Making Miracles: Inspiring Mind-Methods to Supercharge Your Emotion and Rejuvenate Your Health

By: Arnold Fox & Barry Fox

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Miracles are but stupendous feat achieved by men of flesh and blood. It is the zeal, the fervour that prods and goads them to trudge an extra mile. There is absolutely no mumbo-jumbo serenading their extraordinaire act. The God-given sprit is in itself a boon to surmount mundane trivialities and transgress into an esoteric realm. The authors, a father-son doctor duo do a tandem act to resonate out this message to the readers. The father's life was tempered by the privation of the 1930s and the fear, then exuberance of the 1960s. From opposite sides of what we once called the generation gap, they join to present their exhilarating science of the human spirit.?This is a book about the spirit. It tells you that, your spirit can actually change the biochemistry of your body for the better. The authors recount their doctor patient interlocution to put up the sordid picture of ailments affecting our society. The authors explicate out how thoughts, words and actions get transmuted into bodily constituents chemical and electrical substances that become vanguard messengers coordinating entire gamut of bodily systems viz. immune system and circulatory system taking account of heart and cholesterol in its very ambit. Foxes make available generous doses of the best medicine one can have : Spirit. The spirit conjoins the mind and the body. They teach us that the body cannot be healthy unless the spirit is whole. So the panacea to all maladies lie ensconced in the wondrous joy, belief, love, forgiveness and prayer. The authors put down their generalised prognosis without prognostication. The authors follow diction imbued with humour, fascination and throbs with profundity of pragmatic life. To reap the maximum with optimal utilisation of our faculties remains the biggest challenge to showcase our discerning ability. And that the horde of doctors fail to realise the acumen of Good Spirit. The authors exhort the medical community to realise that prognosis can act as a stop-gag measure over diagnosis that is by all means a short-stinted measure. Scripture tells us that a merry heart is like a medicine.The Foxes prove it.Making Miracles is veritably a medical doctor's treatise to rejuvenate within a spanking fortnight. It takes its protg to a new high elevating one's spirit, churning out springing health and rendering immune system invincible. This aggrandizement in a holistic manner encompasses almost all facets of health. In situ, all walks of life would benefit its fruition, be it performance in school or workplace or better manage own-persona. And of course, bodily problems right from headaches to ulcers would be mitigated. Foxes? prescription is a time-tested, medical approved programme based on 30 years of experience as a medical doctor. The book bears a direct impact of Reverand Norman Peale's book, The power of powerful thinking that has provided people to tide over the vicissitudes of life with panache. Though the book doesn't brandish any talisman or blurt out some abracadabra, an assiduous and rigorous adherence of the prescribed regimen can steamroll a Homo sapien into a being higher up the evolutionary ladder. On the fifth day, Foxes administer a dollop of the five aspects of love. On sixth day comes the task of Taking control five basic steps, which starts with the Proverb 22 : 39 Seest thou man diligent in his business He shall stand before kings. About grabbing the buck, Foxes take a liberal stand Grabbing the buck is the best thing you can do for yourself. Quite indeed, prayer is hailed as a miraculous medicine. Then again on the eleventh day, the Foxes reveal "How to make dreams come true" Nocturnal dreams are but sound premonitions. Do they come true That largely depends on you. the authors are emphatic about it to convince their readers. On the fourteenth day, the final day the Foxes tell their readers that, the world is what you make of it.This book also prompts doctors to integrate certain faculties imperative for making medical science a success. Deprived of his esoteric philosophy, medical science has hitherto remained a lame duck with its parochialism. High spirits bolster immune system formidable enough. The authors roll down the Ten Pillars that encrypt the ten aspects of a healthy spirit. Reaping one's fullest potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually lays the cornerstone of a veritable miracle. Believe it or not, the author says Making miracles is the easiest programme of it's kind to follow. And indeed, all this is a scientific fact without any iota of mumbo-jumbo in it. He exhorts the reader for comprehensive perusal and not a lackadaisical trolling down the pages. And finally integrating it into daily chores would infuse a fresh lease of livelihood.Dr Arnold Fox vouches by dint of being in medical profession for the last 30 years Unhealthy germs of the spirit and mind can destroy our immune systems, weaken our hearts, turn our body chemistry upside down, bring on depression and despair and predispose us to failure in every aspect of life Dr Arnold blares out his warning too "For many of us, this tendency to self-destroy has already set in". The book splurges aphorisms from the Bible and indeed such snappy pithy cut a gnash upon the mind of readers. The maxims with Biblical tenor that have been culled in the book remain vibrant in our present society and compliant in all nook and corner of this terra firma.Printed Pages: 280.

Title: Making Miracles: Inspiring Mind-Methods to Supercharge Your Emotion and Rejuvenate Your Health

Author Name: Arnold Fox & Barry Fox

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