Beyond Einstein and E=mc2

By: Ajay Sharma

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The origin of E = mc2may be understood since days of Newton but qualitatively. If Einstein’s September 1905 paper is critically analyzed (with different values of variables) then the feasible result is ‘when light energy is emitted by a luminous body its mass must increase’, which is a contradiction. The perpetual energy machine is not possible. The reason is that Einstein derived light energy-mass interconversion equation (L = mc2) under special conditions of variables only. Then E = mc2 was speculated from L= mc2, without any logic (by replacing light energy L by every energy E). There are many observations in existing physics which can be explained with help of E =Ac2m. The Big Bang theory of origin universe postulates the universe started its life from explosion of ‘a singular atom’. Does E = Ac2m explain how ‘the singular atom’ was created and exploded? In this Book: • Einstein derived ?L = mc2for newton’s perception; and its historical aspects • Contradictions in Einstein’s derivation of ?L = ?mc2 • Derivation of generalized form of mass energy equation, ?E = ?Ac2?m • Applications of equation, ?E = Ac2?m in understanding, the origin of universe • Applications of generalized mass-energy inter-conversion equation in nuclear physics and nuclear reactors • Rest mass energy Erme = Mrmec2 is derived from the non-existent equation • Frequently asked question based on previous chapters Printed Pages: 544.

Title: Beyond Einstein and E=mc2

Author Name: Ajay Sharma

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Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2015

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