharraf/ Role of Saudi Arabia in Terror Funding/ Politics Behind Madrasas/ Deobandi Madrasas/ Madrasas Providing Human Resource to Jaish-e Muhammad/ Important Fund-raising Forums/ Jaish-e Muhammad's Militant Activities/ Jaish-e Muhammad, After the Ban/ Madrasas in Pakistan/ Madrasas and Jihad. (5) Dawood Ibrahim: Architect of Jihad - Crime Nexus: US Interest in Dawood/ Pakistan's Role in Securing Release of Anees/ Dawood-ISI Connection/ Dawood-LeT Nexus/ Dawood's Fake Indian Currency Racket/ Dawood's Friends in India/ Abu Salem/ Monica Bedi's Three Passports/ Dawood's Indian Passports. (6) Bangladesh: A New Address of Islamic Terrorism: Madrasas in Bangladesh/ Role of Jamaat/ HUJAI, Bangladesh/ Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh (JMJB)/ Bangladesh's Support to North-East Terrorists/ Bangladesh in a dangerous Drift/ The Network/ The Network: How and Why?/ The End Game? (7) The Spectre of Islamic Jihad in China: China and Xinjiang/ Repression of Xinjiang/ The US Complicity/ Future Prospects/ China-Saudi Ties: Ray of Hope for Uighurs. (8) Terrorism in South East Asia: The Afghan War: Sowing the Seeds/ Al Qaida and Southeast Asia/ Dynamics of Terrorism in Southeast Asia/ Definition of Terrorism/ Abu Sayaf Group (ASG)/ Jemmah Islamiyah (JI)/ SE Asia's Main Jihadi Outfits/ Islamic Terrorism in Thailand/ Role of China and US. (9) Islamic Terrorism in Central Asia: An Overview/ Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)/ Russian Intervention/ Russian and CARs/ America in Central Asia. (10) Terrorist Threat in Africa: Nigeria/ South Africa/ Somalia/ West Africa/ The US Perspective. (11) Future of Jihad: From Afghanistan to Cyberspace/ The London Blasts/ Al-Zarqawi/ Al Qaida's Own Mein Kampf/ Metamorphosis of Al Qaida/ Bin Laden's New World Order/ What Next?/ And Then What?/ Challenges of the Future. Index. About the Author Rajeev Sharma has been in journalism since early 1982. He has written extensively on issues related to security, defence, espionage, terrorism, strategic affairs and foreign policy. Currently he is a New Delhi-based Special Correspondent of The Tribune group of newspapers. This is his fifth book. His other published books are: Beyond the Tigers: Tracking Rajiv Gandhi's Assassination (1998); Pak Proxy War: A Story of ISI, bin Laden and Kargil (1999); The Pakistan Trap (edited) (2000); and Pakistan: From Jinnah to Jihad, co-authored with S.K. Datta (2202).Printed Pages: 304.

Title: Global Jihad: Current Patterns and Future Trends

Author Name: Rajeev Sharma

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