Protest Movements and Citizen's Rights in Gujarat (1970 - 2010)

By: Varsha Bhagat Ganguly

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The monograph creates ethnographic accounts of five protest movements in Gujarat, taken place during 1970 and 2010. It observes these protest movements from right's perspective and captures how they have impacted regional and national development policies, and whether these protest movements have bought in transformative politics and all-inclusive growth or not. These protest map out different routes that 'rights' take and their changing contours-on streets, though political negotiations with the ruling political parties, legal courses in the Courts, and sometime counting resisteance through social action and legal course. The monograph contributes to growing literature of citizenship, social movements, and human rights, and brings out dilemmas of representative democracyvis-a-vis 'judicialisation of politics' in pre-neoliberal and neoliberal Gujarat and India. It engages with debates on 'separation of powers','relevance of rights-for satisfying basic needs of citizens or a mean to justice', and present development paradigm that inclines for infrastructure growth and use of mega technologies and hwo it is creating challenges for polity and new genre political class. Printed Pages: 292.

Title: Protest Movements and Citizen's Rights in Gujarat (1970 - 2010)

Author Name: Varsha Bhagat Ganguly

Categories: India, Social Studies,

Publisher: Shimla, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies: 2015

ISBN: 9789382396352

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Keywords: Protest Movements and Citizen's Rights in Gujarat (1970 - 2010) Varsha Bhagat Ganguly