Rudra Veena: An Ancient String Musical Instrument

By: Pandit Hindraj Divekar & Robin D. Tribhuwan (Authors)

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Mother Veena is considered to be The Mother of all string instruments. Its origin goes back to the very time when Music was invented by mediators, trying to find a way to express their inner experiences. Its an. instrument with most meditative qualities. Ancient literature reveals that this instrument is associated with Shiva`s name "Rudra". In fact, it is believed that Shiva had created this instrument. The Credit for preserving this ancient instrument goes to the collective efforts of the Rishis, Munims, Beenkars, Kings and emperors, especially during the Moghul rule in India, well wishes of Rudra Veena, the manufacturers and makers and of course the players. Today, there are only two Maestros of Rudra Veena in the world, namely Pandit Hindraj -Divekar from Pune and Dr. Bindu Pathak of Hubli in South India. This book unravels the status, continuity and changes in Rudra Veena Tradition right from pre-vedic Times till date. The Authors have done Research for over fifteen years, to highlight the History of Rudra Veena, the masters of Sound and silence who played and preserved it, the status of Rudra Veena manufacturers, the way to handle and Play it and a plan to preserve, promote and propagate this instrument both in India and abroad. The Study will be useful to students and research scholars from music, history, archaeology, ethnomusicology, sociology, anthropology, ethnobotany, music and to general readers as well. Contents, Chap. I : AN OVERVIEW OF MUSIC AND Musical Traditions IN India : 1. Concepts and Definitions of Music 2. Salient Features of Music 3. Classification of Musical Instruments : i. Stringed Instruments : a. Bowed Stringed Instruments b. Plucked Stringed Instruments c. Hammered Stringed Instruments d. Wind Stringed Instruments ii. Wood-Wind Instruments iii. Brass Instruments iv. Percussion Instruments v. Key Board Instruments vi. Other Instruments 4. Concept of Ethnomusicology 5. Aims of the Book 6. Status of Indian Music from Pre-vedic Period to Modem Era : i. Pre-vedic Period ii. Vedic Period iii. Indian Music during Moghul Period iv. Indian Classical Music during the British Rule v. Indian Classical Music after Independence vi. Status of Classical Music in the Modern Era 7. Significance of the Study Chap. II : RESEARCH Methodology : 1. Setting of the Study 2. Target Population 3. Method of Data Collection 4. Pandit Hindraj`s Personal Experience, as a Rudra 5. Time Frame for Documentation 6. Analysis 7. Chapter Scheme Chap. III : TYPES OF INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS : 1. A Word about Indian Musical Instruments 2. Classification of Indian Classical Instruments 3. Tata or String Instruments 4. Vitata or Rhythm Instruments 5. Sushir or wind Instruments Chap. IV : PLACE OF RUDRA VEENA IN INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC 1. History and Ancient Glory of the Instruments 2. Structure of Rudra Veena 3. How to tune Rudra Veena 4. Masters of Sound and Silence 5. Styles of Playing Rudra Veena 6. Current Status of Rudra Veena Chap. V : THE MANUFACTURERS OF RUDRA VEENA - A Case Study Chap. VI : EFFORTS TO PRESERVE AND POPULARIZE RUDRA VEENA : 1. Role of Rishis (Hermits) and Munis 2. Role of Kings, Emperors & Royal Families 3. Role of Rudra Veena Artists 4. Role of Drama Companies and Actors 5. Late Nata Srestha Chintoba Gurav (Divekar`s) Co 6. Efforts of Prof. B. R. Deodhar 7. Popularizing Rudra Veena Abroad 8. Well Wishers Abroad 9. Propagation through Audio Tapes 10. A word of Respect to the Manufacturers 11. This Book on Rudra Veena : A Land Mark 12. Role of Doordarhan & All India Radio 13. Role of Surabhi Cultural & Research Foundation Chap. VII : SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION : 1. Rudra Veena 2. Conclusions 3. Recommendations. Printed Pages: 100.

Title: Rudra Veena: An Ancient String Musical Instrument

Author Name: Pandit Hindraj Divekar & Robin D. Tribhuwan (Authors)

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Publisher: New Delhi, India, Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.: 2000

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