The Atomic Quantum Theory of Gravity

By: Alex Savitsky

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The Atomic Quantum Theory of Gravity’ represents a brief summary of the new model of the world that will substitute Nicolaus Copernicus’ heliocentric model. This is a new view of the world from the system of reference linked with the center of our Galaxy from where the world is seen as the world of the great English physicists: I. Newton, M. Faraday, D. Maxwell, E. Rutherford. This is the world of electromagnetic interactions in the universal scale where the hydrogen atom and its quantization play the leading role. In this theory, bodies do not only attract each other, but also repulse in the case of anti-parallel motion. Gravity emerges in the Universe not at once but when the substance is generated, and represents a generic attribute of this state of matter. This theory is justified by a quite precise calculation of the Earth’s magnetic field, as well as by prediction and calculation of acceleration of the galaxies. Acceleration of galaxies has been confirmed by 2011 Nobel Prize winners - astronomers S. Perlmutter, A. Riess and B. Schmidt. The Atomic Quantum Theory of Gravity is the forerunner of the new technical revolution that will allow us to create spaceships and go beyond the Solar system, make new gravity-free materials, and then - the dream of the humankind - gravity flyers. Finally, we will become masters of thermonuclear energy. We will obtain profound knowledge of our Mother Earth, we will learn to control the weather for the benefit of the humankind. We will understand a lot about the unity of all living things further to C. Darwin’s ideas. The present book has seen two editions in Russia in 2009 and 2010. Taking into account its electronic version, the book attracted about 40 thousand readers who named it ‘the best book in theoretical physics for the last 50 years. Printed Pages: 78.

Title: The Atomic Quantum Theory of Gravity

Author Name: Alex Savitsky

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Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2016

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