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Advanced Higher Algebra

By: A N Das

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Publisher: New Delhi, Books & Allied (P) Ltd./New India Book Agency:

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ISBN: 9789384294021

This book is written in accordance with the syllabus for Mathematics Honours of all Indian universities and also for the students studying higher mathematics. This book consists of four different parts of algebra, namely, Classical Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra and Boolean Algebra. Printed Pages: 780. View more info

The Buddhist Perspectives on Human Rights

By: A.N. Das

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Publisher: New Delhi, India, MD Publications/Prints Publications: 2010

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ISBN: 8175332921

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Buddhist ethics is a Dharmic system of role responsibilities rather than an ethic of rights. The essence of Buddhist moral theory is compassion, but that Buddhist compassion is not necessarily incompatible with human rights. Compassion brings three important considerations to discussions of the nature of human rights: that human relations are determined by more than rational, external and private domains considerations : that human relationships include rights and duties but also a broader range of choices ; and that compassion entails a dynamic, moral development view of human nature. While c... View more info

Global Campaign for Women's Human Rights

By: A.N. Das

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Publisher: New Delhi, India, MD Publications/Prints Publications: 2010

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ISBN: 8175332972

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The term "women's human rights" does not refer simply to the theoretical approaches that women have used to transform human rights concepts, programs and agendas. In addition to being instrumental in the formulation of the conceptual challenges and demands levied by women, the idea of women's human rights has had immense impact as a tool for political activism. The concept of women's human rights has opened the way for women around the world to ask hard questions about the official inattention and general indifference to the widespread discrimination and violence that women experience ... View more info

Records of the Zoological Survey of India: Occasional Paper No. 319: Synoptic list of Protozoa from India and their assessment of Taxonomic diversity (Part-1) Parasitic Protozoa

By: N.C. Nandi and A.K. Das

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Kolkata, India, Zoological Survey of India: 2010

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 040466

ISBN: 8181712609

Condition: New

Contents: Preface. Introduction. Synoptic list. I. Parasitic protozoa: 1. Phylum sarcomastigophora. 2. Phylum Apicomplexa. 3. Phylum Microspora. 4. Phylum Ascetospora. 5. Phylum Myxozoa. 6. Phylum Ciliophora. II. Symbiotic protozoa: 1. Termite flagellates. 2. Phylum sarcomastigophora. 3. Rumen ciliates. 4. Phylum ciliophora. Assessment of taxonomic diversity. Summary. Bibliography. A. Parasitic protozoa: 1. General. 2. Intestinal flagellates. 3. Haemoflagellates. 4. Opalinata. 5. Parasitic amoebae. 6. Gregarines. 7. Haemorgregarines. 8. Coccidia. 9. Haemosporina. 10. Piroplasmida. 11. Microspo... View more info

Hydrogeology of Deccan Traps and Associated Formations in Peninsular India (Memoir: 80)

By: N.J. Pawar, Subhajyothi Das & R.A Duraiswami

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Publisher: Bangalore, India, Geological Society of India: 2012

Edition: First Edition

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ISBN: 9789380998008

Condition: New

Contents : Introduction. I. Hydrogeology: 1. Hydrogeological frame work of aquifers in the Deccan Traps, India: Some insights/Raymond A. Duraiswami, Subhajyoti Das and Tahira Shaikh. 2. Deep groundwater exploration in over-exploited Kolar district, Karnataka/S.S. Hedge, K. Kumaresan, T.M. Hunse and K.Md. Najeeb. 3. Hydrogeological study for identifying groundwater potential areas of Dudhgaon in Parbhani District, Maharashtra/R.B. Muley, Md. Basar, S.M. Atkore and B.B. Ghute. 4. Delineation of groundwater potential zones in the hard rock terrain of Deccan Volcanic Province using electrical resi... View more info

Flora of Bihar - Analysis (State Flora Series)

By: N.P. Singh, V. Mudgal, K.K. Khanna, S. C. Srivastava, A. K. Sahoo, S. Bandopadhyay, N. Aziz, M. Das, R.P. Bhattacharya & P.K. Hajra

Price: $45.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Botanical Survey of India: 2001

Edition: First Edition

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Erstwhile Bihar, lying close to the foot hills of Nepal and covering an area of 1,73,877 sq km, harbours a very rich and diverse flora. Its unique phytogeographical position, topography and good precipitation are some of the important factors which are mainly responsible for high degree of plant diversity. The occurrence of different types of forests, ranging from subtropical to tropical and consequently the establishment of three National Parks and twenty Wildlife sanctuaries in the state, which constitute an important source of germplasm, are of considerable interest. Although the state has ... View more info