Political Theory and Thought

By: B.N. Ray

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The book Political Theory and Thought deals with some of the important concepts of contemporary political theory - state, justice, equality, liberty, property, democracy, civil society and citizenship etc. analytically considering the views of political thinkers both Western and Indian - ancient and modern on the same issues. It is instructive to know what Kautilya thought of the State in the fourth century BC in India and what Marx thought of the State in the nineteenth century. It is equally interesting to note, for example, Mill's views on democracy together with what Indian thinkers like Nehru, Lohia and Ambedakar thought about democracy. The book aims to enlighten an interested lay man on key political issues as well as challengingly engage the interest of professional political theorists and thinkers. Contents: Section - I: Political Theory: 1. What is Politics? Language and Politics; Understanding Political Concepts; Approaches to Study of Politics; Marxist View of Politics; Feminist View of Politics; Power View of Politics; Political Power; Ideological Power; Economic Power; Islamic View of Politics; Environmental View of Politics; The Idea of the Political; Globalization and the Reconfiguration of Politics; Future of Politics. 2. What is Political Theory? Political Theory; Facts and Values; Traditionalist Approach; The Historical Approach; Linguistic Approach; Nature and the Use of Political Theory. 3. Why do We Study the Classics? Approaches to Study of the Classics; Philosophical Approach; Historical Approach; 4. State: What is the State; Rival Theories of the Origin the State; Social Contract Theory; Marxist View; Pluralist View; The New Right View; Feminist View; The Role of the State; Minimalist State; Welfare States; Totalitarian States; Nations and States; Nations as Cultural Communities; Nations as Political Communities; Future of the Nation-State. 5. Sovereignty: Definition of Sovereignty; Characteristics of Sovereignty; Classification of Sovereignty; De Jure and De Facto Sovereignty; Titular Sovereignty; Political Sovereignty; Popular Sovereignty; The Monistic Theory of Sovereignty; The Pluralist Theory of Sovereignty; Beyond Sovereignty. 6. Rights: Type of Rights; Human Rights; Liberalism and Human Rights; Minority Rights; The Future of Rights. 7. Liberty: Types of Liberty; Civil Liberty; Political Liberty; Economic Liberty; National Liberty; Negative and Positive Liberty; Hayek, Nozick and Negative Freedom; The Marxian Conception of Freedom; The Republican Idea of Freedom; Liberty in Indian Political Thinking. 8. Equality: Paradox of Equality; Philosophical Roots; Equality of What; Moral Equality; Social Equality; Political Equality; Economic Equality; Legal Equality; Equality Among Nations; Equality of Opportunity; Equality of Outcome; Equality of Welfare; Equality of Resources; Equality of Capabilities; Do Equality and Liberty Conflict?. 9. Justice: Justice and Law; Justice and Discrimination; Distributive Justice; Social Justice; Rawls's Theory of Justice-Justice as Fairness; Rawls's Critique of Utilitarianism; The Original Position; Veil of Ignorance; Choosing the Principles; Assessment; The Marxist Critique; The Feminist Critique; The Communitarian Critique; Problem of Every; Walzer and Complex Equality; Nozick's Theory of Justice-Justice as Entitlement; Just Acquisition; Just Transfer; Rectification. 10. Property: The Marxist Concept of Property; Common Property; State Property; The Misconception of Property as Things. 11. Democracy: Contemporary Models of Democracy; Deliberative Democracy; Radical Democracy; Associative Democracy; Participatory Democracy; Republican Democracy; Elist Theory of Democracy; Communitarian Democracy; Digital Democracy; Rethinking Democracy; Democracy and the Media; Conclusion. 12. Civil Society: The History of a Concept; Civil Society and Natural Society; Civil Society and the State; Commercial Society and Civilization; Civil Society and Community; Civil Society in Hegel; Civil Society in Marx; Civil Society in Gramsci; Postmarxism; Global Civil Society. 13. Citizenship: Liberal Model of Citizenship; Republican Model of Citizenship; Marshall's Theory of Citizenship; The New Right Critique; Multicultural Citizenship; Cosmopolitanism; Feminism and Citizenship; Citizenship in Contemporary World. 14. Identity: Relativism; Fragmentation; Paradox of Essentialism. Section - II: Political Thought: 1. Aristotle on Citizenship: Life and Times; Aristole on Citizenship. 2. John Locke on Natural Rights and Property: Life and Times; Locke on Rights and Property: (i) The Right to Life (ii) The Right to Freedom (iii) The Right to Property 3. Rousseau on Inequality: Life and Times; Critique of Civil Society; The Primordial Innocence. 4. Mill on Liberty and Democracy: Life and Times; Mill on Liberty and Democracy; The Individuality and Progress Argument; The Freedom of Thought Argument; The Harm Principle Argument; The Infallibility Argument; The Dead Dogma Argument; The Geniuses Argument; The Human Diversity Argument; Implications for Changing Criminal Law; Mill's General Approach Criticized; Harm Principle; No Man is an Island; Liberty and Utilitarianism; Democracy. 5. Marx on State: Life and Times; Marx on State; The State as a Guarantor of Social Cohesion; Relative Autonomy of the State. 6. Kautilya on State: Life and Times; Kautilya on State; Elements of the State: The Doctrine of Seven Prakritis; Definition of the State; The Swami or the Ruler; System of Monarchy; Restraints on the King; The Amatya or the Minister; The Janapada or the Territory; The Durg or the Fort; The Kosh or the Treasury; The Danda or the Army; The Mitra of the Friend; Appraisal; Magadhan Statecraft; A Welfare State; Moral Base of the State. 7. Gandhi on Swaraj: Life and Times; Gandhi on Swaraj; The Three Critiques; The Gandhian Concept of Self; Swaraj as Self-Discipline; Swaraj and Political Praxis; National Independence; Political Freedom; Economic Freedom; Self-Rule. 8. Periyar on Identity: Life and Times; Periyar on Identily; Self-Respect; Tamil Language and Writing; Self-Determination of Dravidistan; Anti-brahmanism vs. Anti-brahmin; Religion and Atheism; Swaraj; British Raj; Indigenous Elite; National Identity; Recovery of Self-Worth. 9. Nehru on Democracy: Life and Times; Nehru on Democracy. 10. Lohia on Democracy: Life and Times; Lohia on Democracy. 11. Ambedkar on Social Justice: Life and Times; Ambedkar on Social Justice. Bibliography; Index.Printed Pages: 757.

Title: Political Theory and Thought

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