Mathematical Conflicts in the Special Theory of Relativity

By: Radwan M. Kassir

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On the inference of Michelson-Morley experiment: Fitzgerald contraction implication on the time dimension Critical mathematical analyses of the Lorentz transformation The real consequence of the speed of light postulate Incompatibility of the light speed postulate with the coordinate transformation symmetry assumption Inconsistency of the special relativity with the principle of relativity Reconfirmation of the critical error in the formulation of the special relativity On the test of time dilation using the relativistic doppler shift equation Einstein’s 1905 derivation of the equations of special relativity leads to its refutation A critical note on the relativistic doppler shift Special relativity refutation through the relativistic doppler effect formula The perceived image of time: Unraveling the special relativity misconceptions Another paradox of special relativity: Interlinked clocks How the special relativity violates fundamental physics concepts On the relativistic length contraction: A twisted conception Incoherence of the relativistic dynamics: E = mc2 contradicts special relativity!. Printed Pages:244.

Title: Mathematical Conflicts in the Special Theory of Relativity

Author Name: Radwan M. Kassir

Categories: India, Physics & Astronomy,

Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2016

ISBN: 9789385919237

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Keywords: Mathematical Conflicts in the Special Theory of Relativity Radwan M. Kassir