Scientific Integration of Queries on Inner Human Life

By: Har Prashad

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Outwardly we all are mostly alike but inwardly each one of us is an entirely different and has unique personality. Close proximity only reveals the real basic nature and build up of the inner personality of an individual to another. Resonance occurs when two pure souls are in proximity. Divine throbbing is the resultant effect of this cause that brings precious offering of spiritual divine light to the society; mankind; that remains forever. The appearance of this book is the outcome of such an ever-lasting phenomenon that illuminates the kindle light in heart of souls desired for the Self-realization.Seekers, who follow the divine path to know thyself, discharging worldly duties, have to face lot of intrinsic problems before they are evolved. Now a day, basically, no personal advance guidance of higher nature and direction are available, and thus number of their queries remains unresolved. This book has been written as an essential essence to give solutions to the various queries by scientific integration on inner human life in the form of questions-answers.This book has been brought out by inspiration and grace of the Cosmic Power; it is the outcome of being in divine path; and the solution of in-depth retrieval of subjective knowledge ascertained through silent communication. The book is the scientific integration of life force; divine light; supreme romance; mind; fate; mantra; yantra; tantra; type of breaths; various pranas and their origin; happiness and stresses; illusion and its role; atma & jeevatma; astral body; importance of silence; death in life; mystery of life; and deals with the depth of many unknowns.This unique book is the integration of subjective science of inner human life for the benefit of mankind; seekers of truth; for health and happiness; for transformation of personality; longevity of life, to take step into ``Being`` to be beyond time & space with discontinuities for a human being to fulfill the primary purpose of life ---- the Self-realization. Printed Pages: 212.

Title: Scientific Integration of Queries on Inner Human Life

Author Name: Har Prashad

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