Author:Dhirendra Mohan Datta


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The Six Ways of Knowing: A Critical Study of the Vedanta Theory of Knowledge

By: Dhirendra Mohan Datta

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Publisher: New Delhi, India, D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.: 2017

Edition: First Edition

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ISBN: 8124609063

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This volume critically examines six epistemological theories of the Advaita school of Vedanta: pratyaksha (perception), upamana (comparison), anupalabdhi (non-cognition), anumana (inference), arthapatti (postulation) and shabda (testimony). To make the study smooth and easy, it deliberates on two other concepts prama (conceptions of knowledge) and pramana (methods of knowing) as these underlie all epistemological discussions.The book highlights the problems, concepts and theories of the Vedantins within the focus of modern Western thought. The method adopted is one of critical analysis, compar... View more info