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Covering most of the topics taught in university courses in quantum chemistry, this authoritative text provides modern concepts of atomic and molecular structure as well as chemical bond. Brief historical account of the origin of quantum theory, its applications to the problem of atomic spectra and atomic structure have been discussed. Electronic configuration of atoms based on the four-quantum-number system, symbols for atomic states, and classification of elements and their distribution in the periodic table have been given a comprehensive treatment. Postulates of quantum mechanics, quantum-mechanical operators, Hamiltonian operator, derivation of Schrödinger equation, its application to particle-in-a-box and to the hydrogen atom, quantization of energy levels, uncertainty principle, probability distribution functions, angular and radial wave functions, nodal properties, sectional and charge-cloud representation of atomic orbitals, etc., have been covered in detail. The valence bond and molecular orbital methods of bonding, hybridization, orbital structure of common hydrocarbons, bonding in coordination compounds based on valence bond and ligand field theories, the concept of valency, ionic and covalent bonding, bonding in metals, secondary bond forces, and so on have been discussed in a reasonable amount of detail. A unique feature of the book is the adoption of a problem solving approach. Thus, while the text has been frequently interspersed with numerous fully worked out illustrative examples to help the concepts and theories, a large number of fully solved problems have been appended at the end of each chapter (totalling nearly 300). With its lucid style and in-depth coverage, the book would be immensely useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students of general chemistry and quantum chemistry. Students of physics and materials science would also find the book an invaluable supplement.1. Beginning of Quantum Theory 2. Atomic Spectra and the Bohr-Rutherford Atomic Model 3. Electronic Configuration of Atoms 4. Wave-Mechanical Approach 5. Wave-Mechanics of the Hydrogen Atom 6. Wave-mechanical Picture of Chemical Bonding 7. Valency, Ionic Bonds and Covalent Bonds 8. Bonding in Metals 9. Secondary Bond Forces Index. Printed Pages: 392


Author Name: Manas Chanda

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Keywords: ATOMIC STRUCTURE AND CHEMICAL BOND: A Problem Solving Approach Manas Chanda