Newton's Corpuscles, Maxwell's Waves, and Einstein Quanta

By: Trilochan Pradhan

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While Newton considered light as moving streams of tiny corpuscles and Maxwell regarded it as wave motion, Einstein gave a new dimension to it by postulating that it consists of particle – like quanta whose energy and momentum are related to frequency and wave number in terms of Plank‘s constant. The purpose of this book is to show that these three approaches to the dynamics of light are intimately related. The book deals with three facets of light, corpuscles, waves and quanta, by three great physicists – Newton, Maxwell and Einstein showing how these are inter-related in the sense that one can pass on from Newton‘s corpuscular theory to Maxwell‘s wave theory and therefrom to Einstein‘s quantum theory through prescription of wavization and quantization. In this book, the author has presented a purely classical theory simultaneously embracing corpuscular and wave aspects in which corpuscles moving in accordance with Fermat‘s principle of least optical path acquire a Maxwellian wave nature through the wavization prescription. This is followed by quantization of Maxwell‘s theory. Optics, the science of light as we may call it, is a fascinating subject. We can not see objects without the aid of light. Newton thought of light rays to be streams of tiny massless particles called corpuscles which cause sensation of vision upon striking the retina of our eyes. But how can such corpuscles coming from two sources interfere to produce dark and bright fringes unless they kill each other at the site of dark fringes? This probably led Thomas Young to say that light is some kind of wave motion. But what kind? The answer to such a question came from Maxwell, who showed that it is electromagnetic wave motion. But when ultraviolet light was seen to behave as particles, Einstein put forth his quantum theory to explain this. The three faces of light – Newton‘s Corpuscles, Maxwell‘s Wave and Einstein‘s Quanta, are subject matter of this book. Printed Pages: 120.

Title: Newton's Corpuscles, Maxwell's Waves, and Einstein Quanta

Author Name: Trilochan Pradhan

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Publisher: New Delhi, Viva Books Private Limited: 2017

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